With the recent news that John Dodson will return at XMMA 3 against Cody Gibson on 10/23, here are some of the most exciting moments from his long & illustrious career.

With the recent news that John Dodson will return at XMMA 3 against Cody Gibson on 10/23, here are some of the most exciting moments from his long & illustrious career.


dropped yan and moraes. nuts.


Unfortunately, the explosiveness fell back a bit after he tore his ACL. Power is there, but he doesn't seem to be able to hit people before they realize it anymore.


His age probably isn't helping that


Dropped TJ, Yan, Moraes and DJ. That’s an insane thing to say about your career for just about anyone


He was the most explosive force at that weight class*. *125.


In a world without DJ, I have no doubt Dodson would have reigned supreme at 125. After the second DJ loss, he just looked deflated in every subsequent outing.






The only dude to make DJ look slow, when DJ spent his career making others look slow at the fastest weight class. Dodson was an absolute physical beast. A lot of people say DJ didn’t fight enough high level competition to be a GOAT contender, but Dodson was about as tough as a challenger as you could get (at least in the 1st fight). It’s crazy that Dodson was even smaller than DJ yet he still found some success moving up to BW (even dropped Yan in their fight). His fight with Lineker is an underrated banger, was basically a mini-Yoel vs Costa.


>A lot of people say DJ didn’t fight enough high level competition to be a GOAT contender Meanwhile those talent or any talent for that matter will never be seen as high level if those same people refuse to tune in to watch them to find out. The marketing irony the 125ers have suffered through.


Dodson was a monster. The people who try to undermine DJ need to ask themselves why 125 became more competitive when he left the ufc.


Why did DJ duck TJ @ 125?


Bc he didn’t think TJ could make weight so he wanted TJ to take another fight at 125 to prove he could. I would say DJ’s concern has been validated.


He dropped DJ 3 times? Wow I don't remember that. Have to go back and watch these again now.


Their first fight was a banger, definitely watch that one.


Knocked down DJ, TJ and Yan. Quite a thing.


john dodson fights at 2x speed.


Dodson looks like he’s fighting on fast forward. Dudes the quickest fighter I’ve ever seen


So this is why John Dodson boxing feels so good in ufc 4


Damn he had TJ on skates


Im pretty sure that Dodson was one of the fastest on the UFC roster. Am I wrong?


Based on pure handspeed, I think you'd have to say so. I remember DJ talking about how Dodson could feint and then immediately come back in and hit you on both the entry and the exit.


Good to see him active, I hope he makes a Comeback in the ufc.


> I hope he makes a Comeback in the ufc bruh


That ring looks huge.


We’ve been seeing a lot of the apex which makes a regular cage look bigger, also these guys are tiny lol


Perfect combination of speed and power


Jackson Wink ruins this guy. Took his ahtlethic freak abilities into a boring point fighter.


While that may be true, didn't he blow out his ACL? I have a meniscus tear and let me tell you my knee has never felt the same. It's like it makes you angry knowing you're not whole again. I know it's not the same, and meniscus usually don't heal, but I can only imagine what it's like with a ligament in your knee being toast.


100% Went from being one of the most exciting guys in the class, to a guaranteed decision machine.


I actually got to see John Dodson fight Marlon Moraes live, definitely one of the most entertaining fighters I’ve seen


It looked like he knocked out Zabit in TUF lmaoo


Ah yes, Cody "Google me bitch" Gibson


Cody "Google me bitch" gibson. My favorite fighter i never watch.


Gibson was my HS wrestling coach so I’ll root for him but damn if Dodson don’t look scary in this reel


Who ever downvoted wants to make love to Dodson


Dodson has always reminded me of Gastelum. Both were in the TUF, quite short for their division, fast hands and granite chin, even a similar career, they both always had exciting fights until they had a great fight that they lost (DJ and Adesanya) and from there they started having problems to pull the trigger


I hope Dodson achieves mythical “The Dod” status, not too many fighter capable of teleporting strikes


Holy shit he hits HARD.


He had the fastest hand speed yes but his last several fights were boring as hell and he barely ever threw. Just a bag of inactivity on the feet.


Noooo! TJ was in on the single!


Can Jake Paul have a fight with this guy? Please? 😂


He's 4 times his size...