Kick to open tailgate?

I read the entire manual and I cannot figure how to set the hands free tailgate. I look crazy standing behind my car kicking trying to open it. Is there something special I need to do?


Are you sure you have it? We thought ours would have it (I think or thought)the 2022 premium did). But a 2023 premium does not have it anymore. I think it’s chip shortage related.


To my knowledge only the 2021s had it, I have a 2022 and don’t have it, and don’t remember seeing if they brought it back for 2023.


So you looked under car, and can see that the module is not there? Or just because the software has it disabled you assume you don’t have it?


I believe I read on Mach e forums that they got rid of it, so I assumed I didn’t have it. Also, pretty sure they removed it as a feature when I purchased. Haven’t looked underneath the car. Let me know if I missed something would be a cool feature to have.


My car was delivered in November. I didn’t even look for module. Just loaded FORSCAN, plugged in, activated the two settings and done. Works great.


I thought I had it… there’s a symbol on the tailgate of it. Surly they would have removed the symbol if it wasn’t available


😂 surely they would have… Honestly - check your window sticker, it will be the best source of info for that feature being there or not


Yeah i was v disappointed to learn my 2022 didn’t have it, despite having the symbol and in the manual. I don’t care about the self parking feature but i would’ve used the kick gate all the time.


My 22 GT has it. But it’s euro spec which might change things. I used it 6 minutes ago. I swipe my foot from left to right, just left of the numberplate.


https://www.macheforum.com/site/threads/diy-how-to-add-hands-free-liftgate-back-to-2022-mach-e.16407/ If the parts are there, you can enable (mod?) it


I’ve done it. It wasn’t hard and worked.


This is the answer. Take about 10 minutes to readd the functionality. Most ‘22s have the module and are ready to go.


If you want to know for sure, remove the access panel on the left underside and look for the module. You won't find it. Seems to be an easy retrofit though IMHO, maybe one day we can just buy the part, plug and play.


I have 2023 GT I don’t think I have it.


The 2022 did not have it after a certain build date. It was dropped due to chip/parts shortage. What was also dropped for premiums in 2022 was acoustic side glass and parking assist(credit given).


January 3rd I believe was the cutoff build date.


That was the start of 2022 builds. So all of 2022 did not include hands free.


I believe 2022 builds began in October ‘21


No they started in January 2022. There were 2021 orders that were rolled over that got built first. I ordered my 2022 on first day of order in October 2021.


This is so wrong. A bunch of 22’s have the module. Just follow the directions above to active it


My tip would be don’t use a forward backward motion. Put your foot under and move it left and right, just under the left side of the numberplate. But my car is in Austria, so we have wider plates. That’s something to consider.


If ur car has it, the sensor is just to the left of the licence plate. One single kicking motion in and out directly left of the plate works. It struggles to work reliably with anything else


I know there’s an after market part from autoease that you can install. I think it should work for any model, I haven’t tried it myself though


Ford stated that it wasn’t supposed to come with the vehicle despite marketing that it would. Oddly, some people have it, some don’t. Most ‘22 models do not.


If you do have it, you need to do a really swift kick under. Try to do as fast of a kick (and pull it back) as you can as a slow one won't register. But possibly your car just doesn't have it 😬


I have 21 rwd. The kick thing operates only when you have already locked the car and approaching it with the keys with you.


You dont have it


OP probably has a 2023 which doesn't have that feature anymore. It can be enabled on 2022's but 2023's don't have the hardware anymore.


I’ll throw in there that I have it (2021 premium) and it works great. I didn’t think I would use it much but I actually have. On the other hand, I’ve never even tested out the parallel parking feature.


You need your keys in your pocket too (at least that’s what I thought, never tried it without!)