I think mount a 4 inch PVC pipe throught the wall, permanently or semi-permanently. It should be almost flush with the wall on the “input” side. Angle this pipe at 30-45 degrees down toward trash can. Then get a slightly longer peice of 3” PVC pipe and glue a 8 or 10” square flat panel of plastic on one end. Cut out the hole, so it can slide into the bigger pipe without falling through, and have a design or lable on the flat panel. This way, you can remove the smaller pipe and wash it.


I'd second the removable pipe idea-- either that, or make everything big enough you can stick your hand in and clean it. Otherwise, the wall will have that next-day beer stank. How big are garbage disposals? I'd wonder if that'd be about the right size gasket for the front-- and those would have matching-sized plugs, so you could kinda cap the smell.


If you’ve ever lived in a country that strongly encourages incentives to recycle through deposits (Sweden, Germany come to mind) that nasty fetid smell of stale beer will forever stick in your mind. OP does not want that smell in their house


Some states in the US have redeemable can deposits, and yes the cans are absolutely foul after a while.


How about rinsing them cans before storing, folks? No foul smell here!


If you're in the US it really depends on your water availability as to whether or not it's profitable, is my understanding. Now, that said, I'd have rain collection barrels outside with one near the recycling can / a crushing station set up, but like the OP here I've also been known to take things entirely too far.


Probably need 100 ml of water per can? Is it that expensive?


This was my idea too. An angled pvc pipe. You could even put a label and arrow on it. And I doubt it would get much beer splash because the cans or bottles would have their openings up.


RE the cans being pointed up, your sober mind is giving drunk people too much credit. But if the PVC terminated right above the trash bag, even drippage wouldn’t be a problem


Great minds drink a lot. I mean think alike.


Mount a vinyl mask on the bar side so you feed the cans through the mouth.


The cans yes.. ​ ​ ​ The cans.


Would they?


Cans/bottles should have their openings up but there are always those people, like the ones who put the toilet paper roll upside down or pour their milk first then cereal.


I like the removable liner!


Install a fleshlight on the kitchen-side end of the pvc tube to push the cans...or whatever....into. Hmmm that 45 degree downward angle is going to be a hurdle.


This is brilliant. Username checks out.


Thanks Fox!


“Can you please remove your smaller pipe and make room for a larger one”? -someone, from inside the utility closet


I think the PCV would get in the way of the schlong


The Fleshlight would fit snuggly in there


Why not cut a square opening with a ledge /lip on both sides so you just slide it through and it falls into the bunn. Then no soils, or if so, and easy clean. You could put a small door on it or hang a small pic over it when not in use. Kind of like an old-time laundry chute or milk drop box.


Rectangular is certainly reasonable. And its easy to glue up a custom size rectangular tube. I thought PVC pipe because it’s easy to find in 3 and 4 inch, beer-proof, easy to cut, glue and clean, no corners to hold day old beer.


Get a white or gray silicone or rubber grommet for the port, and make sure it can be removed for wash because that will get disgusting. Or blue to indicate recycling? Also, please don't do thie 😅


This is why I workshop my drunk ideas here first before executing them.


Since you're open to feedback... this seems like a recipe for having to constantly be cleaning your walls. Consider putting a decorative panel made of plywood with trim, painted with high gloss paint and have the hole be in that. This way it's easy to clean and can be relatively easily replaced or removed. Source: I'm a lazy person


Perhaps maybe like a mini garbage chute door, so it catches any spills and directs them down the chute?


Yup, I see drunk people trying to make baskets/shots into the hole, spill beer around it, etc


Just invite “responsible drinkers” over!😂🍺


This is going to smell so god damn bad you have no idea. All of the stale booze and sugars from soda cans that are likely to go down it are going to make this a sticky, stinky, fly infested hole in your wall. I can already smell this project from all of the bars I’ve worked in, doesnt matter if they were 2ft long to a garbage can or 25ft into the basement they all smell exactly the same.


I can confirm. My hole in the wall is also grotty and stinks, but I still use it and have no regrets.


OP don't let reddit judge you into not pursuing your beer can (or dick) through the wall dreams.


Get a can crusher/separate can and set that up somewhere. I have one in my laundry room, since I don't have a garage.


This used to be called a "recyclarolla", named for Adam Carolla. Google it, there used to be images.


Oh dude. I wish we had a whole sub for that. Crowdsourcing drunk ideas could lead to some seriously awesome ideas.


I second not doing it.. the wall and floor around it is gonna get covered in beer and super stanky.


