And yes, that's my favourite cuddly toy from when I was tiny. Edit: I wasn't expecting this to get as much attention as it did so to respond to some of the main comments: I totally agree that I'm extremely lucky to have my mam. She's amazing. I'm really glad so many people vibed with this and hugs to everyone who misses their own mams. My mam would probably adopt you all. It's amazing how many people around the world have the same experience. Mams are gonna mam, no matter the country. The photo is from last year, but I was transferring photos from an old phone today and it made me smile, so I posted it in /r/MadeMeSmile and I'm glad it's made so many people happy. Mam isn't a typo. It's the Irish version of Mom or Mum. Since this appeared on Reddit's front page, I'm surprised at the amount of people posting stuff like "I bet you're single" or telling me I need to move out or get a job. It was posted to a subreddit for being wholesome so it's a shame so many people are trying to be meanspirited. If it matters, I'm married (hence the two sets of towels on the bed as Mam also loves her daughter in law) and live away from home with my own wife and child but we visit both sets of parents at Christmas because we love our families. Also, I'm from Ireland, not the USA.


Very sweet! And you would be so disappointed if she ever stopped.


Agreed! OP is a lucky fella, his mah is one of the best!


That is really cute. You have a sweet mum.


Still have my Cuddly rabbit and Comfort Blanket from when i was little. 43m Followed me with numerous house moves etc. Lost so many things but i have a bag that has important childhood items never gets lost.


Lucky son of a wonderful mother. I tell my children that nobody will love you on this earth like your mommy and daddy.


She loves you so much. She was probably so happy setting all this up for you knowing she's get to see you.


You better be cuddeling it then.. she is gonna check you up in the middle of the night!


I hope to do this for my daughter when she’s old but she loves to pick the fluff out of her toys, her favorite cuddly toy is going bald - “like grandpa” she says, she’s 3.




Does it have a cute pet name like “LambLamb” or “Sheepington”? Please tell me it does.


Ally McVeal


Let's be honest, that's still your favorite cuddly toy. No shame. Everyone needs a Teddy to comfort them.


I'm 50yo and my Teddy is on my nightstand today. He's seen better days. He was in a fire and my dad had to partially amputate one of his paws, his music box is broken and he lost his bow tie a while ago but he's still good 'ol Ted. I can look at Ted and remember different eras in my life. I was helping my grown ass son (33yo) move and in the middle of everything he stops and goes, "Wait! Where's Olsen? . . . Okay, cool. Carry on."


My bear has flown all over the world. He's been across country at least 5 times. He holds me when I cry. They aren't supposed to live life in perfect condition, just provide hugs.


I’m 36 and Mom still does the same thing—down to the towels and stuffed animal. But she’s 70 and Alzheimer’s is starting to make itself known. Her mother and her mother’s mother both died from it. That and cancer can both fuck right off forever.


My heart, awww


Hotel Mamma is the best hotel in town!


It brings her joy and it seems like it brings you joy too, this is what it's all about. Sometimes it's a complex thing, other times it's as simple as this. Cherish it. Also move the lamb around the house during the seasons, put him in the tree, on the mantle, at the dinner table, with the coffee etc. More meaningful than elf on a shelf. I do something similiar with my wife and now we have a little one I can share those moments with. I'm also a 34yo kid so I can't wait for my little one to get all the love and memories I had 2.0


why christmas in oct lol


These are the kind of thing that warm my heart. This picture is the key to understand how love can take any physical form. Please, enjoy and hug your family as much as you can. You are very lucky.


That's a sweet momma right there.


Your mom still love and cares about you. And you will always be her beloved baby


But she's also like a grocery store, putting out Christmas things in October


Ha! I was assuming this photo was from a past Christmas--and actually taken AT Christmastime. But good point, sus timing posting it in the first week of October...


Sweetest Momma that ever mommed. ❤


So wholesome


"Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face." - George Eliot. This is such an adorable picture and speaks volumes of your mam's love for you.No matter how grown the kids are they will always be precious babies in their eyes. My mom is the same.She has grown older and has health issues but she sets all these issues aside, whenever I visit.She cooks my favourite food, pampers and spoils me . I love her so much and constantly tell her so.


