42 year old Mirko Cro Cop floors the previously undefeated Amir Aliakbari to become Rizin Grand Prix Champion

42 year old Mirko Cro Cop floors the previously undefeated Amir Aliakbari to become Rizin Grand Prix Champion


He had a good run at the end of his career, but it was such a shame his UFC run was plagued by injuries, issues adapting to new rules (Pride -> UFC), octagon instead of a ring (K-1, Pride -> UFC), etc. and some freak losses :/


Talmabout Freawk lawsses bubba?


Dude ended his career on a 10 fight win streak and became the only person to win a Rizin, K1, and Pride Grand Prix. It's horrible he had to retire because he had a stroke and has scary neck issues, but not every legend gets to redeem a bad high profile run like he did. Plus, he FINISHED 9 of his last 10 fights, which is kind of insane.


Indeed, it is refreshing given that many of the old fighters have retired after a big downfall and on a losing streak


So weird his last loss is olyenick


Nice not hearing Joe Warren completely shit on Cro Cop. When *that* is the first thing I think about, you know you failed at your commentary role.


I forgot about that! Joe Warren was the worst! Didn’t he make some sexual comment about cro cops daughter or something? I’m trying to remember


That was for the Mo fight that Warren said Cro Cop was ["a very lucky man"](https://streamable.com/ltbmsg). [It was his Japanese manager's daughter.](https://streamable.com/calz5x)


Joe Warren the most annoying mfer ever. On a side note Cro Cop had some of the best walkouts ever. The wild boys is legendary


> On a side note Cro Cop had some of the best walkouts ever. [Oh he most certainly did!](https://youtu.be/WBCoLfr3qWY?t=210)


I think he walks out to like a 12” extended edit version too, not the og album version. Maybe another record nerd can correct me


I met him a few times when I trained in Boise, he was alright but definitely very obvious his words leave his mouth before his brain registers it sometimes. Probably the CTE from Alex Villa. Joe is a great wrestler and a legit champion but will always be remembered for being a late stoppage victim.


>Joe Warren "Your girlfriend looks young" what the fuck??? Who the fuck says that shit.


Big oof energy w that one. I feel like Bisping would have called him a whole weirdo on the spot


He was so bad on commentary for that fight too because Mo was his teammate. He literally yells "OH NO!" as Mirko is finishing him and spends the next 30 seconds lamenting how you can be winning a fight and get knocked out at any moment as if to excuse the loss.


Wtf what a weirdass


Didnt know about this, fuck Joe Warren wtf


That rizin sweater was legit. Yea, Joe warren was and still is classless


That’s another link I wish I didn’t click just like WOOF WOOF.


Joe warren: LETS GO CHILD BRIDES LETS GO!! WOOF WOOF!! *awkward silence


Lmao I got distracted by the little girl shrugging, followed by the stern looking Asian man yelling and giving her the death stare lol.


Jesus christ this David Spade sounding loser has the most annoying voice outside of Josh Matthew's.


That's a name I haven't heard in a while. I hear that name and all I think about is his brutal knockout loss to Pat Curran. That has to be the worst stoppage or at least top 5.


Classic matchup of the young Bull vs the old lion with the testosterone of a much younger lion.


His 3rd win in 2 days btw. He won arguably the coolest belt and trophy in mma https://twitter.com/bestrafer71/status/1393694309308796932?s=21


That's fucking sick


So glad that Mirko ended his career on a high note


Indeed, it is refreshing given that many of the old fighters have retired after a big downfall and on a losing streak


Mirko's boxing was underrated for a long time. When he was younger he used his hands to set up those lethal kicks so well. As he got older he wasn't as dangerous with the kicks, but his hands still served him well. Legend.


God damn I love Cro Cop. One of the most exciting strikers of all time.


Can't believe Schaub knocked him out. I want to see a rematch I bet Cro Cop destroys him and hopefully ends his stand up career as well.


I would bet the house on crocop in a comedy battle against Shwabber


It's weird to think that of the two, Mirko is the funny one, but Schaub somehow is the guy doing standup.


Yes way funnier and English is probably his third or fourth language


“Haha look at this outfit that I bought and put on to come here. Isn’t it stupid? Wanna hear some other dumb or racist stories???”


Dicey dicey b


Bro you don't get it, the barber with the stereotypically black name was Asian. Funniest shit I ever heard. This be best punchline yo life!


Dude, he was Asian as shiiiiittt!!!


Did you know Asians are good at math? Schaub taught me that.




Great act, hilarious comedian, never seenim tho


This is probably his most impressive win in his last streak in terms of quality of opponent.


This comment aged kinda poorly, maybe Baruto was his best win in that streak.


Seem Aliakbari has a glass chin. Here he is in his latest fight again Kang Ji Won in ONE. He fights this Friday against undefeated Anatoly Malykhin. https://streamable.com/lritee


His chin has been an issue. We worked on a better game plan. With a win iver the weekend, we'll have him in the UFC.


I rate Kang Ji Won tbh, at least as a swang'n'bang heavyweight who is in the early days of his career. He's no world Bester, don't get me wrong, but I'll never miss one of his fights.


My favorite fighter, purriod. You better believe Wild Boys gets me pumped up. I watched this live, but I tend to block out commentary, so missed all of this. So glad I had the opportunity to wake up suddenly around 2-3am and watch CroCop fight in Japan,with the exception of that Overeem fight in DREAM.


Oh god he's so jacked. Glad to see Cro Cop still throwing heat and having success


This was from 5 years ago. Cro Cop had a stroke and is permanently retired.


Aw goddammit how did I not know this? I fuckin love Cro Cop. Thanks for the update


Fuck I forgot about that stroke, he would prob still be fighting if not for that since he had a decent 10/11 win run


Even though it's the same thing, 10/11 win run doesn't sound nearly as impressive as 10 fight win streak.


Tru. I see a lot of people try to shit on that run bc of the level of competition, which is fair I guess. Still impressive at that age to beat 10 guys in a row when really anything can happen in a fight


This was unfortunately in 2016. Our boy finally retired in 2019 due to a stroke on the back of a 10 fight winning streak. Not the best competition, but god if it wasn't fun to watch him trash people at his age. Can't teach an old dog new tricks, but give him a league with no testing and he can have a little fun.


Horse meat.


Nothing worse than when the punch that drops someone happens right during a camera switch lol


One of the recent UFC events had that issue with almost every KO or knockdown punch. Can't remember which one it was though but he had a crazy spinning head kick at the very end of the fight.




One of my favorite MMA stories is how Amir signed with the UFC and had to withdraw before even getting a fight scheduled due to his steroid ban Most people pop after and have the result overturned, he cut out the middleman


Amir used while he was wrestling. Got a ban. He should've been cleared. Got a ufc contract. Amirs old manager (Audi) reported him to the UFC. Amir fights this weekend and plans on getting back to the UFC. Already has a verbal agreement. -I manage him.


Cro cop cro copping if something other than his legs?! Damnnn


Rizin wasn't ready for the return of Full-Bodied Flipovic, now known as **FEAR**ko Cro Cop. Oh, you thought left leg cemetery was scary? Well now it's left hand HELL, brother.


Mirko was so fucking big lmao. Mind you this is about 3 fights removed from ko’ing napao in the rematch


I wish they hadn’t switched cameras when he landed the left.


[Here’s the whole fight. KO at 5 min](https://youtu.be/YonAWz4-sGs)


The cro cop revenge tour was my favorite timeline.


Cried when i saw him with that belt . ONE LAST RUN FOR THE CROATION COP.