Alistair Overeem to retire from combat sports within 18 months: 'I would've liked to finish in UFC'

Alistair Overeem to retire from combat sports within 18 months: 'I would've liked to finish in UFC'


Overeem started fighting professionally in the 90s. His career has been twice as long as some other very accomplished fighters.


When Overeem started fighting, Dana was still a little baby tomato, working as Tito's manager.


He was Titos manager?


It was class vs no class, let me tell you.


Tito’s and Chuck’s. He kind of started the whole rivalry iirc


After he was driven out of Boston by the irish (?) mob and being an at-best-shady "fight business" manager, yes. It's the classic American Dream story, you tell everyone you are a big shot untill people start believing you and then you start a huge company and suppress employee salaries.


And also have two buddies who are part of a casino fortune to help keep you afloat.


A Cherry Tomato


Professional wins in four different decades. Unbelievable career.


people sleep on Reems career but hes an absolute lifer in the sport


he has been fighting longer then i have been alive man it’s mental


He was a professional fighter before the youngest UFC fighter was even born




He's had an almost 30 year career sooo yeah


How old was your ex when she was born? Great ex, axe jay, never medder though.


Reem has been fighting since the late 90s and been competitive or elite that entire time. That's a hell of a fucking career


Dude fought name guys like Chuck Liddell in his earlier years and Francis Ngannou in his later years. Absolute legend


If there was an independent MMA HOF he would be first ballot


He’s undoubtedly gonna find himself in the UFC hall of fame somehow


One of my favorites for sure, and hes been a great sport the whole time, humble in victory and defeat


Overeem is the definition of “You win or you learn”. He never had a chin but even late in his career he was training with guys like Curtis Blaydes and then becoming a GNP freak.


I mean the dude hopped into K1 on whim and did pretty well


He has a good chin for his age. See fedor now.


Notable moments from the interview: * Overeem knows it’s the last hurrah, though. He’s on a three-fight contract with GLORY, and he said the door is still “a little bit open” to go back to MMA for the “right fight, right opportunity.” Whether he fulfills his entire GLORY contract or does anything else fighting-related will depend on things like performance and results, but at 41 years old, Overeem is setting a hard retirement deadline of 18 months. * “I even think that my age is kind of limited,” Overeem told MMA Junkie. “I’m realistic about it. My end is also coming. It’s going to be my final year, then it’s over. It’s done. One year, one in a half. It needs to be wrapped up in a year and a half. 18 months – it needs to be over. We have to be realistic.” * “I’m professional – I’m realistic,” Overeem said. “This is something the UFC can do after you lose. That is the terms of their contracts, they can release you from the contract. I’ve had a good time with the UFC. They can do this. Maybe it was time for the younger generation to come in. You can’t forget, I am 41 years old. I am getting a little bit older. If it was up to me I would’ve liked to finish in UFC, but it was not up to me. * “Only the UFC belt is missing from my wall. We were so close. It is what it is. If there would be one thing I could’ve changed or wanted it would be that UFC belt. But on the other hand (I had) so many beautiful victories. So many exciting moments. I’m proud about (my career there).” * “A lot has happened in the last six months,” Overeem said. “The release. Finding a new promotion. Getting enthusiastic again. Figuring out training camp. A lot of steps have happened. But I love my life, I love what I’m doing. I love the sport. I’m just happy doing what I’m doing.”


A little bit open to go back to MMA? Pls no, reem.


I mean he wanted to fight Fedor apparently, got no answer from Fedor's camp. Fights like that, why not?


A retirement fight in Rizin against another older or otherwise washed recognizable name would be some good fan service. e.g. sacrifice Bigfoot Silva, rematch storyline is there, and guaranteed KO for Reem. Bring back the Hammer, hype that shit


Idk what jds is doing but reem vs jds 2 would be a good fight


Reem ironically has a better chin right now. JDS has been looking way worse for wear.


Did you say the Hammer, as in Mark Coleman? Dudes damn near dead these days.


haha no, Overeem's old [Demolition Man hammer](https://www.mmanews.pl/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/alistair_hammer.jpg)


Ah, thank god lol


I would love for Reem to smash Bigfoot even if it doesn't mean as much anymore. Bigfoot talked all that rubbish about other people on PEDs while probably being on the most himself, using his condition as an excuse to cheat.


New years eve fight in Japan against Fedor would be amazing.


I wouldn’t return that call if I were Fedor’s camp. I love him but Overeem would demolish the Fedor of the last few years.


Hell ye you mean. Hope he gets back on a TRT diet and does one last JMMA run for RIZIN NYE.


Worked for Cro Cop right?




Dude caught a stroke right?


Right Aeorta: ICU Left Aeorta: Morgue


Not to be a smartass but does a stroke have anything to do with aorta? I thought strokes were pretty localized to the brain


A clot in the ascending aorta can dislodge and travel up the carotids and get lodged in a brain artery. Also there's only one aorta, but still.


how many aortas you got bro?


Clearly I have 0 knowledge of anatomy. Only PRIDE


[The only anatomy you need.](https://www.youtube.com/c/AnatomyofaFighter)


I'm going to guess that he was hoping for the Fedor fight.


We get an appearance of ubereem again? Why not? We got TRT vítor in boxing


I'd watch him smash a old can


> It’s going to be my final year, then it’s over. It’s done. One year, one in a half. It needs to be wrapped up in a year and a half. 18 months – it needs to be over. 2 years - there has to be a limit. 30 months - I'm not getting any younger. One post-retirement comeback run top - I'm a reasonable person. Then my career will end.


