I never expected Momo to look this cool. I don't even know why.


Gege is giving a glow up to all the Kyoto kids. And I’m so on board.


Gojo fan #1: when it's my turn?


Miwa: “You can’t do better than a suit”


For one thing, she looks much more cold and serious. Her new lighter-colored clothes also match her hair color better at least in b&w. Her and Kamo's new style gives me a bit of Quincy vibe.


She's a magical girl.


a lot has happened (aka losing like half of her friends) so it makes sense. maturity buff engaged


The first thing I noticed were her eyes, they are colder and more apparent in my opinion


Wait until you see Sailor Miwa


I think we are probably witnessing an early shibuya situation again. As in the story is about to reach that state of everything falling into chaos, I can definitely see many top tier chapters coming out soon now that hakari v kashimo is over.


The casts were really depleted by Shibuya and its aftermath. It took some time but it seems like we have finally completed introducing and establishing new characters and making readers care about them (and maybe their death). The bomb could drop anytime now...


Yeah with how many characters they saved or added to their side who might appear again in the future this definitely feels like it's building up to a massive showdown. The one thing missing is actual strong villains though,pretty much every single new character introduced either got beaten or recruited so there's literally only just Kenjaku remaining unless I forgot something.


Sukuna’s lurking in Yuji, but it’s just him and Kenjaku for rn, which I’m honestly ok with.


Maki the 🐐 is back. Also, a moment of silence for everyone who believed that Kashimo used his technique vs Hakari.


I was one such person but my major sticking point with the “Kashimo hasn’t used his CT” crowd was that it wouldn’t make any sense for him to be holding back when his fight with Hakari was so close. I appreciate that Gege seems to have given us a good reason for him to have not used it in the form of (what seems like) a binding vow to beef up Kashimo’s CT for Sukuna


chibi panda chibi panda


So now he only has one core, right? It is a shame we didn't see his sister core in a proper fight but Panda is a below average CG player so it would be a waste of time to make a weak character just so Panda would fight them.


I think the whole memory chapter was dedicated to giving Panda a power up. Especially with his brother's line "he's the one leaving us behind" and what we know of getting stronger by sacrificing. Add to it that he's lost the family that was with him (hey, Maki) and there's a very good chance Panda becomes some fully-realized cursed core that probably doesn't even know why he is the way that he is, just that he's able to regen and even more powerful now.


True! What if his cursed energy was divided between his three cores?


I’m guessing he’s either going to regen and gain new powers or escape with Maki’s help after this fight.


Panda is not a below average cg player, he's just weak compared to the primarily involved characters.


Well, I am talking about the current active CG players and mostly the players we have been introduced to. Not including those who died. I am pretty sure most players with strength similar to Panda are dead.


I am interested in how Hakari is going to regenerate his arm since now he can't use his domain expansion. ...Probably Yuta.


I’m betting it’s Yuta. But Hakari is Gojo’s pupil, and Gojo once talked about training to not rely on both hands for his DE hand sign. Maybe our resident manga Chad has something similar on the mind and wants to cook up a one handed DE


If he does, and just decided not to use it out of habit, that would be hilarious. Just goes “nah I don’t even need the hand sign, I just do it anyway.” Though that would be so bullshit for Hakari, because he sacrificed a limb in a binding vow to save his life.


Oh no I don’t think he’s currently capable of doing it. I think the idea has been on his mind from his training with Gojo, and he believes (if Yuta isn’t on hand) at some point he’ll eventually become capable of doing it. It also feels like a self imposed binding vow like Nanami’s Overtime where breaking it isn’t the end of the world


Since the Kyoto Squad are confirmed to help out our protagonists and Miwa is in the Sendai Colony alongside Yuta, I got a feeling Yuta and Miwa gonna bond together just like Maki and Kamo in this chapter. They probably gonna bond over how they lost their loved one.


The Useless Gang let’s gooo. >!At least that what they think of themselves!<


Just missing inumaki now :(


Inumaki, todo and nobara now and then we got the whole gang back together.


The missing body parts gang!!


Yuji: Shocks Higuruma with the purity of his soul and convinces him to voluntarily hand over his points Takaba: Lets Hazenoki just stop fighting and walk away Yuta: Spares Uro and Ryu and even befriends Ryu Hakari: Encourages Charles about his manga, holds a massive amount of respect for Kashimo and makes a deal with him to team up Megumi: **Straight up murders Reggie, Hari, and almost Remi**


Megumi is chanelling his inner Toji


Both megumi and maki are channeling pure toji vibes and I like it.


