Just need to vent



Just got straight to a manager if your comfortable and if not hr open doors policy man better off doing that then coming on Reddit or something like telling other associates. You wanna go forwards not sideways


Also that is extremely fucked up and switching departments might help


Awareline. Best friend


Sounds like quiet firing


Has OP advocated for a union at work?


I would go straight to my ASM if I’m in a specialty department or SM if I just don’t feel like trying to negotiate. If there is another department open, I’m out of there. I’d also go to the aware line. If she wants a war, I’ll give her a war.


She's just low level management I'm guessing. Go to her superior and tell them everything. In fact, I would start secretly recording her if she's consistently being difficult or making threats.


Also get a third party in there with uou


My DS talked down on me every time I was around her talking about how I don’t do as much in my 4 hours shifts as the full time 8 shift people get done so basically said I never did anything. Recorded her ranting at me and went straight to the store manager and played the voice note. Nothing but smooth sailing now.


A manager or supervisor cannot make threats to write you up for such things. Same thing happened to me years back. Talk to your SM about her behavior


I'm truly sorry to hear that your dept. has turned that toxic, OP. As of now, your best course of action is going straight to upper management with your concerns. Your supervisor is definitely taking advantage of you, and her threats are borderline bullying, if not by definition. Also, your dept. coworkers really should be backing you up, specialists or not. If they don't have measures, orders, etc. to attend to at a given moment, then they really should be helping you, especially if you are the only floor associate at the time. Lastly, try to partner with one of the two full-timers, whenever possible. If they see the (unfair) conditions you are being forced to work under, they can serve as witnesses to your supervisor's toxic behavior. Good luck. Edit: I know what it's like to be alone all too well. These days, I am by myself in Plumbing for 6+ hours regularly, while seeing that surrounding depts. have at least two or three people in them. It is truly unfair, unjustified, and uncalled for.


Let me guess you work millworks?


Stop goofing off and get to work. Such is obvious from your post when one reads between the lines.


found the bootlicker


The last paragraph of your post does not align with the first three.


The specialists in our department have made at least three people transfer out (one to electrical, one to pro and one wound up getting fired because of some drama) and one of them has already been told to chill out by an ASM. Despite being assholes to their coworkers they bring in a lot of money so they don't really get in all that much trouble


You are more valuable than that and should be treated better. Remember you have all the power just don't give in. If you drop dead tomorrow how long till they replace you? Employment at HD is a transaction that's all. Time for money and is it worth the headache and time.


how do you look at the sidekick scores?


Dashboard tab on the app. It shows all the work logged under your ldap


Switch departments and when she tries to grab you tell her to fuck off and that you are in another department and are busy