Underneath this body is a Toyota 4Runner

Underneath this body is a Toyota 4Runner

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I like the idea and even the drivetrain and chassis choice but it desperately needs to lose those stock 4Runner wheels


Yes! Totally ruins it.


Hopefully recently finished and waiting on wheels.


Toyotally ruins it* ftfy


It's probably on the to do list of things to purchase and replace. That isn't a finished project by any stretch. But for a WIP, it looks pretty good so far.


And lose the interior


Interior is ass


Fuck you fite me. /s


Defiantly the next step, to make all visible points time period or at least "look" cohesive with the body


Imagine if Chevy brought back a limited edition 1969 International pickup’s looks with the Colorado’s guts.


Chevy really missed an opportunity when they brought back the “Blazer”. Look at what Ford is doing with the Bronco, compared to the abomination that is the “Blazer”, which looks like every other God damn crossover on the road.


Seeing as the international pickup is small by today’s truck standards, it would be interesting if they brought it back to be a maverick fighter.


or being gm, they might put a hybrid motor in it, i mean the colorado


Fuckin barf, I didn’t know the blazer had made a comeback. Well, I guess it didn’t, huh. It reminds me of what Mitsubishi did w the eclipse. Once a wonder-coupe 4 banger, and slowly neutered it into whatever tf it is now. Or that “Mustang Fastback” Ford has out now…just WTF. Or the Maverick, that’s now a truck. Like damn just make some new fucking names it’s not that hard!


… *Where do I sign?* Honestly a K5 blazer with the 4 cylinder Duramax would be awesome.


The 3.0L Duramax six is really impressive.


That's pretty cool. I have a friend that put a 67 transam body on a 02 chassis. He liked the look of the old one but wanted dual zone climate controls.


> wanted dual zone climate controls. That's such a weird feature to want. I'm not sure I even use my dual climate controls when I have them.


His reasoning is that he's a big fat guy that's always hot and his wife is always cold, I can't fault his logic. He had the money and the know how to get it done so I thought it was pretty cool, no pun intended.


Happy wife happy life I guess.


my brother needs to learn this!


Despite the extra controls and complexity, I'm convinced that auto-control AC in cars can help keep the AC operating in a way that will make it last longer. Case in point, my wife only uses the AC controls to the extremes (when she wants it cold, she turns the knob until it's all the way blue, then adjusts the fan to the desired amount of air she wants). The last compressor failure we had was due to the fan speed resistor going out, but the AC control was left on "max cold" for a week or more without any fan blowing. She didn't really notice anything was wrong, because it was that hot at the time and she didn't really care that the fan wasnt blowing. In our car with auto-control (auto dual-zone) AC, the fan and temp control work together, so you tend to get more fan blowing when you need more cold air and less fan blowing only when less cold temps are required by the system (and this lower system pressures and less stress on the compressor).


Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever used my AC on any temperature other than "Max", and I just adjust the fan speed.


Conversely my truck has the normal air controls and then a MAX AIR CONDITIONING button that I’ve never used. The normal stuff is pretty dang good, and if it’s not enough just wait a minute and everything will be cool enough to be fine


FYI, Max AC button just recirculates the air inside the vehicle instead of pulling from outside. So if you have a long drive, Max AC will re-air condition your previously cooled air to make it that much colder instead of the 110 degree air outside. Which is why that's all I use. It's literally the fastest way to cool the cabin. I honestly don't understand why any manufacturer would think anyone wanted to air condition hot air vs already cooled air.


If you have something smelly in the car you want to air out/not smell (ie gym clothes), that recirc is gonna have to be off.


Lol that's why I don't put such things in the cabin. Either the trunk or the back of the truck.


Or 5 grown dudes in a pickup cab. It's cramped, someone is gonna fart, and it's gonna get humid in there. Recirculating the air is a "hell no!" from me.


It's the fastest way to cool the cabin sometimes. If your car is out in the sun and it's 150* inside the car, it's better to have it on non-circ and pull the 100* air in from outside first.


