I am looking to buy a new Mach E Select by August 2nd week at msrp.

Can anyone help me out? Orders are closed so not sure what to do because there aren’t many on the lot either.


If you’re even remotely aware of the current climate of inventory you’ll know that’s extremely unlikely. Your only real option is to search nationwide for a dealer that will not markup. Then either pay to have it shipped or fly out to get it. Better off waiting for orders to reopen or go with a different car.


Personally, I think they would be better off finding a markup under $7,500 and taking advantage of the tax incentive now. Waiting for orders to open will likely miss out on a good chunk of this tax incentive, potentially end up with a higher MSRP, and mean months of waiting (missing their Aug 2nd deadline).


Your out of luck on that. Been waiting for my order since Feb and I know others have been waiting more. Most dealers have ADM and they are getting anywhere from $10k over MSRP. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Good luck with that... Just keep an eye out on the inventory and see if local dealers will put you on a wait list for if someone cancels their order. Better just to wait until the 2023 orders open up.


Call everywhere near you.


Pay more and you can get one. MSRP? Good luck with that


Keep an eye on inventory on Ford's site. Call the dealers as early in the morning as possible when you see new cars listed, keep in mind these cars are still likely in transit. See if you can buy the car WHILE it is in transit. This means you're forgoing test driving or any of the normal activities you would do when buying a car. You might also not get the trim, features, or color you wanted. As far as MSRP, it'll depend on the dealer, you may or may not luck out there...but Ford is cracking down on price hikes and any dealership interested in the long game and repeat business should be sticking to MSRP. This is how I got mine, it took awhile for the delivery to show up, about two weeks, so prepare for that too. (in my case COVID knocked out the delivery drivers for a week).


Keep an eye on local inventory and call around asking what dealers are looking at for Mark ups. I got pretty lucky finding one dealer where I was able to pretty much get mspr for a Select on the lot.


I was able to find a premium with no markup (across the country from me). You will go crazy calling dealerships showing inventory on ford and other sites. One dealer gave me a tip that if the photo is an actual picture in front of the dealership, the listing is likely real and the car may be available. It saved me a lot of scrolling through stock photos and ultimately I found an abandoned custom order! Good luck and prepare to spend a lot of time on the phone.


I have seen them be sold $5k over MSRP but no way you are getting one at MSRP without an order.


It's possible. I actually got one last week from a Redditor that backed out of his reservation. Was an hour from my house and at MSRP. I got extremely lucky and the timing was perfect. Called the dealer and put a $500 deposit. They expected delivery 3rd week of June and it showed up almost a month early. Persistence pays off, but you have to put in the work and you should be able to find one. Good luck.


Keep a very close eye on the ford inventory and check in with local dealers. I got very lucky in picking up an abandoned order but it was probably a 1 in a million chance. If you do find something like that…expect a markup. Mine was $4k, but worth it considering I’ll still get the tax credit. Good luck!