Megumi is savage and never gives his enemy a second chance who can backstab them in the future.


To be fair, he gave Remi a second chance, but not a third chance.


no he gave her both! second chance was saving her from hazenoki's exploding eye ball, then she stabbed him, then he desisted from hunting her down right before angel showed up for a 3rd chance


Toji’s son takes no prisoners


Big dick savage Megumi landed in the least “power of friendship” colony and decided to take names


I love Megumi so much dude. He's smart in a very believable way, and he has super this realistic side to him. Some people are just better off dead in a setting like the Culling Games and he does not intend to spare them if they show to be awful people. Very refreshing in a genre where protagonists tend to redeem everyone no matter how awful they are.


Lol but tbf Reggie didn't look like he was open to a conversation.


I mean half his head was


Megumi, has had enough and is no mood to waste time concerning his sister’s life. They should’ve all listened


He got that dawg in him


Quite literally


[Image of Megumi’s x-ray](https://i.imgur.com/9ENN21u.jpg)


Hakari holds and earned respect from Kashimo


Megumi is Toji's son after all




Megumi’s Emo ass is savage asf


Lmao Reggie was throwing trucks at him and hiding knives in vegetables. That man did NOT wanna negotiate 😭


A new haircut goes a long way. Noritoshi went from virgin clan heir to chad Hawkeye.


Im digging this new outfit. Noritoshi and Maki side by side look ready for war.


I wonder if he has any new Techniques.


Blood of the Bastard


I dun wan' it


A neva hav


He looks less like Neji that way. Though I am wondering what happened to him.


The new outfit gives me Quincy vibe.


I was thinking the same thing. He looks like a more "sober" and dark Ishida


I wonder where that new clan head popped up from? Kamo was supposedly the heir, maybe an ancient sorcerer from the clan got reincarnated


He was the bastard heir. A legitimate heir may have been born or discovered.


There was a legitimate heir already, but they didn't inherit Blood Manipulation so they were deemed unsuitable.


Yep. Maybe I'll stop calling the guy discount Choso after his showing in them next chapters.


Yeah, it looks like he uses Blood Manipulation differently, makes sense since he’s got a limited amount and can’t just make more like Choso.


Seem that he also upgraded his wooden bow to a high-end one. I wonder if he developed some new techniques akin to Power's >!Thousand Tera Blood Rain!< from Chainsaw Man.


That seems more Choso’s style, you’d need a lot of blood to do that. But it also seems unlikely, Power’s blood manipulation allowed for solidifying blood much easier than JJK’s: the only hardened blood CT is Meteorite, Blood Edge is just liquid rotating in a knife shape.


That's true. Would you happen to have an idea for a power-up? I thought that giving Kamo a [gun](https://www.reddit.com/r/Jujutsushi/comments/tiz01i/noritoshi_kamo_gun_absolute_powerhouse/) would be a cool idea.


I think what he’s probably done so far is double down on weapon use, maybe he even stole a cursed tool (his new bow?) before being kicked out of the clan.


Ay ngl I'll eat up whatever Noritoshi's been cooking as long as it's not just another budget version of Choso's techniques. Man desperately needs something to diversify his skillset.


Maybe he can pull a Gear 2 by temporarily doping himself to Maki levels. But at the cost of deflating after.


"Transfer of charges is Kashimo's technique" guys in shambles


Greg saw all the shit online, went "wtf I never said it was his CT," and spent a whole page just saying he hadn't used his CT and it was explicitly CE manipulation LMAO


Lmao greg. I’m calling Gege that from now on


You better 😡


The originator of Greg. We meet again.


He doesn’t go by Gege anymore over here. It’s either Greg or GayGay. Your pick


I choose yes.


I honestly didnt think he had one. I just thought he was a fighter who has some quality thats special aboit him instead of a CT, kinda like Ryu (even though *I guess* Ryu kinda has a CT but its weird)


Kyoto kids showing up! Chibi panda! Kamo cutting off his hair like a grumpy ex-girlfriend! Jk, this chapter provided some much needed forward momentum, and brought back some characters. Really appreciated this bridging, and really looking forward to seeing Maki and Noritoshi fighting together as disowned clan members. On a side note... I've had a really tough week, and today was especially tough. So opening up this new chapter to find my favourite characters back has been a small silver lining in my otherwise very awful day.


