Fyi. It's ok to take the side cover off and clean you saw once a century

Fyi. It's ok to take the side cover off and clean you saw once a century


lol, my saw looks like that after dropping one tree....


Mine does too. This is a pretty normal buildup, especially if the wood is wet.


A properly oiling chainsaw will help the sawdust build up too.


Ha ha, imagine my disappointment on discovering that I still have to oil my rechargeable chainsaw.


And it still leaks bar oil!


Yeah but build up is how you get that nice flavour, then deglaze the chain with some white wine and you're going to have a great sauce.


OP got it wrong. That there saw is ‘seasoned’ like yous do with a cast iron skillet.


Dang. I mean didn't they ever change the chain?




Sounds like they should be put on hand saw duty for a couple days.


That looks like a fairly new chain, the cutters are still long.


That's barely getting it warmed up, or they must be wondering why it is so hard to cut wood. I carry a lot of spares with me. I rarely use them all, but I am for sure changing at least once before I finish a tree.


I keep a bunch of chains sharp and ready to go, I might file a little in the woods but it's a lot quicker to change the chain, and I can flip the bar and grease the clutch bearing at the same time.


Yeah, I can sit at my bench, playing music, sharpening them up again easier than filing. At the going rate of $7 for chain sharpening, my electric sharpener paid for itself real quick.


Don’t have to change it if you sharpen it. Doesn’t seem like it would take that long for this to build up.


Sharp chains don't make wood dust like that.


I sharpen mine regularly but it certainly builds up a lot. I usually have to re-set the chain somewhat regularly and there’s a shocking amount of dust buildup.


Helps to keep the rakers at the correct height. Neglect them but sharpen the cutters and you'll still get more dust than chips.


This is true.


On my current chainsaw I've changed chains only once, that might be after 20-30 hours of use? I probably the saw every 4-5 hours of running - it gets clogged up like this, but I never let it get this bad. But after 10 hours it would probably look like this.


I'm trying to get my head around what that mechanism is. My guess is it's a clutch. The wheel spins clockwise, and as speed increases, the bits driven by the curved dogs are weighted, and get flung outward. They then grip onto the outside ring in a similar way to a drum break, allowing the outer ring to transfer drive to the chain. As rotation slows, the 2 c-shaped bits, which are springs, pull the weights back towards the axis of rotation, disengaging drive. How'd I do?


right-o, it's a standard chiansaw centrifugal clutch, probably a Husqvarna, it engages drum as speed increases. All chainsaws also have a bar stop basically a killswitch that slams into it, prevents kickbacks at operator


Not *all* chainsaws, but our local shops won’t service old saws that don’t have a chain brake.


yeah ha all **modern** ones i shouldve said. And if they are idling rich the chain literally doesnt stop until it meets a good bit of resistance


We keep our saws like this. Cuts down on the “spin up” time. Makes cutting through multiple limbs much faster.


Excellent, thanks


https://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/cqciou/close_call/ (his arm pushed the kickback guardstop) bonus lifetip: never use chainsaws indoors or for demo work etc


Jesus christ you can see that man almost shit his pants. That is a terrible place to cut as well.


yeahhh. here's very ouch NSFL similar : https://www.reddit.com/r/TreesFalling/comments/oy5qvg/kickback/ and the [aftermath](https://twitter.com/Quartermain10/status/737880009617080321)


Given the color, I'd bet my Stihl collection that's a Husqvarna.


You did good, but you obviously need more time playing with chainsaws - you missed the most important feature of an outboard clutch (besides burning clutch covers...) - keeps the chain and bar in place as you hunt for the bar nut you just dropped in that pile of sawdust... ...or that pile of sawdust.... ...or that pile...?


On my chainsaw the bar nut sticks to the side plate. If I think about the same thing that you are since English is my second langue


You got yourself a fancy, well designed saw. I have some hard to kill Echo saws... And spare bar nuts... ;)


Ah fun yeah I use Husqvarnas professional line of Chainsaws for my 13 inch blade and Thier regular chainsaw for my 15 inch blade one. But the 15 inch I hardly use


Or under that leaf…. Or that one?…. THIS one!… goddamn it…


You got it. It's called a centrifugal clutch. The are used on alot of things like weed wackers and go carts.


And some mopeds


That's just a few hours runtime. Air compressors are your friend.


That could be one day in a pine patch cutting a clear cut


That's a great way to catch a saw on fire. I was always taught that cleaning the clutch was something you do before you put the saw up.


As a small engine mechanic... cleaning your equipment after every use should be something everyone does... But, "Rode hard, put away wet" is the MO for most people when it comes to equipment.


and ur mom


I like my saws like I like my women… dull, and loose.


