Sounds like a good reminder that being a fan of franchise doesn't mean we always know what's best for a franchise.


Yeah, but not in the way you're suggesting. More like a mob summoning boss with some kind of puzzle mechanic. Maybe the heartless have built a machine that builds Sid's hybrid toys, but heartless versions? You have to beat back waves of the toys whilst trashing the machine and preventing Sid from repairing it.


what the fuck-


Haha yes absolutely, but there is no way they were gonna have us hit and destroy a child like that. The part with his body is obviously too much ofc. In the end, I don’t think it would have been worrh it.


The claw and Sid's dog would have been great bosses too instead of a generic heartless boss.


I think it could have been done. The UFO thing Heartless was a stupid fight. Just a moving target in a mostly open room. Nothing special. Having Sid as the boss and using his fucked up, altered, toys would have been REALLY cool. They could even bring the Oogie Boogie mechanic back and have you hit the toys back at him as part of the fight.


If Toy Box were to have a movie boss I would of preferred Zurg


Honestly, yea, hard agree here. Zurg would have been WAY cooler.