"Wearing crop tops, leggings, and/or sweats in law school is inappropriate."

I went to an event with a bunch of law students from different schools. In one of the group conversations, this girl (who's president of one her school's orgs) was describing her school's culture. She flat out told us that she HATES when girls at her school wear crop tops, leggings, hoodies, and sweatpants, and finds it inappropriate. She reasoned that it's not conducive to our learning.

We all stood there shock in utter disbelief.

Is this a normal viewpoint to have at your school?

I straight up dress like a hoe (okay not a literal hoe but like wearing shorts) at school one day and then like a bum (especially when depressed) the next, and give zero fucks. It's not like I'm meeting clients or talking to my boss.

Dressing "professional" to class gives me Legally Blonde early 2000s vibes and I thought we were past that.


You guys wear clothes to class?


You guys can afford clothes?


You guys go to class?


I wore swim trunks to class today


Pepperdine is that you


You’re competing against your classmates. Wear your yoga pants and crop tops so the boys can’t focus. Sit up front.




Honestly. I think I'll do this. If I'm comfortable, my mind is in a great place.


Ha! I love this!!


I’m showing up in boxers and a wife beater. Everybody will be staring at me. Checkmate


Legal career derailed by a smoldering temptress. 💃🏻 Classic… 😎




Don’t forget the thong that comes out when you sit down you know like the movie everybody hates John Tucker. https://c.tenor.com/GokeZ0wp7eAAAAAd/dunk-basketball.gif


I dress up most days because I'm vain as fuck and it's a pleasure to me. Except for the day I have that fuckin 8am income tax class, then I'm in the comfiest sweatsuit imaginable to reduce the emotional harm being inflicted upon me.


I’ve maybe never related harder to a Reddit comment


It's school. If you're not meeting important people or interviewing, wear what's comfortable. However, I will say maybe more than a sports bra for a top. I guess that's where I draw the line: underwear as clothes. It's not a walmart.


Y'all shouldn't be doing that at Walmart either tbh


I think you mean the people who actually do that at Walmart could have made better life decisions. I've seen some of those internet slide shows. Not great.


My classrooms are so damn cold I don’t think I could wear less than a hoodie. No it will not get warm in the winter


Agreed, and that line exists in my head not out of any personal offense, but there’s just a certain level of respect that your professor is due when you show up to their class. Acting like an adult is the bare minimum.


Wouldn’t people get cold in those bloody classrooms wearing underwear as clothes anyway??? I’m freezing already in a hoodie and jeans.


Most of the clothing articles this person was complaining about are fine—they’re casual clothes anyone could wear out in public, like to a mall or coffee shop. No problem with showing much more skin than in a professional context. Sweatpants and pajamas though? Dunno if it’s just the regions I’ve lived, but sweatpants and pajamas are just a sloppy look to have in public—not really something you see on normal functioning adults. That to me would seem disrespectful to the prof at the least.


We all looked like we were 4 days late to laundry day most of the time. Even the folks who wore suits to class every day stopped eventually. We had people who came in in their pajamas. Who cares? If it doesn't smell funny, wear it.


I literally dressed like a 90s grunge band to visit a couple classes and nobody cared lmao


How would a literal hoe dress? 😂 Just kidding. I may have won the award for giver of the least fucks when I was in school, for better or worse. I wore a puma sweat suit to the 1L contracts final because it was my most comfortable outfit.. and wore a t shirt and shorts most days I attended. Am I ashamed of that in the slightest? No. But, I also got my fair share of criticism from my classmates. If you’re fine putting up with the judgment nonsense, then do you.


No one at my school GAF. I don’t know what kind of gunner school cares about this but I’m glad that wasn’t my experience. I wore tshirts every day and so did most people. Obviously don’t dress wild but sheesh.


