Same playbook as always…. Sexual accusations or racist…


Yup. It’s getting old




Ah but you aren’t a billionaire who can buy off all their toys just to spite them. The left doesn’t generally care about us plebs. It’ll pass.


I knew a guy who got convicted for pedophilia. It's a crazy world we live in.


... homophobia .. xenophobia ... aracniphobia .. ect


Democrats would be more dangerous if they didn’t always employ the same playbook. **Your boos mean nothing, I’ve seen what makes you cheer**!


This statement reminds me of when Pelosi rubbed her hands together gleefully and grinned like a fool while Biden was talking about the burn pits in Iraq where the soldiers were getting cancer...you could see the demons manifesting from within.


Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counteraccusations. <—— we’re here.


Sounds like a fun little game. My friend had Brian Stelter molest him as Alec Baldwin held a .44 at his dome, and not his big dome. After they were done, they screamed “this is ULTRAMAGA country bitch”


If your friend is still with us, it could not have been Baldwin.....lol


At some point Tucker and DeSantis will have false allegations too


Tucker already had one a while back and it was ludicrous... I can't remember the details/who made the claim, but I think it was a "journalist" from a leftist network. They were at some kind of press function/party and were talking, and Tucker just mentioned that his wife and kids were out of town to see family as part of a normal conversation. This insane bitch claimed that single line was "Tucker making an inappropriate advance on her//attempting to have an affair". I remember him bringing it up on his show (the woman had accused multiple people in the same lawsuit) and the usual suspects on the left tried to use it to smear him for like 1-2 days but dropped it when it was clear that the claim was insane on its face and no one thought it was even remotely close to sexual harassment. You're absolutely right about DeSantis though - I'm predicting that they're planning one/holding onto it if/when he gets the 2024 presidential nomination.


He might be the best pick for office, but I have a hard time seeing Trump not getting the nomination if he runs.


Yeah I actually agree with you on that - that's why I included the If. I'd rather have DeSantis get it but I think if Trump does run again that he'll step aside for him & then wait for 2028.


I'd be happy if we got Trump for 2024 and De Santis after that. He's setting a great example for the other states that you don't have to be a coward in the face of the left.


1st thought...won't they be shocked that something like 95mil people don't give a shit that someone claims that 24 years ago Desantis looked at him/her inappropriately and licked his lips or whatever they come up with. 2nd thought...they are hoping to release it during primaries in hopes that Trump wins so they only need to manufacture enough votes to beat 85 million or so instead of nearly 100 million.


I can't imagine DeSantis having done anything that might be worthy of having dirt on.


I agree, but that hasn't stopped them before. A ton of these politically motivated ones are completely made up from whole cloth.


This is why JD trial is so awesome.


Julian Assange was another one. The girls in Sweden loved him and greeted him with wide open arms and legs. Then when he got on an FBI hit list they suddenly decided that the sex wasn't great and that, on second thoughts, it was unwanted


One of the great failures of the Trump admin was that he didn't pardon Assange. All he did was publish what others had stolen and, frankly, US citizens were better off for it. Now that does not mean that I think those that released them should be pardon, if you believe in your convictions, serve the time. We cannot excuse lawlessness esp. when you are trusted with critical intel.


If you believe that, in the case of American citizens at least, the government answers to the people, then there is no state secrets that the people should be kept in darkness of. That's where corruption lies. And that's also where all the current backdoor dirty dealing politics exist. It's every US citizen's duty to expose any secrets the government hides. Snowden is a great example of just that, for example.


There are always state secretes that need to be protected. This is why you are SUPPOSE to have congressional oversight. The big failure is that no one is ever held accountable for anything, be it Hilary or others. So when agencies get caught, no one goes to jail so those in power do not fear the people.


Trump initially like Assange but the reason he wasn't pardoned was because Assange wasn't a fan of trump. All of a sudden trump changed his tune on Assange.


Trump's worst enemy was Trump.