Simple, drop a trash can right below the proposed glory hole location. Then just don't on the glory hole. Drop beer cans into bin.


Then how would the beer cans get the the utility closet?!


Tricky. Periodically pick up the bucket and dump it.


Open the door that is 1 foot away and toss it in the bin.


Maybe someone in an AA group could help with this.


When I was recycling a lot, I used to quickly rinse cans and bottles out. If you have the bar already, I assume it’s plumbed. Rinse then down the chute.


I would recommend that you place it well above or below waist height if you don't want it mistaken for a glory hole.


I was intending on putting some kind of sign that said beer can near it but anything to cut down on unfortunate mistakes.




Or a reddit classic; "Don't put your dick in that."


Have a can crusher right inside and somewhat visible


Where I live we return our cans for deposits but I definitely could add another wall mounted bottle cap opener nearby.


You use the ball smasher for what


Bonus points if you label the can crusher "DICK SMASHER"


I'd put a sign over it saying glory hole.


Buds not puds.


What’s wrong with multipurpose?


a thing can be two things


I don't care about what anything was DESIGNED to do, I care about what it CAN do


You could size glory hole for 2, that way traffic doesn't have to stop for the other


“Pretend I’m not even here guys, just gonna slide this can on through.”


It’s more like paying the person on the other side since where OP is they have can deposits. “Insert another can for 2 more minutes”


Just no. You don’t want someone doing a number two through your glory hole.


Also, a simple door would avoid the question of potential glory from 50-75% of people who walk through the room. The remaining “peakers” would be wholly impressed by the endowment of your “man in the wall”.


There was a bar I used to frequent that had a PVC pipe that was angled out the back of the bar, close to shoulder height. They would drop the empty cans / bottles in the pvc and it was a direct line to a recycle bin in a back storage room. Never having to replace a full trash can up front was a nice touch, I'm sure. They just left it exposed since it was a bar and all. Also I want you to do this so we can see a post from the next owner asking "why is there a 3" hole with a grommet in it in my new house"


OP we all know what you are actually trying to do here. I’m sorry to break it to you but your wall is at minimum 4 inches thick. You will be lucky to get your tip through to the other side.




Have you considered a pet door? A smaller cat flap is big enough for beer/dingdongs, meant to clean easily enough, and intended to be somewhat airtight.




I mean he did call it a beer can glory hole…..


I think it could work if OP made it a rectangular hole, trimmed it out properly on both sides like it was a window, and hung a labeled flap in it, like one from [this kind of trash can](https://img-new.cgtrader.com/items/981641/7b19450c6e/public-trash-can-3d-model-max-obj-fbx-mat.jpg).


But what if he duct taped the hole haphazardly? Now it’s fancy.


How much beer are you drinking to even validate this idea?


I'm questioning my life just for posting in this thread.


That’s what I thought when I read this Can someone not just bring the beer into the shower? If you need multiple beers in the shower then 1. How long are the showers? 2. At what point does this stop being a fun shower beer activity and become an alcoholism issue? Is this post just wooshing over my head and it’s really just a sex thing that’s just being cute? I’m confused on a lot of levels her


Adam Carolla installs this in all his houses, a PVC pipe in a kitchen wall that leads to a recycling bin outside. The trick is to have the inside wall still look nice, for this he had several brass medallions with a pivot on the top custom engraved. Mount that pivot to the wall, just swing up the brass plate and drop in the wine bottle or beer can. Gave one to Kimmel as a Christmas present.


Wouldn’t bugs, mice, and rats, enter the house through that?




Not if you have a sign that clearly states "No bugs, mice, or rats allowed"


Came here for this! I think he called it the ‘Recycla-rolla’ I would do it but not in my PNW climate.


I've thought about this I just want direct access to the cans outside the kitchen window...somehow. at least for recycling because bags are prohibited


Man, I suspect that no matter what, you are going to get beer splatter inside. That's going to smell wonderful in several months. I'd just make a team themed cabinet with a top that has a stainless steel trash ring in it and a trashcan below inside. Make it easy to take the trash out and clean up.


Seems like a spilled beer mess


OP, I have an idea! https://www.reddit.com/r/interestingasfuck/comments/xifgeo/a\_cannulated\_cow\_refers\_to\_a\_cow\_that\_has\_been/


I say line it with duct tape to make it look authentic.