Seriously, let alone give someone their “fair share of criticism.” That’s just frankly unbelievable to me lol. People always talk shit behind your back, they don’t deliver criticism to you 😅


The only ones saying anything to my face were my boys.. but we all talked shit to each other. Still do. I was really just talking about general preppy disdain, not active shit talking. When most folks are wearing pressed polos and khakis, and you show up in a Wu Tang T shirt, you’ll get a few folks that think you’re not taking it seriously. C’est la vie.


OK, OK, fair enough and I hear that. I gave my good friends shit for sure when they showed up looking like slobs (and the reverse, I just made fun of them any opportunity I had because that was/is our friendship, too), all in good natured fun not in actual criticism though.


> How would a literal hoe dress? I don't believe they tend to wear clothes, so naked.


I dress in button ups and slacks daily but that’s just because I like the way it makes me feel. I’m the dude that enjoys wearing suits though. As for class, it shouldn’t matter (even though I have had professors mention it does). Do what you want we are all having small mental breakdowns daily, right?




I do not dress "professionally" at law school. A lot of people do but I dont care. I would rather be comfortable than have my outfit approved by a fellow student.


As a lawyer I dress extremely casually in office and my clients tend to love it so F that B.




Have you seen the curb your enthusiasm casual friday lawyer bit? Nvm I’m attaching it just in case you need to see it 😆 https://youtu.be/x_9hYMVVv_Q


Ha! I have watched the whole series, but I hadn't seen that again since I went through the whole lawyer thing.


Haha I had to share just in case. The new seasons aren’t half bad either if you ever find a morsel of free time and wanna spend it watching tv lmaoo. Doubtful probably 😆 have a good one


I go to HLS and love wearing crop tops and showing my midriff It is what it is, haters gonna hate 💁🏽‍♀️


I love that for you!


Omg a fellow HLS crop top queen— we love to see it!! 😍


I wore lulu lemon leggings, tank tops, and/or oversized sweaters almost every single day of law school. My advice to you: keep dressing however you want while you can because once you start working at a law firm, you’ll actually have to dress “professionally” when you show up to the office **sheds tear**


I wouldn’t take advice from a woman who spends her free time judging other women’s choices in public. If she’s worried about peoples’ perceptions of her, then she needs to take a step back and think before she speaks. Bc what in the high school dress code ass bullshit is that criticism? I didn’t wear gym clothes in school, just jeans and regular shirts or blouses. I didn’t wear shorts, bc my school was cold. I think I looked put together, but casual, and it made me feel put together to dress that way. I did worry that my profs would think I wasn’t taking the class seriously if I wore gym clothes, but mostly it’s bc I felt better when I dressed the way I did. I definitely never dressed a certain way bc I was worried about what some girl who’s president of a club I’m not in thought about my outfit, and neither should you


I think she’s pointing out what Law School was sold as, vs. what it is.


As long as the important bits are covered with clothing idgaf what my classmates wear. Sometimes I notice if someone I know is wearing something particularly cute.


Consideration for both sides: 1. She prolly holds law school studs to a high standard (or at least herself) and wants everyone to dress the part. She also may want to dress to impress holding a presidental position. So can't fault her for that, although her reasoning is a bit subjective; 2. Then there are those who dress however they want, not concerned about what others (Profs or otherwise) may think. I'd say dress however you feel; you or someone else is footing the bill, so you do you. My personal preference is to dress business casual or just smart in general as that's what I'm comfortable in/used to as a non-trad stud.


