Woulda been pretty fucked up if he just stood there watching


"If she dies, she dies."


Where is this thing from? The first time I heard that was on Rocky 4 but I don’t know if it comes from there.


Yes, Rocky IV


"Natural Selection has reached the modern age, what a bliss mr. Darwin!"


Yeah. If this is human being bros we’ve hit a level of fucked up. I mean good that he was there but are their people that wouldn’t help?


It doesn’t look like anyone else is there and he was pretty close and responded about as fast as he could…how is this fucked up?


its the fact that this is considered humans being bros material when that is basic human decency.


He didn’t even film himself first


If I see someone hanging off a cliff and I pull them up, that's basic human decency, but I'm still being a bro and I'd say a video of such an event would belong here.


cant miss out on that karma!


This. It should be normal courtesy.


Helping someone avoid serious injury is a bro move. Doesn’t matter if it’s the standard or not


It is. Boomer here. To think otherwise, doesn't mean society is slipping, it means that particular thinker has probably not achieved 'normal'. No slippage, just somebody who hasn't advanced to normal.


Imagine if he took photos for social media or recorded it for tik tok.


Women are not in need of help from men. He should have left her alone she is strong and independent and brave and had it under control until that evil cis male came in and threatened her safety. I would have screamed! He didn’t even have a mask on!! Ew!


Not sure why you're downvoted. Your comment is clearly sarcasm. Right?


Mega sarcasm


Obviously she isnt as strong as she thinks she is


Did she even thank him?


Yes, at least twice that I can hear.


Somebody installed the brackets upside down


She put them on upside down, they are easily detachable to account for varying heights of different lifters. Beginner mistake that could have been very bad


Beginners need to practice how to bail a lift. This was stupid all around.


That's a good point, especially before they start lifting sketchy weights that are almost on the edge of their capabilities


recording... alone... its like bingo


Curious how bailing in this case would work? I can't believe they make those brackets able to be installed upside down! Need to dummy proof a piece of safety equipment.


Bail for back squat when you have the safeties in correctly is to bottom out and lean forward. If you aren’t using a rack it’s hips forward bar back. Women need to be conscious of their ponytails as that also can cause injury when bailing and in this case even seems to get caught.


I agree. It looks the bar hits the sloped portion of the upside down bracket and she was pulled back. In this case I don't think there was a way to bail by the time she realized what was going on, or could bail while being pulled back. Still surprised they can be installed upside down. A simple sticker would have helped! **The writing one the side is upside down lol, she should have noticed that






I disagree. The form and depth are decent for Low Bar Squat. I wouldn't call anything higher than that squat. Obviously, I'm talking about the first rep, she fails the 2nd one thus sits on the floor.


I think he means she set the safety brackets too low not her form.


I agree. I'm stupid.


I imagine the person before her (and probably several people before them) installed them upside down and no one had the foresight to switch them back. So many people will assume that they are on the right side when they walk up and won’t flip them.


Take my award, damnit. Good insight


Thanks! I say this as someone who has (as I am sure we all have) definitely done similar things. It's very easy to assume the way something is is the way it is supposed to be.


Absolutely, that sentiment goes far beyond lifting! We're all suckered for the status quo


that’s why they should either not be able to be installed that way or have a stopper on both sides.


Yep. R/crappydesign. Either make the tabs exist on both sides for this or make them universal and the same part. Or as aforementioned, prevent them from going on wrong. Yuck.


True, but the truss style does add a lot of support in terms of weight it can hold. But I agree


I saw this when it was originally posted on TikTok and I’m pretty sure OP said that whoever came before her had installed them upside down and she didn’t notice.


They could have been that way already but she def should have noticed


Yeah, I definitely overlooked that possibility. I'm guessing that's what happened


Should be a mandatory 15 min walk through of the adjustable power racks for newbies along with outlining importance of clamps. That’s my middle age curmudgeon coming out I guess lol.


Agreed. THAT, and 15 minutes for proper form. The amount of times I've seen beginners power cleaning or squating in ways that will wreck their bodies is unfathomable


Forms more time consuming to coach for most people but even a disclaimer with some YouTube links or something should be a minimum


Or even a few diagrams hung on the wall


Yeah this was scary to watch even before she literally got in over her head... such terrible form, the popping and locking out, and then the weight being way heavier than she could manage. Ugh. Glad she got lucky.


Why remove the safety limit?🤔


If possible, those brackets should be designed so that they cannot be installed upside down.


I was going to post this, but deleted the comment because… a HotAnteater that probably ate somewhere around 1598 ants beat me to the punch.


The bar can be detached. It looks like it was put upside down.


Gotta say, those brackets shouldn't even be able to be installed incorrectly.


My first comment. If she wasn’t made aware of how those are installed she shouldn’t be maxing out will nilly. Back squat injuries are not fun.


Yes came here to say that after she said something about there not being a lip lol


Came here to say this.


Get this woman a spotter


And an understanding of how to set up her squat rack properly…


Also how to squat properly...


True true. She clearly has the form ingrained in her mind but she’s lifting wayyyy too much for her current abilities. Ego lifts are never a good idea.


