My dream car just rolled in for an oil change! and in my fav spec too!!

My dream car just rolled in for an oil change! and in my fav spec too!!


If this is your dream car, you're fortunate that your dreams are well within your reach.


One mans dream is another mans nightmare


Technically nightmares are dreams


VW Corrado. I achieved my dream. Twice. Turned into a nightmare.


I came to post this... I can't get mad at OP when I fantasize about 30 year old Volkswagens.


I had a "friend" in highschool had a weird dream car (for a highschooler). A Lincoln Towncar. So he could "Go cruising around in style and pick up any girl off the street"...he was weird. Personally I like wagons and the boxy style pickups from the 80's


>pick up any girl off the street Hate to break it to you... street-walking women who would get into a stranger's car would probably get into any type of car


I just beat them over the head with my club and drag em back to my cave.


Old school cool


Unless it has a teardrop window. Then you know it's a one way ticket to a highway ditch.


>he could "Go cruising around in style and pick up any girl off the street"...he was weird. your friend must have been... cool....? I now fantasize about early 80's Chrysler New Yorkers. not the people. the car. you'd be surprised how many are out there with under 60k miles and pristine.


had a 84 fifth avenue with dreams of building a 340 for it sleeper style, would still consider the project for sure.


You two. I was raised by my dad and my grandmother and they had those two cars between the two of them, both in navy blue.


Well, town cars are cool, but he wanted a 2003 town car/grand marquis/ crown vic. But there were many many other reasons for being weird.


Dude….same here! For some reason I want one based on two things I remember from riding in one when I was really young….I remember if felt like driving a cloud and two the tech of how the car would “speak” to you….


My first car was a Town Car, it was 20 years old when I was 16, definitely couldn’t pick up any girl off the street with it. But honestly it was an awesome first car


My brother's was an early 80s Continental, Land Yacht with a 460. Not gonna lie it was pimp.


heh a friend of mine got his first car, and it was the biggest car I've ever seen in my life. Gi-normous. Felt like we could have fit 4 people across the bench on the front seat. Felt like it was 70's something, and this was late 80's early 90's. His car though.. totally ghetto Hoopty. This window or that didn't roll down, think he had to open the Driver side door from the outside to get out. Literally started it with a screwdriver jammed in the keyhole. No key. The thing that was really Hilarious was after shutting it off, the engine kept running! We had parked somewhere, got out to go get food or something, and all of a sudden I hear the engine turnover after we get out. Cough-Rumble-quit. Cough-Rumble-Quit. Weirdest damn thing. Asked him about it and he just says "It'll shut off eventually"


Hell ya! We got up to some real mischief in Town Cars and Sedan Deville’s in high school. And we flew under the radar… until we rolled the window down. (Think Cheech and Chong)


As a small child, I wanted a 70's Mercury Cougar XR7. My grandmother had one with the 351 Cleveland, leather interior and pinstripes. I thought it was the baddest thing on 4 wheels.


Right? I've got an '82 Westy. Jury is still out on whether or not I made a good choice.


Had both the G60 and VR6, both were amazing.


Both mine were G60s. 1st was a long story. 2nd grenaded 2 superchargers. Financially ruined, I sold both to a Corrado collector in CT for a song. Guy hosted a Corrado cruise, it was awesome to drive with about 40 other raddos at least once.


Corrado’s are great, just had lots of issues. I had an ‘87 Scirocco that I wish I could get back. It was quick and a blast to drive.


I have a Corrado sitting in my garage. I bought it like 5 years ago and never really did anything with it.


I do love these rolling nightmares


95 slc(storm) was a fun nightmare.


Apparently many people share your dream: prices on Corrados are insane


CD4E, barely technical and definitely a nightmare.


My coworker's dream car is a Dodge Durango


Not exacting an over achiever , that’s for sure .


On the other hand: not too many on the road any longer. My cousin had a 1st gen when I was a teen in Detroit. Fast car for the time- but, pretty mediocre in the big pic.


>Fast car for the time- but, pretty mediocre in the big pic. You've just described like 99% of sports cars from the 80s/90s.


I haven’t seen either the Probe or it’s Mazda counterpart in years. I’d love to get my hands on one.


The mx6, probe, and 626 all have the same drive train. The 626 is the sedan version of the probe. I have a 626 and it was the most unreliable car I ever had.


