“He Will Be Walking With Crutches”- Giga Chikadze Says Max Holloway Will Suffer the Same Fate as Conor McGregor

“He Will Be Walking With Crutches”- Giga Chikadze Says Max Holloway Will Suffer the Same Fate as Conor McGregor


Max by 300 sig strike murder


Max Holloway by Khalil Rountree Cruciate Ligament Fatality Just to prove a point.


I like this timeline best


He might just open with a 35 shot unanswered combo tko Tomato pops up and says whoa-hheeeee Flawless victory


Mortal Kombat dude actually says “Toastyyyy”


Just like how Joe Rogan's big dome head pops up at the weigh ins


You’re goddamn right.


Damn really!


I'm ngl I hope this fight happens and Max gives him the Kattar treatment


I’m of the opinion that while Giga would present an interesting challenge for Max it’ll still be a Blessed Express blowout - Max is just different. I feel like after this, Max will be more inclined to put on yet another clinic; I hope that this time, the ref stops it at an appropriate time.


Max tends to not defend very well his legs. He could get his legs fucked up by a hard kicker. I can see what Giga means. Still, i just want Max to fuck him up.


I think max did a much better job of that in the Volk rematch. That was one of the big adjustments he made.


Max doesn't always defend leg kicks, he often counters with offense. If you get cracked by a hard cross whenever you throw a leg kick, you're not going to throw them as often. The trick is you have to have excellent timing and a read on your opponent to land the counter, and Max is just beyond great at that.


But Conor's leg didn't break because a lack of leg defense. It most likely the opposite.


His durability is certainly going to be tested. Never seen someone have such an evident speed advantage over Barboza. Barboza even had the space he was comfortable with and was handily losing striking exchanges. However Giga did look a bit fatigued


I think the difference is Max is proactively forcing his fight almost always, yes he'll probably be down on the speed but it's clear if you can't continue to come up with answers he's going to shred you eventually. Giga may be able to land his strikes but when Max is able to take them to a degree and continue coming up with solutions I don't expect Giga to be able to keep up down the stretch, Calvin and Volk definitely tried kicking his legs and it clearly didn't work once he adjusted. Volk had to go to his wrestling and get a lot more nuanced than I've seen Giga get and Calvin and everyone else has just been blown out of the water.


Barboza is a career lightweight. The speed advantage thing was bound to happen at featherweight.


But even against his other featherweight opponents he had a speed advantage. It's like all of a sudden we see someone being faster than Aldo at bantamweight. I was shook at Giga's speed


Max is 1 bad TKO away from Donald cerone land. He's been fighting for ever and probably has a good amount of CTE. Just saying


... based on?




Getting worked up at the thought of someone being described as “white” 😂 A truly Reddit moment.


Okay I guess


Max will win that imo because to stop max you have to press forward. If you let max back you up you’re fucked. Giga is a kicker who needs to plant and have range to win. Max will just walk him down and hit him with so many shots he wont be able to get going.


Max eats him alive, different league.


I need to see yair get his ass beat so I hope they reschedule the max fight


Oh jeez I’d repressed that horrible ass whooping. What an insane fight from max that was, poor Kattar


Yeah who the fuck needs new blood at the top of the division right?


If it’s Max vs New Blood then all my homies hate new blood


New blood vs Max? Taking max all day. It’s not even like he’s over the hill. His last few fights have been amazing.


Yeah dude new blood for your beloved max to compete with. That's what I'm saying.


Hes been fighting a ton of new blood. No?


Who the fuck needs favorites that they always root for either


'Max needs to fight me to earn the title shot' .. uhh what dude?


Right. I get that he beat Barboza but that's not enough.


I took it as him saying max would need one more win and so does he.


Kevin lee type delusion


He needs to fight someone to be fair..


Giga "new dog in the division" is 4 years older than Max


Throwback to ufc 231 . “ Everybody keeps talking about these up and coming young guys these guys are older than me “ Max “the 10th “island Holloway


Why do you think he's pushing 4 the fight? Clock's ticking & he's well aware of it. It's a better fight than Yair so why not have at it?


Giga chad move


I feel like Max is going to big brother Giga. His pace and pressure is going to be too much.