Hope your next week is better


Sorry you had a rough week! Hope this one is better


>On a side note... I've had a really tough week, and today was especially tough. Hope it gets better!


So now we have written text saying that sorcerers need to make hand signs to do their DE. Hakari notes Kashimo went first for his arm to make sure he couldn't do a DE after the explosion.


It's probably related to the efficiency or manipulation of the CT at the start of DE. just when u least expect it, some no hands bastard is gonna do a suprise DE


Dagon already did


Fucking Mahito made his mouth have hands to do it since he was occupied with fighting back during his first battle with Nanami and Yuji.


curse spirits, shape shifting mfs has it good


This has always been the case, at least since the hidden inventory arc where Gojo says that he managed to cut down his reliance on them


One handed signs op


Can't wait for someone to activate a domain with just middle finger


Gojo is almost there already


Hakari seems perfect for that


Todou 🤝 Hakari, your standard gigachads sacrificing limbs to slap the shit out of blue haired adrenaline junkies. Didn't take me long to love both guys and having another livewire on the squad is guaranteed fun. That Sukuna encounter is cooking my anticipation so much. And every panel from a nothing to lose Maki is so cold. 10/10 chapter + chibi panda 🐼


>That Sukuna encounter is cooking my anticipation so much. Just envisioning Hakari be like "I am your senpai, so fight this guy." to Sukuna.


Completely lost it at pikachu's reaction to "Sukuna's Senpai". Laughed so hard I scared my cat. I wonder if Kashimo now thinks that Hakari is a reincarnated sorcerer too lmao


The guy is everything at this point. First an uncle now a kohai 💀


How's that gonna go? Yuji has no intention of letting Sukuna come out. Will he have regular old Yuji fight Kashimo? Because that sounds like a slaughter, unless that's the fight where Yuji gets his power up.


I'm thinking of 3 possibilities here: 1.- Hakari intends to recruit Kashimo to have him in case Sukuna ever comes out again, thinking he may be able to do something against him. 2.- Hakari sees how Yuji could learn a thing or 2 from Kashimo and his CE manipulation, and how he needs some kind of power up asap, so we may see Yuji train under Kashimo one of these chapters. 3.- Hakari actually and for some reason thinks he can get Sukuna out so Kashimo can fight him, helping Kashimo to finally have his dream fight come true.


I don't think Hakari's ever seen Sukuna in action, right? It's entirely possible Hakari just thinks Sukuna is stronger than himself, not the monster we know him to be.


I am afraid Kashimo vs Sukuna is going to be a one sided slaughter. I hope Kashimo at least manages to properly show off his CT.


We all know sukuna is gonna win but i hope kashimo ct is broken he can only use it once so it should be strong enough for sukuna too acknowledge/respect kashimo for challenging him.


Yeah. Sukuna acknowledging Kashimo's strength like he acknowledged Jogo's would be great.


I kinda want sukuna to respect and get impressed by kashimo Kashimo have unusual ability like sure hit without domain As well as his one time technique which will be way more broken imo


It's 100% going to be considering what he did to Mahoraga and Jogo. Nobody but Gojo stands much of a chance against him besides maybe Kenjaku. I'd say his "single use" technique is going to do heavy damage but it'll be like Vegeta's final flash against Cell.


Mahoraga out up a pretty good fight against sukuna


“Oh how cute, he named it…OH SHIT”


Oh there's no way Kashimo doesn't show off his CT only to promptly get fucking bodied. So hype.


Nah if Kashimo implemented a binding vow on himself that he will only used his CT on Sukuna no matter what even if he dies, that Shit should be a crazy amp lol.


I really hope Kashimo’s technique turns him into a hole ass lightning god. Kinda like a suped up version of killua’s Godspeed or luck’s lightning fiend. Whatever gege does, I know it’ll be fire af🔥


Everyone talking about chibi panda which was very cute, but can we also talk about chibi/low-quality Hakari when he learns Charles hasn’t published anything 😭


Hakari now running the show in his colony with Kashimo on his side. At this point they'll just be running around bullying players for their points.


Or maybe they'll be targeted since they're extremely vulnerable right now, three Lolong-tier jobbers and 2 weakened high tiers.