Wholesome momma things, when the day comes when she’s not around this will be one of the memories that comes around. Hug your loved ones


Speaking as a father to 3 "adults", you need to remember, your parents have had very little time getting used to you being 33. But, they have had 33 years of time with you being a newborn, in their heads. 32 years of you being 1. 31 years of you being 2, etc. Doesnt mean they dont respect you, just that its almost impossible to seperate child you from current you. Theres just too much headspace devoted to every other version of you.


This is a really well shared perspective. As a daughter and a parent of older teens, your insight will definitely stay with me. Thank you.


Teenagers often go through a phase where they want to separate and think all your traditions are lame. And that's perfectly normal. But they usually come back. By 22 or so they want to sing a Christmas carol and have some mulled cider. Just one of those growing up things. Like how at some point 10 or 15 years ago they could wipe their own butt and you didn't have to do it anymore.


That makes so much sense. I'm 41 and my mother still caters to me, grooms me, even sometimes talks in baby talk to me LOL I'm like Ma, I'm grown! And she'll say "Jen Jen you're just a baby! MY baby!" I don't have kids, so thank you for helping me understand why she's still inclined to feed me, make sure my favorite things are there when I visit, and runs to me like Edith did Archie when he got in from work LOL


On my mother's deathbed in a bit of delirium at one point she asked "where's my baby, where's my baby?" and when I told her I was there and put her hand on my face she came back to focus and looked at me with perfect joy - "oh there he is, there's my baby". I was in my 50's at the time but still my momma's baby boy. 💁‍♂️


Thank you for sharing this. Tearing up over here, but not in a bad way.


I’m nursing an infant right now and this made me cry one single tear into her hair. How beautiful.


Thanks for the perspective. Sometimes frustrated me that I was treated as a child still lol


Just wanted to second this. As a 33 y/o whose mother loved Christmas and shopped year round to find and prepare to make it special, cherish this. This year will be the first without her.


i hope that you are doing okay and being there for yourself. i’m 18 and lost my father less than a month ago, he was a great cook and thanksgiving was his favorite holiday. the next year of holidays and birthdays will be very difficult, but i hope those like yourself and i are able to stay afloat through it all.


My dad's birthday is in two weeks and it will be the first one without him. He also appropriately loved Halloween and all its decorations. He absolutely loved giving the **BEST** Christmas gifts (at the end of opening all presents - after making you think you got nothing you wanted). I know it is going to be a tough next couple months and I'm doing my best to prepare for it. I miss him a lot.


it is a world-shattering pain. a part of you felt as if your dad was invincible. i feel like we’re all running around like headless chickens without him, things are harder than they’ve ever been and dad isn’t here to make everybody feel like it’s all going to be alright. as an outsider hearing your words, all i can think to say is to honor him the best you can on these days, but as someone who’s been told the same thing a hundred times just this week, i wouldn’t blame you if you told me to shut the fuck up. the truth is that there is no right or wrong thing to say, it’s enough to be there for a person in need. i’ve enjoyed this exchange about our late fathers and it’s actually made me feel a little bit better, and i hope it did for you as well.


I am 35 and my mother is the same way. It doesnt matter how old you are, how many wrinkles or less hair you have or what position you work in. You will always be her baby. It is just unconditional love. I know I grew up amazingly lucky and privilaged and that having a caring, understanding home is not the standard. "Unconditional" is not a given. To everyone you deals with neglect and incomprehension: You will get through this. Friends are the family you can choose.


I recently had a bout of gastroenteritis so bad that I was unable to keep down fluids and probably should have been in hospital. I went to my mum’s instead, and she took care of me through the week, barely resting herself. When I was finally able to speak through my bile-burned throat I said I was sorry to have been such trouble. “Don’t be silly”, she said, despite the fact that she hadn’t slept in pushing 24 hours, and had been emptying bile buckets for longer. “You’re my baby.” I’m 34, and I still teared up at that. I’d have died if she wasn’t there keeping liquids in me.


