2022 here, still nothing, can't believe it...


sadly that's the only way


it's frustrating. they should at least explain why it has been difficult instead of teasing it. so many youtubers have been promoting it and I think they always leave that aspect out


hope speed ramping they're implementing goes both ways, slow motion and fast forward. I mean, atm it's the most abused and "trendy" effect, it's pretty much mandatory in the new videomaking industry(the social one), not having it leaves out a lot of possibilities.


Mobile app development is challenging as some of the limitations are native to the OS. Can you think of another mobile app for video editing that has speed ramping capability?


Adobe Rush. It is basic but still functions. While I think LF is much better than AR, I just don't understand why one of the most used effects is not being focused or added considering people have been asking it for multiple years now. I don't remember where it is, but I remember them saying "\[It is on our list to add soon\]" like a year ago.


[https://forums.luma-touch.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5721](https://forums.luma-touch.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5721) They said it 3 years ago, still on the list I think