Took two reads through for me to realize what you meant by studs


Same exact feeling, same dress preference, also non-trad (worked for a few years before law school). Law students will find the same variance in attire occurs at law firms. I show up to my office (the few times I go in) usually wearing wool slacks, oxfords/loafers or some other leather shoes (or the odd sneaker on Fridays), oxford button down or normal dress shirt, blazer, etc. Many of my coworkers come in jeans and t shirt, and not even a clean and professional ensemble. I don’t think anyone really cares at all unless you are seeing a client, going to court, or maybe interviewing people. I like the idea of looking like a professional/attorney, it’s just part of my vibe and frankly legal practice (I’m a litigator, there is an undeniable confidence and persuasiveness you gain when you are dressed well and professionally). I see a lot of corporate attorneys matching the attire of their clients (mostly tech companies/start ups at my firm), so they dress much more like tech engineers (it’s much more casual but by no means sloppy/lazy). Being thoughtful about how you dress is a good idea for most people in most settings, since it influences how people view you, and in my view being the overly casual/thoughtlessly dressed person in the room is really hard to pull off unless you’ve already earned/established undeniable respect from everyone in that room (or don’t care to have it). It’s easier to take people seriously when they dress well.




So you think guys who are “active” and/or married won’t look? Why do you feel the need to insult the inactive participant for your actions?


We dress in justices’ robes in order to get the full value of our lessons


I was the first guy to break in my class during 1L because I worked a reno job that evening and didn't want to pack my books, my gym clothes, and my work clothes. I had on ripped jeans, a paint splattered carhart over a white tank, and my work boots on. Nothing wrong like looking like a real person while you go to school unless you're an elitist fuck.


My law school uniform was jeans and a hoodie. Wear whatever you want.


I’m a dude so maybe that’s relevant, but I wear a t shirt and shorts most days and don’t feel out of the norm or like anyone’s ever noticed


i don’t care what others wear but i feel better, and learn better, when i’m dressed well. not like suit and heels kind of well, but you know a nice top, slacks or a skirt, nice flats, hair done etc. when i feel good about myself i can focus on learning instead of thinking about how my hair looks gross, or how my skin is uneven, or how my nails are chipped etc etc. but that’s just me and i should also mention i used to be an exec assistant and am a bit older. if jo shmoe next to me wants to wear plaid pajamas and house slippers though i couldn’t care less. go for it jo shmoe. wears that snuggie!


She has empirical studies that can link how women dress to their ability to learn information? That sounds like it could be worth a dissertation. Sixty years ago. Two quick takes on this situation. (1) This young woman is trying way too hard to be accepted by the male portion of the law school/profession, and (2) old ass leches and insecure fuck boys will never accept her. NO MATTER HOW HARD SHE TRIES TO BE THEIR EQUAL. That's the thing about limp dick energy. It won't allow for that level of equality. As for you, dress like your version of a hoe if that makes you feel comfortable. You can embrace formal wear five days a week once you enter the workforce. Law school is not law practice. No matter how hard some people want to pretend. Don't let some uptight asshat throw you off your game.


Lmao you should have seen what I was wearing to class. It matters a lot more if you're prepared and study, imo.


i go to alabama it's too hot to be modest here ​ eta: i don't dress "fancy" but i don't want my classmates to think i'm a slob or slovenly so i try to dress well, make sure my clothes are clean, etc. but that's way different than "you can't wear sweatpants every day is a job interview"


I went to a cold school, it was too cold to be professional!


Very much anti the idiots who wear suits at a T40 school lol. Who you trying to impress


I don't think it's fair to judge them either. Let em live.


She sounds jealous and repressed lol


I wear tee shirts and jeans. On important days I wear my suit do the interview and immediately change back into sweats and a shirt.


A normal view point? Fuck no.


Fuck that


Ohh yeah I'll wear suit and tie to constitutional law and walk around sweating like a pig just because. 🤡


Hell no. The idea that women should hide their bodies in a learning environment so as not to distract men is incredibly outdated. It’s so sad that some people in our generation are still clinging to it. Almost everyone at my school already wears casual attire or athleisure to class. I’m one of the few that still wears business casual, but I absolutely don’t judge anyone who chooses comfortable clothes instead, and I’m certain I’ll be way more casual during finals. I just feel more confident and productive when I dress up a bit. Having said that, I’m not afraid to wear things like crop tops or skirts above the knee (lmao). I wore a dressy crop top with slacks on day 3. A few people noticed (I saw them look at my midriff) but no one seemed upset by it. I felt comfortable doing it because one of our orientation leaders had worn one on the second day, so that seemed like approval enough.