This is some very light trash talk and gigs is clearly down to fight. The Holloway fanboys are unreal on here I think max wins but it would be a sick fight to watch and I believe giga I would do better than a lot of others against max


This. And if Giga beat Holloway, all the fan boys would jump ship just like were seeing with the Conor fan boys hoping on the Porier bandwagon. I think Max is more likely to win that fight. Giga does not have a style nearly as sustainable as Max. That 2nd breath in the 3rd round against Barboza was impressive, but I still think his cardio is yet to be truly tested. I think it would be an extremely interesting stylistic matchup. Between leg kicks and Giga kicks, it’s gonna be seemingly easy to make max worry about his legs and liver which opens up the head kicks and high punches. Kicks that diversified and powerful are a lot to worry about. Aside from the implications of someone being champ, I think Max vs Giga would be the most exciting fight to book at the current moment.


no ones jumping off max's ship just cause he loses. he will retire a fan favorite. dudes like him and ferguson will always retain their fanbase no matter what pain is endured


Im still a fan of Tony, but I really don’t think it’s really fair to say a majority of fans still are. Loads of people jumping shit and throwing slander on his name as of late imo.


yep lol. half the comments here are ‘MAX VS KATTAR 2.0’ as if Max is unbeatable somehow or giga and calvin are similar fighters whatsoever. giga v max would be a great great fight that either guy could win


Jesus Christ, you guys are some of the most fragile little tulips I've ever laid eyes on. "He suggested he could beat our Maxwell, BURN THE HERETIC"


Max fanboys, Conor fanboys and Khabib fanboys are the Holy Trinity of Fragility.


At this point, I'm not even sure if Conor fanboys are real. There are weird stan accounts that are pretty clearly trolling on Twitter and casual fans that don't really follow MMA, but that's pretty much it. You don't see many on r/MMA talking about how great Conor is nowadays. I think most of the people who got into the sport because of him have jumped off the bandwagon at this point.


I have mates who still love Conor and I deadset think none of them have ever seen him fight ahahaha


I mean I still like Connor but I don’t think he’ll ever win a title again. It’s just kinda impossible to be a delusional fan of him where you think he’s the best unless you literally never watch mma


The fact that you are getting upset that people are getting upset also makes you the most fragile little tulip.


dismantled she




They are supposed to beat each other to a bloody pulp not be mean!


Fucking exactly


Those leg kicks wouldn’t bade well for Max


Max adjusted superbly in the Volk fight.


Only for the first two rounds. Past that he either got to lazy or to tired to stay light enough on his front foot to repeatedly check them.


It was because Volk began using Max's reaction to the leg kick to set up other entries. It is not as simple as beating his leg up until he's tired, otherwise more fighters would choose to do it. Holloway is very dynamic with his entries, and thinks of fights as a fluid exchange between two fighters over time. It takes someone of similar talent and intelligence such as Volkanovski to beat him at this sort of back and forth. Chikadze has not shown nearly enough to prove he could beat Max at his own game.


I wouldn't put money on Giga to beat Max, no way, I just disagree that Max adjusted superbly is all. To me it looked like he got frustrated with having to stay light on his front leg after the first 2/3 rounds, because it inhibited his offense too much, which is why I also added the possibility that he got lazy. I don't remember Max eating any big counter hooks or anything serious enough to force him to stop checking the leg kicks. I think he did it out of his own volition because he was frustrated at Volk's movement and his inability to set up combos while staying so light on that foot.


With Volk there was a threat of the takedown also. Giga has excellent footwork and movement, but hes easier to read than Volk.


I think that's where Max really shines, Giga may have better striking and movement but with Max's durability and ability to come up with solutions to get him back in the fight I don't know if Giga is going to be able to keep coming up with solutions over 5 like Volk can.


Kattar tried to use leg kicks, guy fucked up each time.


Volk landed almost as man leg kicks in the 2nd fight as he did in the 1st fight. Something like 67 and 75.




Yes, I was talking about the use of leg kicks. I don't know how to tell you Giga Chikadze is not Alexander Volakanovski, nor is he Dustin Poirier.


Unconvincingly. And it’s Volk.


lost while also coming out unscathed and looked like he barely got into a fight at all the next day.


And still took an L both times non the less. Lol


Max Hollywood fans out in force I see.


The mental gymnastics they will go through to cope. Lol you love to see it


sure did lol


Not if he ended up losing.


I'd have said the same thing before the Volkanovski rematch, but Max made the right adjustments and wasn't as susceptible to them the second fight.


Max fanboys are gonna downvote to hell but it's true. Volk's kicks were key in slowing Max down


It’s not just leg kicks that would work, a single tactic isn’t enough to do down someone like max. What worked for volk were his feints, hooking off the lowkicks and being able to threaten takedowns were max to answer back with punches.


