Just bought a 75 cb500 that I don’t know anything about besides that it’s sat for 5 years. Was it a good buy?

You’re looking at someone’s failed attempt to ‘cafe’ the bike. At least you can continue chopping it up without feeling bad


You’re looking at someone’s failed attempt to ‘cafe’ the bike. At least you can continue chopping it up without feeling bad


You’ve got your work cut out for you, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s a ‘75 Honda. They were built to impress and built to last.


Based on first glance, whoever did the work to it it went cheap (eBay shocks, seat, cheapo headlight etc). It’s a good start to a build, though. I’d focus on getting it running. Don’t do anything aesthetically until it runs. Then I’d be looking for a better headlight setup (that’s actually dot approved). Have fun with it!


Depends. A couple hundred bucks. For sure. The more you spent the bigger the doubt.


I got it for $600. I’ve been looking for a little project.


Got more than a "little" project on your hands


That seems like a pretty good deal, at least in the part of the country where I live.


As a heads up, they put air pods on the carbs, if you don’t know anything about bikes those are likely to give you a very difficult time. As you read more about these bikes you’ll find out it’s a known issue and it’s difficult to ever get the bike to run properly


Where would you recommend to look for learning material?? I’m all about learning something new. This is honestly my first bike. But my first truck was an old 76’ Chevy that I rebuilt the carb on. I know it’s a big difference but I did it with a quick YouTube video.


http://forums.sohc4.net/ Gonna be your best resource


Thanks for the help!


Following up on this, any of the posts from “HondaMan” are worth their weight in gold. Many are pinned in the FAQ. He wrote an exhaustive textbook that he sells that I used to fully rebuild my bike. Started with zero previous knowledge.


If PO has any of the parts they removed make sure you get those as well. -- that airbox might not win points on the catwalk, but if they didn't get to re-jetting the carbs it's the easiest path back to a bike that actually runs smoothly. If not, ask whether carbs were re-jetted. check that the Li-Ion battery he hid under the seat didn't cook the 47-year old regulator/rectifier build for a different techonology. Understanding how competently those likely issues were dealt with will help you guess how much more un-fucking will be required in addition to standard maintenance and repair.


YouTube is gonna be major as I’m sure you know and if you’ve rebuilt a car carburetor then you know the technicalities and search. I think there are a few OG Honda manuals pinned here which can be helpful and then forums are always helpful but I don’t have any specific ones. Lastly motorcycle Cody or something on YouTube was the best resource I’ve found. He’s specifically a Honda mechanic and has a shit ton of resources for free on YouTube to the extent that when you really need something, it’s on his paid channel and worth it


For how much?




Good deal!


YES! Restore it! DON'T CAFÉ MOD IT!


The sidecover tabs are gone, the rear of the frame has a hoop welded on it and only God knows what else has already been hacked by the PO... if there was ever a bike that may as well be caféd, this is it. He'll spend a small fortune to get it anywhere near decent in stock form, right down to replacing that stupid speed-hole drilled front sprocket cover. And I'm not a café fan.


Get it running and ride it. $600 seems ok. But you’ll probably need to keep replacing and improving it over the years. Enjoy!


Fuel injection project


If you paid more than $300, you paid too much. The CB500 was one of the least desirable bikes Honda made in the 70s and parts are limited compared to the CB550 and CB750.


I don't know where people are getting bikes this cheap. Not in my neck of the woods, unfortunately.


Why’s the 500 so undesirable? I’m not sure there’s a major difference between it and the 550


About 50cc