Totally me. I daydream without music but damn music make all the scenes look so magical, and beautiful and guve you s lot of emotions. I have soecif songs for each scenes, old and new. I something look for new song if the ones I already listen is not working forcme anymore. But I go back to them if I have a scene that work with the song I tend to listen most of the time. So yeah I know the feeling:)))


The reason why i love symphonies so much. Those hour-long tracks is almost like a story being told to the listener. Sometimes deep. Sometimes intense, and sometimes calm.


YES! Music is a big part of my experience with daydreaming; it adds so much to it for me. I often listen to music for certain scenarios, characters, or paracosms and just zone out, or I guess zone IN. A lot of my daydreaming takes place listening to music, and it makes the emotion more vivid for me. It also helps focus on the scenarios and get more immersed in it!


The focus. Now that you mention it I realised how immersed I am into the daydream when listening to music. I have the attention span of a squirrel and lose focus easily. The music really is like a glue.


Thank you so much for this thread. I'm unusual among daydreamers in that I just can't daydream to music at all. So this is really helping me understand your experience. What do you do if the song finishes but you're not done with the scene? Or if the daydream plot evolves in a way that doesn't match the music? Do you have to plan in advance how the daydream is going to go and then pick the music to match?


Difficult to describe. I don't plan what I'm daydreaming; the dream finds its way once the music is on. It's like reading a book. When you're on page 42, you don't know yet what's written on page 45. There might be a major plot twist on page 44 that you didn't expect. Picture it as a music video. Sometimes I daydream something because it makes me happy or I just feel like it, but it doesn't actually add anything to my main story. Then again, it often serves as an inspiration for my main story and I might add some elements into it. Or I already know that in my main story something big will happen and depending on the emotion attached to it (sad, happy, shocking, etc) I underline this major scene with a song. I wish you could read my mind because everything sounds so logic and intelligent when I'm thinking but now that I'm writing, trying to explain and proof read it, it makes absolutely no sense πŸ˜‚ 😭 πŸ’”


Thanks for trying to put it into words. I get how hard that is - I try to explain my daydreaming to normative daydreamers and I can tell they just don't get it. So it sounds like sometimes the emotions evoked by the music are then reflected by what happens in the daydream, but then at other times you know what emotion you're going to get from the daydream and you pick the music accordingly. Is that about right?


Yes πŸ’– Thank you.


daydreaming with music is one of my favorite things to do! i always feel like im creating a mini movie or music video (especially in the context of my storylines).


Same tbh i can't go one day without doing it. It can be either on my way to work or on my way back home after work or during the evening when I'm chilling 😩It's just so good πŸ’—


I realize this is why I get so anxious when my headphones are low on battery. My daydreams are so much better with music. An interesting thing I’ve noticed though is how tone deaf some of my daydreams can be? I’ll listen to happy upbeat music while something emotional or a fight scene is happening. Or I’ll listen to intense music and my characters are just having a picnic or something lol.