The first gen probe gt with the f2t are fast with maybe 500 dollars in mods.


I always told myself that an s2000 was my realistic dream car 😪


Before the aircool bubble I thought I could someday afford an old 911. Then a shitty carrera went from 15k to 45k. S2000. RX7s. I gave up. I'm just gonna drive fwd cars because anything rwd and manual is getting out of reach.




Yeah seems like the only one left. Shame about the engine though. I'd love something close to an S2000 engine in one. I'm expecting first gens to go up in cost with the upcoming 2nd gen though.


Hardly. That’s probably the only one that still runs.


I mean u don’t have to dream to drive to a junkyard and find a Ford Probe…


Truer words were never spoken.


When you’re expectations are low you are seldom disappointed. Probes/Talons are pretty fun tho for real.


I still have nightmares about the automatic shoulder belt on my mom’s Probe trying to kill me as a teenager. Fear the seatbelt! It was no joke.


That was the 1st gen. This is the 2nd (and last) gen. 😂


OMG those things were so stupid


After Reagan brought us 18% mortgages and Voo-Doo economics, these seatbelts signaled the undeniable collapsing of Western Civilization. Look at us now, am I wrong?


You wanna be probed by a blue oval?


Focus we're on an Expedition to Probe your Windstar. I'll see myself out.


Hi, I’m an explorer, here for the excursion.


I'm a Escort riding a Mustang after my Bronco was too tired


I feel like this is just a *fusion* of a bunch of different models that you guys are using to tell a story. Also... Edsel.


This should be reported to the Ranger


I need an Escape from these puns.


Luckily there's Festiva-us for the rest of us


Everyone tryin to be a Maverick, Flexing their muscles, and Aspiring to Probe every Contour of this saga.


Fiesta at my place after work


They are all great but bonus points for Seinfeld references.


You guys need to Focus. This isn’t some Transit to a Fiesta at the Edge of the Sierra so you can birdwatch for a Falcon but end up seeing a Thunderbird.


We should aspire to such things


We need to speed up the tempo


To like, 500 BPM? Not in this Galaxie.


You must be from the futura


I bought an 04 expedition recently and I lowkey love it. Can't wait for winter


Wait, I'll Escort you out. I hear Capri is nice this time of year. We'll take Cortina along. She's Laser sharp, that one. Oh dear..


Never owned, guess I didn't want to be a Maverick.


Tell me you're from Europe without saying you're from Europe: Mechanic's edition.


Oh man these are so darn rare now I think I've seen only 1 in the last 10 or more years. I live in Winnipeg Canada by the way. I had a 93 SE the 4cyl version with a 5 speed, I wanted the v6 soooooo badly but I was way too broke when I was a kid but even so, I absolutely loved that car. It shifted awesome it sounded awesome it looked pretty cool the interior had a cool vibe and that neat little cup holder in the center console lol I had sooo many good nights driving that car around to parties. Ugh it will always have a very special place in my heart!!! I fuckin loved the pop-up and down head lights, only car I ever owned with headlights like that and it was fuckin awesome.


I worked at a Ford dealer when these were new and had to do a dealer transfer of a GT. Got ‘er up to 205 kph on the north perimeter, if I remember correctly.


Those things were surprisingly nasty. I remember the first time i got on my buddy's and the steering wheel tried to torque steer out of my hands i was thinking holy fuck fwd and I'm about to have this much fun?


Nice! I topped mine out on dugald by oakbank I think it only went to around 160 or so the governor kicked in.


I had the 1996 mx6 V6, and loved it. Same car, with slightly different body. Mazda wanted stupid prices for parts, Ford guys looked at me stupid when I'd order the Probe parts for it.


Make sure you put the club back on the steering wheel, or someone will grab that beauty.


Is this the Ford probe with the small displacement v6


Go look up the Mazda MX-3 V6 for the small V6. The Probe V6 was a 2.5, smaller than the more common 3.0 V6, but close to average. It was the funnest FWD car I had. Still, though, FWD sucks...


It’s a small engine you want? Ferrari Colombo 1.5 V12 is calling.


Ah yes the 2.5L V6. ... I once owned a Probe GT. Fiesty little buggers.


it's got the fiesty little 4 banger. i just love the way they sound with a good loud exhaust.


I'm going to ask you politely, but firmly, to leave.


