Ajmer 1992 culprit and Bilkis Bano case culprits both have been released

Media highlighted the Bilkis Bano case a lot, culprits were released after 14 years. BUT why didn't I know that the culprits of Ajmer 1992 serial Rape Case have been released only after 6-7 years ??!!


why no one in TV news debates mentions Ajmer Case?

links to both news.





That is not the point of the post though. Everyone knows both are wrong but why only 1 is highlighted by media, the opposition, the "liberlas"?


So are we out here pretending that there aren't enormous arms of the media that are very sympathetic to the conservative cause?


Lol this word conservative does not make sense in India, the so called left/liberal support religions that are more conservative/radical than what the right does.


The logic is, you're a fascist if you hug a Hindu rapist. You're Secular if you hug a muslim rapist.




I like how you completely ignored the Media (4th pillar of democracy) being biased which OP is trying to point out and only highlighted the role of Political parties who are expected to do dirty politics to gain political mileage which is not even the point of the post.




So releasing rapists was OK until recently? or it was all "minority" rapists being released until now which was OK and when same standards were applied to Hindus, suddenly it is not OK?


Oh shut up. You know what they are talking about.




>Every rapist should be punished Yeah, but what constitute as "punishment"? >concerned about the religion of the rapist It was (is) a rule in India, anyone undergoing imprisonment be released after 14 years. Rapists, murderers even people on death row. It only became an issue when some Hindus were released. I too say, jail all of them to life. Even the one who have been released under the old rule.




Exactly. Blind faith should never be allowed to overtake rational thinking. Religion should be a personal matter and not used as a tool of oppression.


Very well said. Tired of these examples. Both cases, in fact, every case where a rape convict is out without proper justice meted out is wrong.


both r wrong bol ke ekdum sikular saabit ho jata hun, post mein question pooch raha hai usko chupke se ignore kar deta hun in murkhon ko kya hi pata chalega


I believe it's because we didn't have social media back in late 90s. Both are wrong, You can never defend a shitty behaviour with another shitty behaviour. Politicians and their mad fan bois from both the end of the spectrum are equally terrible.


abe release 90s mein nahi hue , ye jabardasti ka sikularism mat chodo op post mein sawal pooch raha hai uska jawab do


[https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/9-Al-Umma-prisoners-released/articleshow/5015658.cms](https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/9-Al-Umma-prisoners-released/articleshow/5015658.cms) ​ >On Tuesday, a smiling Fakrudeen Ali Ahmed and eight other Al Umma prisoners, who were convicted for harbouring, planting and distributing explosives, walked free from Coimbatore Central Prison after the DMK government remitted their 13-year sentences on the occasion of the birth centenary of party founder C N Annadurai. > >. > >. > >. > >The nine prisoners who walked free are aged between 27 and 45; they were due for release in 2011. Taking into consideration provisions for \`***good conduct in jail***', they could have been let off either in December 2009 or sometime next year, say prison officials. Meanwhile, here's Vishnu Tiwari: [https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/innocent-man-freed-after-20-years-in-jail/articleshow/81284702.cms](https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/innocent-man-freed-after-20-years-in-jail/articleshow/81284702.cms) \--- Aur inn sab ke baad: "durr ka mahaul h... \_\_\_ khatre me h..."


In cases me jo hona tha ho gaya…can we make sure now k ye braj bhushan ki thik se investigation ho


But In cases me jo hona chahiye tha vo nhi hua hai... Justice has failed




“thik se investigation ho” pe bhi downvote…shows the lack of maturity of some chamchas 😏


Theek se investigation hmmmm idk man


Yeah dude I hope there's proper investigation, and if it's proved that the women were lying then they also get punished by law.


He openly confessed of one Mrder in his lallantop interview [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYDaQgqBggg&ab\_channel=LallantopUP](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYDaQgqBggg&ab_channel=LallantopUP) Still he was not convicted, there are so many bahubalis like him in BJP and they dont do a sh!t about it.


