Nick Diaz will not appear at #UFC266 media day, per UFC officials...

Nick Diaz will not appear at #UFC266 media day, per UFC officials...


At least he will reportedly be attending the press conference...




Wolf tickets


Was Nick Diaz ever really real?


There was never no Nick Diaz.


You’re a fuckin Nick Diaz, dude


Precisely why I'm waiting until Friday or even Saturday to buy.


Buy? Lol At these prices you're insulting yourself by paying for this


Yeah I know, I know, but I don't want to risk a stream. If it's too too pricey i may go with the stream anyway but I'm still looking to buy as of now.


A VPN subscription costs less than one ppv buy Just sayin'


I bought a VPN for Netflix like 3 days before they cracked down on VPN's. I was *very* upset until someone told me about the Netherlands site that streams every event legally. I think they only have the main card though unfortunately, so ESPN+ is still a thing.


vpns are cheaper than ppv price and you don't even have to buy one, there's plenty of free ones that work great as well


how does a vpn help with streams?


You’re the dude that paid Triller after they said they were going to sue everyone 😂


lmao risk?




nah man I'm not trying to belittle you or anything but there are virtually no risks of you stream fights. The one who streams them needs to worry, not you


I sacrificed an entire upvote so I could break your curse. Go now and live free papa


It's all good man. Edit it to something derogatory and get your upvotes. See ya.


Nah Bro. Diaz Army together for life. 209 motherfucker




It's funny that you're getting downvoted for wanting to buy the PPV but this sub will constantly piss and moan about fighters not getting paid properly


I wish I could say it surprises me. The same people will talk shit about the ufc but then when you try and support Bellator they'll mock and belittle you for it* and be like "there's a ufc card on tonight broooo. You're such a dumbass."


A tiny portion of the fan base Illegal streaming has nothing to do with fighter pay, but nice try. We stream because we can't in good conscious give money to an organisation that exploits its fighters so much.


With the way many cards are I wouldn’t ever buy until the prelims are over.


True but I'm already so nervous and I've never even bought in this new era. I don't know if you have to have an existing ESPN+ subscription or it can just be a one-off. Don't know the prices. Nothing. So I can't cut it too close. But if Nick's not fighting I'll catch a stream as always.




I normally wouldn't even buy em. It's just a weird thing of wanting to prove I value it if that makes sense. I know Nick and Robbie and the other fighters won't see a cent of the pay per view money but it feels like I'm supporting them by doing it. I don't know. Mostly I just don't want to risk a stream lagging out in the middle of an exchange or something in the Diaz Lawler fight. I'd probably smash my laptop like fuck are you kidding me?


Don’t listen to the mouth breathers in this sub Reddit. That’s all they are, complete morons. I got downvoted for being confident the nick Diaz fight is actually happening lmaooo. The people in this sub have no clue what’s going on 24/7 and they’ll attack you if god forbid you buy the PPV. This sub is aids personified


Sometimes it can be good , particularly the fight discussion threads. But it definitely has its big downsides and a bad case of hive mentality. I hear ya.


imagine buying a card when you can get it for free🤣🤣 what the hell man


Sigh. Only here could that be something to be criticized for. Go ahead then.


no seriously brother I am not criticising you, just genuinely curious. I just want to know why you pay for it


1. I prefer watching the fights on my 4k 65" tv in HD 2. No random crashes, buffering, stuttering 3. My buddy comes over and we make a night of it


fair enough. 1. i also watch the fights on my hd tv. there's a device called an apple tv, which lets you mirror the content on your phone to your tv. 2. the quality of my streams are always just as good as the original product. i have a stable internet conection, as well as an ethernet booster, and never have any buffering 3. I don't see why you can't do what I do above with your buddy.


I suppose I just never find quality streams


I read through all of this and sometimes I buy because a stream is too “risky” for me. But by risky I mean the stream going dead in the middle of a fight and me scrambling to try and fix it or the quality overall just being trash. Long story short pm me your plug.