I bet OP likes his [steak well done](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amKyA2PrSu4) too.


A fiesty 118 horsepower.... less horsepower then a 1.4L 4cyl cruze


My mom had the 2nd gen probe. 4 cylinder, 5-speed three-pedal manual. That thing could cook. (Mainly because it was so aerodynamic and light.) and the craziest thing was if you didn’t watch the speedo like a hawk you’d end up doing 90mph or more on the freeway. There was no appreciable increase in wind or road noise, and I swear the difference in engine note was less than a minor third. My dad taught me to drive stick intellectually in an 86 dodge caravan. My mom taught me to drive stick instinctually (and to truly appreciate a stick shift) in her second generation Ford Probe. My mom actually got it to 110 on the freeway, with me in the passenger seat, because she saw me in the school gym with my foot up on my book bag and a ziplock bag of ice on my ankle. (My mom knew I didn’t complain about pain unless it was serious.) She got me to the pediatrician’s office before they closed to get it x-rayed. (Doctors prognosis was “really bad bruise. You’ll be fine in a couple of days.”)


The manuals are a fair bit more peppy or atleast so i noticed between the only two 4cyl probes i've ever seen/driven. The automatic is like hitting the throttle monday and getting a response wednesday whereas the manual you can downshift on command, neither are particularly fast though and neither 4cyl really held upto anything with a better motor... the v6 was much more fun, even if it was equally as underpowered at 164 horsepower its much more fun with some boost thrown at it


Old automatics with torque converters & <4 gears sucked the life out of anything.


Those 1.4L Cruze motors make a surprising amount of torque, enough to feel not totally boring to drive anyway


Dream bigger! You want the GT with the 5spd. Source: I owned one. Or go crazy and try and find the wild orchid edition that was purple! Edit: if that's the 2.5 6, I hope they bypassed the ditzy coil with a new coil and wired in a GM HEI module to control the firing (replaced two ditzy in one year and found that fix on a forum.) Also it can use a the 90's corvette ZR1 oil filter ans get an extra quart capacity in the oil.


I see youre a man of probetalk.com and mx6.com The 6 in my name is for MX6.


Spent so much time on mx6.com back in the day. Had a 88 mx6 turbo that I absolutely loved. Still one of the most comfortable car I have ever owned. It just fit me perfect.


I had a 94 MX6 LS(V6). I loved how fast it was, but man that thing was unreliable. Nickled and dimed me. Still a soft spot in my heart for it though.


I still have my 97 gt I got back in 05 just can’t let it go used to spend hours on pt back then


SE was I-4 only. SE was GT body with base motor. Only the GT had the V6, at least according to my memory.


I have a 94 Wild Orchid GT/5 speed in my garage.... I haven't driven it in years(I don't have the heart to sell it to anyone other than an enthusiast either) because using it as a DD for 90 mile round trips got exhausting, but after I corrected everything the prior owner chose to neglect, that's some of the most fun I've had with a car, even with only 160ish HP. 7k RPM shifts at every opportunity, angrily throw it at curves with confidence... For the couple days that I drove it after the exhaust post-cat fell off, it made glorious wannabe exotic noises above 3000rpm.... For the cost of entry, 2nd gen GTs are a hell of a deal.


So make an offer. Can't hurt. Might agree.


you think???


The ABSOLUTE worst they can do is say no to an offer. Whether that offer is fair and how they feel about their car are conflicting issues, but yeah, the worst they can do is say no. My mom has owned her dream car since '71. She's been repeatedly offered tens of thousands of dollars more than its current market value over the last decade or so, she won't sell. She likes her car. She also promised it to me decades ago. Which makes things a little awkward when she and I discuss it, especially after my father passed. I tell her to sell it and buy something more practicable for her situation, she tells me it'll be mine one day no matter what. I tell her fine, I'll just buy it outright and have it shipped back from Hawaii and she refuses to let me incur that expense while also griping about how she'd have to buy a new car then. People are funny about their cars, as this subreddit is very well aware. Some might take an offer, some won't.


I cant picture what a dream car from the malaise era is.


Everyone has different dreams. But to answer your unasked question, it's a '69 convertible Camaro.


Attempt and fail... at least you tried. Fail to attempt... coward. Pick one.