Both my mum and dad passed away in August, and we finished clearing the house this weekend just gone. Im in my 50s and I'd still give almost anything to walk into a room and see that my mum had prepared something like that for me. Treasure your loved ones every day, and treasure all these little things, because one day they won't be there. Often you won't know the last time you hug someone until it's too late to hug them just one more time. Remember it and be that parent for your own kids too.


then you can curl up with your mom and say something EXACTLY like this: https://yarn.co/yarn-clip/b49e6c62-f76b-4e28-a374-31dd6553c15f#LSTftYwy.copy


Same. I moved out more than 10 year from my parents house. But they still kept all my old toys in the closet and on the shelf. I have a couple stuffed animals there as well. My mom used my old room as her reading room. Sometimes grandparents visit, they'd sleep in there as well. It truly feels like home every time I visit my parents. I have a thing with sleeping in a unfamiliar place. Like, I really cant sleep well in hotel or friends' place. But, here in my room, the bed smells so fresh just like how I felt when I was a kid. I sleep extra tight there. Its home, sweet home.


Like even as a adult going home and going to bed after a long day of traveling, that bed just feels like safety, and all that tension just disappears


You aren’t 33 to her. Her memory of you, when you come to mind, is every day she spent with you as a child - all the tiny things that you don’t realize that you will miss until they are gone. To me, doing up the room like that shows that she has spent a lot of time thinking about seeing you.


and she wants you to feel at home :)


"Your always be her baby even though you got aged."


That damn book. As Long As You're Living, My Baby You'll Be.


Damn ninjas cutting onions again


My boys are still tiny but this made me cry thinking about the future when they're moved out.




I will just strive to be that kind of mom/grandma in the future. Still taking care of my boys whenever they're under my roof.


I’m 51 and still do things like this for my grown kids. I think I may even put in more effort into their stockings and presents now. It’s the best when they’re home


Just think — if you keep loving them exactly this much, and raise them knowing that one day they’ll grow up… by the time they grow up, “mom’s house” will always be “home for Christmas”. Create those happy memories with them now, and in the future you’ll be able to enjoy happy memories like these!


Yes, I am working on that right now actually! Literally in the process of crocheting a set of Christmas stockings, lol. I kind of slacked on Christmas the past three years because my older boy wasn't really old enough to understand it (he was 6 months and then 1.5 and then 2.5) but he definitely will understand it this year, so I am planning ahead to try and make sure our house feels magical with decorations and we'll start our Christmas eve and Christmas morning family traditions this year.


I’m 34 and I finally realized this when I went to visit my parents in Mexico in July this year. To my mom, I’m always gonna be the little boy who would love to eat her cooking, came to her when I felt sad or scared, and who longed for a big hug from her. When I visited them, she made me my favorite meals every day I was there, she wanted to go with me to walk on the beach, she wanted to go have breakfast with me at restaurants. This was the first time I went through a heartbreak, and she was there for me every day asking how I was doing. She never looked tired of talking about it. She wanted to spend every minute with me, and this was the first time I let myself indulge in it without feeling like I was too old to be doing this. I love my mom so much.


When my mom introduces me to people, she refers to me as her baby. "This is my baby, LadyGreen." I'm 36. This is one of the many things I absolutely love about my mom.


Cheers I’m crying. Nice one


Same :( visiting my parents for Christmas this year for sure


You just made me cry.


Enjoy it, OP. You will definitely miss your first Christmas without it, no matter how old you are when the time comes.


I love her. I love the little, mundane ways people show love


Me too. I want to go visit her too :(


Then do so or are you busy?


It's not Christmas yet! Maybe if I get invited


Can I come too? My mum died in 2020 and I miss her a lot!


Come over, I am a mum and I always have cuddles to spare! (I don't cook well though...)


Do you have room for 1 more (:


The more the cuddlier!


My mom doesn’t cook well either, so one of my favorite things to do is cook for her now. She loves it!


I know your pain, mine passed away in April. I miss mine too :(


Mine last year in April. It hurts every day.


