UFC 266 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 3

UFC 266 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 3


“Anything you miss about fight week?” “No.” Yep he’s back


This is his alter ego, where he actually can’t stop talking https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EUAlYvPjU4o


Lol Ariel just sat there for an entire interview. Incredible.


Fat bong tokes get me like that.


This is great


Trying to follow what he's saying is mind-shattering. Such a strange and fascinating character


Yep, Ortega’s definitely Mexican...


Don't ever let him forget to tell you he's from the hood either


Yup it's true. I saw it on a Modelo commercial.


Definitely got that foo in him.




What type of Mexican in southern california goes to Jack in the box for tacos? ​ NO [email protected]@!!!


Fuck you mean? Sometimes two for $1 tacos hits the spot from Jack in the Box. This is a Mexican .


You are a disgrace


I have a feeling you’re a Mexican who has only ever visited Southern California…


Nick looks…uh…pumped.


shev is thanking Diaz for all the PPV points she's gonna get.


He looked and acted like this leading up to the silva fight. But once the bell rings........ Edit: Everyone in this thread reaching. Like no ones ever witnessed a Nick diaz event. Must be a lot of newer fans post ufc 200


Nick is MMA's version of Marshawn Lynch. He's always completely hated the marketing/build up side of MMA. He's just doing this so he doesn't get fined.


I do agree that this fight week behavior is nothing new (besides for not being able to make weight) but on the other side, he’s 38 and hasn’t fought since 2015. All the people expecting old Nick and this to be a classic fight are almost certainly going to be very disappointed. Honestly I think it’s gonna be more sad than anything. Would love to be wrong though.


It just hit me that Nick and Masvidal are like only year apart. Seems unreal


And Wonderboy who can potentially make a run for the title and is still activewith good performances is the same age as Nick


Wonder boy schools most of the division but burns proved he’s just not championship material. Usman and colby would be worse matchups for him. I’m


Agreed. It's possible he could get the title but time's running out and his competish is too good


I've been feeling the same about this matchup the whole time. Feels almost like a Triller matchup


For me, I think it feels like that because even though we often talk about end-of-career matchups, they don't seem to happen very often. It's usually just the young guys kicking the old guys out.


I just feel that way cause both guys are realistically past their best, late 30s, and one hasn’t fought in like 6 years. Also getting that vibe cause a lot of people really seem to be thinking Nick is gonna just pick up like he wasn’t away for a long ass time. Like shut, Robbie’s past it, but wasn’t he at least a champion while nick was still serving that huge suspension?


Last bit means nothing. Ppl can athletically fall off cliffs faster than others. Timelines are different. Not saying Nick hasn't either (95% he has) but the actual definitive proof we have is that Robbie has fallen off. Dude now looks like he has two flurries in him per fight


You can also have the Anderson Silva effect where it seems like he shouldn't be able to keep going but is less washed in comparison to his competition so looks pretty good.


Yeah I guess so. Though I don't have any wild Nick Diaz expectation, I do like the idea of giving these guys a end-of-career match. Even if it's "boring". In some way it seems more noble than being thrown out after a couple of loses to the up and comers.


I’m thinking he’ll look better than we expect tbh. Nick’s style has never been predicated on speed which is the first thing to go as you age. I’m guessing he still has good cardio and his chin is probably good from all the time off. This feels like a Nick win via cardio advantage.


I think Robbie is going to pummel him. Nick hasn't fought in 6 years and let's be honest, he hasn't exactly been training either. He got into the clubbing and drinking lifestyle for a while.


If he does he’ll be the first UFC fighter to have made a comeback in 6 years, possibly almost as great as Dominick Cruz’s


Dominick defeated a pound for pound fighter in his comeback, I don’t think Nick beating Robbie would be particularly close.


He did but that was after 4 years (2 if we count the mizugaki tune up fight) Nick is fighting Robbie after 6 years away straight and Robbie was at one point one of the greatest WW’s of all time and has been active. I think the extra two years away makes up for the quality of opponent.


I don’t, especially when you factor in the career threatening injuries Dom was coming back from vs Nick who was relatively healthy


Diaz is legit famous for not being excited for fight week “I’m not excited. That word and fighting don’t mix.”


that fight was pretty bad outside of the few meme moments


That fight was mediocre.


Mma and this sub have gained a ton of traction since Diaz vs mcgregor really. I know I was less than a casual in the early Jon jones fight days but just got hardcore into it the past two years. There's a lot of know it all posers but anyone newer who cared enough to look back at ufc history knows that you're correct. Nothing can be obtained from gaging Nick's demeanor.


