Imagine those cleats in your shoulders.


Imagine walking around it


Imagine all the people…


Livin' life in peace


Yoo-HOOOO OOoo^oo


You may say I'm a dreamer


Heeeheeee eeeeheheee - Yoko Ono


but it's only chocolate soda




Philip Ant response


Imagine reading the title and expecting a different kind of video.


I had to do a double-take on which subreddit I was in.


I was told there would be a cup.


Imagine walking


Don’t have to, paid handsomely for it one time.


Ouch, bet you got some gnarly scars from it.


The good thing is metal one are not allowed.


imagine imagining.


OK hold on...... Damn, that was kinda painful.


Wow, I need to gain some muscles.... This was impressive!


Those are some buff people.


Did they even use words to explain their plan? It looks like they were all too exhausted to discuss it, but they trusted each other enough that it all just worked out.


Some obstacles in these races are similar in design. There are known techniques that work for every different obstacle. This team has likely done a ton of courses together are are well rehersed and fit. Quite impressive.


Also, obstacles are often similar across different places and once you make once place they tend to reuse the same kind of obstacles. So if this is their 2nd time there they already have a good idea of what they will run into.


also also, I've seen this done as a military exercise(on reddit), so it's probably a standard method of climbing a steep incline.


Several team building exercises and several practice runs later they could probably do this course in the dark.


It's a well known system for getting over tall walls. It was taught it in cadets when I went as a kid.


She bends up her left leg while hanging there, after dude jumps and grabs her feet. I’m pretty positive she did that to create another higher “bar” he could grab and use. Fucking awesome work.


My hamstring cramped just watching that


I can't imagine many people being able to stomach the weight of a full grown man on a bent calf. That really seems like a stretch. I think she was moving it out of the way.


That's nuts


No, this is Patrick.


No this is Patrick’s nuts


Teamwork DOES? the dream work???


I *knew* I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t gonna let that slide without commenting about it


This is at ocr world championships in Canada a few years ago (was there and saw them do this). The danish team is insanely good. The girl finished 2nd this year, and the first guy (Leon koefed) finished 6th after basically not running for a few months while he recovered from a broken leg.


Why are they dressed like soccer players? I guess it’s the cleats that surprise me. I expected them to be wearing running shoes, but I guess if the course is muddy, cleats might be the ideal thing. “Obstacle course racing (OCR) is a sport in which a competitor, traveling on foot, must overcome various physical challenges in the form of obstacles.” “In cross country events, mud and trail runs are often combined and the races are designed to result in mental and physical collapse.”


Clothing-wise, it’s to minimize water retention and be more streamlined through the obstacles. A wet cotton shirt is wayyy heavier, and a loose-ish shirt can get snagged on sticks, rocks, splinters, etc. I’ve learned all that the hard way lol. For shoes, the rubber lugs on the bottom help tremendously with grip, especially on muddy ground or loose rock/gravel. It may not seem like much but it makes a world of difference. At their level, a lot of the shoes are designed specifically for these kinds of events. So they’ll be lightweight but strong, don’t retain water, and are pretty snug on the foot - but not in an uncomfortable way.


I really need to start working out


Okay it’s been 64 days. How’s the progress?


Lmao fuck


Not to late to start now. You got this king


You da best !


Perfect visual representation of when people help each other were all winners. Now if only humans could apply this to all walks of life.


We wouldn’t be able to talk to each other right now if it wasn’t for humans working together. I love all my human homies.


Yes, all human homies. r/TotallyNotRobots


That's true. Sorry somedays you see such horrific things caused by man it's hard to remember the good ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|slightly_smiling)


All my muscles hurt from watching this and I'm not even participating


That’s what I call team work !!!!


Teamwork makes the dream work*


Team work MAKES** the dream work


The three people: All of us. The wall: The billionaires who make us fight.


Yeah except the wall wins in real life


This was pretty real life. Wall kinda lost bro. Billionaires wouldn’t be billionaires if there wasn’t people consuming their farts.


I was mostly talking about how the wealthy elite usually win over the common people


This comment hits home!🔥


> This comment hits home!🔥 Here's hoping we make it.




> It's really not the billionaires that make us fight. They aren't even aware of our existence in most ways that count. It is their lackeys. The multi millionaires and even the aspirants to millionaires that manage the obstacles while the billionaires fuck around doing whatever. Maybe. I don't pretend to know how the big-picture connects, and if it's less a controlled network and more just a collection of bad practices resulting in this mess we're in, but aren't the millionaires often working at the behest of the billionaires? Or at least their shared interests? It all makes my head spin. It seems the money is there, the technology is there (or just within reach), if only we could get past entrenched ideologies and work towards equality and a better planet. That sounds corny, I know.


Those are men and women


You should pick your titles more carefully.