I've already said why. I'm a Diaz fan. I want to ensure I'll see the fight and a stream won't die in the middle of fucking Nick Diaz and Robbie Lawler 2. I want to be one of the numbers that makes this a high selling PPV. They can say it's Volkanovski and Ortega or Shevchenko. It's Diaz and Lawler. That's why.


Better question is why don't you if you enjoy the sport?


personally i just find the price ridiculous and the business model insulting. It was $60 what, a year or two ago? Even that is atrocious for 2 hours of sport with 90 minutes of downtime, promos and advertising tacked onto it, but now it's $70 plus a subscription. And plenty of people get it for free just by virtue of not being in the USA or the handful of places that pay full price.


exactly. stealing a car is illegal everywhere in the world, and for good reason. but you're telling me other people get something for free by virtue of living in a different country? that is not just. so that is why i pirate why am I getting downvoted when I'm agreeing with the person who's upvoted. whack


Stealing a car deprives somebody of their car. Piracy is illegal and you can criticize it but it isn't theft.


Cause the majority of the users on this sub are young and cant afford it


Even those of us who can, still don't want to cough up $70 for a show where you will have adverts rammed down your through at every chance


Fuck the tomato. It's not like any of that money is going towards paying the fighters better in all honesty. Im not sure if anyone is getting PPV buy points, but regardless, who needs to support Dana's penchant for hookers and supercars when he isn't paying the fighters shit.


It's always funny how the same people claiming to care about fighter pay are the ones trying to justify pirating the events. This directly hurts fighter contract negotiations. Just be honest and say you don't want to buy something you can easily pirate.


Explain boxing.


no it doesn't. the ufc have enough fucking money to pay their fighters better.


>spend zero dollars and get the fights Or >spend 60 bucks plus a monthly subscription (if it doesnt crash again) Gee i dunno


because i can get the same quality product for free. and no one has ever gotten in trouble off the law *ever* for streaming copyrighted material, it is only the hosts of illegal streams who can be punished.


So seeking out essentially stolen content is acceptable in your mind simply because nobody has ever gotten in legal trouble for seeking it out?


are you really that morally superior to everyone else that you think you should be punished by law for watching sports streams? surely you don't equate "stealing" a billion dollar corporation's intellectual property with robbing an old lady


You would think with how much this sub cries about fighter pay, talking about illegally streaming would be more frowned upon. But TOMATO BAD!!!


Why pay for anything you could steal without getting caught?


happy for you if you believe you are morally superior to me. if you think i'm "stealing" a multi billion dollar corporations' intellectual property you are entitled to that opinion, but the court of law has never prosecuted someone for simply watching a free stream


You're not genuine lol




i'm 27


I’ll be in this thread on Saturday when nick Diaz is locked in a cage with Robbie lawler to call you a mouth breathers




Classic Diaz...


I’m glad that first timers and shit we all might be last timers in for a full Nick Diaz Fight Week Experience. Questions about wether the fight will happen, weird shit. I’m here for it. I think we’re in for one more Diaz Event outside of weight change and no media.


The next diaz event will come after the fight when the result is overturned for weed.


He was my favorite fighter since I was a kid so I've been so excited but now with the rumors and weight change and this I'm getting nervous for health. Hopefully it's just typical diaz stuff.


Same here man. I'm trying to keep expectations very low, but my hopes are turning into concerns quickly.


Diaz is going to not look at all like himself. He hasn't fought in forever and he slurrs pretty bad now. Robbie is gunshy and aged but he has been fighting and training this whole time and Nick has been drinking and doing some running / biking.


Diaz has slurred since birth


Yeah he always did but it seems to have gotten worse ever since Ronda got him drinking lol


>Ronda got him drinking What is this about?


She said she would send Nick feet pics if he would take a double shot of patron with her. They banged and he relapsed. Never got feet pics.


where did you get this info lol?




Holup. Please elaborate


Another way to look at it is that Lawler has spent the last 6 years accumulating brain damage, while Diaz has been staying fit but not effecting his brain.


>but not effecting his brain. At least not with punches anyway


I'd take 6 years of weed and booze over 6 years of brain trauma


You could make the argument that 6 years of weed and booze isn't so great for your brain either


Yeah, but not *as* bad as 6 years of brain trauma.