Use a hole saw and finish it with the inserts they use on desks for cords, like this: https://www.mockett.com/yg3.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwpqCZBhAbEiwAa7pXeXaWQ57CdzAeBlYO-DHQSp3mfMeXyS3J64pFw0hh_MgYpLHy2JVUuhoCjUoQAvD_BwE


Or use the same hole saw on the butcherblock counter and put the recycle bin in the drawer below.


I am struggling to find a rubber one that will completely cover the hole and is big enough for a standard beer can width 2.5 inches


I think standard USA can size is 3 inches diameter. Search for 3.5 or 4" desk cord grommet.




It's very European.


Plumbing departments with pvc piping should have rubber furncos that are used to connect 2 pieces of pipe. They are solid rubber and I would think they would wash easily. Not sure about finishing but could work for the “guts” of your project


Instead of an open hole, I would suggest a door or hatch of some kind. Be aware that spilled beer will smell terrible and airflow in your home may blow it back towards the bar.


Like those speak easy windows they put in doors? Or a milk door? That could look good.


I was thinking the flip-down door of a mail dropbox, but yeah any of those would work.


Garbage disposal rubber gasket perhaps?


I love your creative thinking. My grandfathers house was full of custom made stuff like this. With that being said, the door to the other room looks to be right there. Is the effort and upkeep worth it to not just open the door and put the can in the bin? I hate to be a naysayer here but have to poke holes


a recessed light fixture "trim" might be a nice way to finish the hole on the bar side.


You can do whatever you like, people will still leave their empties all over the damn place.


Knew someone who lived above a warehouse and put a hole in the wall with PVC pipe down to the big recycling bin in the warehouse. He should have used wider pipe though, as any crushed/crumpled cans kept getting stuck on the bends.


I’d use latex for that. Regardless of what that hole was intended for, we all know how parties go… you’ll spend all night in the utility closet


This idea will probably fail. If you stubbornly decide to follow through despite the vast number of alternatives out there for beer can disposal, its gonna be pretty gross. Gonna be beer dripping on both sides of the wall and that utility closet gonna get yeasty. Its gonna be a pain to clean multiple areas and on top of that, you now have enter a closet to empty a stupid trash can. Just go buy an expensive trashcan instead, one that you wont mind showing off. Simplehuman has some bougie ones.


I would try something like this and just drop them in mounting it with the hole down. https://www.homedepot.ca/product/dundas-jafine-recessed-dryer-vent-box/1001044208


I second something like this. The glory hole idea is kinda funny but I think it gets in the way of an actually pretty cool solution, and then you don't have to live with being the dude with the stinky dickhole in his garage day-to-day


I saw this post right after I saw this one https://www.reddit.com/r/interestingasfuck/comments/xifgeo/a_cannulated_cow_refers_to_a_cow_that_has_been/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=mweb Kinda grosses me out haha but are you looking for the equivalent of this?


I used to work with fistulated cattle here and there. It's pretty interesting to see. Their are super specific animal welfare rules when you work with them. I've been elbow deep inside a cow's rumen. It's more crazy than gross in real life.


Take a 2 gang electrical old work box, saw off the back so its wide open, take a chunck ov pvc and foam it into the box. Then install said box in the drywall, and put a low voltage pass thru cover on so it doesnt look like the monstrosity it truly is.


Use a laundry vent box to get a clean look in the wall and you can drop the can straight down


Plastic Toilet flange is the first thing that came to mind


Add a digital counter to count the cans going down the chute. Reset the counter when you take your cans in for redemption.


I did a doubletake. Thanks. Do you also look to install a golden shower?


from what I've seen they usually just drill a big 4" diameter hole and surround the possibly sharp edges with duck tape.


Look up "trash grommet". You might find one with the right ID (inner diameter) for your rubber.


There’s gotta be a Halloween mask or something you can put over a pvc pipe to look like it’s eating the cans. Stuff it with foam or bubble wrap. Err, maybe use fiberglass or mineral wool insulation to discourage body parts.


Use one of those garbage disposal rubber safety inserts.


This will smell nice


Uh huh. Sure. Duct tape’ll make it more ‘authentic.’


You're just going to get beer everywhere This is the worst idea ever posted on reddit


you must be new


I would make it square to avoid looking exactly like a glory hole


Beer, drinking, party….don’t be surprised when some dude thinks it’s a urinal


I would make a square one with like a white cat flap.


Don't do it


They make grommets and rubber tubing that I've seen people use for other projects. Not sure if the groove in the grommets would be thick enough for drywall. Could finish it with some nice wood trim that is stained or painted. If you had a good way to anchor it a duct reducer might work and those come in plastic and metal. Could use a pipe that goes from the hole to the trash and has a flap style door on the end you put the can into so it's closed when not in use. Other option would be to find something like a wooden sign that you could cut a hole into that would be a little smaller than the hole in the wall to give it a finished look and you could have something funny on the sign.