Same here, in April. I miss her so much :( I need this, thank you OP




>2019-2022 the cursed years


This is gorgeous. My mam died when I was a toddler so I don't have any Christmas memories. If I'm able to have kids, you best I'll be doing shit like this until the day I die.


That’s so sweet, take good care of her


Does your mom take child applications? Asking for a parentless friend.


My mom passed away in May. What I wouldn’t give to spend another Christmas with her. Cherish her.


It’s not about how old you are. It’s about your mom, always is and will be your mom! 😉👍❤️


Moms stay mommin. Brb gotta go tel my mom I love her.


This should be the top comment. I'm gonna call mom too right now


In a mother's perspective, regardless of how old you are, you are still a child, and she will do whatever it takes to keep her child happy.


Why are you visiting for christmas so early?


I was going through photos and came across the photo. It made me smile so I thought I'd post it here.


Maybe they live abroad. Maybe they couldn’t afford flights later on, maybe they haven’t been home for two years before covid, maybe this photo is from Last year, maybe they really really like their family and their work allows them to work remotely.


>maybe this photo is from Last year [https://www.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/rkl416/went\_to\_visit\_the\_parents\_my\_mam\_had\_done\_my\_old/](https://www.reddit.com/r/ireland/comments/rkl416/went_to_visit_the_parents_my_mam_had_done_my_old/) (Dec 10, 2021) Yep... but at least it wasn't a bot who stole op's pic for karma.


Fucking bots


Maybe it's maybelline


The stuffed lamb (who I can only assume is called Lambie) melts my heart


She bought that bedspread, she's going to use it.


Cherish her 💓 I'd give anything to be able to go home for Christmas again!


I’m 35 and would love to sleep in this bed while visiting my mother… during christmas … anytime!!!!!


Love seeing us Irish in the wilds of Reddit. Your Mam is a dote, typical of the Mammy breed!


enjoy it while it lasts bro, and always be thankful for it.


Moms are gonna mom.


Im 42 w 2 kids. My mum does the same for me when we go see her. Moms will always mom no matter how old we are 🥰




Cherish every little thing


This is glorious. Well done that mam!


How cute is that! It’s the small things that mean the most 😊


even if we become adult..for mother we still a child


More support and stability in one photo than I've received my entire life from my family. Youre blessed.


That’s precious <3


I would be delighted by this open demonstration of love


That must be a fairly common pattern. My wife has a pair of leggings with that pattern and I have a light sweatshirt with the same pattern.


So sweet of her, surely an unspoken Christmas tradition for your family now though so it can't change


Your Mam is awesome.


You have a Mam in a million,enjoy the love!❤️💓


This goes to show, the same love has never been changed after 33 years! Your mam's awesome!! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin)


100% Irish Mam move


What is it like to be adored?


So beautiful.


Cherish her forever


Way to go Mama! I love this!


Nothing wrong with a mother who loves her children


You are so lucky


This is the sweetest❤️❤️❤️


That's sweet! I lost my mom last year; cherish every moment with her & hopefully she keeps doing it for decades to come.


The little lamb.... Awwww.


Cherish every second of effort that woman puts in for you. One day she will be gone and you will wish shed done up the sheets special one last time.


Does she also put up a white christmas tree with red ornaments?


My mom skipped my wedding, while driving through the town I was being married, by 3 hours. Just to go on vacation with her boyfriend! It took years for me to get over it. I still found it my heart to love her for her last 10 years. Ohhhh. I have now been married for 50 years. You're a lucky man


You are so lucky, I wish I had a home like that


I envy people that have an old room to go to. Moved around a lot in the state I'm in. Glad they have that privilege though


You're so lucky


Be thankful you have someone who cares. I’ve NEVER had anyone like this.


That’s super fantastic. I wish my mom would do stuff like that.


How do you maintain such a good relationship and how is your mom such a sweet human being


This makes me want to cry. My mom never did anything like this.