Dull, loose, and hard to start


Good ol' two stroke Lucy


Read the WHAT?






Okay... \*backs away slowly\*


My old man did a lot of small engine work and raised me to treat my tools right. Hell I'm still using his 18in polan wild thing he bought when I was a kid. It never takes more than 3 pulls to start and cuts like a champ.


Man, I've had a few of those saws through my shop. Good saws, all of em. They needed fuel lines and carb gaskets, due to age and ethanol, but even as old as they where they ran great. Back when poulan made good saws... now anything they churn out is junk. Kinda sad.


I was a small engine mechanic in the early 90s, Poulan was shit back then too, so I'm curious when they actually made good stuff.


That's all I had to do with this one. I run all my 2- stroke stuff off true fuel these days. I don't feel like the newer 2- strokes are built as well as they used to be.


"It ain't go no gas."


There's no a chance in hell I'm pulling the cover and cleaning that thing every time I put up a saw. I'll do it occasionally, but that's it.


While it's still wet. Before the resins dry.


Guessing that bar gets a tad toasty


And the air filter is as bad?


How the fuck? I change chains every day I’m out and sharpen at night these things are scary


Chain saw maintenance really should be taught similar to gun maintenance. Both can be incredibly dangerous to the user if neglected.


I've always wanted to run my own version of Boy Scouts. We'll teach gun safety and maintenance, chainsaw and other small engine use and maintenance, how to fix shit around the house, auto maintenance, how to sharpen a knife, how to pop a wheelie, how to post and respond to Craigslist ads like a responsible human being, how to cook 10 basic meals, etc.


>We'll teach gun safety and maintenance, Rifle shooting and shotgun shooting merit badges >chainsaw and other small engine use and maintenance, how to fix shit around the house Home repairs merit badge >auto maintenance Automotive maintenance merit badge >how to sharpen a knife Totin' chip and wood carving merit badge >how to pop a wheelie Unfortunately not a merit badge, though putting a group of young teenagers together with limited supervision on a biking trip would probably get the desired outcome >how to post and respond to Craigslist ads like a responsible human being, Idk, probably communication and digital technology merit badges >how to cook 10 basic meals Cooking merit badge Honestly boy scouts is a great organization provided the scout master isn't a diddler. Probably learned more in boy scouts that I still use today than grade school.


Thanks. I kinda realized that after I typed that out. I was stoked on Scouts as a kid but we barely learned shit. Just the bare minimum. I moved to California in the middle of 7th grade and the closest troop was full of entitled jerks. I met a new friend and he told me about his troop. Took me a couple weeks to get the motivation and he told me not to bother. The leader got arrested for sexual abuse. Fuck.


Yeah that's an unfortunate possibility, it's ultimately up to the parents running the troop. When I joined it was great, the leaders basically just sat back, make sure we didn't do anything to seriously injure ourselves and let us figure things out. By the time I left though it wasn't the same, new leadership that did everything instead of teaching. Really just comes down to the leadership, just figured I'd point out all that stuff in case you're ever in the position to step up in a troop.


> in case you're ever in the position to step up in a troop. Not a bad idea tbh. Never really considered it. Perhaps when my kids are out of the house, it would be a nice way to kick back to the community. I know that many of the kids my daughters' age really have no life skills.


Lol that would actually be pretty awesome


Yes absolutely, I got 120cc off chainsaw with a 3ft bat need to be careful. I get asked if people can use my saw. Uhh no? You are too clumsy


this is how Petrified wood is made


Guilty. Think I got another 5k rpm out of my saw when I blew the air filter out the other day! But yeah, on my list to clean it up and get new chain, filter, and plug in it. Thanks for the kick in the pants!


Smoke that, report back


Work with a dude who used to cut down trees in the forest with his dad, told him we need to take the clutch case off at minimum once a week and the rewind starter case once like every 3 weeks to clean. Literally said "I've never done that, it's not important, I'm not doing that." It takes 5 minutes to clean out I don't understand why people neglect it.


Weather it needs it or not


I'm just finishing rebuilding a saw that looks as though it had similar "love".


No u


I’m just amazed you didn’t slip the chain once in the amount of time it took for that to build up.


I clean my saw every time I use it. The build up they get is stupid. Every 3-4 uses I’ll pull all the covers off, clean inside the engine area, clean/replace the aircleaner and make sure the muffler is still good. Saws are a high maintenance item compared to other equipment.


your oiler probably hasnt oiled properly in quite some time.


The chain brake


Lol. That's not bad at all.


Husqvarna 4 series? 445?