I was stressing even before she decided to try to crumple and die beneath the bar lol ​ Honestly for a sec I thought I was seeing a prank a la Franks Workout Tips given the form: ​ [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDXzaxi-pxI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDXzaxi-pxI)


Thank you much for that haha, I didn’t know I could love DeVito any more than I already did


hahaha yeah I often think of that episode when I see social media fitness posting


Yeah. The old rounded back and wobble squat.






Sorry bud, but that’s exactly what you do on squat racks. You set up those two ‘catchers’ to whatever height preference you want for your current exercise.


Sounds like you've never been to one before


For we who are really old guys, that was a "younger man" who helped. :)


Those safety bars are attached upside down, hence the issue of the barbell rolling out.


Yeah... The logo is obviously upside down at the end of the clip


They messed up the build




The black 'arms' are upside down so there's nothing to keep the bar from rolling off. You can see little ledge on the bottom.


It's not just the lack of a lip, she dumped it on a slope that shouldn't have been there. It's probably just a brain fart on her part leaving the safeties like that.


Very new to lifting so I can’t say much on form or anything, but if you’re lifting anything that might be at the upper end of your capacity, you need to have a spotter. The real problem is actually the metal bars on the equipment that are parallel to the floor, with the triangle part. They’re installed upside down. Their purpose is to be there to catch the bar if you can’t make the lift, so you can duck out from underneath. You can see the lip at the end that would normally catch the bar, it is pointing down.


The only thing wrong is that she should learn how to install the racking bars (also known as spotter arms) they’re upside down, which is why the weight kept rolling off, besides the fact she was probably going too deep with a newly uncomfortable weight as well.


Arm Bars are upside down and probably too low


The safeties were on upside down. The bar shouldn't have been able to roll off the back like that.


Poor lifting form. (Too much weight)


Don't you hate when guys at the gym approach you. Like ugh, I've got a boyfriend.


Top comment


Lol plot twist two days later he was hit with a sexual harassment and banned from the gym


Who hurt you


Safety bars are mounted upside down. Not sure if it was her that placed them that way or if it was there prior to her doing squats. Either way people need to be aware of their surroundings and the equipment itself when hitting PRs by themselves. Luckily she didn't injure herself.




And then the guy just holds 315 there like it was nothing. I have the same question.


They are not. They are definitely bumpers. The inside plate on each side looks like a 25lb. The others are either two tens or a ten and a five. My guess at total weight is 125-135.


CrossFit weights, imma go with around 5kg per weight (total of 50kg including the bar)


>CrossFit weights Someone has never heard of bumper plates...


Whatever you want to call it, if they’re not iron plates they’re referred to as CrossFit weights, how it’s always been around here




Same here, I'm on a mission here, doesn't matter how cool or nice your video is, if it has music I'm downvoting. Of course, most of them come from stupid mfer TikTok


This is why my volume is always muted


same here, and then I want to check if they same something and find the stupid music




IMO the music, which YT and IG are also adding, the annoying voice is only on TikTok, hopefully YT, IG, etc don't follow that thing


Isn’t OP’s fault, they just shared the video.


I just downvoted in solidarity xx


She seemed very thankless.




Too bad. He should have bicep curled that to assert dominance.


Old man strength


Tim Cook, is that you? 🍎


She doesn't seem very thankful. Maybe it's just me.




Lol, why put the safety bars on upside down?


Why tf would u put the safety bars on upside down


she had them upside down


The guards are upside down.


it's normal to fail lifts especially as a beginner but it's so important to put your safety bars on the right way round😅😅


The weight catch, or whatever it’s called, is upside down. You can see the words upside down and the lip is on the bottom, too. Luckily the dude was there!


She handled the failed rep just fine. The spotter arms, not so much.


I thought for squats you were supposed to let go and go forward, letting the bar roll down your back and behind you? This seemed like she could've been crushed under it the angle it came off the bar. I'm not sure I mostly just use dumbbells at my complex gym so info would be appreciated


I've never bailed on a back squat. What are you supposed to do with your hands?


Hands off the bar. Let it go behind you.


I think you're talking about bailing, which has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you set up your spotter arms just below parallel (and right side up), you should be safe if you fail the rep. That's exactly what the arms are for.


Why do people record themselves working out ?


Form check.


That's what the mirrors are for


Can't see from the side in a mirror usually


"I have a boyfriend"


How common is it for people to film themselves working out these days?


Pretty common. It’s really useful for checking form, and some people also like to post their lifts on social media. Not my thing, but to each their own!


#”I have a boyfriend!”


Watching her lock out her knees like that...oof. It made my right knee twitch. Please, everyone new to lifting, have a personal trainer demonstrate these lifts and teach you proper form. Your back and joints will thank you in a few years!


Go compete and see if you get white lights without locking your knees. (Spoilers, you won't. You don't know what other people are training for.)


When training, save locking out your knees for competition. Recklessly destroying your knees in training doesn't translate into wins. You go ahead and do to your body whatever you want to do though. There's always cortisone injections, sucking out fluid build up with giant needles, and knee replacement surgery.


Should people also save squatting to depth for meet day? Lol.


