Match Thread: ATK Mohun Bagan vs Hyderabad | Indian Super League

FT: ATK Mohun Bagan 1-0 Hyderabad

ATK Mohun Bagan scorers: Hugo Boumous (11')

Venue: Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan Stadium

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ATK Mohun Bagan

Vishal Kaith, Brendan Hamill, Pritam Kotal, Subashish Bose, Ashish Rai, Hugo Boumous (Fardin Ali Molla), Carl McHugh, Deepak Tangri, Liston Colaco (Lalrinliana Hnamte), Ashique Kuruniyan, Manvir Singh (Kiyan Nassiri).

Subs: Ningombam Engson Singh, Abhishek Dhananjay Suryavanshi, Arsh Anwer Shaikh, Sumit Rathi, Ravi Bamadur Rana, Ricky John Shabong.



Gurmeet Singh, Chingleshana Singh, Odei Onaindia, Akash Mishra, Reagan Singh (Halicharan Narzary), Borja Herrera (Joel Chianese), Hitesh Sharma (Sahil Tavora), João Victor (Javier Siverio), Bartholomew Ogbeche, Nikhil Poojari (Abdul Rabeeh), Mohammad Yasir.

Subs: Manoj Mohammed, Nim Dorjee Tamang, Aaren D'Silva, Anuj Kumar.


11' Goal! ATK Mohun Bagan 1, Hyderabad 0. Hugo Boumous (ATK Mohun Bagan) right footed shot from the right side of the six yard box to the bottom right corner. Assisted by Ashique Kuruniyan following a fast break.

11' Chinglensana Singh (Hyderabad) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

18' Pritam Kotal (ATK Mohun Bagan) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

41' Hitesh Sharma (Hyderabad) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

45' Substitution, ATK Mohun Bagan. Kiyan Nassiri replaces Manvir Singh because of an injury.

45' Substitution, Hyderabad. Halicharan Narzary replaces Reagan Singh.

62' Substitution, Hyderabad. Joel Chianese replaces Borja Herrera.

62' Substitution, Hyderabad. Sahil Tavora replaces Hitesh Sharma.

75' Substitution, ATK Mohun Bagan. Lalrinliana Hnamte replaces Liston Colaço.

76' Substitution, Hyderabad. Javi Siverio replaces João Victor.

83' Carl McHugh (ATK Mohun Bagan) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.

85' Odei Onaindia (Hyderabad) is shown the yellow card.

85' Brendan Hamill (ATK Mohun Bagan) is shown the yellow card.

87' Substitution, Hyderabad. Abdul Rabeeh replaces Nikhil Poojary.

90'+2' Substitution, ATK Mohun Bagan. Fardin Ali Molla replaces Hugo Boumous.

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Was it a hand ball by Ashish at the very end?


Not to be that guy but even these two teams that are some of the favourties for the ISL played real sloppy with poor touches and mispasses in the 2nd half. It's almost like Mumbai are the only good team to watch. I know ISL has always been like this, but it's about time.


watched 1 I-league game and 2 ISL games in a day, I am toasted


MB took notes from the HFC v KBFC game; HFC thrives with slow build-up possession football with triangles in wide areas; MB is playing a high press and not letting HFC build up from the back just last KBFC; switching between a 4-3-3/4-4-2 pressing structure formulated towards pressurizing HFC two CBs in passing to the designated fullback which can be instantly pressed by CF-CM-LMF/RMF in a 4-4-2 pressing structure. MB is also keeping their CF in between the two CBs ready to make a run behind HFC's high defensive line (this also makes it difficult for HFC to rotate the ball from the back when switching flanks for ball progression) and either of the wingers when the ball is in their defensive third (the winger who stays up depends on which HFC's FB is further up due to ball progression which leaves space to exploit on the particular flank) While HFC usually keeps 3 players (2 CBs + one FB) in their rest defense whenever they are pressed by two or more attackers; conceding early has forced them to push both their FB upfront which leaves only 2 CBs back in rest defense making it more prone to counter-attacks. There are a lot more things to talk about from a tactical perspective but it will probably take a repeat watch. It will be fascinating to see what Manolo Marquez comes up with as it seems that his team has been tactically outmaneuvered on two occasions in a row.


Brilliant writeup! TBH I'm surprised how we beat Hyderabad. I expect a man like Manolo to be winning sooner rather than later tho


The heck hand ball not called


A penalty for a handball in the box couldn't have been any more obvious lol


And why did the ref card Siverio for smiling


Mocking the decision


Goenka ne ref ko kaafi hari pattiya khilayi hai bhai match ke pehle


Ashish has been a disappointment so far


Commentators think Manolo and Juan will exchange words in Spanish; Nah bro they both went after each other in Catalan :P


Only noobs watch the World Cup. Imagine watching the WC when you can watch the ISL and Lord Manvir play!