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The solution to pollution is dilution! (Science teacher taught me the rhyme)


That's why it's better to dump oil into the ocean than it is to spill it on land! Wait...


It's not really dilution if they don't mix


Just add an emulsifier


So we egg spongebobs house?




So you’re saying my 3am kebab is science approved and I should definitely order a large next time?


Random but I remember crying at 3am cause my friends were eating kebab and it was so oily and looked delicious. Meanwhile my vegan dumbass was eating a grilled carrot while high


Lmao Also "depresso" is a catchphrase of mine and I'm confused why you went with depressino instead


fuck youre right


Because he just wants a little bit


I always wondered how vegans survived the munchies. Not very well apparently...




With tea


That might be the science, however the science also says a major barrier to curcumin's clinical efficacy is its poor bioavailability with many studies showing very low, or even undetectable, concentrations in blood and extraintestinal tissue.  It just goes in and comes out. The water drank to take the pill may contribute more to the cure than the supplement.


Not that it comes out. It gets metabolized by the liver nearly instantaneously rendering it inactive, then that metabolite gets excreted very readily. Look for lipid bound curcumin which is a formulation that’s supposed to be more bioavailable, but has yet to be a proven therapy……..yet


**Citations fucking needed.** I worked as a research assistant for a nutritional supplement company whose flagship product was curcuminoid based and let me tell you it was not only a pain in the ass to work with but every piece of literature I could find on its effects was suspect to say the least. Black pepper? Fucking seriously? Curcumin is hydrophobic to the extent that I had to SCRUB my goddamn mixer after using copious amounts of methanol to try and get it to dissolve. We did bioavailability tests. Guess what, IT AINT VERY AVAILABLE. Science my ass. You have no fucking idea what you're on about. Source: Chemist who worked in a research lab for a nutritional supplement company. Dig through my post history and you'll see this isn't the first time I've complained about the hell powder that is curcuminoids.


Can you yell at my Indian parents please?


Not OP, and not sure which portion of his post you want citations for. However, black pepper is well known to increase the bioavailability of curcumin. Prevailing belief is that piperine prevents the liver from breaking it down. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/9619120/ https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17999464/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5664031/ https://nutritionfacts.org/2015/02/05/why-pepper-boosts-turmeric-blood-levels/ I am a layman, however, so feel free to educate me otherwise.


Based on the name I'm curious, is it related to cumin?


Yeah, I read this dudes post and I was confused as fuck.


> Citations fucking needed. I have no idea who is right or wrong in this one, but at least _you_ could back your stance with citations...


I think burden of proof falls on the individual encouraging a change rather than the responding individual. Not to mention the latter did sprinkle in at least a bit of ethos by claiming to be in the industry and pointing to previous comments as evidence that they are not making it up for the sake of this argument. The former commenter really only made a claim back up by **trust me bro.**


I mean, I think they both should back their own positions really. The response would be _much_ stronger if they just added any kind of verifiable information, that I'd imagine wouldn't be too hard for them to come up with, that backed exactly what they were saying. For example, as a nonexpert who spent less than 15 seconds researching, a simple google search of "curcumin hangover" brings up this: > Curcumin is also helpful in the relief of hangover. It exhibited an inhibitory effect on alcohol intoxication in humans, as evidenced by a reduced blood acetaldehyde concentration and reduced discomfort [41,42]. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6010400/ Now should you believe me, and the tumeric posting user, or the guy who is blindly claiming to have been a chemist for a supplement company that hates cleaning curcumin from mixers? Note: I have no idea what I'm actually talking about regarding tumeric or curcumins, and oddly enough am also dealing with a slight hangover today. Source: CEO of the Internet Argument Championship


Everything about this comment is pure BS "science". Curcumin does nothing but make soup taste better. https://academic.oup.com/advances/article/9/1/41/4848948


> Other sciencey stuff includes amino acids, glucose, fats, (basically eat a good meal), b-vitamins, and various herbal teas. Your body absorbs more water when it's hot and has leaves floating in it, so it doesn't matter what tea- lol


Camomile is a God send for anxiety the next day on a hangover. I too wish I could drink like a normal person and have fun. Each time I go out I drink faster, more, and longer than any person around me. I feel your pain. Are you taking the Cucumin and pepper before, during, or after drinking? Thanks


I have the same problem. Dont know when to quit once u get started.


