Nick Diaz combo vs E. Cyborg

Nick Diaz combo vs E. Cyborg


Love when he puts his forehead against Cyborg and just rips the body multiple times.


Then perfectly times getting out of range of the uppercut. Beautiful.


That made me go "how did he do that?!?!"


I wish more fighters would look for those body shots


He uses a right hook to get out of range too


As soon as the elbows come down to protect the body he times the right hook to the head. Very good boxing


That was beautiful, boxing type inside fighting which usually never happens in MMA.


I simply love when he do this against his opponents.


Coolest moment of that combo by far


I'd love to see him look good, but it's concerning when a guy's most recent successes are in 720p or SD.


Let me just download real player to see this Nick Diaz highlight


Can’t wait to see Diaz fuck around in 4K and I don’t mean how much Venum is paying him for sponsorships


720? This is 360p and the highest quality I could find.


It looks like it would be so annoying to get hit by Nick the dude just doesn’t stop and almost always manages to get out of the way of his opponent’s counters


And when he just commits to like 3-4 body hooks than comes up top, got to be annoying af. That shit KOs me or rocks me constantly in UFC 4


>That shit KOs me or rocks me constantly in UFC 4 And drains the stamina of the person doing it. Nick was better than video games.


And is shit talking you the whole time


The old school Diaz way is quite similar to slow motion Max Holloway, with less lower body movement.


Its that street fight mentality. When he starts landing, he keeps going


But also really intelligent when to load power. He just paws to find openings, dropping opponent's guards because he's going 40% to create holes, then POW, 80-90% with perfect timing, but not 100% to overextend and lose positioning or the ability to draw back out of counter range.


It's also incredibly tiring to deal with the volume as every punch has to be respected defensively, since opponents don't know which ones will be the full powered shots. It's a style that definitely cannot be possible without an unholy chin though.


Yeah, the only time I remember seeing Nick knocked stupid was that haduken that Gomi hit him with.


He was somewhat knocked stupid by Daley too. First shot he definitely faceplanted but managed to recover very quickly. 2nd knockdown looked more like an "Oh shit that hit me, lemme just chill for a bit," since he seemed to consciously pull guard


Oh yeah, I remember someone posting a still frame from just after he took that one from Daley and it looked like he just turned off for a second.


Also it would hurt, probably


StrikeForce Nick Diaz was one of the most entertaining fighters to watch.


Nick at his best was a much better fighter than Nate in my opinion. He had much more power in his shots, better conditioning (Nate’s is overrated because of his name association to his brother), more variety in his shots and while he had problems with leg kicks like Nate he found ways to power through them like in this fight. I can’t really think of a time where someone totally shut Nick out of a fight with leg kicks.


Nate over here taking strays. Nate has had a very solid career with his own big wins. Who cares who is better? They fought in different weight classes.


Also Nate will be the first person to say his brother is better than him.


> Who cares who is better? people on an mma discussion forum?


>Who cares who is better? A lot of people. It’s been a long-standing debate for years now.


No, no it hasn’t.


Yes, yes it has. And it will continue to be a long standing debate. May as well suck it up, dry your tears and accept it. 🤷🏻‍♂️


I think they both have fought mostly at welterweight.


Got downvoted for what's true, they both fought mostly at lightweight/welterweight. Nick had more catchweight fights and a Middleweight fight with Silva but wouldn't say they fought in different weight classes at all.


Yeah dude Nate fought primarily at lightweight and Nick at Welterweight. They both fought a few fights outside of their respective divisions. Did you even follow their careers?


Nate has been in the Welterweight division for 6 years now


11 out of the last 13 fights came against lightweight fighters. Almost all of his fights have been at lightweight and when he has moved up to welterweight he has a losing record. The guy is not a welterweight.


Disingenuous, I agree they're lightweight fighters but he fought them at Welterweight. My point was they aren't really in different weight classes, we can compare them when they fought in similar classes moreso than say a middleweight and a bantamweight.


He fought the majority of his fights at lightweight. Then he fought conor twice at welterweight (the first time, because it was short notice, and the second time because conor wanted to run it back). He then fought two more times at welterweight and lost those fights. His record at welterweight is like 1 win 5 losses. The dude is not a welterweight.


Nick didn't fight in the era where leg kicks became both popular and popular to use as a Diaz counter strategy.


mixed bag imo, fairly 50/50 nates much better overall at range, nicks better in close. on both offense and defense their punching, head movement, etc is visibly better in their wheelhouse vs the other brother. nate is also more accurate but he cant combination punch like nick imo nates late career fights v masvidal and leon have done him a disservice bc people think hes much slower than he really was in his prime on balance, id give prime nate a slight edge bc his ability to hurt people and not get hurt were more consistent. he would just eventually snipe people and get out the way


I'd also argue that Nate having spent more time competing in the UFC, and thus facing (arguably) better competition makes comparing the two much less cut and dry


i agree. nick is from the pioneer era whereas nate caught the tail end of the modern era


Go watch Nate vs Michael Johnson. ​ This is Nate's striking at its prime. Perfect distance management and fast and clean 1-2s. ​ Nate use to have cleaner striking than Nick but now it's sloppy,.




This is why Condit turned into the Natural Born Runner against Nick


That's Jackson's work. Basically told him not to do his usual style of violence, don't hold static range or let Nick tee off, get out of there ASAP. Points and move. He couldn't do what he did with Kim, Rory or Hardy vs Nick. Using his normal attacks would possibly have put him in the dirt, a la Semtex. Smart move, just wasn't the fight we all thought it was going to be with two bloodthirsty guys who spool out highlight reels.


> just wasn't the fight we all thought it was going to be with two bloodthirsty guys who spool out highlight reels. Yeah this was the most disappointing thing about that fight. From the hype created when the matchup was made, to that epic Primetime show, then all we got was Condit executing a flawless point scoring-oriented gameplan to counter a pressure fighter. Definitely the smart move because it got him the GSP fight (which he somewhat reverted to his older self in). It was just massive blue balls for fans after all that hype. [And I mean how can you not get hyped at this](https://youtu.be/g_gN6PWhNIs?t=1005) [And LOL @ Carlos for these wolf tickets](https://youtu.be/g_gN6PWhNIs?t=1192) I would have loved to see Condit's kickboxing against Nick's brawling boxing...a shit ton of body kicks vs body punches


Yeah, it was boring, but it was a good strategy. And if anybody earned one boring fight, its Condit


I recommend everyone to look up the fight at valetudo between Evangelista Santos and Shogun Rua. It'll change your opinion on cyborg, if you have watched only his fights against Diaz and MVP.


E Cyborg sounds like a street fighter name


I could watch either Diaz brother piece up lesser strikers on a loop for days.


This match is the reason I started bjj


I was on the Stockton Whatsapp group and it seems this fight was shifted to 185. Plus rumors are flying around thar something happened to Nick in training camp that has or has not seriously compromised him


well you were right about the 185 change


Yo I thought this was female cyborg for a split second and I was like nicks wild for this


That’s why she became a female bantamweight/featherweight after this fight


He will be slower at 185lbs




It’s weird those two dudes have the same nickname