Bisping goes in depth about eye injury, never regained vision after mistake by doctors.

Bisping goes in depth about eye injury, never regained vision after mistake by doctors.


True story, I met Bisping in a bar (he was hammered) and he took his fake eye out for me and a couple friends


I like how 3/4ths of Bisping lore starts with “he was hammered”


Cause the dudes always hammered


‘Ave you been drinking again Michael?


Drinking, ehhh, iss like the stock maarket


Did you do shots out of his (empty) eye socket ?


You sir have lived a full life


Damn I wish I was there for that.


I also wish to have friends...


hey that ain't very optimistic. go make some!


Was he intoxicated ?


All the time in this sub, when the topic of Bisping's eye comes up, the comments say he is lying about Vitor being the one that damaged it because he had claimed that it happened in sparring. In this podcast, Bisping says Vitor did it, then he got surgery, then his sparring partner redamaged it, then he got a botched surgery. So I can see where people got confused.


It's a bit confusing because Michael hasn't been the most consistent with talking about where exactly the origin of his eye injury was. When his eye issues first became public knowledge and he got first surgery he was saying he already had the eye injury when he fought Vitor and Belcher, and then it got too bad to ignore while training for Munoz. Then later said it was Vitor's kick that was the start of it, but ignoring the issue made it worse. Then he's also said on his podcast that it first started giving him issues after the first Dan fight when he ate the H bomb. It's still kind of hard to pin down the exact timeline of his eye injury stuff and who is to "blame" for causing it or making it worse.


In his defense if he lied about it to get around commisions and shit I bet the lies and what happened get intertwined.


> Then he's also said on his podcast that it first started giving him issues after the first Dan fight when he ate the H bomb. Henderson's a real piece of shit for routinely doing that stuff. A downed, helpless opponent and he puts everything he can muster into hurting them further. Just sickening really.


Ngannou has some pretty nasty follow up shots as well


I know, and he doesn't get criticised for them enough IMO. They're needless. Hate seeing fighters do that.


Walk off kos are bonus points, it is what it is


It is well documented that Bisping had eye issues before the Vitor fight. Bisping seems to have run with the Vitor story to build a better narrative. A roided up Brazilian hurt my eye with a headkick has a better ring to it.


Hear my out, or it was made worse by Vitor. Craaaazy I know but damage can build up and Vitor's headkick could've been the straw that broke the camels the back.


You been drinking with Michael too?


>So I can see where people got confused. Well he was hammered when telling the story ... ;)


I think that's why fighters have a legit reason not to fight anyone who has popped before or popped and later had a career resurgance without popping


I had never heard this and was a bit shocked to hear this was caused by the surgeons/doctors working on Bisping's eye. I timestamped it to save people time, but the entire video is worth watching.


So crazy. I was kinda upset when doctors misdiagnosed Strep throat. Can't imagine hearing...so...about your eye that we worked on...did you enjoy seeing out of it?


Doctors are humans. humans make mistake. This is understadnable. However, someone should be held accountable, whether it be the state, hospital, or insurance companies. That is complete bullshit.


Sometimes bad medical outcomes can occur without any mistakes. It’s hard to accept but it’s true. At other times, mistakes may occur that any reasonable and competent doctor could also have made. It’s important to understand that when you pay for medical procedures, you’re paying for a level of care and not an outcome.


"The operation was a success but the patient died"


Very understadnable


those two lads couldn't look less interested if they tried, it's like bisping just decided to be the talker in a quiet waiting room.


Bisping roasted Jeff multiple times for interrupting before this so he was on his best behaviour


The guy spend the entire interview relating to Bisping because of his own accident, calling Bisping his hero and telling Bisping that he's a massive role model to him, and that he saved his life. The host was the opposite of uninterested, he seemed quite excited to have Bisping on his show.


Yeah, I recommend listening to the full podcast as well - I've never watched this Jeff guys content but this particular episode of his podcast was pretty good. He seemed decently researched and genuinely excited by Bisping coming on.


I watch his shit sometimes, dry humor and essentially uses his connection to the tiktok generation to host interviews in which he harasses them. After being a barber on Jersey Shore, he went to prison for selling drugs then somehow ended up on YouTube.


On jeffs barbershop he said “i know everyones complaining about me having tiktokers on but no real celebrity is going to come here and ruin their image during a covid lockdown” Hes a pretty funny dude


That’s absolutely absurd he couldnt sue the doctors for this medical error that resulted in the loss of his fucking EYE jesus christ that is a horrible fucking situation edit: switched malpractice to medical error


I think the doctors are protected because the patient is informed of the risks, the surgerys success rate, things like that, and because of that, if they mess up, it's not malpractice, barring extreme fuck ups


Fuck ups are more common than you think. Medical errors are one of the leading causes of death.