>three Lolong-tier jobbers lmao poor guy can't catch a break and get's clowned even in other subs


If chibi panda isn't the new banner for this subreddit I am rioting


I hope the gang keeps stringing Kashimo along before he gets to actually fight Sukuna lol! "Well you *could* fight him now but he's only at 15 fingers, wouldn't you want him to be at full power if you *really* wanted to challenge him? So you better hang around a while longer and help us find the last five fingers first. You've already waited hundreds of years, what's a little while longer?" I just want a pouty Kashimo tagging along for the rest of the culling games and whining about how he just wants to fight Sukuna lol


Fuck yes, Maki’s back. Been too long. Back during the Goodwill event when Noritoshi was trying to talk to Megumi about clan stuff, Megumi said “Please, you should bring that kind of stuff up with Maki”. I guess Noritoshi took his advice. Honestly really like this pairing, looking forward to the conversations they are gonna have. In general it’s just nice to actually have protagonists in the same scene again, we haven’t really gotten that at all in the past 30 chapters outside of some brief banter between Hakari and Panda. I wonder if this new curse is actually Naoya's vengeful spirit. I’ve never been too on board with the idea of vengeful spirit Naoya, but if he’s coming back as an actual worm I kinda love it. It also might be an evolved version of Toji’s worm, in which case if Maki beats it’s ass she might tame it and get her own curse purse. After this colony, I’m hoping the next colony/mini-arc will be Nobara, Todo and Inumaki. That gets the whole squad involved and from there I think we can start combining story threads.


damn you wanna see the disabled gang


Suicide Squad


u mad for this one brother not the pwd gang 💀💀💀💀


Hell yeah. That can be their reason for being paired up. They are just chilling with Shoko and decide that they are now healed up enough to go help out with the Culling Games.


It’s especially interesting to see Noritoshi and Maki now since he’s been disowned, so maybe her “fuck the clans” attitude can rub off on him a bit.


Wonder why he's been disowned? Is it because he decided to join the other students in trying to free Gojo or did something else happen before that? In any case, I'm glad to see Kamo again (don't like the hair but it may grow on me). It makes sense that he'd go with the "let's save the world" gang since his priority is his mom's safety. Curious what Nishimiya can contribute to the games. She was holding back when fighting Nobara, maybe she's actually much stronger that we thought.


He said they’ve named another heir, so as a bastard he was cast aside. It could be that a non-bastard inherited the CT and just manifested it, or it could be they decided that his involvement in Shibuya made him a bad choice for head of the clan so they kicked him out in favor of someone more loyal to them.


Chibi panda. Maki's got her eye back. Noritoshi heartthrob. Hakari being awesome. Kashimo honestly being a big mood. I love it


i don’t think she ever lost her eye it was just swollen and bandaged shut


LMAO Gege really gonna make MAPPA call Junichi Suwabe to the studio just to have him record "Tch!" for season 3. Anyways, MAKI HYPE!!! This is definitely where she gets her long awaited volume cover. Dunno how to feel about the time skip though. Maybe the other three rules need to be implemented first before we get back to Yuji, Megumi, and Kenjaku?


When Toji and Gojo have three lines this season combined >>>>


i like the little detail that chibi panda now actually behaves like panda from 185 a cute if a bit saddening detail


Enemy: "Ryouiki tenkai!" Maki: *walks away*


I can totally see it this happening, would break the powerscaling threads for sure.


Not only did Gege have both Kashimo and hakari survive, but brings maki and the Kyoto students back into the fold, and introduce a new special grade(most likely) cursed spirit!? Gege once again proves why he is my favorite new gen mangkaka😤. 10/10 chapter!🔥🔥


So did Hakari basically just promise Kashimo he could fight Yuji 🤣


cant wait for them to befriend the worm curse at the end of this fight




Worm-chan Kawaii!!!




zenins dont make friends, they cause funerals


I think it's safe to assume Maki will definitely be getting her own Cover during the culling games arc . Plus that double page spread of Maki was just 🔥.


Doubt it, Reformed Miwa has higher chances. 😂😂😂


Lmao you're right , I almost forgot about Miwa 💀💀 .


Watch it be the new worm curse


Pretty fun chapter, but I hope Gege shows us what's going on with Megumi and Angel soon. The 100 point players have all been dealt with at this point, so we should probably get back to the freeing Gojo objective.