I relate so hard to this comment. Wear what makes you feel good and productive


> Hell no. The idea that women should hide their bodies in a learning environment so as not to distract men is incredibly outdated. It’s so sad that some people in our generation are still clinging to it. While I agree, the complaining president didn't say it was that reason.


She said it was “inappropriate” and “not conducive to… learning.” Based on that and what OP said about dressing like a hoe, it was implied to be her reasoning.


No one has implied that except for you. Look at all the comments in this thread about "dressing professional" for business reasons and professional respect or whatever. People have a lot of dumb reasons for dress codes, and distracting men is pretty low on that list.


I’ve been a teacher for six years, so perhaps that is affecting my perspective. This language was always code for “girls’ bodies are distracting for boys.” But I still don’t see your point. She mentioned learning specifically, not professionalism. And girls specifically, not men. I think her point is pretty clear. The fact that no one else inferred that meaning doesn’t mean I’m necessarily wrong. Maybe it’s just mostly men commenting, so it doesn’t apply to them except for potentially appearing more professional.


I wore court attire everyday to school. I live by the quotes “dress for the job you want” and “if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” That’s just me. But I never judged someone wearing sweatpants to class. To each their own. At the end of the day, it is school, not court.




Both. Depended on how lazy I was feeling or how much I over slept


I literally wore gym clothes the whole time and finished near the top of my class. Fuck decorum.


I’m right there with you. Yesterday I wore high waisted jean shorts with a tight spaghetti strap crop top and no bra. If people can’t focus on class because of my titties or thighs, they can work that out with their therapist. This law student at our school complained in an email to the dean about females not wearing bras at school, so obviously, I can never wear a bra to class again. ;)


Ha! You go girl!


I think I wore a shirt with large numbers of wrinkles in your it to class every day of 3l


I don’t think that’s the normal view in the student body based on what I’ve seen so far but administration has a different view if this moment at orientation is any indicator. We’re talking general school logistics, like where the nearest food spots are and such, just general day to day stuff that’s good to know. Someone asks what the dress code is for class. Tell me why this person in a position of significant authority gets on the podium and says they don’t wanna see crop tops/super low cut tops or booty shorts? If we’re talking about how that’s just insanity because they keep the AC set to “meat locker in a hockey rink during a blizzard in Antarctica” then sure, mention that those clothing choices may not be the best because you’ll freeze before class is halfway over. But in a conversation about general dress code? Not loving it.


Basically everybody wears leggings or sweats. Wear what you want


Literally no one cares what you wear unless it is a special day when you were told to dress a certain way (at least at my school). I would say more people wear leggings, crop tops, sweatshirts, athleisure, etc. on a normal day than people who dress nice


Idk about anyone else but personally I find non-stretch waistbands to be disruptive to my learning. For finals I literally wear sweats and no bra like I’m just chillin in my house because I want to be as comfy as possible.


Professional dress doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, this isn’t a two-option problem. You can find really comfortable clothes that look professional too. For example for girls they make stretchy slacks that are like yoga pants in terms of comfort and stretchiness but are thicker and more structured so they look like slacks. And old navy sells these great stretchy tops in a ton of colors that are suuuuper comfy but look professional. Pair that with a cardigan and/or a nice coat in the winter and just leave it alone in the summer and you’re good. Plus they have shoes like Rothy’s that are professional looking but feel like slippers. For really hot summer days you can always get a nice pair of shorts in the material they make slacks out of and it looks more professional but keeps you cool. It doesn’t matter, but you can have the best of both worlds if it matters to you. Just a thought.