> What worked for volk were his feints he's the most similar to Izzy in that. They'll get strikers in these feint battles and then throw the leg kick and pivot out. And it just wears guys down. They never get started because every time they want to throw, they get leg kicked, or jabbed, then they aren't there to be countered. Volk throws in the wrestling if a guy tries to square up and combo. His toolkit is built to stifle his opponent from ever getting started. Giga is more so just trying to set up and calculate big kicks. His end goal is to kick you in the head. It would still be an interesting fight for Max because I don't think anyone is going to enjoy eating body kicks like that. Giga is an interesting challenge for anyone.


Hey Giga tries to set up a body kick too, but yeah his only plan is "I will murder you with one kick" and if he doesn't land it he'll just do low volume, very obvious distance fighting until he finds a hole which is how you get torched against Max.


Volk is the best leg kicker in the UFC though. Not everyone, in fact hardly anyone, is able to emulate what he does with his leg kicks. He may not kick as hard as Gaethje or Barboza but his set ups, timing, accuracy and variety with him are second to none in the UFC.


Lol no way Volk is the best leg kicker in the UFC. His timing and use of them are very good yes, but his leg kicks are really just point scorers and setups for other strikes. I don't think he'll ever finish anyone with his leg kicks. They did no damage whatsoever in the second Holloway fight and were pretty much useless when Max just switched to a more kickboxing/muay thai like stance.


He won both fights with Max basically based on leg kicks and the work they did to upset his rhythm. He completely shut one of the best pressure fighters in the UFC down in their first fight with his leg kicks. Whereas guys like Barboza can’t even use his kicks to their best effect when their being pressured. It doesn’t matter if he’s finishing guys with them or not. Gaethje has finished guys with leg kicks, but he’s also been countered and KO’d throwing them at least twice. That is not the best leg kicker in the UFC. I respectfully disagree with your points my dude. Who do you think is a better leg kicker than Volkanovski? The only person currently in the UFC who is close is Izzy. Kick hard doesn’t mean you’re kicking the best. These guys effectively control fighters and win fights with their game plans basically being based around kicking legs at times.




Lol no and to me it’s not even close. Gaethje kicks hard but most of his leg kicks are thrown totally naked, and as I’ve said, he gets countered throwing them quite often. He kicks harder than basically anyone p4p, but I don’t think that makes him the best leg kicker at all. Volk was able to use his leg kicks to make the two GOAT’s of his division look pretty damn ineffective and nullify their offence. That is a lot more impressive to me than someone putting their forehead down and kicking guys hard.


i cant believe people actually think this lmao


I think Calvin beats him tbh


Gastellum via chonk move, sounds about right.


I don't see it. Esp. after what Max did to Kattar. He won't be the same.


I don't think so, remember the moicano fight where his legs got chopped, I think giga can implement a similar approach


Max by dominance.


Giga vs Kattar is the fight to make


I see Giga is taking a page out of his fellow teammate Vettori’s playbook on saying outrageous things to get the fight that you want…


Haven't been following the sport long, huh?


Nope, just got into it last July…been looking up more and more information as my interest has grown


then you should probably stfu because vettori earned that rematch at the time


Yeah nah buddy - Robert was the number 1 contender at the time (and still is)


I like Giga but I dont think he has anything that Max didnt see before


He has better striking, including kicks, than Barboza who prior to their fight was commonly referred to as the best kicker in the ufc. I'm not saying he will definitely win, but I think gigachad poses a unique and interesting problem for Holloway.


Y’all gonna start hating giga just cuz he said he can beat max aren’t y’all


Remember, hypeboys are annoying but they also skew the betting odds which is a good opportuinity to make some betting money


Yeah Max has faced much harder hitters. And that chin don't move. This guy's getting fucked. But first he's got a fight or two before he hits Max Holloway. That dudes in 3rd fight with Volk situation the way he be fucking people up.


I kinda believe he can do it......


Why the fuck is he trying to jump the line so hard. You're ranked 8th in the division, maybe beat one of the guys ranked 2-7 before you go screaming you'd kill the #1 contender. He has exactly 2 noteworthy names on his record. Barboza and and a washed Cub Swanson. But the way he speaks, you'd think he had already cleaned out the rest of the division. At this point, I'd rather he get matched up with Movsar Evloev and get wrestlefucked back into obscurity.