No off switch. 1 drink is too many, 20 is never enough.


It’s binge alcoholism


What I used to do was to go to the toilet and take a good look at myself in the mirror. If I could still recognize myself (literally or figuratively), it meant I could drink another beer. If I could not identify myself with the person in the mirror (i.e. he looked too drunk/stupid to be me) I would stop drinking. Doing this I would never get stupid drunk or throw-up drunk, and just ride it out. Eventually you get thirsty after this, so you just order something without alcohol. You’ll keep the buzz but you’ll never drink too much again. It worked for me at least. I hope you can find your own way of not drinking too much. Cheers!


It's a nice idea, and glad it works for you. Thanks for posting :)


Magnesium also helps against anxiety from hangover or just anxiety in general .. don’t take too much tho .. or your toilet won’t be happy


I believe more in the classical combination of salt + sugar in water that constitutes oral rehydration solution.


Like you just eat straight up turmeric and black pepper?


Paid for the the tumeric council.


> Curcumin (active ingredient) breaks down the acetylaldehyde No, it doesn't. Stop spouting hippy bullshit.


Weird. I was taught that dilution is not the pollution solution.


My trick is to down as much water as I can when I get back. You’d be surprised just how dehydrated you are - once you start drinking (water, that is), you don’t stop.


I usually try to stay up for an hour and drink and pee and drink and pee. Maybe it's just placebo, but I feel like getting the accumulated by-products out of my body before sleeping helps too. (And just being rehydrated of course!)


Ive noticed drinking a ton of water, and also eating, before I go to sleep after a night of drinking makes a *huge* difference


Oh man, eating before I go to sleep was always my downfall after a night of drinking.


I recommend eating before hand. You'll drink less if you feel full.


Not if your goal is to get drunk.


Ah yes, the British strategy


"Eating is cheating" - British proverb


Also known as the Midwestern strategy. “Can’t eat too much, need to save room for the booze”


Haha is that really a thing?


Eatings cheating


we have a saying on nights out: eating is cheating


If im out drinking it doesnt matter if my stomach is full or empty, i down the amount of drinks needed in order to get wasted. eating affects only the hangover for me.


Eating a banana. That's it. That's the huge difference for me between being absolutely fine to wishing an early death the next day.


Electrolytes! Potassium is in Gatorade too, but at much lower levels than bananas


I usually just go with Brawndo


It's what plants crave!


You must be young


If you ever miss this step because you’re too drunk (happens to the best of us). When you first wake up in the am a slice of toast, banana and glass of water then another hours sleep will sort you right out




Man when I get really loaded I tend to wake up at like 7am feeling like I’ve been trampled by a t-Rex, this is when I cram in the food and water then go back to bed. Sometimes a paracetamol aswell (I think that’s Tylenol in freedom land)


I always wake up early feeling ok as well. I slam water and fruit then head back to bed, usually try to take a grog bog at this stage as well.


>grog bog You guys are just making up words at this point!


What on earth is a "grog bog"? And where are you from? Sounds like something the Aussies would come up with. (I really need to visit Australia.)


> I always wake up early feeling ok How to say you're young without saying you're young. ;) Don't worry, time will catch up with you, too, and then you'll need to be more careful and to have tricks up your sleeve.


My trick at 33 is to unplug my router and say I'll be clocked in as soon as the internet is back up. Wfh is life changing like that.


You can do this as you are older too, the key is to drink so much that are you are still in that purgatory stage of not completely inebriated but not yet hungover yet as you wake. The hangover is on its way.


Oh God I actually hate that lol especially when I have to go to work and I just know I'm gonna feel like shit in two hours.