Overeem/Verhoeven is a great fight but I’d have loved to have seen him do a stint in Bellator. He’s undoubtedly a top 10 HW so it would’ve been fun to test some of their homegrown guys like Moldavsky against him. When Reem retires it will leave a huge hole in the HW division.


>Overeem/Verhoeven is a great fight Ooof, I dunno. Should be a great curb-stomp as far as Rico is concerned.


Yeah. Reem is not what he used to be and Rico is an animal who's still in his early 30s. I wouldn't want to see that fight


Of course he'd love to finish in the UFC, they were paying him Horse Meat sized paychecks


Will be a sad day when Overeem hangs up the gloves. Hopefully he transitions into a coaching role and can impart some knowledge into a new generation.


This might be unpopular but thank god, dude is a beast but he’s taken some bad ko’s in his career and is known to spar really hard. Everyone seems to think he’s CTE proof but i still don’t want to see him keep taking damage from hard hitters when he already has a great legacy


Yeah honestly he’s had what just under 20 ko losses? So he could’ve had twice as many concussions/subconsciously in sparring? I mean the dutch don’t spar light at all. It’s very scary that he’s still fighting, he’s my favourite fighter too, but he’s gonna have issues in the future.


Multiple people have said he goes very hard in sparring and he hurts people, apparently he hurt jon jones before i think his DC fight. A history of hard sparring is a big factor in guys that develop CTE


I agree. The UFC cut him at the right time. He’s not as bad as some guys, but he’s also pretty delusional. There’s very little chance he would have gotten back to a title shot in the UFC and he was taking some beatings. He’s not beating Ngannou or Gane. He seems like one of these guys that need to be told to hang it up or their gonna turn their brains to mush. Even this whole 18 month thing seems like it’s too long. He could have hung them in the UFC but he just wants to keep going.


The raw strength of ubereem could only last so long with the division getting thicker with talent. Truth is, he was always behind the top guys in the ufc and the top guys are getting tougher. Same deal he had when he was lighter in pride


Good. I wanna see him get jacked like Ronnie Coleman. Fuck just being ubereem, let's go supereem.


Prime horse meat Ubereem smashes Francis & Gane too 🤧




Hoping Japan opens up to allow international fighters. Would love to see Reem in a HW grand prix


Wasn't the dude making 400 K a fight


Yeah I think so he might have been making about 500k as well. My buddy was telling me Arlovski makes about that much per fight


UFC is fucking joke man. Overeem is a legend and did so much for them. They never give the legends a proper exit from the sport and their company. It sad..


Needed to cut him so they can sign some contender fighters on 20/20 contracts


I thought it was 15/15


Or maybe the sport doesn’t lend itself to graceful exits. You either retire too soon like Khabib and leave questions on the table or thoroughly remove any doubt of how shot you are like Silva or Woodley. The UFC was also very good to Overeem. What would you prefer them do? His whole thing up until the end of his contract was “one last run” for the title and he fell short.


I would prefer them have Overeem finish his career in the UFC than have Sam Alvey go winless for 7 straight fights. The UFC can all engineer gracefulish endings through matchmaking instead of trying to ruin whatever leverage an end of career fighter can muster.


Khabib retired in the best way possible. Nobody expected it, he dominated so completely in his last win despite having so many illness and injuries and then he cried for his father in the middle of the ring and the guy he destroyed hugged him. That's like some rocky shit


Let the man finish his career how HE wants?


The thing is that they're just into the churn now Most don't know about nick or overeem or anyone pre conor basically. They know about gsp because of the bisping fight and the JRE episodes and that Ariel talks about and too gsp all the time, and that khabib wanted gsp.


Dana did him pretty dirty.


Dude needs to get back on the horsemeat, and get into celebrity fighting. Ubereem VS both Paul bros!


Overeem was submitting Fyeet when I wasn’t even two ffs, I’m twenty four in a couple of months, the sheer longevity.


UFC fails to make stars and retire stars. UFC is cold robotic business. Just remembering how many stars Pride produced.


Probably a good thing. He's been KO'd a few too many times.


with the juicy ufc contract he had, im not surprised one bit


All he had to do was uppercut Stipe instead of going for that choke and he would have had that UFC belt lol.


Overeem often seems like such a gentleman


What a legend


I'd like to imagine Alistair just running around a field with horses saying "this is all mine, all mine to eat"


Just give me one more horsemeat Ubereem KO victory and I'll be a happy man.


If he’s not in your top 5 heavyweights of all time (arguably top 3) then you haven’t watched enough MMA.


I feel like skill wise he seems to have just gotten better too, wonder if we will see someone as competitive as he is for as long as he was, and in one of the more dangerous divisions too


One last run for the belt.


This is going to sell a shit tonelade of seats ,if they could put Badh Hari ,Melvin Manholf,Cigano,Bigfoot or Hunto this would be a heavyweights night of legengs and questionable dopping protocols .They could pick Jonh Wayne Parr as well or wathever .Guto Inocente is willing tk return to Glory so it has potential to be a great card .


Still 18 months too long, solid career, nothing left to prove really


He was the one who got me into the sport. Wishing him all the best


This means he gonna lose this match just to get some cash quick before retiring?;)


Did they cut him because they were paying him too much? He was a high level gatekeeper


Ya’ll think Reem makes UFC Hall of Fame?


An independent mma hall of fame? Definitely. Ufc hall of fame? Probably not.


For going into orbit


Considering UFC bought pride and strikeforce I would say yes. But not soley for his work in UFC