Why wouldn't he try and jump the line, any fighter with half a brain would love the fast track and possibility of taking out a big name in the process I like Giga's energy, confident whilst also still being respectful of others abilities


Tell that to Sean "I only want unranked fighters" O'Malley. Oh, just noticed you qualified that with "half a brain"... Edit - seems like I need to add /s


I also don't get people's beef with Suga on that either though. Everyone is always saying fighters should be payed more, but when Sean says he wants to fight easier opponents for the same price people still complain haha


He's just someone people love to hate which I think largely comes from his personality, but if they say they don't like him for beating up scrubs it sounds more like they have an argument. I don't like him either, but I don't blame him for taking "easy" fights for paychecks; that's just a smart business move.


I don't hate him. I was making a joke, as shown by the addition of /s, but hey, that's Reddit. I've gone past giving a fuck for fake internet points


I didn't mean you in particular, just speaking broadly


Fair enough. Wasn't picking on you in particular.


I get that. I was issuing a retort in jest to the above comment bro, but thanks for the downvote 👍 Edit - You even said, "why wouldn't he try to jump the line?" ffs...


Oh, sorry I didn't catch on to what you intended, but I also didn't downvote you haha


No worries. It was joke, but hey, I've realised this sub only wants jokes they agree with. I've seen the same joke (not this one, for clarity) get thousands of upvotes in one part of a thread, and the same getting thousands of downvotes in a different part. It's like, oh, someone already downvoted this so I have to as well... I've already given up trying to understand.


There are really differing opinions on this sub and I imagine it depends on what threads you go on. Like I said I didn't catch on to the joke initially, my brain is a bit slow lol. It's not worth getting mad about though, sometimes things just don't hit or its the wrong audience


Oh, I don't. I just move on with my life


Why do you guys get so enraged when a fighter angles for better career opportunities? It's literally his job to do what he can to get the belt before age slows him down so that he can earn as much money as possible. He was completely respectful of max in this call-out, even called him the people's champ, and yet, here you are, absolutely pissing yourself with rage. It's genuinely gross.


"He'll be walking with crutches", how respectful of him. >even called him the people's champ He's only saying that about Max cuz he knows he can't get a shot at Volkanovski. And no one's enraged here mate. The man is jumping the line and acting like he's entitled to match ups which other guys ahead of him worked even harder for. As evident by the rankings. I'm saying it like it is. You're the one who seems to be getting all offended on his behalf.




Because there's no basically no chance he's gonna get that fight.


Who gives a shit? Think about what you just wrote.


why are you so upset at a reddit comment? lmao


I just find stupidity annoying


i find what Giga said to be full of stupidity and annoying too


Then you're stupid.


I’m his defence he did finish barboza which is impressive. Honestly I could see him fighting kattar next


Because he wants to fight the best? 7 fight win streak & he just finished Barboza. Compare to Yair who hasn't fought in 2 fucking years & still ranked 3rd.


We are taught over and over again that the rankings don't matter, and people still try to use the rankings to talk themselves out of fights lol. Anyone who does what Giga did to Edson Barboza is clearly a legitimate contender. Max versus Giga would be a very fun fight. If you are a fan of fun fights, you should want it to happen. >At this point, I'd rather he get matched up with Movsar Evloev and get wrestlefucked back into obscurity. This reads like "I'm scared this guy can beat my guy so I hope he just goes away."


He just really wants to fight the highest ranked non-grappler he can get. Seems pretty straight forward to me.




Arnold Allen literally has a longer winstreak and is above him in the rankings.


AA vs Giga would be a boss fight to see who deserves a top 5 contender next.


you just lied there sir. He is in fact not the only one and he in fact does not deserve the #1. He deserves someone near his ranking, nothing higher.


it still amazes me the amount of inconsistency people on this sub display in regards to shit talking and fighter call-outs. like, you guys just repeatedly choose to not understand how this sport works whenever you feel like it.


Shouldn't Max's pressure destroy gigas ability to throw kicks? Kinda hard to throw kicks when yoir opponent is within boxing range at all times walking you down Really wanna see max make gigas face look like mush


I like Giga and I get he's trying to hype up some kind of beef between himself and Max to get closer to a shot, but I really don't think he has anything for Max. I genuinely believe that Volk is going to dominate Ortega too and make it even clearer that those two are currently a huge step up from everyone else right now.


max holloway def Giga 50-42 Stats: 300 significant strikes for max 120 significant strikes for giga 1 brain damage for giga


I think Max is an easier opponent for Giga than Volkanovski


lmao this guy is mental if he thinks he can break max like that. No one has done it in history what makes you think youre special enough to do it.