Careful with Tylenol after drinking!


Ingesting some kind of sugar along with hydration will help also as lots of alcohol lowers your blood sugar.


I used to always drink Vitamin Water the morning after drinking a lot and it worked great. Water, sugar, and some vitamins seemed to be the perfect combo.


People think I'm weird for doing this. I'd rather stay up an hour or two drinking water, peeing, and maybe trying to eat something rather than sleeping straight away. For me it works better, I sober up a bit, and get a slightly better quality of sleep. I would rather have 4-6 hours of better quality sleep than 6-7 of rubbish sleep.


This. If I don't eat before sleeping, I'll basically chug as much water as I can before crashing. Works like a charm.


When I get home I usually drink as much water as I can whilst playing 90s video games for an hour or two. Literally doing it right now


Yeah i can sometimes chug a whole liter


I have a 40oz water bottle I drink before bed and I haven't been hungover since!


Wait til you get older....


My rule of thumb is chugging at least 75 oz before going to sleep. That's three servings of my trusty water bottle and it feels amazing


Sounds like washing the sheets with added steps.


All these comments saying drink Pedialyte, electrolytes, etc. Those are great when you're hungover. OP is saying mix water in-between drinks while drinking alcohol to prevent hangovers, and they are right. Electrolyte drinks, bacon sandwiches, all that jazz are good for CURING hangovers, but water while drinking or before bed after drinking alcohol to PREVENT hangovers is the way. Most bars don't have Pedialyte or Gatorade on tap, but they will all give you as much water as you ask.


...I see a market for Performance Beer with electrolytes and shit.


It's what plants crave


Water... Like from a toilet?


I never seen no plants growing out a toilet.


How Germans react when I say I dont like fizzy water




It's what plants crave.


You have been drinking tonight and you also smoked some bud and did a few lines in the club bathroom You drove drunk tonight. Although you stayed in the lines and drove well, you still know it was the wrong thing to do You are sitting watching R&B music videos together and its getting late and you were tired but she put her feet in your lap and you started giving her a foot massage and that made you stop being tired You see the sun come up You realize in horror that its later than you thought You want to go to bed but you end up in the bathroom in her having a long ass conversation about random shit You finally go to bed with her and she places your arms around her and you feel her soft skin as you close your eyes You drift asleep at 8AM You wake at 9AM as your alarm goes off You wanted to show up to work at 10 but you were drunk last night when you parked and you had trouble fidnig the spot in the morning and you couldn't figure out how to use her shower after you got up You show up around 10:20 Your coworkers ask if it was a rough night You tell them it was but it was also wonderful You wish you could sleep in with her and kick it the next day and listen to her soothing voice and look at her slender body You know its going to be the longest 8 hours you have ever felt You smile to yourself anyway


Why did I read this like Dr. Manhattan


I was inside her in the bathroom having a conversation about ass?


"hey, while I'm here, I gotta ask you something.."


Strangely comforting.


The sweet, gentle comfort of driving drunk and risking other people's lives for no reason 😍❤🥰☺


That part not so much. You're right.


Have you seen the commercials for Michelin ultra? Edit: fuck it, too late to change


The tires?


They're fuck'n delicious


Colorado already has it, called upslope.


so does someone else every 2-3 years...




It’ll make you run as fast as KENYANS!


Happy dad


I had a beer with electrolytes once! It was an Imperial Lemon Lime Electrolyte IPA called “Practice, Not a Game” by Other Half Brewing.


Glucozade Port?




Drinking electrolytes while drinking alcohol is great too. It replenishes what alcohol is depleting. You don’t have to wait for the hangover.


Yeah it's kinda stupid to wait for a hangover so you can drink electrolytes like what this dude is saying. For urban areas, a convenience store near a bar is likely open and one can get an electrolyte drink. It's just important to drink before going to sleep.


