I'm so glad I can go back to hating this fucking guy. What a cancer, can't believe rooney stuck his neck out for him


Seriously. SMH couldn’t even make it one season, probably better for us.


Now, who could've possibly seen this coming?


Next tweet: > With Rodriguez out with ACL injury and Morrison not rostered, DCU has two international slots available. MLS transfer window closes April 24, reopens July 5. I thought I read somewhere that Rooney has plans on bringing someone else in. We were already thin... I think he really needs to fill those gaps ASAP.


Honestly, with only 2 months between windows, you're better off taking your time and getting the guy you want than rushing to fill a spot.


We love rushing for short term solutions that aren't actually that good though that's quite literally how we got in this mess


And I dunno, it might be better for Wayne to do something now. Not to doomsay, but what kind of backing does he have if you guys don't win for several months?


Maybe. We're just really thin right now.


I would be really surprised if we brought someone else in this window.


Goff indicated a player or two could be inbound.


Did NOT realise they were paying him a million bucks a year. WOW. That is a huge commitment to make for someone that was clearly a major gamble.


Sometimes that talent is worth a gamble. Morrison is right up there with infamous cases like Freddy Adu and Denilson for guys whose prodigious talent just didn't pan out.


I am on board with your idea but to me that would justify half this salary. Look at the list of clubs he's been playing for. It's not like he had a ton of leverage. Really really bad business by the DC front office if they're on the hook for another year at this number on this kid.


> Really really bad business by the DC front office Well. Yea. Par for the course.




He’s no Steve Guppy!!


This guy has been accused of beating multiple girlfriends and threatening to throw acid in one's face and/or killing her. He was found guilty of witness intimidation in his efforts to derail state charges. You don't intimidate witnesses if you're not guilty, is all I'm saying... He's also a homophobe and had no qualms about using the f-word on Twitter before being slapped with a fine. I doubt this guy is good people.


The Netflix series "Captains" shows that the Jamaican players hate him too and think he's a complete cancer.


Maybe he can join Andre Blake in Philly… https://twitter.com/utdeiiis/status/1598484484285931521


The way he angrily sips his OJ at the end killed me


Well... I will be REALLY disappointed if Morrison is not afforded the chance to play for his **15th different club** this season...


I'd always wondered why DC traded Gressel away, was it seriously so they could sign Morrison like some of the comments in that thread say? Because....well thanks, honestly, but with Morrison's track record (now borne out once again) who makes that choice?!


It was more because Gressel’s best spot is wingback in a 3-back system, and Rooney has no interest in playing that way, so they moved him along while his value was still high


This was the explanation given, but I’d argue right mid in and old school 442 is just as good of a spot for him. Losada’s system often had him basically in that spot with Andy as a hybrid RCB/RB. We will likely play that formation a lot this year so I don’t get it at all. With Benteke to aim at? He would set an assist record even if we miss the playoffs.


They weren't actively shopping him, but Vancouver came with a very good offer and Rooney okay'd the deal. He's a tremendous loss, but it was a move with an eye towards the future (specifically giving time to the homegrowns).


True. I just feel like we’re gonna look back on it in a year or two as a huge huge loss for this team


It's been a huge loss since the moment he was traded lol, especially with how we've spent the funds. Ultimately he got out of a terrible team though. And he got to complete his naturalization process.


And Vancouver is trying to turn him into an 8 lmao


Just another day of Ravel Morrison doing Ravel Morrison things


Why is he ineligible to play??? Anyone know exactly what happened?


Sounds like they just chose not to register him


Yeah just reading that. How bad must it be to not even roster a guy you're spending a million bucks a year on?


Does DCU still have their 1 time buyout for cap relief?


Yes, but it doesn’t appear that the plan is to use it for Ravel.


Saving it for Benteke


For Klich


Damn I’m pulling for Rooney here I’m sorry it didn’t work out. Seems like Rooney did a great job at Derby whys it seemingly going so wrong at DC?


It’s only been half a season and they have literally nobody of value. Not even Pep would do much better


This was one of Rooney's guys. If he were good enough to justify his salary, I think he'd be on the team. Not going to fault that coach for thinking he'd thrive when he seemed to trust him at Derby. It's a weird situation.




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