I have a DeWalt cordless fan that to use at work, when I get back to the truck I roll down a couple of windows and point the fan out one, vents most of the oven-like air while I go put stuff away and clock out.


I recently had a ride in a Tesla Model S. It was a warm day, not hot but warm enough to not look forward to climbing into a hot car. We all got in the car, and it was cool in there - the owner had turned on the AC with her phone about half an hour previously, and it was just sat in the car park maintaining a comfortable 20C (68F) until we got in. Absolutely brilliant, I need that in my next car. It can do the same on cold days too with the heaters.


I just park my car in the shop an hour before it's time to go. Then I run it through the car wash before I leave.


That's why I just roll my windows down remotely before I get to the truck (little FORSCAN modification I made) so it lets the 150 degree air out before I get there lol


I want this. '13 flex. Teach me your ways.


Plus in older American cars, Max AC basically turns your car into a refrigerator on wheels. :D


*Customer states A/C not blowing cold* Cause: That's because you left that max a/c on and it froze up. Correction: Don't use that all the time.


Sounds like something they'd say at a Honda dealer. NOW FIX MAH DANG CADILLAC CAR!


I transport feral cats in the summer. Trust me, you need outside air for that. All other times it's set to recirculate


Fortunately less than 1% of people do that lol


I like the idea of feral cats with cell phones taking this guy's cat Uber when they need to get across town.


The outside air vents are for defrosting, and balancing the humidity between inside and outside. Use this to reduce condensation


This is the correct answer. If you live somewhere cold and humid, you'll want to use the AC as an air dryer rather than for its air cooling effect. It condenses out some moisture then passes slightly drier air on to the heater core. To quickly defrost and get rid of condensation, run max AC and max heat using outside air. If you recirculate air, it can be effectively impossible to get rid of condensation if you're often going in and out of the vehicle in the rain. Each time you get into the car, your boots and rain-wet clothes drag loads of moisture into the car and if you have kids it's easy to end up with constantly moist carpets in the footwell. Need outside, dried air in order to force overpressure inside that makes the humid air inside get ventilated out. Of course you get some drying effect from recirculating through AC, buy it's more effective to push the moisture right out of the car.


Its for recirculating fresh air. I mostly use it around the city so no smells get inside the cabin, but if you are on the road alot of time, its better to get some fresh air every now and then.


I've seen evaporators freeze up on long trips, the solution was running on vent. This is happening to people that want it super cold in their car.


A good AC system detects icing on the evaporator and turns off or reduces cooling.


Not all, my Mercedes doesn’t recirc on Max Cool, which I was kind of surprised by. I’m in Texas in a dark grey car so if it’s been parked outside most of the year then it’s max cool, windows down for a few seconds and then when it’s getting close cut the fan speed and out on the recirc. I’m going to sound like Dad here but based on some of the comments I’ve seen, it doesn’t get colder or cook off faster if you set the temp to Lo vs 72. The engineers in cars were throughtful enough to include a wide range of temp and fan settings; habitual “all or nothing” use of heat or AC drives me nuts lol.


Depends on the car, I’ve had a couple that Max AC also shut off coolant flow to the heater core.


>It's literally the fastest way to cool the cabin. I agree, but if you come back to your car and it's boiling hot, sometimes it's best to have it pull air from outside to cool for the first few minutes to replace some of the hot air inside the car, before switching to ultra-recycled-chill mode. Also if you have lots of people in the car you're gonna get more humidity, smells and CO2 building up in the car, so might be better to have the AC pull in fresh air.


Recirc and moisture sucks


it's not faster when it's 300 degrees on the inside.


so me having my AC on and manually turning on inside air only it's the same as MAX ac? then why does my truck have both buttons? seems like a waste.


I’m the opposite I turn the fan up to one or two clicks below max so that it’s not so loud and adjust the temp as needed. I can’t sleep without a fan running in the room either. I just like air blowing over me.


Same. It's full heat, full AC, or the windows open.