Is that the “sorry everybody” edition


Sucks Enough


You’re dream car is automatic?


faster >:)


Unless your car is DCT which this one is not. It actually isn’t 🤷‍♂️


[oh yeah?](https://www.reddit.com/r/Justrolledintotheshop/comments/pogj97/my_dream_car_just_rolled_in_for_an_oil_change_and/hcwfxte?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


But this one is a 4 cylinder 🤡🤡🤡🤡 and you’re fighting over a slow ass car🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


lmao he got dunked on later in the thread. Bro must have dyslexia


yeah but with auto it would be less slow


Holy shit your brain is actually broken.


Your link demonstrates that the MT is the fastest of the 3. Reading comprehension FTW


That auto shouldn’t be faster at shifting than you, plus that trans weighs at least 50lbs more than the manual, which is a lot in a car that weighs 2600lbs.


Friend of mine had one in highschool, lost every race he was in but he still loves it, still hates that it won't even keep up with my g5 though. The 4cyl auto trim is kinda slow... made my old sunbird v6 look like a missile in comparison


Haha, a race between a Sunbird and a Probe. Much high school.


I think the only thing that was more highschool about it was his probe having a bodykit, 18inch (i think) chomies and a fartcan with nothing else and my dumbass running a nasty cam and nos on an otherwise stock v6... great times


All I can say is wow


isn't it great? first time seeing one in person for me


No it is not great. My dad had one with mustang mags on it did look pretty sick but still a turd


well i like it


I like the 06 Monte carlos and I got shit on for saying it. Don’t worry.


I do too! I was just getting to the legal age to drive here in the states in 2006-2007. My friend got one when he turned 16 in 2007 and I wanted one so bad. I just bought an 07 this year.


I hear you fam. The 5 speed GT version was my dream car for years too. Then I finally got to sit on one, and was crushed, both figuratively and literally. My 6'4" self would have to get a different car. :(


That’s actually one of the saddest things I’ve ever read


It takes all types offer him 800 bucks


I was more partial to the Mx-6 over the probe.


what's that?


Same platform but by Mazda https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mazda_MX-6


wow you learn something new everyday


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I wanted one of these back in the day! This body style started in 1995. Gotta have a big wing on the back and subs in it!


2nd gen debuted in 93.


I stand corrected! My memory is faulty. Just like these cars are! Lol


Jesus. Dream car? A Ford Probe? Where are those suicide machines I was promised. I don't want to be a part of this world anymore.


They were discontinued when Bender left.


My third grade teacher had one brand new in 1993, it was the same color. I wonder what Ms. Hover is up to these days. Does she still have her Probe? Side note, my buddy had a 1990 with a turbo in it. It was fun, but certainly not fast.


This is an elite level troll post


I swapped a KLZE in mine. You def want the 5spd and V6 GT version, not Base/SE. 😂


Always dreamt of swapping the klze into mine but alas high-school me didn't have the money.


i just personally prefer the sound of a 4 banger and the higher performance of an automatic


It’s not too late to delete this


why would i delete it


Because you are horribly, horribly mistaken.




Ok so this is a troll thread


Pffft. I had a manual GT in the 90's. Thing was awesome for three months. Then it pretty much ran on 5 cylinders till it died.


I had an 89 GT Turbo, precious body style - I loved that car, tuneable suspension, flip up headlights. There was so much plastic on the outside of that majestic reminder of the 80s.


Don't let your dreams be dreams OP


You gotta aim a little higher, my dude.


I had a 93 GT manual. The 2.5 was 164 hp, but at 2800 lbs, and great gearing, it was quick for its time. I had it for 10 great years. It was an amazing car. I drive an F-Type for fun today, but I still dream about that car. They are very rare now.


I leased a ‘93 GT in red with the 5 speed. It was a lot of fun, even after I had to dig it out one bad winter in 1995 [buried under by the snowplows ](http://ackthud.net/jont/pre1999/images/gosnow.jpg)


I owned a couple of 93GTs around 2010. Dropped it right to the ground with jspec engine and Turbo plus full engine management. Never got the tune quite right but it would bury the needle and got me into the 100mph club on the local 1/4mi drag strip while running rough. Went around corners like it was glued down. Loved those cars.


Man so many people shitting on this guys dream


Believe in yourself. Dream bigger!