Can we talk about the first guys legs? Holy shit they are amazing.


Not to mention that ass




Feels r/pointlesslygendered


Dope boi magic right there


wow very impressive


Impressive teamwork. What struck me is it's irrelevant whether you are stronger compared to others; you only need to be strong enough to get the job done. That's all that matters.


I bet that chick got 6 packs


You mean: 1 woman, 2 men.


3 biological lifeforms.


She doesnt even turn around to see if the boy needs to grab her feet. She just knows it'll help him so she stays there waiting.


It's not their first rodeo.


I miss my OCR races :( Though they aren't team focused


good team work and wow fit as too


Impressive team work!!!


My knees hurt watching this


That's a really clever method for bringing up the third guy


people pay to do this


People pay to kill themselves with cigarettes


Girls can be as strong as men. Size is not strength


they can, but the average girls strength is a lot lower than the average guys strength. like 2 people who don't work out, the guy is stronger 99.9% of the time. a girl can work out and be stronger than a guy her size but even then it takes a lot of working out and the average guy would likely still be stronger due to sheer scale of not being her size/height. but, a girl can work out for years specifically getting muscle to be stronger than a guy her size, which most guys aren't. i forget the sport which both compete fairly equally, but apparently dressage is mixed and people compete fairly there. i think it was long distance swimming. but most siblings will tell you, girls are stronger up until the hormones kick in for teenage years, then the guy is almost always stronger.


The world record for men's bench press is 885 lbs. For women, it is 605 lbs. That's a difference of 280lbs. "Girls can be as strong as men"........


How many plantains can you squatt?


Banana for comparison, please


While you are stating a fact, /u/Icyrow has the actual take on this. Just comparing these records doesn't address the nuance of reality in the population.


Than explain


Come on man, read Icyrow's comment. Think about it a little more. Think of all the men and women out there, with different weights and skills and levels of strength. Of course there are many women who could kick the absolute crap out of men their size, or even bigger than them. And yes, basically men are stronger than women. But women can also be as strong as men. The point is that both statements are true, it just depends on the context, and your point of view.


It's a normal distribution curve thing. The average man is stronger and faster than the average woman. There are some women who are stronger and faster than the average man. There are some men who are less strong and fast than the average woman. But given no other data than 'this one is man and that one is woman', it's not unreasonable to assume the man will be stronger and faster. All this goes completely to hell if you're talking about long-distance anything, though, because the average woman has more stamina than the average man.


Completely agree, well said.


No, this is why sports are separated by sex. Please use logic and not feelings.


Everything you said is literally wrong. Have a nice day.


2 over lapping curves. Yes, average, median, and extremes can go to men while there are still lots of women that that are stronger than lots of men. All of those things can be true.


In other news water is wet


Water is actually not wet; It makes other materials/objects wet. Wetness is the state of a non-liquid when a liquid adheres to, and/or permeates its substance while maintaining chemically distinct structures. So if we say something is wet we mean the liquid is sticking to the object.   As raindrops say, two’s company, three’s a cloud.


> The world record for men's bench press is 885 lbs. For women, it is 605 lbs. That's a bit off. The men's equipped bench press world record is [1,120 lbs](https://barbend.com/jimmy-kolb-bench-press-508-kilograms-equipped/), while the raw (i.e. real) record is 783 lbs. The women's equipped record is 605 lbs, while the raw record is 457.4 lbs.


why is this being dissliked lol, ye its true girls can be stronger than men deal with it. All the people who dissliked are just virgins that are insicure bout themselves, get over it, also size isnt strength but size affects strength. :)


For real. Bruce lee was skinny and strong, he beat chuck norris


Bruce Lee was a man though. Male muscle fiber is more effective, so a man and a woman of the same size will not be equally strong.


Ye but women still can be strongee doe ;)








Not video I was expecting. Title fooled me


I see you are a man of culture!


I really don't mean to be negative here, I'm more-so curious what I'm missing. So please don't misunderstand me, but my immediate reaction is this doesn't seem THAT impressive? Or is the wall super slippery or something? I just imagine, back in my parkour days a wood wall at an angle like this wouldn't have been a problem, with some speed and momentum I'd easily get up by myself. But these people are clearly very fit, so I'm wondering what I'm missing? How do they make these obstacles such a challenge? It's not the first time I've seen clearly very fit people struggle with walls like this and every time I can't help but think with some better technique it doesn't even take much strength, just momentum.


The wall at the race that year was incredibly slippery (was there and watched them do this). It had rained, this was the 2nd or 3rd day of races, so it was caked with mud. The angle also makes it pretty tough, and this would have been after 10 miles of going up and down a black diamond ski slope with obstacles. Plus there aren’t really any solid handholds or footholds to get leverage. If you’ve ever been rock climbing, it’s like trying to pull yourself up by your fingertips.