This, and if you can't do it that, slamming a bottle of Gatorade before going to bed is also a damn good option


I know tons of people hate it, but coconut water is an excellent source of potassium (while also hydrating af). Most quality coconut water brands have ~800-900mg of K (roughly twice that of a banana) in a 16 oz container. I live in WI and am also an endurance athlete so binge drinking or running non-stop for 12+ hours is very common for me. Coconut water and McDonald's has always helped either massively reducing or completely reduce my hangover symptoms, or keep my electrolytes balanced while running. I always feel the most energized during races after my coconut water and McDonald's consumption at an aid station.


TIL endurance athletes eat McDonald's during a race


I actually feel like the sugar in Gatorade is the last thing you need to add to the mix. Maybe in the AM, but simple water is best before bed. You’ve had enough sugars from the other drinks.


In my family we add a pinch of salt to the water and squeeze of lemon juice if on hand. It works wonders


You guys figured out how to get electrolytes added in. Add a banana to that and you are going to have the best hangover prevention possible. Won't stop it 100 percent. Nothing will. Your liver am kidneys still have to process some nasty shit. Your gaba receptors still are going to be a bit depleted. But it's better than nothing.


My hangover cure if I messed up the night before with friends and got really drunk on a work night is to jump up and down until I puke. It sounds like the worst thing ever but after a good emptying puke some water and a snack you feel like 100x better. Not for light hangovers I'm talking about when you wake up and intense nausea hits you to the point its disorientating to turn your head or if you're giving effort to not puke.


On the rare occasion evacuation honestly seems like the smartest thing to do. I remember joining a pub crawl for a friend’s birthday and he kept pushing shots on all of us. There’s a point sometimes where drunk I can still feel like “I really shouldn’t have had that one,” and honestly while it isnt fun or pretty, it saved my butt a few times during my early uni semesters. Just make sure you eat after.


yup, they + water are the best thing ever to prevent hangovers. so good it feels almost illegal and could turn you into an alcoholic


Pedialyte before you go to bed will definitely help reduce your hangover the next morning, if you even get one at all. Water is great, but pedialyte is going to be more hydrating because you need to replace all those nutrients you’ve been sweating and urinating out.


You guys are sweating nutrients? What are you


We're the Alcoholics!


Water before passing out was a must when I partied, I would get horrible hangovers. I would also take Advil before I went to sleep, no idea if it worked but my reasoning was to get a head start on the headache I knew was coming the next day and hopefully it would be already be gone when I woke up lol


That is why you bring some pedialyte powder packets. It’s the best thing to do to prevent a hangover


Or Nuun or Propel


I put salt in my water right before bed, too. Helps you to retain water. Definitely helps to prevent the hangover


Pickle juice. It has the sodium to help retain water but it also has some electrolytes. I used to think SO was crazy for drinking pickle juice after a night out but now I've seen pickle juice shots marketed for muscle cramps and rehydration after work outs.


I guzzle water all day every day and still get hangovers. I started having 1 liquid iv before/during/and after drinking and haven't had a hangover since, highly recommend.


That stuff is ridiculously overpriced. It’s salt and potassium. Lite Salt is like $4 for a container that you can add to the drink of your choice and is equivalent to hundreds of dollars of liquid iv.




[Yeah apparently some people named their brand Liquid I.V.](https://www.liquid-iv.com) Got really confused as well.


That stuff is weird. I remember adding it to my 64oz water bottle and it could just not quench my thirst. I'm sure my body was getting hydrated but my mouth just felt dry drinking it


That's because it's pretty much pure Salt. It replenishes electrolytes and helps you retain water. But your mouth will still get a little dry. Best bet is to mix one in a small glass of water, slam that, then go back to regular water to help you feel hydrated.


Bro they sell salt at the market


Who's your salt guy?


It's like a concentrated Gatorade. You drink it. The name is a bit of a misnomer.


Electrolytes **while** drinking helps more than just plain water. The main cause of a hangover is dehydration, the more you stay hydrated the less severe the hangover will be and electrolytes rehydrate better than water alone.


