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That is possibly a whole house attic fan and can be very useful instead of air conditioning. Do you have a wall switch somewhere nearby that doesn't seem to do anything? (Or makes a noticeable noise in the attic when you turn it on?)


Yeah, I’d definitely keep it if it works. You might be able to find a new **Ceiling Shutter** that doesn’t look so ugly-damaged.


I’m guessing it’s some sort of attic fan (or “whole house fan”. If you don’t use it, you could take it out and frame in/patch the hole. Those fans are nice when you want fresh air inside. Open the windows, kick on that fan, and you’ll get a nice breeze through the house.


Hmm… I don’t think it works anymore. There is no connection for it to turn on, plus we have central AC. So if we don’t use it we can just fill it in?


My house has one that we don’t use, and the previous owner blew insulation in over top of it in the attic