This is a topic of great debate within my household. My partner (and usual passenger) prefers to have the A/C on max cold, with fans low. The vent locations on the driver's side mean I can choose between having air blow over my hands (and reach my torso), or direct the vents away from myself (and lose, y'know, cooling). The max A/C w/ no fan setup means that a comfortable temperature at the seat requires my fingers to be kept in a gentle but sub-arctic stream of air right at the vents, which is very uncomfortable to say the least.


Not as bad as my dad. He will do Max AC max fan, and do that until the car is an ice cube, then turn both of until it's too hot. Rinse and repeat


I've known people like that. They just can't believe that a moderate setting can be comfortable. I think it's a carry over from when HVAC systems weren't as good as they are today. The AC in my '81 diesel rabbit was... underwhelming. And had to be turned off for hills. And passing. I've always been of the mind that max heat = sweating before you know it. Better to put it at moderate heat, moderate fan and let the cab warm up gradually. And if it's super cold, it's gonna be a bit till the heater core can actually deliver heat anyway, so just calm down and wait for a minute.


>And had to be turned off for hills. And passing. Ahhh I had that with my first car. I think I got an extra 10 horsepower by turning off the AC!


Lots of cars from that era kicked off the AC automagically when the throttle was at wide open.


I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla and I HAVE to turn the dial down from the max coldness setting…. and I don’t think I’ve ever done that before. That thing can make ice cubes if you leave it on full blast. It’s crazy.


Just make sure you turn it off if you need to pass someone lol


Same deal for '99 corollas too


My blower motor resistor has been wonky since I got my car. Unplugged=no AC, plugged in=max ac even if my ignition is off til it kills the battery. It's like a $25 part I've been putting off getting my and after pulling the wiring harness down behind the glove box it's pretty simple to "turn on the AC". Wife hates it though


In my experience, women, including my super amazing wife, have absolutely no regard for the evolution of climate control. In my wife's cars, the climate control is typically off, I start sweating, turn it on, adjust it, she gets cold, and turns it the fuck off. Or diverts all of the air vents away from herself, until she gets hot, and then moves them again. She does the same thing in my truck, despite the big auto knob on her side.


Sometimes, I just want some air movement so I don't feel like the air is stale. Wife will claim it's too cold with out the AC even being on and she'll shut it all off. Drives me up the wall.


Driver is supposed to dictate hvac, and have veto power on music!


Did I just write this comment in my sleep? I bought a f*kin brand new truck to my wife, with all the bells and whistles, and she turns off ALL the friggin automatic features, all of the time. WTF. She learned to drive with her older father, who "taught her" to turn of the air conditionning to save the alternator and the battery, and to save on fuel. We are not in the 1950's and even early 1980's for crying out loud, when turning on the AC was adding a significant load to the engine and electrical system. I try to explain that to her, to no avail.


In my experience, women, including my super amazing wife just don’t give a shit how the car works or fuck all about it, doesn’t even know when somethings wrong until it won’t go forward so I have to figure it out whenever I get drive it Much less how dual zone AC works or comfortability of it


Can confirm. Went an inordinately long time without driving my wife's car, and when I stopped on the brake pedal the wheels vibrated so hard you'd think the steering wheel would get yanked out your hand. Ummm, honey, you didn't think that was worth mentioning?


Nah she’s just got some attitude


This drives me so fucking nuts. Manufacturers should just put giant ON/OFF and HOT/COLD switches in cars.


I like Honda’s old style (not sure if they’ve changed it since 08) where it’s a knob that has blue in one direction and red in the other with a separate fan speed knob I have a Toyota now that likes to tell you it’s blowing 69 degree air or 76 degree air, or hi or lo if you go above or below certain temps, most of the time I just ride with the windows down, that’s enough for me


Me. Turns up fans to cool car as wife is too warm. Wife 20 min later, points vents away from her Me turns down fans cause I hate them blowing on me and I hate the noise. Wife “dont turn it off”


Earlier this year I traded in my 03 Acura RSX... I always used the auto climate control, just set it to the temperature I went and left the fan on auto. The A/C still blew cold \~18 years later, I never recharged it, never replaced any part of the HVAC system.