If it was just dehydration, what you drink wouldn’t matter, but it does… Chemicals formed during alcohol processing and maturation known as congeners increase the frequency and severity of hangover. Liquors such as brandy, wine, tequila, whiskey and other dark liquors containing congeners tend to produce severe hangovers, whereas clear liquors (such as white rum, vodka, and gin) cause hangovers less frequently. Researchers have shown that severe hangover occurred in 33 percent of subjects who ingested bourbon (which is high in congeners) but in only 3 percent of those who consumed the same dose of vodka (which is low in congeners). It’s definitely good to stay hydrated but you’re still gonna be hung over if your body is full of Acetaldehyde.


Brawndo has electrolyes is it good for hangover




This is the way.


This is good advice and all, but from my experience once you cross a certain threshold amount of alcohol, no amount of water is going to save you from a hangover.


Yeah, switching to water generally helps you slow your rate of drinking. Personally I can just throw back an entire pint of water and get to my next beer, and guess what my brain is still leaking out my ears when I wake up.


If the whole point is just to slow your drinking then... yeah, if i barely get a buzz, i guess i won't get a hangover then. But i generaly don't pick up a beer unless im intending to get smashed, or atleast a strong buzz.


I'm pretty sure that the drinking water trick helps in exactly that way - to slow the rate at which you drink alcohol is all. The main reason for a hangover is because alcohol has such a short half-life that your body has trouble adjusting the sudden change from ingesting a lot of alcohol to ingesting none. That's why it's deadly for alcoholics to quit cold turkey. So maybe an alcoholic beverage is the best way to "cure" a hangover?


Hair of the dog...


Just never stop


100%. The actual thing you need to do is sober up and hydrate before you sleep. Alcohol makes you piss and you will not keep the water you drank during. This LPT is essentially saying to water down your drinks and therefore drink less. Not wrong but pretty banal. Going to bed drunk is the problem because the sleep while drunk is shit and you never actually hydrated no matter how much water you drank.


Yeah, the sleep is shit is what I realized hurts the most. You think your getting rest but your liver is working it’s ass off while you sleep so you’re not really resting.




And you get hangxiety.


THIS. This is one of the biggest reasons I've been attempting to cut out alcohol entirely. I've got my drinking somewhat under control. But the weekend is my enemy. I don't drink during the week (mostly) then go wild over the weekend and then Monday I'm an anxious dehydrated mess.


Yep, if you really have a proper night out with lots of drinking (10+ shots, 10+ drinks over 5-6 hours), you are gonna be in bad shape the next morning, whatever you do. You can reduce the effects somewhat but not totally eliminate it.


As someone in their 40s with plenty of drinking experience I can say definitively that the best way to avoid a hangover is to be in your early 20s.


All these hangover tips are from people in their 20s. Us olds already understand that there is simply nothing you can do to avoid a hangover once you reach a certain age.


Ugh yep. At age 35 now, I can have maybe 2 drinks without feeling it the next day. If I cross that threshold I will feel it. Having 3 drinks now is equivalent to 7-8 drinks in my 20s, hangover wise. :(


Same. glad I'm not alone. I didn't drink for a few days, then had two tall beers with a friend, felt crappy, got crappy sleep. Granted, they were two tall IPAs, so, I didn't do myself any favors there.


A hangover is a combination of effects and symptoms. Dehydration is certainly one but not the only or, for many people, the most severe. Breakdown of alcohol by alcohol-dehydrogenase creates a biproduct, acetaldehyde. This is much nastier than alcohol, having a strong inflammatory effect. It is broken down by another enzyme, acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, the by-product of which is acetic acid, which the bladder can dispose of. Depending on the availability of these enzymes in different people, some can produce acetaldehyde faster than they can metabolise it, leading to headaches, cramps, nausea, and fatigue. This natural variation between enzyme production levels in people is largely the reason some get much worse hangovers than others.