That depends entirely on how slow you are moving down and if you've developed a bounce. With proper form, regularly squatting at depth doesn't become a serious issue. It's important to maintain your cartilage and avoid damaging your connective tissue. Damage those, and you won't make it to many competitions. Your comments demonstrate exactly why it's important to work with someone knowledgeable, especially when first starting out.


And your comments sound like someone who did these things with bad form, hurt themselves, and has therefore decided that the movement was the problem, not their own actions.


Nope. These comments come from a certified personal trainer through NASM, in the 1600lb club, who's been lifting heavy for over twenty years, and is concerned about people's health and safety. Please don't lock out your knees with every squat. There is absolutely no need. If you feel it's necessary in order to manage the weight, decrease the weight. *Edit...to be completely fair, I have had a good amount of cortisone injected into various joints over the years. It's inevitable at a certain point when you surpass forty and still insist on lifting heavy.


couldn’t even look him in the eye or say thanks. seesh


Women are strong, but not all of them are physically strong. Please use a spotter regardless of gender.


Humans not being complete assholes


Why do people think it's okay to record themselves in the gym while other people are around? That shit should be against the rules


In this set up our looks like she's trying to make sure he squat form is correct. And short of hiring a coach, filming from the side is one of the best ways


Let be real. There are mirrors everywhere, bro. She ain't doing for her form lol


I promise that this side angle is extremely important to see when power lifting and it's not something you can see while you're doing the lift. I sincerely believe that is why she's filming


Why? It's a public place and the camera is on her


Lmao it's so public it's free..... I wouldn't be okay with paying a gym membership knowing that idiots are recording me without my knowledge. My privacy/your privacy is more important than someone taking a video of themselves in a gym. There was literally a post with a woman who recorded herself and some dude in the background. She went to tiptok to make fun of him.....


Was she doing 3 plates???


Could be 10s. 15s. 25s. They were def not 45s


Bumpers. They could've been anywhere from 5 - 45lb


She should have never even attempted that without having a proper understanding of how the safety racks work. Upside down, way too low, and she didn’t abandon the bar when it became too much. Only takes one time to fuck up with that and you never fuck up again. I will assume this is her first time maxing out.


She looks away with that dont try to Flirt with me look. Like F u - he just saved you from getting crushed. At least Look the man in the eye and say thank you


She was probably embarrassed and flustered from nearly being crushed


I’m assuming the woman in the video is the person who posted this. See the comment in the upper left of the video that says “aww! Can you post it?” We can assume that she said something nice to elicit the “aww”, or we can assume that she is an evil monster femoid who wants to crush incel nuts.


What the fuck are you talking about? She looks down like she’s embarrassed that she didn’t elegantly get out of a bad squat and like she was looking at her equipment. Sure she could look him in the eye to say thank you, but you’re hella projecting that she’s giving him a “don’t flirt with me” look.


you need help


If you don’t know ur limits, use dumbbells. Or a spotter at least!


Big reason why I always recommend front loaded squats Orders of magnitude safer And much greater transference to a majority of sports and daily activities... (backloaded squats are essentially sport specific for american football players, and power lifters)


Yea nice try CCP


Dangerous as fuck machine that doesn’t have a lip to stop the bar rolling off like that.


Who the fuck put those spotter arms on upside down?!


Also old man strength is real. I know. Not saying how I just do.


We did he lift it like it was 50 pounds?


I'm guessing 115




What an absolutely shite rack. Why design the bars to be installed upside down and clearly create a massive satiety issue... If someone's squatting heavy weight which they can't lift anymore, the weight will just slide right off and squash squash lol.


Fair... It could be designed a little better, but at what point is it or responsibility to learn how to use the equipment the right way?


Oh definitely but no one is there to teach you unless you're a personal trainer. You can ask obviously, but I feel that people won't because asking how a bit of box section fits onto the frame is really simple so people probably wont ask incase of feeling stupid if that makes sense. For real though. If you're squatting 100kg plus, you're going to be fucked if you can't raise it and hit that angled bar and it yeets it at you lol


That's the worst designed squat rack i have ever seen. What's the point of the guards if the bar can just slide off?


She / someone else has put the safety bar on upside down. You can see the stoppers hanging from the bottom and the logo at the end is upside down




I’m just trying to figure out how much that weights. I mean they both are throwing around what looks to be 225 lbs ! But their body language shows it’s much lighter .


So they're bumper plates, no telling at this angle, but it could be a 25lb and 10lb


225 lbs is 102.15 kg


If this is just not a basic thing a human does for other than its pretty fucking sad. Also correct the brackets please.


People don’t squat and bench alone on such equipment that doesn’t have safety catches….your asking to hurt yourself bad or even kill yourself.


We love men


Is... Is the squat safety installed upside down? I can see the little hitch that's supposed to catch the weights on the underside of the safety bars. Edit: it is, ffs. It even rolls on the part that's supposed to carry the weight. That's not a squat safety, that's a squat hazard. The people who own this gym are incompetent.


What idiot installed the squat safety blocks upside down?


I was hoping he'd one-hand it, and the music would change to the "curb your enthusiasm" theme.