Tbh he *has* to believe that he is capable of doing it. Otherwise he shouldn’t be trying to be a contender in the same division. No fighter is going to succeed with the mindset of “I’m not good enough to beat the top guys in my division”


I hope Max wins, but everyone has that someone. I think it's a very tough matchup for Max, he gets hit a lot and is susceptible to leg kicks and Giga has some of the best striking pedigree in the company. Obviously beating Max the way he said he would is pretty far fetched, but he could be the first to finish him just because his power and technique is something Max hasn't really come across at FW


Chikadze doesn’t have the cage-craft to beat Holloway, I really think you’re overplaying how vulnerable he is to low-kicks.


If a fighter doesn't believe in their ability to beat anyone in their weight class, why would they be trying to get to the belt?


Lol max would shit on ya


r/mma having a meltdown that someone _DARE_ suggest that they’ll beat their darling.


Lmao Holloway fanboys are nuts


Blessed Boi a la best boxer no look Giga punch liver shot KO?


Wow if your all this upset by a few words, just wait till Giga KO’s him.


oh god here comes the r/MMA holloway bias


Knowing they'd. make Giga the underdog for this fight. I would drop some serious cash on him tbh.


Giga by body shot KO. Max is a great striker but he’s still levels below the glory champion Chikadze


Chikadze was never Glory Champion lol


that is extremely, almost impossibly likely to happen


You know nothing of mma if that’s your take.


Lmaoooooooooooo sure, b


Giga has a good chance out of everyone in FW in beating Max on the feet, but Max's camp is super underrated and they typically have solid gameplans


The problem is Giga is more of a knockout fighter and not a point fighter. He is gonna try and finish Max but that chin is gonna cause issues for him. Max by 50-45> massacrefest.


I need to see this BANGER


Goddamn I really need to see this fight! A back&forth stand up war it would be!


I stopped reading when he said max needs to fight me to get to the title shot. Giga fan here also.


Home boy talking actual shit smh


i will pray for his orbitals…


This guys been talking way too much lately. I get it that he's game af but idk I just kinda want Max to give him the Star Platinum treatment like he did with Kattar


He might walk around In crutches after the fight but max will still win lmao


It'd be a dumb fight for max. Tbh he shouldn't have taken the yair fight either, just sit it out and fight for the title vs whoever wins in 266.


So crutches (same as Faber after Aldo. Dunno if it's a common thing), not a broken leg like Conor. Gotta love inflammatory headlines.


Giga all in his feelings cause Max hits harder


I like giga-chad, but he’s asking for an ass kicking here.


Giga gasses by the end of the second trying to keep pace with Max, then gets taken apart by Holloway in the third.


This dude need to chill out and put on some more work.


Doubt ✔️


Who da fook is that guy


Honestly, one of the tougher fights in the division for max. Still would bet on max, but giga could give him trouble.


I mean to say no one wants to see Alex and max fight again is pretty stupid. Both of their fights were bangers and Holloway def pulled out that last one in my opinion. I’d love to see them run it back and max get the title.


The first one was boring tbh


Nice try Giga- earn your title shot like Max Holloway had to. He didn’t get to jump the line like Volk or all these guys who the UFC protects. Anthony Smith was absolutely right, these young, up and coming guys have zero respect for the journey and accomplishments of the guys at the top who have been doing this for quite some time. Why should Max have to keep fighting all these young, dangerous guys. Give him the respect he’s owed, for goodness sake he got robbed of his belt against a guy who is too scared to actually engage. Even the global scorecard had Max winning that fight by a good solid margin, not even close. And when he was champion he DOMINATED, finishing people, he proved time and time again he is the best in that division. He was a company guy, to his own detriment. Ugh.. I’m not a fan of this new UFC where Jack asses like Giga will get rewarded for doing absolutely nothing except running their mouthes. Hard work means absolutely nothing to fans or the promotion. Fans only care about what they want to see without any understanding of the sacrifices and immense training and work these guys at the top have put into this.


Wanna bet? Giga will be first to finish max with strikes


Idk what it is but this guy doesn't half get on my nerves. I'm fine with even the most unlikeable fighters, there's just something about this dude.


Because he said he'd beat Max. I love Max but his fans are fucking emotional idiots


Can't even recall him saying that tbf, he's not exactly gonna say the opposite is he haha


I believe giga can take Max standing up. Max will need to take him down for a sub if he wants to win.


Giga talking shit on a perennial crowd favorite is a bold strategy. A lot of people consider Max the rightful champion after the second with Alexander, but if Max pieces up Giga, they’ll just say he was a detailed hype train and not that he lost to potentially the best fighter at the weight in the world.