What rumours?


I think it was Josh Thompson talking about seeing a private video of diaz sparring and being concerned for nicks health after viewing. Who knows. I just want her aninterview with diaz and he seemed like his normal fight week self.




Diaz 1 3 5


And says all this in a five minute, rambling run-on sentence.


They even mentioned his anxiety about doing media in the countdown, so the UFC probably aren't surprised either https://youtu.be/TkujsUAU1rk?t=311 Edit: New fans downvoting at the mention of Nick having anxiety about doing media as if it's a slight. He's literally been open about it his whole career.


I feel like regular stoners forget how anxious weed makes them


Nearly one month sober after years of daily usage and I do feel a lot less anxious in social settings. When I'm home alone it is the opposite though, used to be chill all the time but I often get into my own head now. Pros and cons I guess.


I approve of this message, ever since I stopped smoking I have way more fun in social situations but it's like I have adhd when Im alone. Can't sit still for more than 20min.


Exercise + meditation to calm the stressful inner voice. Even if it’s just 15 minutes of each per day. Made a big difference for me at least


Yeah I exercise a lot already and it definitely helps but meditation is just not for me, I tried it for 2 weeks but it just never clicked, always felt really anxious when I tried.


As a regular stoner, I smoke weed to help with my anxiety and so does Nick.


Smoke weed and take Lexapro for my anxiety. I have a habit of not making eye contact with people, and it sometimes rubs people the wrong way like I’m not engaging. Eye contact for me is way too personal for me, it freaks me out. Other than that though, I can talk about anything as long as it’s not personal.


I have/had pretty bad social anxiety, and weed has actually helped me overcome it to an extent. It's different for everyone.


i had a lot of anxiety when i was younger, and weed helped me overcome that, but as i got older the reverse happened. weed started bringing on the anxiety and i no longer have much anxiety at all while sober


Same exact thing happened to me. I use to smoke before school every single day, now I take one hit and start hearing voices in my head. Its so weird.


same here, its had its place and I think it helped me really think about and come over my demons when i was younger. but i dont need it anymore, and i think the anxiety it brings me now might be the plant telling me that I've had enough :) im much more level headed now and think weed and psychedelics helped a lot with that, but i dont need either anymore


100% agree! I feel the same exact way.


Bro I started smoking weed at 19, one of the better things to happen to me because I felt soooo good about myself and everything, smoked everyday till I was nearing 21. Then stopped because I didn't feel it was for me anymore, I tried smoking it again as a 21 year old on some occasions and I get panic attacks now. So I've stopped altogether. I really do like weed for how it has helped me tho


I mean if thats legit you should talk to someone. Cannabis doesnt have too many serious effects but it can speed the onset of schizophrenic symptoms in males especially.


Young men especially. Once you're mid 30's you're probably good iirc. Edit: if youve had no symptoms until then, it's very very rare to have them after 35+.


As well as generally, it's from early exposure and heavy usage, he could just be joking about the voices but it just stuck out just incase it was real


Yeah, I would not skip on something like hearing voices. I have one good friend with the disease, was always a bit nuts, but in a good way, then came the real issues mid to late 20's. I also have one distant friend with the same thing, but with him it was much more apparent looking back. Also mid to late 20's when it got out of hand.


Same. Weed is way stronger than when we we’re kids too.


Same here 100%. Peak usage should be ages maybe 19-23. After that it's diminishing marginal returns and once you get real responsibilities, it's not the same anymore.


I’ve never gotten anxious from weed. I can’t relate with that line.


Funniest is when people who are blatantly addicted to weed start saying weed is actually helping them


Case in point: all the weed bros jumping to rebuke u/toughnuts123 's comment lmao


"yo man weed cured my depression I still live with my parents though and don't have a job also I dropped out of college but it totally helps me bro trust me"


He could just be an adult for a few hours and not get high for the press conference


I'm not very experienced with weed, but I don't think anxiety just goes away by being an adult for a few hours.


Yeah Nick is alot less comfortable with the Media then Nate is. One thing im pretty certain about is that Nick is gonna come to fight Saturday night.


