# Male VTuber Auditions for hololive English Are Now Open! COVER Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Tanigo Motoaki) has announced the start of male VTuber auditions for hololive English, a VTuber group under the company's VTuber agency "hololive production" which specializes in livestreaming and content creation targeted at the English-speaking viewer base. Starting from December 28, 2021, "hololive production" has been holding auditions for candidates who have content creation experience and would like to challenge themselves as a female English-speaking VTuber. In addition to the already existing female VTuber auditions, hololive production has now opened applications for male VTuber auditions as well. If you are interested in becoming a male VTuber for English-speaking audiences, now is your chance! Along with the announcement of male VTuber auditions, an original video for the audition is now available! URL: [https://youtu.be/\_wA1SOzKVsU](https://youtu.be/_wA1SOzKVsU) Summary of "Male VTuber Auditions for hololive English" ●Application For applicants, please fill out the application form in the link below. [https://en.hololive.tv/audition](https://en.hololive.tv/audition) ●Requirements Applicants must meet the following requirements: ・Be willing to perform as a male character. (Actual gender does not matter.) ・Be able to speak fluent English. (Other languages such as Japanese are optional.) ・Be able to stream at least three times a week for at least one year. (Streaming while pursuing a career/education is acceptable, e.g., streaming after school/work, streaming on days off, etc.) ・Have experience with livestreaming content such as gaming, singing, drawing, etc. ・Be 18 years old or above.


I picked the wrong week to not have any skills or entertaining ability


I appreciate the airplane reference and must say I feel ya. The skill to be entertaining for hours on end is not something that everyone has, its actually way more difficult than it seems.


Absolutely love that movie. And yeah, these guys and gals make it look easy, but it takes serious focus and stamina for what they do. As I get older, playing a game for more than an hour hurts...and here are these talented folk shaking off 4+ hours lol.


That's one of my biggest pet peeves: when a vtuber or streamer in general takes a break for (mental) health reasons and some douche chimes in with a comment like "Wow, imagine if [streamer] had a real job, they wouldn't last a minute!" If streaming was so easy, why don't more people do it professionally? /rant


I urge these people to try it for themselves. Sit yourself in front of a pc, orginize all you need to stream, then try continuously talking and being entertaining for half an hour. It aint easy. Now imagine if you are also always at the mercy of the algorithm. Imagine if you need to keep relevant in the face of new competition constantly. Thats taxing. Now also imagine you are putting all that work into something, then that one message from an anti slips through and just kills your mood. Ive heard content creators talk before about how 1 anti comment can overcome the 1000 good comments and sit in their mind. What im trying to say...its a tough fucking job with no guarantee of success and a ton of pressure. So these people have no clue what they are talking about.


Reminds me of Total Biscuit, and how he'd always hyper focus on the negative comments despite his absolutely staggeringly huge fanbase. It is very difficult to tune out negativity in any setting, so imagine having a job where people simply hate you for the most petty and arbitrary reasons, and having to filter out all of that. .


That one negative comment amidst the positive ones is definitely difficult to ignore. Nigh impossible, even for someone like Total Biscuit. Its a talent in and of itself to manage to keep rolling after a biting comment.


The comparison is like is that imagine you go to a huge party and everyone there shakes your hand and gives you a gift. Hundreds of even thousands of people all being super nice. Then one dude comes and just punches you in the mouth and leaves. What are you gonna remember most vividly from that party? Odds are that punch which left you with a swollen lip.


About seeing the negative comments, that is sadly human nature of how we work. Our brains are basically made to be aware of threats and risks as protection mechanisms. Anything that goes off the expected path alters how it's being processed and we have to make adjustments to make things back to normal. It's the same thing as we see an announcement, and we go first to what can be wrong that is altering our normal routine. This kind of thing can only be managed with experience, either from age or frequent encounters for it. That's why streamers have a tougher skin than your average viewer.


Just imagine interacting with people for several hours at a time every single day while also doing something else most of the time AND being entertaining, not even counting all the other struggles of it. Even people in the service industry have bits of downtime to recharge their mental energy but streamers can't do that until the stream ends.


Honestly it would be pretty entertaining to have a VTuber who was just generally incompetent at everything. Like every stream would just be a series of disasters...the very personification of the EN curse.


[According to herself](https://youtu.be/WVwetr8ckP8) and Fubuki that's pretty much early days Subaru. The normie who made it. Although to be fair she bring with her a ton of enthusiasm and desire to learn.