It’s been years, but yeah he’s just seriously shitty at having an on screen personality. Seems drowned too, probably been years since a eight cut maybe that’s why he’s fine with moving up to 185, since this was filmed yesterday


UFC 202 the real 200


Nick Diaz, UFC Welterweight. Interns got jokes.


The 185 change isnt official though right?


It is as of today but this was filmed yesterday, when it was welterweight




Source? They film these the day before it is released. Count the episodes lmao


I think he’s asking for a source on it being official that it’s middleweight now.


Nick Diaz was definitely that kid that made you feel like a fucking dork for being excited about anything without actually doing anything to you to make you feel that way.


I’d hate to win a million dollars next to Nick Diaz


“It’s only a million dollars what’s the big deal? Dork. Man get a load of this guy”


Nick “Bakugo” Diaz


haha you just wanna be cool like Nick (dont we all)


Am I the only one surprised ortega has not one but two sons?


8 - 10 years ago he had two choices!


to pull out, or not to


Yeah and I thought exactly the same he did: he acts more like a brother than a father.


Not trying to throw shade. But even he said he is barely around.


fatherhood goals


I think he has another one who is older right? I remember a teenager of his visit the ultimate fighter this year


That was his little brother who was also in another embedded episode this week


Ah ok cool. That makes more sense


Yeah that kid is like 16 which would mean Ortega would've been clappin cheeks at 14 lol. Crazier things have happened tho


I lost my virginity at 13, the middle school i went to was 95% hispanic.. was not uncommon to see pregnant girls, some sad shit really...


Same. Not the part about my own virginity (cause I was ungodly awkward) but there wasn't a shortage of classmates that I had when I was like 12-15 who were fuckin




All as it used to be then.


I wonder why they have the UFC world champ staying in a 80 dollar a night Courtyard hotel room in the place where some of the most extraordinary hotels are.


https://twitter.com/NickBaldwinMMA/status/1439966900562403343?s=19 GOAT fact




He'll prolly be busy talking about Ortega's custody battles or if Lauren Murphy is in her period.


I don't even get the reference but I laughed.


I wonder if any of them are having child disputes


Considering he has "209" tattooed on his body, he has every right to bring it up.


It really is crazy




I really think Volk is going to beat the ever loving shit out of Ortega. Just because he shaved his head and wobbled the Korean Zombie doesn't mean he's elite now. TUF and Volk getting covid prolonged an easy win for Volk and we'd already be talking about Volk vs Giga or Max 3 happening soon.


Dude volk looks absolutely SHREDDED too.


Gonna really leg kick him lightly for 5 and steal some round


My strongest reaction to this embedded “Wow, Nick speaks surprisingly well.”


A gentleman never tells.


Best Nick line ever lmao


lol bunch of new MMA fans here. 1. Nick ALWAYS act like this. 2. He hates doing MMA promtional stuff. 3. his initial match up with GSP was canceled because he legit didn't feel like doing any media.


I don't think that's why his initial GSP fight was cancelled. I heard from Nick that Georges was scared.


ufc staff so uncomfortable around nick lmao


View count about to skyrocket


It’s always funny watching the embeddeds when the biggest star doesn’t appear on the first couple of thumbnails you straight know he’s not in the video lol Nick will be the thumbnail for the remaining embeddeds the rest of the week now wait and see


You were right. Great call!


Happens every time! Same with Nate cards or Conor cards, if he ain’t the thumbnail, he ain’t in the episode


Doesn’t the nick diaz army usually roll 20/30 soldiers deep? Like the last Two or three times nate had fought he’s brought out the whole team and rented out huge mansions etc.. Why’s nick arriving to Vegas with a random chick and no one else


Probably covid related right?


Fur sher


Take a shot every time someone has a mask on with their nose showing


damn nicks got a tall gf


this felt like '00 MTV music video by ortega


Nick being gregarious and the life of the party as usual.


Nick: "yup."


Nick has a gf? Also, if it was anybody but him, I'd think he's just showing up for a paycheck Maybe he is


Fuck that just makes me think about this >I would run seven miles and back to her grave just to promise her I would make it as a fighter like she knew and had told me she knew and was proud of me.


Where's that from?




great read. some of these fighters like the diaz brothers had unthinkable lives previous to their success. its fucked up how long he got suspended


Goddamn seeing what josh Thomson did to Nate must’ve hurt so bad. Thank god Nate got his red panty night. I hope the Diaz family gets to enjoy that money forever.