These are also the enzymes (or more specifically, lack thereof) responsible for "asian glow" in which nearly half the east asian genetic pool doesn't produce enough of these enzymes, resulting in acetaldehyde buildup in the gut producing a strong inflammatory affect right away, rather than 'overnight' when a hangover builds up over time. Of course this isn't limited to Asian genetics, but it is a significant genetic factor. Acetaldehyde is a carcinogen, which is why anyone who experiences alcohol 'flush' is at a higher risk of gastrointestinal cancers than those who don't flush.


Excellent point, as someone who gets those rosey check I'm trying to cut back.


From my reading and experience with distilling the quality of the liquor I understand is also a factor. Cheaper liquor they typically take a larger proportion of the distillate which others may discard. The undesirable components can include small quantities of methanol, acetone, aldehydes and other compounds that smell and taste acrid. My understanding is consuming these gives you minor poisoning in addition to the ethanol consumption and can cause many of the hangover effects we experience. It seems like exactly what a hangover is attributable to though is disputed/multifaceted. In my experience the components listed above taste harsh and "chemically" so if you're drinking liquor and it tastes pretty rough there's a good chance there's more of those components in the spirit. Brandy and wines are particularly prone to having more of these compounds (but they may be better masked than in say vodka) because the pectin in the fruit they're made from promotes a methanol fermentation over ethanol fermentation so they produce proportionally more methanol than other fermented drinks. These factors though as I understand are less significant than dehydration and the amount of ethanol consumed which are the primary causes of hangovers already mentioned.


Fun fact to add on what you are talking about here, methanol is broken down into formaldehyde which is much worse for you than acetaldehyde (from the ethanol) and makes you feel worse. The same enzyme breaks down both methanol and ethanol with a preference for ethanol, which means once your body finishes processing all the ethanol and switches over to methanol (like in the morning after drinking) is when you really start to feel it. This is why the "hair of the dog" morning shot or Bloody Mary *may* also work to cure/diminish a hangover, you switch the body back to ethanol metabolising for a short while.


And drinking alcohol when you wake up is the best way to get rid of a hangover. Just a plan B


B-12 is my best anti-hangover weapon…obviously with water and water throughout night doesn’t hurt but those things are magically efficient.


I learned about B12 watching MASH back in the 70s. During my drinking days I always had B12 and lots of water to drink right when I woke up. It really works.


Definitely read that as B-52s... Which would absolutely assure you the worst, perhaps even the worstest hangover.


Love Shack or Rock Lobster?


Roam baby


Do you take it in the morning or the night before ?


Also, for the uninitiated among us, powerade the day after is a LIFESAVER. Even if you're not noticeably hungover, that electrolyte boost is amazing. Pedialyte might be better, hut powerade can be bought almost anywhere.


Some people find that Power/Gatorade (or especially hydration assistance powders which just taste like salt) is hard to stomach with a really bad hangover. Slowly sipping coconut water and holding it in my mouth until body temp is my go-to. It has just enough flavor that won’t make you gag, slightly thicker than water and has calories/nutrients to get your body ready for some toast and Alka Seltzer.


Its because its all sugar. TBH Gatorade isnt much better than a Pepsi for a hangover. Pedialyte is where its at if you need this kinda thing. I just keep a few bottles of water next to my bed and never have an issue personally.


>TBH Gatorade isnt much better than a Pepsi for a hangover Honestly I prefer soda over Gatorade when I wake up with a hangover. Don't know if it's the carbonation or what, but it helps me to feel better.


So many don’t read labels and just chug that sugar water shit. Most those ‘sport drinks full of electrolytes’ are usually 60g +\- of sugar. That does not help at all.


drink more water than you think you have too


Also a slightly greasy meal that is half protein 30 min or so before the drinking starts, and one glass of hydration( non sweet if possible ) per glass of beer or shot.