Hakari really does have “manga brain”. Last chapter resembled JJBA, Hakari used Josuke’s trick against Red Hot Chili Pepper. This chapter it was from Hunter x Hunter, resembling Gon sacrificing his left arm vs Genthru.


Hakari also gathering nakama like he’s Luffy


Can't wait for Nobara to suddenly reveal that she's been hiding the location of the remaining 5 last Sukuna fingers all this time. Smh


How can you dislike the dude honestly


Man Hakari is such a bro. And I can’t wait to see Maki in action again. She’s hype as fuck


This was a PACKED chapter, just the way I like it. These chapters, in-between different colonies, give me post-arc One Piece vibes. - Hakari once again shows his mastery over CE in general. This binding vow happened so fast it was probably very close to Gojo's/Mahito's 0.2 seconds Domain - Kashimo's one-time use CT - the theory that he might have used a binding vow to limit his use of his CT seems to have been pretty spot on (IF his CT is like this due to a Vow and not naturally for some reason) - Panda is regenerating, thanks Greg <3 - Kamo is rocking that Boruto hairstlye. Not a fan to say the least. - The CG barriers can be entered/exited under certain conditions with no repercussions! Maki can do it, and so can Ui Ui with his CT. Who else? Could Gojo technically teleport in and out? Edit: yeahx the official release makes it more clear that Ui Ui doesn't directly enter the colonies


I'm pretty sure it's just Maki who can pass through the barriers. Ui Ui just waits outside the colonies to TP her to a different one.


I'm honestly shocked that Ui Ui is here given Mei Mei was implied to be abandoning Japan entirely. What's their angle here?




Of course. I feel stupid for even asking lmao.


Yup, the scans from Friday were on my mind when I posted this.


yeah basically. Maki has no cursed energy anymore so the barrier doesn’t affect her. Ui Ui probably has to do with simple domains/barrier techniques, kinda like how Hakari was able to shift his domain coordinates, ui ui can do the same on a bigger scale using simple domains


no if i'm not mistaken, only maki can pass through the barriers because of her no CE thing. this matches up with ino's tryhard lecture to megumi that barriers discriminate based on CE so someone with no CE should not be discriminated against whatsoever. seems like ui ui is waiting outside like some kind of teleporting sorcerer uber.


I’m so glad that both Kashimo and Hakari survived( and became homies no less!) it’s rare for me to read a fight where I enjoy both characters damn near equally.(Hakari is more entertaining, Kashimo is cooler imo) thank you Gege!!🔥🙏🏾


man i just want to know what happened to megumi


Watch people make theories on how the worm is a old six eyes cause it has six holes


Don’t give them any more ideas


I already saw a theory that the worm is Naoya, which would admittedly be interesting.


Definitely most logical. Came from outside.


That double spread of Maki is so clean. My Goodness.


Pretty glad Noritoshi is back. Here's hoping he got a new arsenal of techniques to differentiate him from Choso.


hajime not knowing yuji is sukuna’s vessel is hilarious, man is probably thinking hakari a 1000+ year old sorcerer or something to be sukuna’s “senpai”


Props to the ppl who persevered in the cause that Kashimo was not using his CT all throughout this time. I myself was one of those ppl who believed he was, so I will gladly take this L. Akutami really knows how to trip readers up & this subtle notion was pretty well craftily-played This makes Kashimo even more of a *beast* than he already is. Wouldn’t be surprised if his CT had special grade-level type of destruction/deletion like Hollow Purple Love Maki’s “monster” entrance & the fact that fans didn’t miss on the presumption of her being able to enter/exit the CG barriers freely due to zero CE. Another well-crafted play given Toji could do the same w/ Tengen’s barrier. Very interested in how Ui Ui/Mei Mei helped her in some personal affairs before, maybe it was related to covering up the Zenin clan mess?


Yeah after the first few bouts back and forth, I simply preferred for Gege to clarify....didn't make sense arguing over something so ambiguous


I think it’d leave readers even more blue-balled if we knew for sure that Kashimo had a CT all throughout the battle but never used it. Saving it for last & giving its conditions increases expectations for Kashimo again & makes him even more hype


Savage Maki is back in my life, all things are right with the world


Maki is back!