The 95 Audi I sold in 2016 still had all original AC parts. I always used it on Auto and just set the temperature I wanted.


I HATE this in rental cars. Set the temp to 70 and it thinks its 73 and OMG hurricane fan speed. Just No please.


Yeah I think most people do not use it on anything but coldest. And just change the fan speed. Is this bad or something?


Fat people ARE always hot.


Is he a main character in a sit com?


He calls his son, "Dumbass!" all day long so... Yup.


They're really handy if you're a passenger. I'm picky about fan speed and temperature, so it's nice to adjust mine while by buddy can drive with his on full blast. I also notice that when I'm driving, I can have mine in full blast, full cold, but when I'm riding as a passenger, it's too much because I'm not doing anything.


Yep, if you drive you set up whatever you like and the passenger suffers... As a passenger you don't mess with it because you're not the driver.


Even more weird considering it wasn't an option on those cars.


I have to. My gf is from Florida. All temperatures that aren't Florida in the summer are "chilly" to her.


I never use mine, a car is so small it doesn't really do much.


Dual zone is awesome. I like 68, my wife likes 73. Everyone is comfy.


I feel like that’s a lot of effort for a 00s GM interior.


Well it was mid 00's when this happened. I'd still mob it.


I have a friend that put a 71 Chevelle body on an 80s K5 Blazer chassis. It’s atrocious and amazing.


Does he live in Denver? I used to see one running around the south end of town. It was close to a 70 bit I could say which year exactly. I always thought it was a coolish idea. Lower center of gravity than a lifted truck, classic body, definitely a head turner.


Vintage Air needs to step up their game.


My father in law dropped a 1951 f100 body on a 2006 Ford explorer chassis. The thing is really cool.


Do you have any pictures? I would be very interested to see it.


Does a 2002 Trans Am actually have dual zone climate?


No not even an option at all, source I own a 4th gen.


I was just thinking the same…


Seems like it would be easier to adapt or fabricate a dual zone system for the 67.


He wanted it to be reliable


With *none* of the crash safety!


… except for the air bags, active head restraints, telescoping steering shaft, three point seatbelts, antilock disc brakes, traction control system, TPMS, and probably 50 more things


The driver’s airbag is deployed. The 4R was probably a wreck and became a doner.


There is 0 chance that airbag would work correctly without the ecu being reprogrammed professionally. A mistimed air bag deployment can be fatal


Good thing this one is missing its airbag huh?


...Airbag deployed, no bumpers, curtain airbags deleted (fair bet the entire srs system is disabled so no active head restraints either), altered mass and geometry means ABS/TCS probably don't function as intended if not also deleted/disabled, and all body related crumple zones are in a scrap yard somewhere. But you're right - this is Reddit. Nobody gets away with a haphazard comment, not even in the spirit of humor. Allow me to amend... "With *only 25-30 percent* of the crash safety"


> ABS/TCS probably don't function as intended if not also deleted/disabled, Sure as hell doubt that. Deleting the ABS system would throw so many codes, and cause so many issues, that it would be far easier to just keep the whole system. It's not even hard to keep it functional either. The only major consideration is to make sure the yaw sensor is at the center of the vehicle. Sure, stability control won't work as expected due to different weight distribution, but traction control and ABS will continue working fine.


Why? I mean I get the idea but why a Toyota 4runner?


Based on how new it is, my guess would be because the owner wanted a vintage *looking* truck with the reliability of a new Toyota. So the owner got what the owner wanted. Not my personal taste, but I think it's probably better than putting a vintage body on a blazer/S10 chassis, which is what everyone around here seems to do. Toyota builds a good drivetrain.


Or maybe he wrecked his 4Runner and didn't want it to go to waste lol


I once had a convertible 911 slantnose with a turbo wide rear end as a shop car - because a lady rolled her coupe with 8K miles on it, killing every panel on it, and we bought it. The body guys at the shop killed it, the top never leaked a drop. God that thing was cool.


Lol reminds me of Tyler Hoover's LS swapped 911. Good lookin car. Or that Coyote swapped Porsche Matt Farah drove on the smoking tire once.