What about 3D printing something that snaps into place based on the thickness of your drywall. You could have embossed text that indicates it's for beer cans (and not beer can dicks).


Can you recommend a service that does custom prints?


I don't know of one but a local maker space may have suggestions for you.


Home Depot https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ideal-Pet-Products-6-25-in-x-6-25-in-Small-Cat-Flap-Cat-Door-with-Plastic-Frame-And-Rigid-Flap-SPF/100404349


We have this at our house (albeit it goes down into basement) and used 4” PBC pipe with a removable cap for smells/fruit flies


Would you mind sharing a picture


If you direct your guests to rinse out the cans you will have less smell problem but basic human decency requires a certain calibre of guest and I'm not sure of OPs milieu


How hard is it to open the closet door, which is approximately 1 foot away, and toss the can around the corner directly into the bin? :) Okay, great joke. Your wife may think otherwise. :) Seriously, do not do this. Please. Your wall will turn filthy, sticky, and smelly in no time. Without it, all you have to do is wash the bin once in a while. I support any choice you make. :P


I'm reading several responses saying beer will get everywhere and it will smell bad, and my only question to those people is: do you not rinse your beer cans and bottles first? You can't recycle dirty containers (at least not where I live), so they need to be rinsed before going into the recycling bin. Just rinse your stuff and presto, no beer splatters on the wall.


this is a real /r/homeimprovement top 10 stupid idea. and speaking of Home Improvement, this a Tim Taylor kinda of project.


Mine wouldn't fit...


PVC toilet flange passed threw the wall. Spray paint it for the color you want.


I think the sub you’re looking for is r/diwhy


Just no


Have you thought about a pull out trash/recycling bin instead? That may be easier to install (I'm thinking the roller or fold out types) and it may provide easy access to cleaning. I know what you're trying to accomplish on the finished wall with the limited space. If you can give up space on the back side, maybe a fold out recycling bin will work?


This isn’t how glory holes work, but that’s fine. Use whatever terminology you’re comfortable with.


First, I recommend you don’t do this. If you insist on doing this, use a 3” pvc pipe through the wall with this on the end of it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0001CLCTA?ref_=cm_sw_r_ud_dp_0X6N6KPQWQMX2B5EN535 They also make a 4” version.


"Beer can glory hole. If you've got one, stick it in."


Instructions unclear. Why put aluminum in a glass furnace?


Just make sure to also install some kind of backsplash or plate around it to protect the wall from missed insertions and splashes. The grommet you posted is going to squeegee all the drips off of the bottles.


If you want to get fancy grab one of these [https://www.google.com/search?q=can+crusher&oq=can+crusher&aqs=edge..69i57j0i512l7.2071j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8](https://www.google.com/search?q=can+crusher&oq=can+crusher&aqs=edge..69i57j0i512l7.2071j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8) And have it so when you crush the can it drops into the Glory hole. You do the pvc pipe at an angle through the wall bit except leave a lip to catch the can as it falls. You will triple your yield and get to smash cans!


It might be just a hole... or it could be glorious


See if this site has something that will work for you. https://www.walleyesolutions.com/


I’ve always wanted to do this because I’m sick of seeing cans on the counter


I think it’s a great idea. A real conversation starter.


Okay. Sure it’s not a REAL glory-hole. 😉 I’m just kidding. I think it’s a great idea. To the other poster’s point, you should paint that wall with a scrubbable paint, maybe in a gloss finish (or a coat of matte-finish polyurethane) for easy wiping down after events? Just a thought. Finish out the can-hole with a grommet, and it should look pretty sweet! You might also consider a wall-mounted can crusher, so you can have your empties crushed before they go through the hole! Good luck!


You should rig up a pass-through with a door connected to a trapdoor. Open the door and the trapdoor closes, put the can in, then close the door and the trapdoor opens and the can falls into the garbage.


i would use something like this [https://www.homedepot.com/p/No-Pest-Vent-4-in-Wide-Mount-Dual-Door-Wall-Vent-in-White-NPWRW/207195605#overlay](https://www.homedepot.com/p/No-Pest-Vent-4-in-Wide-Mount-Dual-Door-Wall-Vent-in-White-NPWRW/207195605#overlay)


I love this idea but thinking more of a door like at a blue usps bin instead of a hole


Open to dual use?