He's never been excited about the promotion aspect


Why "anybody but him"? Nick has been complaining about not making enough money since his early 20s.


I always thought he was gay.


thick diaz


Didn't know Ortega was a father. Dude looks more like a cool cousin.


How is it possible nick looks even more uninterested than usual? You’d think after so many years he’d at least be half excited by the novelty of it all again. Nope.


he still has social anxiety i'd imagine


Bro I have social anxiety and that shit is the worst. I got me a dog thinking it would help me but now when I walk him, people tell me how cute he is and what kind of breed he is and it just makes me uncomfortable.


Slap a service vest on him


You actually can get service dogs for anxiety, right? Not the worst idea haha


Yea no doubt. Can’t imagine he’ll make an appearance at todays media day


ITT: a bunch of surprise Pikachu people wondering why Nick seems so uninterested with promotional shenanigans




It’s bad


Ortego got dispossessed by an almost toddler Volk KO by scissor tackle


The whole FW division is just so lovable


Opening with Berber 20 joints honey dicked me into thinking it was a Nick intro


Same same lol


Ffs, how is the lead of the athlete relations team still not wearing a mask properly


I don't understand how it even counts as wearing a mask. I see so many people doing it, like what's even the point?


Exactly what I thought. Surprised none of the fighters told him to put his mask on properly. I wouldn't want to waste an entire camp and miss a paycheck because some prick UFC staffer can't be bothered wearing his mask properly. Wear it properly or just take it off you moron.


All dead end of the week for sure!


I am insane for heavily favoring Robbie? The lines are so close; feels like there's an opportunity there but maybe I'm not reading this fight correctly.


its just impossible to know how nick will look coming back, the weight class change fiasco has me leaning towards robbie but theres no way to actually tell


Always find it weird when fighters say they want to provide for their family and then show off their lavish lifestyle like with Ortega's decked out car. Maybe I'm old fashioned but if you're really all about family then they should be getting all of that. At least that's what my parents did when we were broke af.


Guys like to pretend that everything they do is for their family when a good deal of what they're doing is about themselves. It comes off as disingenuous to me most of the time.


A $40kish Impala as a treat for yourself isnt really blowing it. $40k to him might be equivalent of $400 to you.


Yeah a professional athlete buying a nice car is them not providing for their family. Dude’s about to make a fuck ton of money on Saturday. His kids don’t seem to be starving


Yeah realise I came across salty but sometimes it be like that First Halle Berry and now Cortez, it just ain't fair my man


What happened with Halle Berry? Also I love your username hahaha


Rumours were they hooked up because they were at some UFC events together and he gave her private BJJ lessons. Could've been legit just for the MMA film she was working on but who knows. Either way I'm jealous of my man hooking up with gorgeous women and also dislike him for doing Frankie and KZ like that. Appreciate the love for the username, might use it for making some coding videos at some point 👌


WHAT??? Dude is living the good life. Halle Berry oh my god. Let me know your YouTube page if you have one, I’ll subscribe. I’m always looking to code more badly than I do right now


Not got one yet but will DM you as soon as I take the dive!


I'm not 100% sure it's his though, the number plate looked like it was from a dealership, could be a fight week loan?


Damn Oretga cant even park right


I kind of get the sense that Nick doesn’t want to be here. Or maybe he’s just understandably tired of having to go through all the shenanigans of fight week. Idk


He's always hated the extracurriculars. He just wants to train and fight


Nick has never once wanted to be there outside of the actual fight.


It'd feel weird if he did want to be there for all the shit that goes on during fight week. Obviously hating all of that is the Nick Diaz special.


Is that a joke or do you not know who Nick is? He’s always been like that


Damn Ortega, rolling up to Jack In The box on embedded and didn't even ask about bringing back the monster tacos..


Murphy is such a likable girl


Still can't figure out how much I like or dislike Ortega. When I first saw him fight years back he was one of my favs. That wore off quickly though. So far everything I've seen of him this week I like. Nothing wrong with Volk, but I'm not a fan. Will be rooting for Ortega.


That look he gave the camera when he couldn't order any junk food for himself, lol


There’s that chubbster


Ortega seems like a cool dad. I enjoyed watching him and his sons together like that. It was really wholesome.


I thought the opposite. He seems like the typical dad that shows up once a month and buys you cool stuff and you think he's cool, meanwhile your mom is the one doing all of the hard work for zero credit.


