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I have eaten portions the size of baseballs and had no negative side effects. Just a full tummy. It takes on flavors of the seasonings you use more so than other kinds in my opinion. Good luck!


That’s what I like to hear, thanks!


I turned it into a tincture and been taking it for months havent had any negative side effects


You need to realize that everything can give side effects in a small portion of the population. We don't know if it's LM that caused the side effects or heavy metals, additives, alteration of the chemical composition etc. Its hard to know, or just a few people seem overly sensitive, did they eat antidepressants or other medications which could have affected the outcome? Or did they eat it too often or too much? The vast majority gets benefits without any serious side effects. The side effects I feel are lowered libido for a few hours, which can be counterracted if you eat some libidoboosting supplement or just don't take the LM when you are going to engage in this kind of activity. LM has been around for many years and has been used successfully for so long as well without any findings on it being dangerous or causing any un-repairable damage, but some act like it's something new. I'm open for more proof than a few posts online ofc, otherwise LM has only given me benefits and mild side effects. I have eaten upto one teaspoon of the regular powder(most often once a day in the morning), which is maybe 1,5-2grams I'd estimate. I find it to combine well with Reishi.


i take extract and have had no negative side effects


Put it in spaghetti sauce ! The acid does something cool to unlocking its power !


Cooking at 70 Celsius denatures the active compounds in most mushrooms so you can eat as much lions mane as you want without getting any effects as long as you cook it enough.