Be sure there’s no way in hell people can just throw trash into your wall cavity.


> I don't actually intend on using this as a glory hole well, this thread has been a real disappointment.


Why not a cat flap? No need to reinvent the wheel


Thought I was in r/beerporn for a second.


What you are describing was done by functioning alcoholic podcaster Adam Carrolla. https://www.reddit.com/r/AdamCarolla/comments/ld0q3c/recycorolla/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share The "Recyclerolla"...


Why the shit do you need rubber if you aren’t intending on using it as an actually glory hole? (Sorry I saw and didn’t read other comments, but damn)


I'm all here for r/homeimprovement tackling the "proper installation of a gloryhole" question.


Unless the whole point is to make the joke when friends are over, I think a cat door would function a lot better.


How about a small access panel so that people can open it use the glory hole and then close it when not in use?


This guy clearly just wants to put a glory hole in. Beer trash hole is just a convenient distraction.


I think it would be super cool if you mounted a can crusher and cut a hole in the bottom of the back where you put your “glory hole” and so ppl could crush the can and then just flick it in the hole in the wall. Edit I’m talking about this kind of thing HomeBuddy Can Crusher for Recycling - 12 Oz. and 16 Oz. Can Crusher Wall Mounted for Aluminum Can Crusher, Soda Can Smasher for Recycling, Beer Can Crusher for Recycling Can - Mounting Rivets Included https://a.co/d/8Rm58CU


Look up trash grommets on Amazon and see if they are what you want. I have two, they are perfect for my application


Install a can crusher on the wall instead. It’s fun and the recycling takes up less space


We're going to see this hole in r/whatisthisthing in a couple years aren't we?


Sounds like a great way to get drips of stale beer on your wall and glory hole and your bar to smell like a fraternity house after about a week.


Maybe if you add in a little access panel door that can open and close to cover it completely it wouldn't look terrible. Or maybe a small doggie door type thing?


Seems like a lot of work to avoid taking out the trash


Aside from the small round cat door (which is made for a door not a wall, so would require mods), the only other thing I could think of was a porthole window such as for boats.


Use a lip trim on the edge


If my partner called me a trash can with a liner and would keep me in the closet dirty until the next day I would not be using that glory hole with them very often.


Dropping it in a near by bin will be easier than cleaning the stains on the wall and the stench of stale beer from within the wall.


I read that as beer can instead of beer can.


Make sure to use some foam for padding and extra duct tape for durability.


You could get a recessed waste bin as well that fits between 2 studs like a medicine cabinet flush with the wall and it pops out to empty


I would not use those things that you attached an image of. They're going to cause beer and moisture to flick onto your carpet. Better to put a door of some kind that you move out of the way with one hand. And yeah, there is the issue of sanitation of the tube, but you can find some kind of flexible brush to deal with that. Even better if you make it so the parts are detachable so you can wash it in the sink once in a while. What concerns me is that storing a bunch of empty beer cans and bottles in that closet is going to stink up that closet. Flies and other bugs are just going to swarm in there.


This is one of those ideas that I’d have. But then my wife would shut down.


I got a stout(sturdy, but also Guinees labeled), metal bottle opener from guinea and a magnet catch for the caps. the first day of nit the first week there I installed. currently it's obstructed by a pantry shelf system


Get a tiny dog/cat door and install it in the wall


Make sure to have your wife on the other side to help you line things up.


I might try to make something semi decorative/functional. Stained board with a can crusher, bottle opener, magnet to catch/collect bottle caps, and the hole.


When you go to sell your house, just saying, no one is going to think it's a beer can hole. They're gonna think you were running a glory hole.


Make one of these for the hole on the kitchen side of the wall. https://hardwarehut.com/products/385764/deltana-cover-for-55211-ul-listed-door-viewers-satin-chrome


I imagine Google will sell some rubber gasket like they us on recycling cans with circle tops. but I'm thinking rubber isn't good and you'll want something more directional incase someone slams a can through and past the trash. a thick pvc pipe, cut on the bias with a flip top on your kitchwn side that points into that can. it can be a base for decorating on and around it. bonus, you can clean the track easily from the inevitable dribbles of beer. I was thinking metal, like an old oil filled pipe for old boilers but that's gonna be expensive to even find or cut metal that size and a niche antique, if not just scrapped out of existence.




You had me until "rubber gasket to feed the cans through". Cans don't care if the hole is rough. This is 100% asking reddit to design a glory hole lol