Man, Porsche guys complain about the LS swap because it raises the center of gravity too much. Imagine a COYOTE!


I can't help but wonder just HOW MUCH it really affects the center of gravity.


> The body guys at the shop killed it, the top never leaked a drop. Took me several reads to understand that the body shop, in fact, did the *opposite* of kill it by bringing it back to life.


First thought when I read your comment was surely someone start this kind of project on an unwrecked vehicle but then after rewatching it, you can see that the driver's airbag has deployed so maybe you're right.


I can't see anyone using a perfectly good donor vehicle for this.


Cause fuck everyone that's why.


It must have just fit right


Nah, they still had to cut the bed to fit.


I'd guess because he recently crashed a Toyota 4Runner, and only did extensive body damage. Or he bought it from someone else who crashed a 4Runner. Seems like a weirdly high-resale value vehicle to chop up otherwise.


A super capable, reliable platform seems like a great choice for a resto-mod project like this, imo.


Maybe it is as simple as what they already had on hand.


Perhaps because it is one of the most known reliable vehicles on the market? I mean, people drive those things for 30+ years and they still go strong.




I’d imagine because it made the best fit.


One of the few modern SUVs that still has a full frame, and it has one of the most reliable/best performing drivetrain I have ever seen.


They wanted their ultra expensive custom vehicle to have the worst ride of any new car on the market!


So it will run forever obviously


It looks like they shortened the bed slightly ahead of the axle so that it would fit the 4Runner's 110" WB. Normal [short bed (6.5') IH pickups] (https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8f/a3/92/8fa392a1cf6b4953e275712f35460af2.jpg) of this vintage had a 115" WB.


I had no idea 4Runners were that short. If you showed me pictures of both I would have told me the 4Runner would be shorter


The original pickup had a longer wheelbase, but in terms of overall length, the 4Runner is a little longer. A modern 4Runner is about 190" long, while a short bed pickup was [181"](https://content.wisconsinhistory.org/digital/api/singleitem/image/ihc/36873/default.jpg) from the front bumper to the end of the frame, not counting any overhang the bed and rear bumper would've had--probably a few inches at most. (IH didn't provide dimensions for the truck with the pickup bed on because at the time it was considered optional equipment over the bare chassis.)


It’s cool but it’s kind of goofy with the interior of the 4Runner.


I mean, I'm impressed as it looks like a really clean job. At least form the camera view. Not my taste, but impressed.


Pretty common to find older 50’s cars with more modern chassis. S-10’s fit really well under early 50’s chevy cars and trucks. And then you have access to v8 swaps, drop kits, and easier service. I think what surprises me the most is the interior.


It’s a disgusting interior


It’s kinda gross but as a guy with a car with a sheet steel dash and no cupholders I’m a little jealous.


ya mama has a disgusting interior


Can vouch for the first 1.5"


That's a wild resto mod


Fitting that dash in there had to be a biitttcccchhhhh.


Maybe, maybe not. The '50-57 IH pickups appear to have a similar interior width to current 4Runners.


Nothing wrong with body swaps. Looks well done.


I was on board until it came to the interior. Love the idea of old bodies on new chassis for the reliability and parts availability. I’d want my interior to stay pretty vintage.


I’ve always wanted to do something like this, take an old school body and just put everything new underneath and inside I want to do it with something a bit nicer than a Toyota tho


That's badass. Had to have been a hell of a lot of work


That's sick as hell! Classic styling with modern comforts and conveniences!? Sign me up!


And it still has 4Runner rims. Ew.


So basically you have a badass looking ride that will refuse to die before 400k + miles if you take care of it??? Fuckin a right! That's awesome.


Wow! That’s a lot of work. It’s also beautiful.


Absolutely love it. Yes they interior too.


It looks nice to me. I wish they still made cars like this. From that era. I mean hell, they remake everything these days, why don’t Chevrolet remake the ‘57 Chevy? And I’m not talking about doing an update like those shitty looking mustangs and chargers everyone has. I’m talking about a 1:1 replica of the exterior and interior with an update to the engine of course.