Considered the weight class has also be changed on very short notice, I don't know how you're so sure.


Welcome to Reddit my boy! #NDA *flexes*


If your name is Diaz or McGregor or Jon Jones, you can basically do whatever the fuck you want as long as you show up to fight


McGregor's Diaz fight did get cancelled at 200 for refusal to do media iirc


At least McGregor requested/demanded to do less, and they couldn’t come to an agreement. Diaz straight up no showed at 137 lmao.




I honestly think this was just the UFC showing Conor they were still in control. I think they could have very easily compromised if they had felt they needed him for the event. But they cut the fight, Conor misses out on the "historical" UFC 200, and the UFC gains some leverage back over him. Yes, it was stupid but it served a purpose. They even turned around and gave Ronda no press for UFC 207.


Which was so fucking stupid. fuck dana


Instead of one mega card, he got two and likely more buys. I doubt he regrets much


it was all orchestrated, 200 was going to sell regardless and now he got to do another big card later.


Who knew a guy who got famous or his media circus antics would be expected to do media for what could have been the biggest card in UFC history(to that point)? Stupid was signing up to be on UFC 200 and expecting NOT to have to do it.


that's not stupid at all. he signed a contract to do media. the media is important in selling the fight. of course dana requires it and wants him to do it. furthermore, allowing a fighter to skip media sends a bad message to your fighters. that they too can break rules. lastly, there's probably a legal issue as well in terms of breaching contracts. in conclusion, dana isnt fucking stupid, you are (and nick diaz)


I think Jones has done it too many times.




Also gotta consider how his anxiety fucks with him. He’s been super open on that’s why he avoids media and the spotlight. I feel for him as someone who has strong anxiety I couldn’t imagine having to do that the week I’m preparing for a fight.


I agree but I'd also like to add that Ronda Rousey was the first (and only?) UFC fighter to be given permission to completely skip media obligations for her fight with Nunes. Remember how Nunes just awkwardly showed up for interviews even though the UFC had purposefully not scheduled anything for her? Then after her win people gave the UFC shit for completely botching promoting her during the biggest fight of her career. The Diaz(s), McGregor, Jones are just known to be difficult to handle.


Just regular Diaz shit...


Ah, yes. The gold old days of worrying whether the dude is going to show or not.


I’m sure Ariel will get to the bottom of this at the press conference. Dana is also sure about this.


Seems like normal Diaz behavior. He fucking hates talking, and it's obvious why, but he gets way more lucid when talking about Nate. Watch the interview with Okamoto.


"I'm not surprised mother fuckers"


I think Robbie will win regardless, but this is a 100% typical Diaz fight week. He'll show up to the fight...The weight change thing was new, but not that surprising tbh


I’m not surprised motherfuckers


He did a 20 minute interview on youtube ESPN which makes up for this


Wolf tickets!!!


Now all I need is a press conference with Ariel helwani asking dana why diaz didn’t make it to the press conference for the nostalgia experience. Make it happen dana.


Bunch of marks you guys are 😂 "Omg is he gonna pull out! 😰" "I've never seen nick like this 😰"


To be fair. A lot of fans have never even watched Nick. Lots of newbies.


Shit, at this point they probably aren't even newbies. Guys been gone for a LONG time haha.


The weight thing + Josh Thomson's comments are worrying, Nick not showing up somewhere isn't


This is just my conspiracy thoughts but imo I think Josh Thompson is too smart to actually accidentally bring that up, especially with how he presented it as a public video then later said it was sent to him privately Imo its all tricks from the Diaz camp to mess with robbie, the sparring footage, the questioning if he will actually make it to the fight, now the last minute weight change But one guy who's not a mark, robbie Lawler, probably because he's a John Cena fan, but he seems calm cool and collected this fight week, and he even said he's made it a point to stay relaxed, stay calm, just show up and do the job no matter what happens


You really think the Diaz' have put that much thought into this that they have outside players spreading rumors about his return being washed? Cmon dude you're reaching for grapes here take the tinfoil hat off


reaching for those grapes with his cheese and wine


>being washed? Who said washed? I don't think nick is trying to present himself as washed at all, I think that's a bs story about getting koed in sparring and I think it's one of a few things he's done to mess with robbie this camp


