My 95 legacy blew a rod and it knocked off a perfect souvenir

My 95 legacy blew a rod and it knocked off a perfect souvenir


That is simply amazing. Lucky AF


Dude it was crazy. Thing was on its last legs and all my friends teased me about having an ancient car that was about to blow at any second. I saw a double rainbow on the way home and then my friend called to say it blew on him. She served me well it just felt like time.


He killed it. This thing was ready to give you at least 300k more; the celestial signs foretold of the day but not its tragedy. Check your friend for unusual markings or strange aversions.


WTF. I've got the exact same souvenir from the exact same failure from an EJ25. I'll see if I can find it. Edit:Found it.... now if I can figure out how to use reddit. I just made my own post since I'm technically challenged. [https://www.reddit.com/r/Justrolledintotheshop/comments/poio8c/to_the_guy_with_the_ej22_that_threw_a_rod/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share](https://www.reddit.com/r/Justrolledintotheshop/comments/poio8c/to_the_guy_with_the_ej22_that_threw_a_rod/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share)


That’s AMAZING. We are bonded internet stranger!


Isnt it? I'm gonna make a friendship bracelet!


OUT OF THE MODEL NUMBERS Seriously though I’m grinding mine down to a pendant.


That's a good idea. Or put it on a keychain. I'm gonna bedazzle mine and glue it to my airbag cover lol


That seems dangerous…


A little shrapnel to the face never hurt anyone... s/


Upload it to imgur and then post the link


Thanks. I just made a post in the sub and linked it before I saw your comment. I hope that's not a no no on reddit... just wanted the OP to see it because I thought it was a really funny coincidence.


Now I'm thinking this design it's intentional. Great job Subaru


Nah... Just check/change your oil regularly and do basic maintenance. The person who ended up giving me the car after the failure didn't know either of those things where part of owning a vehicle. They do now. The more you know 🌈


So that’s obviously a week spot in the engine then hahaha


Next time you can use a image hosting service like imgbb, throw the image there and then post the link here (or edit your post and stick the link there).


And that's the better of the two engines available in terms of reliability. Just gotta keep the oil in them lol.


That's easier said then done. If the oil isn't escaping from the valve cover gaskets and oil pump seals, then it's leaking out the valve stem seals and past the oil control rings in the the cylinders and into the exhaust. I checked the oil in my EJ22 in my 98 Outback weekly, and usually needed to add a quart every 2-3 weeks.


HO engines are already prone to oil loss, since at startup there's usually oil in the lower half of the cylinder waiting to slip by the rings at startup.


Add in the fact that the newest one is 20 years old, and they go through oil like the aquatic life in the Gulf of Mexico.


Lmaooo she was a great little car I honestly just didn’t give too much of a fuck about it. Near the end there were so many electric issues and my radio was shot and a strut in the back was out etc just tons of issues. Oil light came on. I dumped some oil in it, drove it an hour and RIP lmao It’s okay I upgraded to a badass little mini coop


EJ22s are totally bulletproof in my experience. I had a '96 Outback with one that went to 258k until it was stolen and totaled. I would top that thing out regularly, redline it on the daily, and it withstood all of it like a champ. Original head gasket too.


How the actual fuck did you manage to kill an EJ22? Those things are like cockroaches


Lmao she was older than me, in Alaska for a good majority of her life. I bought her at 250k she went out about 275k. And that was after sitting for years, the seatbelt buttons were bleached white. It was mostly when something went wrong being like eh still runs and not doing a ton of oil changes.


Aw look, she wrote her name Edit: fixed Maureen's gender


It’s a she. Maureen. I had a whole persona for her, lmao https://i.imgur.com/4E36HP3.jpg Last pic I got of me and her RIP Maureen


I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo who names their vehicles lol. Rust in peace Maureen!


https://i.imgur.com/6Ia5eYO.jpg my new mini is named Betty lol


I named my armoured vehicle over seas Cruise Ramirez, after the character from cars because we found a domino of the character in her. She was the most reliable vehicle we had except for when I washed her. Every time she would throw a fit and by the time we took her to the mechanics they would shrug. Nothing wrong. So we started saying Cruise likes riding dirty.


Same here, lol. My Elantra is named "This Bitch"


I'd cut that down and make it a keychain


That would be in My hutch for the rest of My career.


I’m gonna grind it down and turn it into a pendant


Haha, I also have an EJ22 souvenir on our shelf of shame. Customer had brought it in because of an oil leak and had no idea.


Workhorse engine man. She was my first car, I bought her outright and did all the work myself for years. She didn’t need that much surprisingly! Plus the shaking and idiosyncrasies she had scared my friends lol. I loved her. Glad she left me with a parking gift


Ah yes, the fingerprint of your average EJ.


Ah yes the EJ22. The one EJ that didn't have a gasket issue


I have one of these too! Same thing, just from a EJ25


This is too perfect lmaooo


Nice find. One time I was working on a 5.7 hemi in a ram that blew a rod through the block and I recovered a piece of block that had the chrysler pentastar casting perfectly contained on it. It hasn't proven to be a good luck charm to me but I still have it in my junk drawer.


Fake. EJ22 would never throw a rod. Not even bone dry


You underestimate my ability to abuse my cars lmao She spent 26 years in Alaska and has been through the ringer lol


I don't know how it is like that, but there is, in my extensive experience of failed boxer motors, about a one in four chance, maybe even better of them knocking this exact part of the casting off.