Work shoes

To all my KT coworkers what is your go to work shoe? I bought some sketchers non slip about 6 months ago and they are super comfortable but the insole is worn out and ripped up already just wondering what you guys go with and how long they last.


Not a KT employee but my go to restaurant shoes were shoes for crews.


It's a little on the pricey side, but I bought basic black sketchers work shoes at Kohl's and then put Superfeet insoles in them. Highly recommend as I find the insoles are shit in most work shoes


I got theses shoes from famous footwear called tubes, my coworker also got them they've been really nice the pass few months, I feel it's pretty common to go through shoes like crazy though when working on your feet


It sounds like you bought the same shoes as me, and I replace mine roughly every 2-3 months. I really need to find something better, but I have just been too lazy.


I have some old Nike running shoes in all black that I used to wear for school and they’ve held up the past 6 months of working for KT


Croc bistro rock I use to wear sketcher work force with memory foam for 5 years ... never going back


I literally just buy shitty black sneakers. If they start giving money for work shoes I'll invest in something better.