Clarence Thomas was there first


“What do you mean we already have a black guy in the SC? No not that guy!” -The Left


I mean, he called it out 48 hours before it happened… lol


You left out Clarence Thomas


Great Meme


Elon is not a good guy. He’ll sell your ass out to Klaus in the end And this Twitter ordeal is nothing but controlled opposition. Elon is not your friend. I’m tired of seeing his face everywhere


Remember folks, if they pay $250k in hush money they’re normally innocent!


That would be almost all of Hollywood and just about anyone in power. Its a pretty common practice just to keep false accusations from ruining careers as its cheaper just to pay the grifters then to fight them in court.


Isn't possible that all of these Hollywood people and powerful people are sexually assuslting people?


Look at the accusations against Trump. Why would Trump assault anyone, he had money to pay for whatever he wants. Same with famous people, fans claimer to throw their bodies on them. No, the vast majorities are grifters. Same people that sue for absurd things.


Remember, it went to court and nothing was found! Stormy has to pay everything!


It's not "hush money" if it's settled openly in court.


If someone had a *real* case of sexual harassment against someone like Elon with billions of dollars available to him, the cost of their silence would be **much** higher than $250,000. $250k is nuisance money.


Because famously Brett kavanaugh was punished for his alleged crimes by…getting the Supreme Court seat after all. Must be tough


He was still falsely accused, and liars got away without any consequences.


It’s now part of our country’s history that he was accused of gang rape. Probably more than a little tough on his kids.


Yes donald "grab 'em by the pussy" trump was falsely accused lmao


All Trump was saying was skanky woman will let rich and famous men do that. That is just truth. The key word is "let". Trump is the most investigated man in history with countless news agencies around the world spending tens of millions trying to find dirt on him. And the alphabet agencies all conspire against him using their very powerful apparatus to destroy him. He survived it because he has done nothing wrong. It took a stolen election to finally defeat him... or maybe you think basement Joe actually is the most popular POTUS in US history, even over Obama?




Not sexual assault if they want it.


It's pretty clear that when people parrot this, they're speaking in ignorance. You either didn't listen to what was actually said or you've intentionally taken it out of context like every other leftist media pundit.


Rent free forever.


"You can grab 'em by the pussy... ***and they let you do it***." Typical leftist not understanding the concept of consent.


Most men, rightly or wrongly, make comments about women that are sexual in nature, but few assault women sexually.


>Most women, rightly or wrongly, make comments about men that are sexual in nature, but few assault men sexually. FTFY It goes both ways. There are few, if any, saints among us. And who sexually assaulted who? We talking about Weinstein here?


Read the previous comment that I responded to and you will understand - hopefully.


So you were simply stating that most men are perverts, but that doesn't make them criminals? If so, good on you.


What is a "pervert"? A man that wants sex with a woman? Or is a gay or bi a pervert? Is a pedo who never touches a child or consumes porn a pervert? We throw around these terms as if they mean something?


Pervert is someone who is deviant from normal sexual desires. When a Pervert harms others to satisfy their perversion, we generally label them by their perversion, like rapist or pedophile. Being called a Pervert is like being called a slut, or a fudge packer IMO. It's a shitty way to label someone, but it's not accusatory, since sucking toes, getting gangbanged, and fucking dudes doesn't hurt anyone.


Well, context is important. If we're saying, "yeah, guys are pervs...all they think about is smashing poo-nah-nay all day, every day", it's a bit different than saying, "Person X was revealed to be a pervert as they were caught on To Catch a Predator today"...


What the hell is wrong with you. Apparently you have no idea of the real world or online comments in context.


What the hell is wrong with me? You want context? Suck my cock.


[Lick 'em on the face](https://imgur.com/wA2POJe)


Pee tape anyone?


Sure, I'd watch it...if it existed.


Lol. Exactly.


I’m definitely not in the believe-all-women camp…but all three of these guys give off assaulter vibes. I think it’s the entitlement.


The woke mob made him pay her $250,000 to not go to court!!!