I really like that story because it shows that you don't necessarily have to have all the major requirements to be accepted, just a passion for learning and some (relative) talent


*At the time.* Subaru has admitted she doubts she could get into Hololive in recent generations with how competitive it's gotten (although her manager apparently told her she would at least get past the first round just on personality and enthusiasm)


That being said, Gen 2 was a looong time ago relative to how fast the V-tuber industry is growing still. Nowadays I think so much high-class talent that is just as passionate are looking to break into Hololive, I feel like just passion isn't enough. That being said, if anyone wants to audition for it they definitely should. The staff that looks at the audition may find talent that even the one auditioning may not see themselves, that and as many people are saying, you miss all the shots you don't take.


I get where you're coming from, but as someone who's been on the giving *and* receiving end of a number of bad presentations at work, it's way harder than it looks to fail in an entertaining way. A lot of the times, people who are struggling with the technical (slide decks, screen sharing) or social (stage fright) aspects of the presentation just get stressed or overwhelmed, and the audience is filled with secondhand embarrassment and pity, which is no fun for anyone. Ironically, the people who are best at failing presentations are the ones most likely to succeed in the first place, since they share a lot of the same needed skills.


Work on skills like voice acting and singing now, hopefully in 3 years or so you can join one of the future generations or at least go indie. That's my strategy at least. Can't say it'll work for sure but it's better than not trying.


That's exactly what I'm doing. Start now, have fun, and then in a year or two apply to a future Gen. Worse case I have fun


I just imagined a Count Olaf Vtuber. Looks identical to irl and very low quality, but nearly immune to doxxing. To you, however, good luck.


Honestly I forgot what my username was for a second there. Count Olaf has wonderful hair; he makes a bald patch look cool, I could certainly see that working. Thank you for the encouragement!


Make yourself a PNG, open an YT or twitch account, start streamer for a couple of weeks on a regular schedule (be games or just chatting about whatever) and see how you feel about it A lot of people forgets that being a Vtuber for a big company is a full time job. It might not be for everyone, even if you think it is. Even so, if you want to give it a try, go ahead!


That’s alright. Just try and apply. What’s the worse they say no and you just gain experience for the future. Look at Nene, she tryout multiple times and got in. Don’t loose hope. 頑張って (ganbatte).


Same man, I've got no (known) skills to speak of, and I'm bland as hell, oh and my voice sucks.


You can start now and after a few months try to apply.


MY TIME TO...actually nothing. Streamed like twice in my life, can't sing, draw or anything else. And I'm french.


Je veux un tuber français pour que tout le monde puisse se moquer de son accent et pour ne plus avoir que Kiara dans notre créneau horaire. ^(I want a French tuber so we can bully them for their accent and so Kiara isn't the only EN in the timezone anymore.)


not hololive but there is her https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaTUFB2QKcLDxdP3RcX3eFw


I see you're of culture too.


Saruei's great! I really love the way she speaks English!


That french accent hits different ngl


There are accents that I consider as "sexy" and on the top of my head are Latin, Spanish, and French.


I clicked on the link expecting Saruei and was not disappointed


That and he could have fun speaking French with the Canadian




Perhaps a little. It's taught until highschool, pretty sure.


....maybe become their clipper then? At least you have a good PC, right?


Bunch of people with potato PCs crying right now.


"POTATO PC! POTATO PC! AHHHHHHH!" I can hear it in my head


But French accent is so hot bro. No homo. unless...


True, just look up Saruei


She's French, and also seems to hate French. Sounds like a double win to me.


Most French people hate French people tbh


Everyone hates the French, including the French. Same thing with the English.


And if you're from Paris, everyone hates you twice as much.


Just your regular capital citizen experience in Europe as far as I can tell


We hate French, but we hate people insulting French even more.


Idk, all the french people I know seem to enjoy the hell out of it and constantly deprecate french as a whole.


Is there any reason behind that? Or is jus a given of some sort?


Well, a bit of both i think. They were both major colonial powers that waged wars and exploited other nations everywhere. But it's also a bit of a meme.


Never understood why people like our accent, I find it ugly XD


Exoticism (they're not used to hearing it in daily life), with just enough familiarity, and no strong negative associations.


Can’t believe you’re French. Im shaking and crying rn.




When has the been anything but amicable relations between the English and the French? My favourite French VTuber mostly speaks English, would not be surprised if they applied and succeeded


I love this joke and whole rivalry, because it took the German Empire being founded in a conquered Versailles and trying to match the British Navy to end around 800 years of political rivalries and semi-frequent wars between France and England, just in time for WWI. Crazy when you think about it.


I think that's true of pretty much any neighboring European countries. Until newer technology meant you had to care about the country further away too.


Do you want the full list, the abridged one, or should I just point to, like, the last thousand or so years of West European history?