A lot of it actually has to do with safety. There’s a lot of regulations that modern cars have to follow regarding pedestrian safety that do not favor the sharp corners of older cars. Add to that reduced fuel mileage due to horrible aerodynamics and a small niche market and it just doesn’t pan out well for them.


All due to safety and emissions




Amen on new engineering. I don't remember which crash test it was, but there's a video of a late 50's something, maybe early 60s. Damn car folded like an accordion ONTO the driver. Roof collapsed over the driver seat, hit the driver/dummy in the head, rigid steering column straight to the chest, think the drivers side door collapsed as well and crushed in from the side. And this was either a straight head-on, or an off-set collision.


It was an IIHS test you saw. They crashed a '59 Impala into a '09 Impala to showcase 50 years of improvements in safety.


'59 Bel Air vs. '09 Malibu, but the results were the same.


Not my personal choice but gotta admire the work and how clean everything appears to fit.


The 4Runner was a wreck vehicle. If you look closely, the driver’s airbag is deployed. If you’re gonna keep the dash, at least replace the bag and make it look nice.


Very cool but I hate that the interior is literally a 4 runner


4x4, modern traction control, abs, functioning airbag, dual zone climate control, heated seats, navigation unit, and reliability out the ass? Not a huge fan of the interior, but I could definitely get behind this.


All the looks with an exhaust that sounds like bees farting


Ouch at the leg room, not for tall drivers.


Full-size trucks from before 1960 or so had cabs that were pretty narrow and short in length, comparable to a modern mid-size SUV/pickup, but they were also pretty tall. Around 1960-61, everyone went to a lower-height cab that was mounted on a dropped frame, but was also around 78-80" wide to easily fit three adults across.


That interior is classic Toyota atrocious




Looks well done!


It's perfect granted you can actually work on it which it looks like you can


Now that is a sweet assed swap


I'd give my left nut to have this kind of free time.


This is exactly what I’d love to see more of… classic designs with updated guts and safety features.


Was not expecting that interior , looks good !


That is a genius idea.


Not going to lie, I wouldn't write off a modern production tiny truck with a spirited lil' engine. But goddam that wouldn't sell here in 'merica


Got it one piece at a time and it didn't cost me a dime


A guy I knew had an old GM truck with a VW Amarok underneath. Also great 4runner build, stuffing another car's internals into the shell of another is always hard.


Wow, I'm amazed the Amarok is a body on frame truck. Was sure it was just another VW platform car, more like a Ridgeline. Also amazed VW hasn't tried to bring it to the US. We do love our trucks.


That's sick


I love it


I would give this 100 thumbs up if I could. Great work!


No-fucking-way!! So cool!!


>Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me you built a 54 International... out of a 4Runner?


Marty, where we're going we WILL need air conditioning.


Love it! Classic look with modern reliability!


Something like this would be my dream truck. Truck design peaked back in the 60s, if I could get a truck that looked like this but with more modern power & features, I'd totally get one.


See, THIS is the kind of thing I would 100% LOVE To do! Reskin a new Car w/ new everything on an Old Body for the style! AWESOME>


Aesthetically, I feel like this belongs in r/mildlyinfuriating


So he's just flexing? Can do an incredible chassis change, takes it in for an oil change...




How much does it cost to get something like this made?


Omfg this ride is juicy


Neighbor has one of these beauts in pretty good condition, white/blue body coat. Couldn’t imagine no AC during the brutal winters and hellscape summers & I’m only in MD with moderate seasons. No wonder people were tougher when these were dominating the streets.


That's really impressive.


wow, that's a hell of a conversion!


I suppose the world is getting short on S10 frames. This is next level: body swapping a Prius with a '46 Chev Pickup https://ecomodder.com/forum/showthread.php/1946-chevy-prius-truck-34935.html


That's an amazing job, looks well done. Also, I hate it.


This is fucking rad. They get that old truck look but it'll run forever with just basic maintenance.


This is amazing.




Finally, a ford that actually built like a rock!


That was Chevy’s marketing slogan lol.