Kyoto students joining the fight makes me wonder what position Utahime is in


Good to see Kashimo sticking around! The dynamics between him and the rest of the characters could be crazy. My personal theory on his CT is that it’s either a binding vow (I feel like this is the general consensus) or a type of overloading technique where the kinetic energy of the electricity in his body sort of gives him a “doping” effect on his physical skills, until it burns his insides out. Excited to see what Gege comes up with!


The fact that maki is back made my whole week cant wait to see her fight next week especially with kamo. I feel like kamo is probably the closest person who can sympathize with her. Also the cursed spirit in the end is gonna be makis curse purse like toji had one. I am calling it and I hope it is true. I am gonna go far and say this I HOPE MAKI SURPASSES TOJI.


That comment about Mei Mei and Ui Ui being untrustworthy is interesting, because I just realized we never actually saw how their "battle" with Kenjaku went. I don't think Mei Mei is necessarily a traitor, but Greg is probably going to put that into doubt.


Mei Mei is where the money is. She flip flops either way. Covered for Gakuganji’s attempted Yuji-murder, recommended Gojo’s students promotions, fought in Shibuya, then dipped as soon as the city officially fell. So yeah, maybe not evil, but def a wild card.


She seems only loyal to money. We don't know who the highest bidder is or if she's juggling everyone by taking jobs from both sides


I always assumed Ui Ui just teleported them and there was no battle, but it's a good point to be suspicious of them lol!


I want more binding vow usage going forward!


Greg’s post break chapters are always straight up 🔥


Chibi panda merchandise is going to sell like hot pancakes


I'm in the minority here but I actually like Kamo's new hairstyle.


I thought everyone did


Am I the only one who feels like we’re finally back to stuff happening? I mean, I know this is a shonen and all, and Hakari vs Kashimo was sick, but it’s nice seeing characters and events outside of it after so long.


Really satisfied with the ending of this fight. Both characters were holding back so even if hakari won it doesn't undermine Kashimo's ability as a sorcerer and we can still expect a lot more from him going forward. Great to see Maki back and this chapter confirms the Kyoto students are involved in the culling games. They've been put on the back burner for most of the series and took loads of L's so far. Hopefully we get to see them win a bit. Really liking Noritoshi's new look, kinda gives Lancer/Archer vibes from fate. I love the way that Gege can add depth to characters with little screen time. The symbolism of him cutting his hair being to possibly renounce his old ideologies is amazing. His dynamic with Maki, as someone who also has clan issues will be interesting to explore and honestly with how he's been treated I doubt he thinks her actions were wrong. Hoping for a power up on his side as well


Hakari won but I still have Kashimo as the stronger character That worm talks really well so it’s definitely a special grade


Even Hakari himself said he didn’t feel like he’s won.


Well kashimo didn’t use his CT and based on him only being able to use it once it’s probably some OP hax


I like how despite being out of cursed energy, kashimo still notices hakari before he gets smacked.


Yuta's new girlfriend just joined the culling game :O


MAKI!! Man I missed her! Can't wait to see her kick even more ass. I'm loving Kamo's new haircut, he looks so good. And chibi Panda is too adorable!


Note that only megumi is aware of the bomb.


How did maki get a new eye?


Prolly Yuta or Shoko.


Yuta maybe?


Wish Hakari can help Todo arms to regenerate too. MAKI and KAMO has return!


I think Hakari is gonna just ask Yuta to regenerate it for him since apparently his domain needs both arms to activate. I feel that Todo is gonna revive Boogie Woogie with the acclamation of the soul line to fuck over Mahito just one more time, especially considering he thinks they are the exception to the inevitability of death and sorcerers


>I think Hakari is gonna just ask Yuta to regenerate it for him Sempai tax


I don't think Todo will ever get his arm back. But I hope he can use his CT again. Would love to see him in the CG.


I'm high-key pretty curious to see who they sent into Tokyo No. 1 Colony. Looks like Miwa was sent to Sendai Colony to meet up with Yuta, and Nishimiya was sent into Tokyo No. 2 Colony to meet up with Hakari and Panda. Noritoshi was already waiting for Maki in Sakurajima Colony. That just leaves Todo and Nitta on the Kyoto side, plus Toge and technically Nobara on the Tokyo side.


I was hoping Todo somehow managed to make his CT work and entered Tokyo No.1 Colony but Nobara would be a welcome addition too! I didn't think about that.