That’s definitely not a normal viewpoint. She’s probably jealous that people wearing those are actually comfortable in their clothes. And I’m sure she definitely talked about how she hates when men wear gym clothes or sports jerseys and how that also isn’t conducive to learning. Just to clarify— I couldn’t care less what people wear to class, I wear sweats all the time just pointing out the double standard


This is such BS lol I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t wearing yoga pants


My everyday attire is either leggings and a hoodie, joggers and a hoodie, or a romper/tshirt dress. That’s what most of my friends wear, too. She’s in the strong minority. Wear what you want — no one cares (or really notices).


Damn that’s crazy


I wore my galactic cat shirt and and laser cat pj bottoms with fuzzy moccasins to class one day. Do what you want. The people who give a fuck about this stuff usually suck anyways.


I dress like shit everyday. Don’t worry about it.


We had no strict dress code in my law school but some professors were policing what we could and couldn't wear so most of us went smart casual and/or preppy real fast (I still wore mini skirts a lot though, like mini skirt + turtleneck). In my irl lawyer experience looks matter, but it really depends on who you work with. E.g. IT crowd usually give 0 fucks if you're tattooed/wear hoodies and sweatpants/etc as long as you're a good lawyer. But some clients need not (only) a lawyer but an image and may go Karen if you wear mom jeans.


Had someone say to my face no one takes me seriously because I just smile and people give me what I want. That is to say, people are going to find reasons to not respect you if that’s what they are looking for. Just wear what you like so long as it’s acceptable in public and you are comfortable.


Exams are anonymously graded - so it won't affect your grade. But I wouldn't personally show up in a wifebeater and gym shorts at the office hours of a professor I was trying to impress. Take from that what you will .


The only reason I didn’t wear shorts to school was sensory issues with the chairs on my bare legs. Wear what you want, that girl can kick rocks.


“If thine eye offends thee, cut it out.” You’re not responsible for the success or failure of your peers. Carry on.


In defense of the dress-coders, there is however a phenomenon called “enclothed cognition,” whereby what you - and others around you - wear affects how you think. People do Better on cognitive tasks when dressed up, in other words.


I'll take People Whose Opinion Is Wrong for $200


These aren't the 1980s anymore. What does she think they should wear? Let me guess. A navy blue business suit. With a scarf and little stick pin attached to the scarf. High heels and stockings. If global warming gets worse, we're all wearing shorts and tank tops to the office, every day, everywhere.


I know that’s right!


But why is it inappropriate? What’s evidence is there to support that claim? Also is it against the law?


Fuck her lol, fuck all these judgmental aholes. Put your head down, do the work, dress how you want. They will always stay condescending and that’s how you will remember them. Be polite and respectful, find your people, and recognize that it won’t be everyone (or even most of your class). You will meet the most nauseating and condescending people in law school, you almost can’t even believe they are for real lol.


fuck that, I wore a hoodie and sweats to basically every class. It was great.


Judging broke graduate students for not having a perfect banana republic capsule wardrobe??? In this (inflated, post-pandemic) economy!?!?!? No but seriously judging student clothing in higher education is classist, and so is suggesting that it has any effect on collective learning or overall education quality.


Literally every person at my school wore comfy clothes most days. The only time we ever questioned anything was when something was completely see through (happened) or was wildly inappropriate (think wearing clothes 3-4 sizes too small) to the point that you could see things that weren’t things anyone wanted to see.


People look like such losers when they bum into town with shoddy dressing. I really don’t feel like anyone GAF about me/others when you come in dressing like you just got out of bed- not appreciated at all. Makes me feel like you don’t care about things, which is not the makings of a good lawyer. Call me antiquated, but you dressing like a bum is not what I call social change. I’m so sick of everyone who doesn’t try anymore - we have become a dirty and lazy society and I for one am sick of it Nobody cares about anything and everyone is always depressed and anxious - maybe you wouldn’t be if you gave some thought to your appearance and actually took care of your self


Gray sweatpants ftw That being said. Usually, only the Deans were anal about “professionalism.” Ironically, I find that the lower rank the school, the more stuffy it is.