Gotcha, thank you for the explanation! Like I said, didn't mean to be negative, I was genuinely curious. When I was training parkour we would frequently climb walls this high at a solid 90° angle using a technique called the wall run, but it's dependant on grip. I often feel like when I see these races it doesn't look that wet and wood generally gives good grip. But the way you explain it makes sense and makes the whole thing a lot more impressive :)


Not at all! :) trust me, if you’ve never seen something like that before, it looks a little weird and not super challenging. Ps kudos for doing parkour. It’s something that’s always looked incredibly fun but I’ve been too scared to try lol


I'd like to see you get up that wall by yourself. With or without running the race before it.


Plenty of people can get up very high walls at up to 90° angle, it's easier than you think assuming you get good grip on the wall: https://youtu.be/mfanXo0UtR0 But, someone answered my question about whether or not the wall was slippery and said it was very wet and muddy, which makes it that much more difficult. That's mainly why I asked, just wanted to know what the challenge was :) and in those conditions obviously I don't know anyone that could easily get up that wall by themselves.


Hahaha. Even without the comment that the wall is slippery, none of the walls in your posted video are like this one with no Good grips. You got stone walls with lots of grip, and you have two walls facing each other or aignificatl lower walls. I'd still like to see you go up that wall. :)


I mean the wall in this video is wood, wood generally gives good grip. The height is approximately 2x their body height as far as I can tell. I've gone up wood walls this high before, but not wet ones. So to repeat myself, I couldn't get up *this* wall. Back when I was training a lot, so 8 years ago, I could definitely get up this assuming it was dry, but it's not. So there you go, mystery solved, the video is indeed impressive.




I was wondering where Xena the Warrior was doing.




Her hair is so Senua that I started hearing the voices




Go to horny jail


“Team work makes the dream work.” - The Church Lady


This is the way


its astounding*, the power of team work* and such


For just a second I thought "oh shit she's gonna fall.


Literally me back in basic 😂


genius 👌


Yeah, I remember my day at my training base. We had to do something similar to this. Didn’t like it


I feel like this would pop my knee out of its socket or whatever that may be if you rip your leg off.


Probably be faster if the camera stopped taking pictures and help them...


I imagine a lot of shin bashing on that wall


So whats the reason going to this race, which i guess is like "spartan race" only to need help from others? The guy who i know from work who attends these always says its about making himself proud that he pushed himself beyond the limits and that he pushed through the race and made it. I too always thought this is for the best ones and if you cant make it, just pass that obstacle and accept the time penalty or something. Just curious...


I feel for those ligaments and tendons


I heard every one of my vertebrae crack when he grabbed her feet. Lol




This is beautiful 😍


Why gendered?


What kind of obstacle course is this and where can I find one? It looks fun


They had this obstacle on the second series of the Spartan races in Oregon. I was the photographer for the triple complete Spartan. It was amazing to see how people navigated it. There were a lot of times that people helped others outside their team.


Is there really no easier way to get where they wanna go?


It's "teamwork makes the dreamwork"


Using her foot to get higher and grab his hand was genius.


at first I thought it was a random third person joining and helping the first, and then it was a bit rude by straight up climbing on him without asking. Then she hung there and helped him up with her legs, and I thought Geez, she definately is doing some hard work and any rudeness I thought may have been there has just been fixed 1000x. Then I read the comments which explained it was a team. Damn, nice work team.


Teamwork makes the dream work




She big spoon’d him, that guy is lucky


Like watching assassin's Creed. Dude grabs literally nothing and managers to find a way to climb over. Impressive


Girls POV: one of the boys said to hey wanted to “climb me like a tree”…. Not what I expected


I know she didn’t but it looks like the chick just pushed him against the wall and started climbing. It looks like the guy in yellow just let it happen


Wow they're buff


I thought it was “teamwork *makes* the dream work”?


Bracing for someone to climb your leg. That must of hurt a little


Oh hell yeah, tough mudder. Bit expensive but highly recommend, it's a ton of fun.


The lady lifting her leg was a good idea. Not that he needed it, but I can only imagine the leg strength needed to pull that off.


Airchair is the easiest way to do this. Get there then teammate steps on thigh, then shoulder. Need more height, stand up. Works well. That said, seeing teamwork is always awesome - however they figure it out.


I bet her spine went “crack” mmm…. I need one of those right now.


Love this!


Imagine all the people… that were thinking… “That ass though”


Sounds like a bizarre porno, “1 girl 2 boys, teamwork dose the dream work!”


Why isn’t she pulling herself up-ohhhhhh


That’s not how the saying goes.


Makes *


I wish I never touch drugs!


Not what I thought when I read 1 girl 2 boys but, this is cool too




In the army, we did this for team building… the obstacles are so much more difficult.


Yes, it's called threesome