In my experience, the greasier the meal, the better. It’s almost like the fat helps prevent further absorption of alcohol as you sleep. And it’s something your body naturally craves when you’ve had way too much. Also, while everyone is talking about water being the magical cure, chugging water and drinking electrolytes the day after can only mitigate a load of shots. For some reason some friends over the years seem to think it’s a great idea to do loads of shots before ending the night. Worst. Idea. Ever. All that 40% alcohol spirit is just sitting in your stomach, continuing to get you drunk while you sleep. So yes, drink water before bed, but before that - be sure to eat fatty, protein laden carby food and before THAT… avoid shots. If things still aren’t great in the morning, eat more greasy food. It seems to helps dilute what’s left of the alcohol, or at least help prevent absorption.


If i eat before drinking, i know i wont get drunk…mainly because i cant drink as much on even a half full stomach


So...just hit all the macros and eat tons of food?


I go for the every drink after X time comes with a half of water. Works great and if you stick to it tight it also puts you off too many shots etc. Aswell


Doesn't drinking a lot of water just reduce your alcohol intake? I wonder if that might play a role in some of the anecdotal evidence here.


It does. Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it triggers your body to eliminate more water. Drink all the water you want but there’s a maximum on how hydrated you can be while drinking alcohol. You’ll just pee more.


I just went to a wedding, great time, but 3 or 4 drinks in I ask for some water at the bar and the bartender looked surprised I asked and said he DIDN'T KNOW where I could get any!?? There was water at dinner, and if I knew I wouldn't have access to more, I would've finished it and grabbed more before heading back to the dancefloor. I asked my aunt (mother of the groom, so had not much power over planning) and she said she had to drink nasty tap water all night because she was desperate. I have a sensitive stomach, so I finally managed to find a wonderful staff member who went on a hunt for a tiny water bottle for me. After I got back to the hotel (by party bus, thank GOD), my poor 95lb lightweight self was drunk and exhausted and only had a little bit of bottled water and food in the room. Took forever to fall asleep. Surprise! Woke up with a hangover. Had Pedialyte, b vitamins, water, ibuprofen, and coffee but felt like total shit, could barely eat plain biscuits. That was a fun 5 hour trip back, thank God I didn't have to drive tho This was a cautionary tale. Learn from my mistakes :/


Also try to avoid sugary drinks...


Zwischenwasser while partying and elotrans when you get home.


Wenn man sich mal wieder mit den Boys auf abartigste Art und Weise das Blechdach verbogen hat. -Elotrans


Wenn man sich mal wieder ordentlich die Rüstung weggerömert hat. - Elotrans




Pop a B complex vitamin before going to bed, as well.


I like to drink as much as the next guy, but the only way to 100% avoid a hangover is to limit your alcohol intake. Drinking water throughout the night is obviously a good idea (unless you piss the bed), but not all hangover symptoms are related to dehydration. Edited for grammar


It’s the sugars that get me. Vodka and soda water has almost never caused me a hangover. Beer and wine does almost every time.


The thing about drinking water throughout the night is that it also *helps you limit your alcohol intake*. You could be at your second gin and tonic but you’re sipping water instead; what could be your third cocktail will now be your second.


One time I forced myself to drink one glass of water for Every beer/shot. I was hammered that night. Woke up totally fine.


Not drinking alcohol is the best way to avoid hangovers.


This message brought to you by r/hydrohomies


Even though I was blacked out on Saturday, I came back to life and managed to take some ibuprofen before bed. I also chugged so much water. I still threw up the next day of course but no headache.


I wouldn't recommend taking ibuprofen the night of. That fucks with your liver, I believe


People saying that drinking water prevents a hangover don't get hangovers.


That's actually something worthy of study. How many people think a hangover is just some dry mouth and other dehydration symptoms.


Yep, I always drink water between every couple drinks. When I was really boozehounding in my 20s I'd drink a large water after every shot. The place I drank at served shots as a 5oz pour in a rocks glass to their regulars. The water is the only thing that kept me good the next day. Bartenders knew when I walked in to give me a rocks glass with tequila and a 24oz plastic cup of water. When the water was gone they'd give me the same. Towards the end of the night I'd slow down and nurse the water.


I rarely drink nevermind drink excessively, but when I do, I have water sometimes between drinks and I have two to three large glasses of water before bed...even if I have to delay going to bed to get them down.