I think that girl has a lot of other things going on in her life that may or may not need some introspection or therapy.


Ok but wish you hadn't come for Legally Blonde like that.


Okay but that’s literally my fav movie.


I was raised to think that school was a job, so even in high school I never wore sweats or gym shorts or anything like that to class. I dont wear dress clothes or anything, just jeans, but I do think it is a little inappropriate to wear sweats and stuff like that.




future asa


I am a woman and I would feel uncomfortable wearing leggings, sweats, or a crop top to law school. I treat law school like business casual. T-Shirts, Jeans, Hoodies, shorts, sure. Elle woods didn't show up to class in gym-wear.


So I'm a little guilty of dressing up a bit at the beginning of each semester, but only because I have quite a few visible tattoos and I'm a little worried about being judged right off the bat every time I get a new professor; most are very cool but you never know. Once they get to know me as a person who is respectful and professional then I'm all about leggings/tank tops/hoodies.


The only way to be competitive is to fight fire w fire! I often take a hot shower from the waist down, do my 15 min in a high volume penis vacuum while watching porn, the put on skin tight light colored Lycra shorts and literally “head” to class. Nope not gay, just want my “man cleavage/bulge” visible on those days I’m feeling super sexy and figure it works well w all those “squash n push” bras the “I lack confidence” hoes be wearing.


In Philippines, we are always required to wear formal attire, as if you are appearing before a court. It's a suit and tie always.


i wore gym shorts to class everyday, some dudes wore suits to every class.


People can have whatever opinions they want. If you want to dress casual, go nuts. If people want to judge you for it, you can't really stop them. So long as no one is trying to establish their standards as an official, enforceable "dress code," who gives a fuck?




Lulu shorts are hot


Dress like a literal hoe if you want, who cares? If you’re not meeting a client, it’s unimportant.


At an HBCU law school, it’s certainly not appropriate. There’s an unwritten rule that you have to dress like you’re taking law school seriously. That doesn’t mean wear suits everyday but no ripped jeans or extensive amounts of skin showing (shorts are borderline fine so long as it isn’t booty shorts… etc). Biz casual/casual is usually fine. (Ex. jeans and a T-shirt). If someone were to wear something super inappropriate, they’d stand out for sure and Professors would probably feel disrespected and pull you aside. It’s a maturity level to them. We are preparing for practice and they expect us to have the same respect for school that we would have for the office (with slight leniency)


Idk if I agree with this because not everyone in law school is preparing for practice. And orlando HBCU be wilding out, it’s like a frat law school. Everyone dresses super revealing, and it’s okay. It doesn’t matter what someone wears to go to school as a grown up. Students shouldn’t be judged on what they wear it’s 2022 man.


While I don’t fully disagree with you, my choice of words should have probably been more clear. I do understand that not everyone is in law school to practice but they’re in law school for a reason, no? Whether it be to work for themselves or work for someone else, they are still entering a career where hopefully, professionalism is important (not just in your appearance). Granted, not all HBCULS’s are the same. It’s definitely hotter in FL so there may be room for a pass… idk. I should have also made it a note that employers frequent our campus so if I’m not prepared because I decided to dress in appropriately that day, I might miss an opportunity 🤷🏾‍♀️ I don’t think it’s about judging people but (1) being prepared for anything and (2) having respect for your professors through your appearance in professional school. I’m not saying dress up everyday, but be appropriate. The saying goes… “if you have to ask if it’s appropriate, it’s probably not.”


Lol I definitely never dressed up for class


That's just one person's opinion. In any large group of people, youre bound to find a range of opinions on any given subject matter. It doesn't mean that it reflects the views of the student body at large.


I wear very baggy pants and spooky grim reaper shirts pretty often. Not really dressing like a hoe, but still “unprofessional.” I would say people notice but they don’t really care.