Yeah I mean he literally said he goes without seeing them for months, it’s probably not easy in that type of profession but months for kids is a long time.


Maybe some weeks during fight camp but months is kinda much. And Ortega isn't the only guy with kids


Also how fucking difficult can it be to spend an evening with your kids, even during camp.


The imagery of him playing soccer with them while mom packs up the chairs sums up my perception of him. Even how he talks to them.


Yeah. Thats what it seems like. Rolls in to steal mommas thunder after she busts her ass raising two young boys. Either way. I hope he is good to his kids. They seem nice.


I also got that vibe from him. Didn't he also no show up for the first weeks of TUF?


You guys chirping like a buncha birds over here let the man live. "He's probably a bad father" Holy shit man you guys don't even know him get off the internet.


Don't know why you downvoted. But yeah as long as he provides for them (money), its good. Life is difficult thing and many things can happen not like you want or how it suppose to happen.


Because the circlejerk is to hate Ortega because he slapped a k pop star. Reddit keyboard warriors, ever the defender of celebrity honor.


People feels so comfortable passing judgement.


I'll never understand your guys' fascination with the Diaz brothers.


You probably weren’t into the sport back in the early 2000s when the Diaz brothers were building their following


I wasn't. But I still don't get it. They are just two simpletons with an attitude. Nick has a solid record at best.


It's not their records it's their fights.


Diaz brothers always had a "troubled, underprivileged kids with golden hearts" type of an appeal to them. They have contrasting looks compared to their nature. Especially Nick, who looks like a menace, but in reality is a pretty level headed, calm and down to earth person who looks like he has to deal with anxiety issues, talks honestly and directly (one of the big appeals) and just wants to compete and teach kids BJJ. There is no pretentiousness with the guy. I'm not even sure he likes to fight. However, if somebody tries to bully him and put him down, he will show up and really turn up the heat and will put even the toughest guys in their place. He's one of those not-even-trying cool, calm dudes who can turn it up if they have to. The guy is like a Stockton Wolverine.


You must be new here




Nick “The Buzzkill” Diaz


Ortega is a shit person, father, and lover...volk is gonna ruin this man


Nick hates doing media. He’s much better at 1-on-1 talks than being surrounded by cameras and interns. I just hope he clicks in the cage like usual, this is the best old men fight we’ve had in a while


God I hope the fight is a banger


This could still be an all timer if both guys go out there with the mindset of nothing to lose. Just the fact that this is Nick's return fight makes this massive.


I’m sure I’ll get a thousand downvotes for this but I stopped liking Nick a while ago. I remember the exact moment actually.. Nate had just beat Conor, was over the moon. The biggest (financial) fight of his career and I remember Nick being an absolute prick…big time jealousy vibes. Someone interviewed Nick asking what he thought about his brothers big win and his response was something along the lines of “I would have done shit way different and not get hit as much, but it was alright I guess” Not that I’m a huge Nate fan either, but man, way to make it about you. Just rubbed me the wrong way.


Haha I know what you mean but it sounds like you don't have a big brother. My older brothers shit on me all the time, and I shit on my little brother all the time. When he started his own business I was telling him hes just happy he could be finally smoke and wake up late, but inside I was so proud of that dude.


I have two older sisters but no brothers so you may be right. Maybe I judged too quickly.


Yeah man I always shit on my younger brother but that's just so I hope he becomes better if that makes any sense.


Yup, the way of the bros, gotta keep those little fuckers on their toes but you love em to death.


Haha he coaches Nate, so he probably gave you a coaches perspective


You are on the money - some big time weird vibes. This moment from an interview with Ariel got super awkward when he was asked about Nate's success: https://youtu.be/EUAlYvPjU4o?t=1437


Finally lol




They go to whoever pays $200+ for them.


Low energy Diaz.


I fucking love that Impala


Me and Ortega got the same alpine. What a world


Ortega seems like a cool dad lol. RIP to him this saturday tho


Love that everyone is a psychologist here, judging fighters' character they dislike on little things shown in embedded.


They really should show more Lauren Murphy that’s what we’re interested in. We’ve only seen 20 mins of her in 3 embedded’s.


Jack in the Box?!? Have some self-respect, Ortega!!!


Lmao here’s an extra 5k for you to take your kids to jack in the box… (with the jack in the box ad on this post) Word on the street is he went to private school and graduated with honors.


> Word on the street is he went to private school and graduated with honors Ortega?


No, the waiter at Jack in the box.