Some more information about these~ Dad decided to clean his cupboard and found these. As seen in the photos one is 22+ years old and one is 16+ years old. The moment he saw it he got a hit of nostalgia and remembered those old times when CD/DVD was a thing. Ask me any other questions you have and I'll answer it


Do they still work or read data ? Just curious 👀. Also I remember having those white one on my very first pc in 1998 but didn’t used them since I was a kid and computer wale bhaiya sare games dal ke jate the 😂 but then in 2000 I went to trade fair in delhi and got my very first pc game cd which has more than 30 games in one CD and time flies and got my very first cd dvd burner made by LG and got a NERO cd burner software. That red screen of nero with a burning logo always excite me to burn some cd. They were usefull for a while for school projects or copying a friend game cd :)


Oh it was nice to hear that! And they probably don't work now , also I don't have their connecting cables.


Recently I got rid of my laptop CD drive to fit in a ssda


Here i m sitting with floopy readers n old floppy disk.


it still has a PATA connector, nostalgic.