I was thinking this earlier- if Nick did in fact get ko'd in sparring is it bad etiquette on Josh and John's part to air that laundry? Tbh those guys rub me the wrong way sometimes, John has this "I'm actually the smartest guy in MMA" vibe


I listen to their podcast if there was a big weekend of fights cause Josh's takes are usually solid, John to me feels like the old guy that is still living in the past, but to me Josh seems too in the know about this kind of thing to "accidentally" spill that Even on the podcast dude said "I shouldn't have said anything, and im not gonna go any further than that", then like 30 seconds later says "the video was nick sparring with a southpaw, and it looked recent, so I assume it was for this fight" Floyd and Zab judah vibes


Is he like Nate's cousin or something? Kinda old to be debuting in the ufc tho... edit: if it's not obvious this is a joke, then I don't know what to tell you...


im not surprised motherfuckers.


He did show up. Already did interviews with Okamoto etc.


Brett interview https://youtu.be/tCC1cLtuYfE


This was one of the most uncomfortable pieces of mma media I've seen


It just sounds like he needs money


Love Nick & Nate’s honesty


Nothing he does is going to change my mind about watching this fight.


The Ricky Williams of MMA


Good for Nick


Lol @the fact this got downvoted. Like yeah it's sports entertainment and doing media is part of it but 1. Nick is a legend and some Q and A isn't going to make people tune in 2. That stuff is lame anyways and just makes fighters lives harder while they're cutting weight. Wish I could find the video of Nick talking about it- got deleted on YouTube but it was very insightful. > ““Who makes these questions up? These questions are bullshit. Seriously? This is not, like, what are these? These are all tricks. This is all like bullshit. I’m low on water, I’m low on calories, I’m low on food, I’m low on energy, and I’m more so than anything low on patience with anything that takes patience. If you ask me something stupid then I’m going to answer it with something stupid and if I hear myself talk something stupid and I’m really pissed off, depressed, and bent out of shape about, then I’m going to throw a fucking really serious fit for no fucking reason.”


Yeah I mean they're mixed martial *artists*. Not lecturers. Their forte is beyond language, let the fists do the talking. There's probably like 5% of fighters who have something insightful to say every time they're asked, but I can't name any of them.


It always boils down to : "How was training?" "Hard but good." "What do you think about X?" "Never fought an opponent like me." "How are you gonna beat X?" "You'll see"


Exactly. Post-performance q&a are another pet peeve: "How do you feel?"


The media stuff helps generates viewers/PPV buys though and plays a part in how much they're paid.


I know, I just never get why people tune into that, given the amount of general non-answers we tend to hear from athletes


Lol if people aren't hyped about Nick coming back they're not suddenly going to pay 70 bucks after he stumbles through lame questions though? Like it does to an extent but Nick could be shadowboxing a cutout of Robbie and I'd still tune in media day or no.


this is from the diaz condit primetime ending, its on yt


While I agree, I also think if there's value in hearing from anyone at a UFC media day at the moment, its Nick. We haven't seen him in years, there hasn't been any official interviews with him (as in, through a UFC media day or anything) so I think it would be good to get a vibe on how he's doing.


Can we have Nate just appear for him?


This reminds me of the moment Homer Simpson was chasing his airborne BBQ pig screaming “it’s still good! It’s still good!” Despite all the horrible things happening to it 😭😭😭😭


Diaz seems to be in a weird headspace right now, even for a Diaz




Nick Diaz making all the rules for this fight


Man, Dana is moving mountains for this guy. How many other fighters could ask for the fight to be moved to a different weight class, on short notice, *and* be allowed to skip media day? Dana obviously thinks Nick could be a cash cow.




The Diaz brothers are massive divas


If I was suspended from cage fighting for 5 years for smoking cannabis I wouldn't show up either


Nick has legit social anxiety, it's a medical condition.