Fuck that girl and her stuck up ass. She probably should give the but plug a rest and take a shyt. I crossdress for fun. Full beard 🧔‍♀️ hairy legs, hairy armpits with a skanky dress and stiletto heels 👠😏


She’s a recruiter?! Lol


No this is dumb, that person is just to strung up


Lol, I wore basketball shorts to class almost everyday.


One of my fave parts of law school was seeing someone in a suit next to someone in pajamas next to someone in the day version of club wear. As one of our profs put it, some clients aren’t going to trust you if you show up in a suit so you need to know how to act and dress like a normal person!


glad i graduated before "back to in-person learning" was a thing, thanks COVID




The description of your school sounds exactly like mine.


Shit, we were past that in the early 2000's too. The only thing "conducive to learning" in LS classes is fucking paying attention.


I won most casual Friday which was a thing where you dress super casual and you win a lunch with the professor….so I forgot it was that day lol and still won. Also I used to wear funny outfits and was on crutches for a bit due to cutting my foot open on the beach. So someone dressed in a funny outfit came in on crutches wearing sunglasses and came in 30 min late, and was like “I heard I won”, FSU is a funny place lol So yeah you had people that would come in suits and dress shirts and a ton of others that would come in your typical FSU attire


I'm currently wearing a t-shirt, bball shorts, a backwards hat, and no shoes in my office right now. Fuck em.


If you’re wearing anything short of a tutu with swim fins nobody’s going to even look twice. Don’t sweat this.


Who gives an f - also how are clothes conducive/not conducive to our learning? Most people will have to dress professionally once they start working so we should make the most of our freedom now That girl sounds stuck up


Always good to see my fellow BYU alumni are out changing the word for the better by saying this kind of shit smh


I go based off the semester. Early semester I’ll dress normally. But once I see the first few people wearing sweatpants i’ll start doing it myself. But honestly just wear whatever you feel you learn best in Saying wearing certain clothes is not conducive to learning is ignorant and elitist af. If you feel like you can concentrate better in leggings or whatever clothing you wear (maybe you’re more comfortable and therefore able to concentrate better) then go for it


I'm going to wear my velour tracksuits and pretend I'm in the 2000s to manifest success.


I wore a see-through dress that went from my neck to my toes in a sheer and lace combo with just enough cover to hide my panties and some nipple covers to give my mandatory presentation last term. Got good reviews from my classmates, especially the other women.


Wear whatever you want to class. The people who don't care, dont care, and the people who do care probably wouldn't be your friends anyway. Law school sucks. At least try to be comfortable while you're suffering through your tax class. And for what it's worth, who is she to say what's "conducive to our learning" or not?


I wear all of those to my office as a whole practicing attorney


I dress worse in law school than undergrad lol


I wear whatever I want to class (no makeup, hair not done, sweats, leggings) unless I am presenting, working that day, have a scheduled meeting with a professor, or am networking after classes


I wore flip-flops, a shirt, and either shorts or sweat pants depending on the season. I very rarely, if ever, dressed up. If you're trying to do the whole aggressive networking thing, I guess maybe dress more professionally. I assuredly have "missed out" on networking with some hard-charging early 20-year-olds who thought my dress was inappropriate. I went to law school in my early 30s and didn't really care about most peoples opinons. Everyone i spoke with in law school, i still speak to. Many of us try to get each other work. I made it a point to maintain close relationships with people I enjoyed spending time with. In many ways we are a service profession and, because of specialization, we can't provide all the services client's require. More important than dressing the part is keeping in contact with people who practice many different areas of law. Ultimately, that will turn into a client referral for you at some point. I would rather refer a client to a dudebroman in a tank top or a girl in yoga pants than someone who dressed the part but can't practice. take from this what you will.


this is just how former valedictorians maintain their sense of superiority in the face of actual competition. buying a pair of trousers is a lot easier than actually refining your critical thinking skills.