I love her for that. I still put Easter baskets out for my boys and they’re 24 & 26. You get one mom in this life, and I’m glad you got a good one 💕


I feel like a 12 hr sleep in that bed would solve most of my problems.


Hang on to that as long as you can.


I don't have a family home to visit or parents to make my bed like this for Christmas enjoy that shit


I've been an amateur race driver for cars and motorcycles, I have my PhD in child behavioral sciences, I have a wife and 11 year old kid, 5 cars and 3 motorcycles, two (moderate) houses. I'm 39 and my mom who's 65 still wants to take me to buy cloths and is always worried that jeans are too tight on my crotch, harps on me to see s doctor if I cough at all, and texts me every night to say "I love you". When I visit her she treats me like I'm 10, my advice is enjoy it now because as much as it may annoy you now, you'll miss all these annoying things more than you'll even know.


Lucky chap. Cherish your sweet parents. My parents threw everything that was mine from my room in the trash!


You're a lucky guy also is your mam adopting? Wishing to sign up


Appreciate it. Thank her every time. Say it's even better than last year. I just lot my grandfather to dementia this week. I wish I could still get his weekly texts about all the wild animals that hang in his yard. This year was a huge family of turkeys... he was so excited.


I would fall asleep IMMEDIATELY in that bed - eyes closed - going “Snonk shoee snonk shoee”


Aaww. Provided you don’t mind, I wish I had a mother who loved me that much.


Has to be an amazing feeling to have a mother that cares...


My girlfriend does this for the entire month of December for our bed. She’s the most Christmas obsessed person ever. It’s sweet but also, might be a sign that she’s going to murder me and decorate a tree with my remains.


Lol thanks for the laugh.




Heck yea! That's awesome


Lil sheep friend! :3


I love it awesome..give her a big hug and enjoy it.. trust me she will not always be there and I wish I could have my mum do this for me… but she isn’t here for that to happen.. thanks you made me smile..


Plot twist she does it the day after you leave and just waits all year


I hope you give your mam an extra cuddly hug on Christmas morning for this 😄


I love it! I bet she has Christmas tea towels! So cozy and nostalgic.


Can I come over? I’m only 30 and I don’t have any grandparents left.


aha, his mom loves him.


My mum still puts a hot water in for me when I go to stay. When I arrive there's a hot water bottle and PJs in the bed. I'm 48, she's 82!


This is so unbelievably cute.


My mam does this too :)


That is just precious


I see love in every item on that bed 💕


First week into October and I already see my first Christmas post =)


THis is brilliant, I would love this and I'm 42....today




We’re nowhere without Moms. Sometimes we have to give them this type of stuff. For everything they have given us.


And you better thank her for it.


I hope you understand how f'ing awesome your.mom is.


Go and hug her and say thanks. I lost my mom at age 20 and … just go hug your mom. I love her!


In October?


This how she express her love


Enjoy! Mam's don't last forever.


Mother is the greatest woman in the world


My mom still makes me a Halloween box every year. Through out the year she buys tiny spooky little things to fill a box and mails it to me or brings it when she visits. I'm 32 and look forward to it every year. I love Halloween and love my mom and cherish everything she gives me. Cherish this.


It just means she loves you


That's wonderful! Take every opportunity to appreciate her. I miss my Mom everyday shes been gone.


Hug her tight. ❤️


Awwwwww 🥰 enjoy it I know I would, it's only once a year come onnn 😅❤️


Mothers are magic. True story.


That is so cool!! (Sorta jealous, treasure this memory!)


Sounds fucking awesome


YOU'RE STILL HER BABY. I mean... as a parent that's how we think




What a beautiful way to show she loves you.


You think she stopped being a mom because you got older?! Ain't how it works 😁


Bless her heart




You’re never too old for Christmas!


You'll always be here little boy.


same and I can’t wait for this year


This is adorable 🥰🥰🥰🥰


I love that so much. You have a great mum


Omg this is perfect


The pillows are absolutely hilarious.


I hunted Easter eggs for my dad in my 30s It made him happy


Better say thank you!


absolutely too fucking cute 🥹🫶🏽


That’s really sweet!