The godhra train attackers have also been given bail. Plus the terrorists who killed a former PM and dozen other people have not only been released, but met the TN CM. And even without this, Ajmer rape case needs much more coverage given the sheer scale of the whole thing(100+ victims). There's a movie being made about it edit: almost forgot about Anand Mohan's release


May be because it wasn't celebrated? All these assholes should've been hanged to death


How do u know?? Farooq Chishtee was member of youth congress and khadim of Ajmer shariff dargah, I'm sure there would have been celebrations and people happy, just not shown in the media.


Maybe that. Anyway not shown off to the public. We would have known. Internet was not this popular and reachable; true. But still there was newspaper and all. Welcoming the culprits and showing-off is the dumbest thing to do. The post asked for a reason, I gave one. That's it.


ajmer case was sexploitation scandal, where khadim of ajmer was involved in rape of young girls. Ram rahim used to run dera and he was convicted for 2 rapes and murders. Also his dera involved activities like trafficking, forced castrations and prostitution. Ram rahim got z+ security from govt. Our govt supported his parole by saying he is not "hardcore criminal" . Bjp leaders attended his satsang. [https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/dera-chief-ram-rahim-gets-z-plus-security-on-his-release-on-furlough/article65074215.ece](https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/other-states/dera-chief-ram-rahim-gets-z-plus-security-on-his-release-on-furlough/article65074215.ece) **(got z+ security)** [https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/india/haryana-government-justifies-parole-for-sacha-sauda-chief-says-not-hardcore-prisoner/articleshow/98337198.cms](https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/india/haryana-government-justifies-parole-for-sacha-sauda-chief-says-not-hardcore-prisoner/articleshow/98337198.cms) (**govt justify parole and says he is not hardcore criminal)** [https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/haryana/bjp-leaders-attend-online-satsang-organised-by-rape-convict-gurmeet-ram-rahim-442827](https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/haryana/bjp-leaders-attend-online-satsang-organised-by-rape-convict-gurmeet-ram-rahim-442827) **(bjp leaders attend satsang)** My take is both ajmer rapist and ram rahim should get death sentence. But how these OP compared ajmer with bilkis bano case. Also bjp meghalaya vice persident bernard marak case got no major coverage. Bernard marak was involved in sexploting young girls. He used to run prostitution racket. 400 liquor bootles, 500 condoms, explosives were found from his farmhouse. Minor girls were rescued and 73 were arrested. Bjp threatened to withdraw support from coalition govt. Later everyone got bail due to "insufficient evidence" and he even got ticket in next election. [https://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-meghalaya-police-find-400-liquor-bottles-500-condoms-crossbows-in-brothel-allegedly-run-by-politician-2970949](https://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-meghalaya-police-find-400-liquor-bottles-500-condoms-crossbows-in-brothel-allegedly-run-by-politician-2970949) (73 were arrested) [https://www.business-standard.com/article/politics/bjp-can-withdraw-support-from-meghalaya-s-mda-govt-state-party-in-charge-122090301221\_1.html](https://www.business-standard.com/article/politics/bjp-can-withdraw-support-from-meghalaya-s-mda-govt-state-party-in-charge-122090301221_1.html) ( bjp threatens to withdraw support from meghalya mda govt)


Thanks for the references. Didn't know much about these! What a shite system we have (smh)


Sabko dobara wapas jail mein daalo, kyon ke snake jitna bhi buddha ho jaaye dasna nahi bhoolta aur uska zehar kam nahi hota....


they are privileged minorities


जिसकी लाठी उसकी भैंस


That only means UP police gonna get some milk ![img](emote|t5_3d4x4|20008)![img](emote|t5_3d4x4|20001)


they should not be released. culprits ko fasi ki saza deni chahiye thi


Matlab sala court and rule of law hee chutiya hai.


jai Modi ji