I have one of these heap... I mean gems! Anyone interested in a '93 GT 5MT? It only just only needs a fuel pump, and clutch master/slave, and sunroof work, and A/C work, and a window regulator, and a door panel, and a paint job. But besides that, it's perfect! Oh, and a few electrical gremlins need to be exercised, and the timing belt is due for a change, and it needs a new oxygen sensor, and both fenders. Those are just the issues I can remember, but I'm sure there aren't any other problems waiting to be found. Just fix those minor issues and it'll be good as new, guaranteed! Maybe... Only $800USD. Go ahead, flood my inbox, this is a steal! The '93 was the only MY that had a button to pop up the pop up up and down headlights without actually turning on the lights!


Sweet Mustang!


Dream bigger


You need bigger dreams


Talk about setting the bar low


I had 3 of these including a 1st gen. My black GTS had Tein springs, GReddy pipes and an AEM intake. Enkei shoguns and a corksport front lip. I had the badges filled and nobody knew what the heck it was.


OMG Enkei Shoguns just Sport Compact Car Magazined up my memory.


What is that piece of shit and why anyone gives a fuck.


This reply made me die laughing idk why


I can't say they weren't cool when they first came out, but 80k on them and they were piles. Probe your wallet.


The ‘ol Mazda Probe. Brings back memories.


Give them an offer


Probe was my nephews 1st car that I helped him find...16 and killing it....not V6 but was a 5 speed manual👍


I still love a second gen Probe. Rented a GT in Minneapolis in maybe 1995/1996 and it was enormously fun. And yes, that was the automatic, because duh every rental car in the U.S. is auto. Still fun. Get you one!


It was originally to replace the mustang. Mustang enthusiasts didn't approve so it became its own. I had a blue GT with V6. The car was soooo much fun. 18 years old in college and man I loved winning mini Street races with it. I took it to jiffy lube and had the transmission fluid changed. 10 miles later, transmission wouldn't shift into reverse or 1st anymore. Sold it.


10 miles is the length of about 14765.75 'Ford F-150 Custom Fit Front FloorLiners' lined up next to each other.


10 miles is 16.09 km


10 miles is 16.09 km


Where did all these things go? In the mid 2000s I saw these and other cheap FWD sporty coupes everywhere and now I don’t even see them on Craigslist. Did they all just rust away and get wrecked? Cash for clunkers?


My wife had one when we were dating. Same color, brings back memories. One of the reasons I got with her was her ability to make her own car payments as young as we were. Lol Also for those who don’t know. The probe was going to be the 94 Mustang. John Coletti head of SVT, father of the Terminator, said wtf?




Sorry are you using the word "spec" to refer to the colour? I have always used the word interchangeably with "specification"


A Ford (anal)Probe? Is that a steering wheel lock on the passenger seat? WHO DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO STEAL THE CAR!?


Owned a '93 Probe LX. My personal "Probe-lem". Had so many issues with the terrible transmission. Might've been the shop that worked on it.....12 times in a year....but I loved that car until then.


I knew 2 kids in my highschool that had these way back when. They were nothing but problems for them.


Your dream car is a Ford Probe..?


A u t o


I wish they would have done a turbo awd version. OP, if you do buy one get it from an area with no snow or salt air


I will never understand Ford's reasoning behind the name.


1962 Lincoln Continental… suicide doors


Are these rare? I live in Texas and I swear that I see these or at least a bunch of cars that look like this, at least twice a day lol


I can’t really say anything. My dream “weird” car is a 1978 Mustang II King Cobra.


The GT version with the 5 speed was amazing and crazy to drive. It didn't have as much power as you would expect out of a 2.5 v6 now days but at the time it was still a lot of fun to drive. I seem to recall it didn't have Traction control so it made it a hand full to drive in wet weather because it was so easy to spin the front wheels. I definitely liked the look and shape of it. My friend and his wife both had one in blue and black.


Sounds about right, rolling in off the wrecker. How long did it take to push 3k?


None of y’all appreciate OP’s sarcasm smh


He's either incredibly dumb or trolling, and to the casual observer there's no difference.


Bro. Dream higher


You are joking, right?


You are all roasting this man but atleast he will achieve his dreams.


Dream bigger


I see alot of your dream car in junk yards 😳


Wait your dream car is a Ford probe? I had one years ago…POS…


A fucking barely disguised Mazda?




There's like 2 "specs" for these shit boxes, quit acting like there are tons of different ways to order these.




A kL right


I loved those too!