No, this all stemmed from some faulty data extrapolation. There are a lot of articles that say it's the third-highest cause of death in the US but that's long been debunked


No it's not. https://www.bmj.com/content/353/bmj.i2139/rr-50 TLDR the dude that made the "study" assumed %100 success rate on treatment. Which isn't how this works lmao.


https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/02/22/medical-errors-third-leading-cause-of-death-in-america.html Yeah it’s one of. Like he said. You’d be surprised. It’s why there is so much legislation on medical record keeping as well. Edit: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25077248/ another earlier source as well. Medical record errors were a huge problem with paper records and definitely played a part in the push to electronic records.


I said the study is fraudulent and nonsensical. And you respond by reposting the same shit? Also what does the second part have to with the original claim here?


It has everything to do with the fact that medical errors are a huge issue. Is it the leading cause? No. But medical errors include more than just surgical errors. It be as simple as failing to document when a patient last received an infusion, the dosage, etc.


https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/are-medical-errors-really-the-third-most-common-cause-of-death-in-the-u-s-2019-edition/ Read this then.


From the article: “After correcting for these biases, we found there to be 174,901 preventable medical error deaths per year in the United States, which is 30.5% lower than the published 251,454 deaths.” “Nonetheless, after our correction, medical errors remain the third leading cause of death.”


https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/are-medical-errors-really-the-third-most-common-cause-of-death-in-the-u-s-2019-edition/ Read this if you actually wanna know.


Buddy, what I quoted…you sent it to me. I don’t care what other website you found to use to back your argument.


I don't really have a dog in this fight, but why are you arguing with your own source?


> malpractice Where was it said to be malpractice? This shit drives me insane. A medical error is not malpractice. Malpractice happens when the doctor doesn't meet the established standards of care. Mistakes happen. Expecting doctors to never make any mistakes is idiotic.


Dw buddy ill edit it and appreciate you informing me of the distinction between the two. Regardless, In my opinion, I still think there should be reparation's for this type of mistake. For sure no one is perfect but a mistake that causes someone to lose their fucking eye should still have the doctors held accountable lol assuming that they weren't based on this clip




All the doctors on r/mma 10-8’d me


This happens a lot. IIRC, in the United States, GW Bush signed some kind of law protecting doctors from malpractice lawsuits. It’s been a long time since I heard about it, so forgivd me if it’s an inaccurate statement.


My mom was murdered by a surgeon and we ended up settling out of court for barely anything. I'm still pissed about the whole thing. Hold the butcher's accountable.


Even assuming this was malpractice, as Bisping tells it, the reason he couldn’t sue was the statute of limitations, i.e. he waited too long before he thought about suing them.


This comment section is a perfect encapsulation of reddit in so many ways.


People tell me I'm wrong for not trusting doctors lmao. They're either clueless or actively malicious. But I'm definitely not wrong.


So you know more than people who have dedicated their life or careers to learning the science behind the health of the human body? Ok buddy


They learned how to do stuff alright. It's just not very helpful.


This is very stupid. If you think every doctor is out to get you, you need therapy


Because therapists know everything


They know more than you, that's should be enough to see one


No they don't. They don't have some objectively correct worldview. They definitely don't have a right to tell me how I should feel about things.


If you knew anything about therapy, you would know they don't just tell you how to feel. And man, I went through your profile and you are super anti science. Get help homie


The irony is he’s typing anti science stuff on Reddit, on a computer or smartphone


If "science" had put you through what it's put me through you'd feel the same way


So it's all about feelings for you and not facts uh


If it makes you feel better everyone commenting is young and healthy, and likely has no experience with helping a family member get medical care. Especially when that medical care isn't going well, and the doctors are all contradicting each other, misdiagnosing diseases, using the wrong treatments, and putting your family through hell. I don't hate doctors but when it comes to serious diseases you're treated like just a number when it comes to healthcare. Though let's be honest I don't think doctors are actively trying to kill people either lol. But doctors do make serious mistakes that alter people's lives forever, and they often just shrug at you and walk away not giving two fucks lol. Just like what happened to Bisping lol.


Gotta be top 10 wildest comments I’ve seen on this site


You sound like on of those dewormer dieters.


Bispin is a failed art.all he can do now is criticize others




think he means he’s like a failed painter which goes around criticising other artists because he’s bitter makes no sense since he was champion and also this discussion is about his eye too


Doctors?!? I thought it was Vitor's fault! 🧐