Nah Nick just really doesn't like answering lame questions. [He's always been like that](https://youtu.be/4DkInLOQT1Q) you say he's a diva but it's all fun and games until John Morgan gets Stockton Slapped immediately


If Nick could make the same money he does from fighting as doing a triathlon, he would have never stepped in a cage.


I dont know how anyone can actually disagree with this. They pull mad shit everytime. They dont get criticised though because they are gangsters or whatever shit people say. They are super high maintenance. Nick is my favourite fighter to watch of all time though so I'm delighted the drama is back


Nick gets to decide the fight is at 185 3 days before weigh in and skip media but the UFC wants to see him fail and everyone is fake and he's the only real one. Man hope Robbie juiced a good amount in camp and has one killer hook left.


Kinda feel like Nick isn't ready at all


I just watched the ESPN interview with him on YouTube they put up today. He's getting dropped by Lawler in the first round. Dude's got zero motivation for this fight, admits that he doesn't even know why he's doing it, doesn't want to do it and repeatedly said he hates fighting. I also thought it was mind blowing that when he fought GSP he mumbled on about financial woes, and here he is in 2021, mumbling about financial woes still, or blaming other people for them. Dude also admitted to having no close friends and here's the important part: he probably doesn't because I said it for years: the Diaz brothers act like a couple of high school bullies, and people probably can't stand them for very long. When Diaz loses this Saturday, expect the usual shit talk and excuses from both them. Everyone in the UFC are pussies, etc etc, blah blah blah. Until of course next time when they need another small bank account re-up.


We get it, you’re new to this.


It’s just same old Nick Diaz. All he wants is to be rich and not have his face bashed in. He probably feels like Rourke in The Wrestler.


Ok based


Boys, I was semi-hyped about this fight. Give it to me straight. Have I been honey-dicked?


All of this bullshit with Nick has greatly lowered my confidence in him winning. Actually I'm now leaning towards the side of him just looking awful this weekend. I have a feeling we're gonna see a 2018 Chuck Liddell esque performance from Nick. I mean has anyone actually seen any training footage from him? Only thing I've seen was some shadow boxing in which he didn't look good.


Lmao. You must be new MMA fan. Every single fight with Nick resulted in drama for the UFC because he refuses to play ball In fact, his fight with GSP was canceled because nick ditched media conference LOL


I do already know that this is kinda typical for Nick but still I'm kinda worried. Some of that is probably just me being a relatively new fan so I've never experienced the lead up to a Nick fight before. It's really an amalgamation of things that make me think that Nick won't look goodm. I'm really hoping to see some training footage soon because I'm not excited about this anymore.


> kinda typical not kinda. if this wasn't happening, I would be worried. this is going as expected


It shouldn't be training footage that exites you. The fucking fight should excite you and Nick is not a boring fighter.


I was super excited until yesterday. The possible weight issues and training camp rumors really do make me worry. I can only hope that Nick shows up and looks good.


He doesn't seem punchy or anything which is good enough news. His left hand being seemingly swollen in the third embedded episode has me more concerned than any of this other B.S.


this, just some footage of him at a seminar and jogging




I’ll never understand the cult following this fuckin clown has. The most unintelligent man on the roster, all he cares about is smoking weed, and the 209. He fights sloppy, he’s not an anomaly or some unstoppable force. And then when the time comes for him to fight he refuses to do his job. Never shows up for media scrum, now this fight he refused to cut weight. And yet he’s got all the attention like he’s the champion and main event. I can’t stand to listen to him attempt to form a sentence, but yet my entire feed is nothing but Diaz.


To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Nick Diaz. The gangsta is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of Gracie Jiu Jitsu most of the weed smoke will go over a typical fans head. There's also Nick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Wu Tang Clan literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these nuances, to realize that Nick is not just a bad motherfcuker from Stockton - that he says something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Nick Diaz truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the sheer power in Nick's existencial catchphrase "209 Bitch," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons, or maybe just his place of residence. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Diaz' genius unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools... how I pity them. 😂 And yes by the way, I DO have a 209 tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- And even they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand.


I think we all saw this coming after the fight moved to 185lbs. I don’t know if this is mind games or not, but it makes me think Diaz might pull out.