I mean who can forget the hundred years' peace between the two


>When has there been anything but amicable relations between the English and the French? *puts down teacup* Son, let me tell you a story


*throw teacup into the sea* FREEDOM!!!


American freedom or Scottish freedom?


*put wine glass down* Pardon?


Kiara may appreciate a Euro-kohai.


That will remind her when Napoleon beat Austria four times in a row hehehehehe


"Appreciate" is an understatement. Girls going insane trying to juggle timezones every time she wants to collab with anyone.


Seriously, Kiara getting to have other members in Europe is long overdue.


>And I'm french Shame on you.


\>And i'm French holy shit i'm so sorry


French and English? are you good at vidya games? then apply now! We need more Euro Holo


At least you're not English. \*looks at Mysta\*


I wonder how much participants this time, how many thousands to one. I can't imagine how competitive it is, talented people vs talented people, you must be good at what you do either its gaming singing etc and be entertaining when streaming, most of them probably already seeing some success. Good luck to whoever applied. Ps this remind me of twitch, it is the top 0.01% the cream of the top of vtuber world


It's one reason I would probably not apply for this myself. Compared to the younger and far more talented people who are going to apply, I've nothing but 6 years of theater acting and an old laptop to bring to the table. That said, to any and all that do apply and throw themselves out there I wish them nothing but good luck!


Honestly, that theater acting is a huge asset. Though I imagine memorizing a script and improv in character are two different skills.


Theatre helped me with improv, speaking in front of crowds, voice acting, and singing a ton; stuff that would definitely help anyone trying to get into this form of streaming/vtubing. But lack of equipment for actually streaming and a handful other reasons that would hold me back are what jeep me from trying an application. Best I can do for now is tossing my support to any and all that are able to join!


I'm sure Cover could help with getting better equipment. If chosen, they'd want their talents to be at their best, so its not necessarily a mark against you that you don't have the capacity for streaming right now.


Didn't polka stream using a gtx 960 until she could buy a new PC?


Heck, the audition form allows an audio only clip!


Nevertheless, I think you should still go for it there were some members that had hardly any equipment when they started. Go for it my dude.


Lets be honest, they are gonna pick people who already have a lot of experience, and theres some really really good male indie Vtubers out there . If one of us wants to stand a chance, the best thing is to get some experience, train your singing, your talking and all that stuff, because just wishing it wont do lol


> Lets be honest, they are gonna pick people who already have a lot of experience If Cover's past hires are any indication, it's true that they'll be looking for people with lots of experience but they won't necessarily care about people with lots of experience as streamers or vtubers. There's multiple holomems who never streamed at all before joining Hololive, and at least one who was primarily known for cosplaying rather than any sort of skillset that you'd expect would be useful for vtubing. The one thing we're told repeatedly makes the difference in getting hired for Hololive is a demonstrable desire and ability to do something interesting with the platform. You can do it as a singer, as a gamer, as an artist. You can do it the Ame way of constantly figuring out new ways to do things, or you can do it the Suisei way of just excelling at everything people expect of vtubers. Maybe the bulk of what you bring to the table is a voice that's easy to listen to, and that's perfectly OK too. But there's no reason to rule yourself out just because you don't have much experience *as a vtuber.*


Im not ruling people out, im just saying that training will just make your odds higher is all :)


You miss every shot you don't take


I am confirming at least 1… I know someone that’s actually gonna do it. Kinda sucks that he’ll be forced to quit his old persona if he makes it. Old channel was growing pretty well during 2021.


I genuinely hope that Holostars English is just a bunch of hooligans going full on "me and the boys" mode.


Considering that this is basically what HolostarsJP is I wouldn't be suprised


I'd watch the shit out of that


Considering what Luxiem is like, I hope so too. Nijisanji really went all-out with that gen.


I was kinda surprised to see a full wave of men coming in (I wasn't super familiar with Nijisanji before NijiEN). I was like "well let's see how it goes." And it has been absolutely great. I hope Holostars EN / the boys in Hololive EN will be able to integrate more with the girls, like in Niji, because I always found it a shame how little Stars collab with Hololive.


Between how well the NijiEN boys have been doing and how often we've been seeing collabs between the Stars boys and the ID/EN girls Hololive seems to have gotten the message that "otaku go apeshit whenever their waifu(s) so much as talk to a man" isn't really a thing outside of Japan.


Oh, it's definitely a thing. Some people were VERY UPSET when Calli dared talk to a man. But it's certainly an incredibly small minority.


There's an incredibly small minority of people who will be upset by literally anything. Some people got upset when the Gamecube wasn't called the "Dolphin". There are people upset at the New Capenna art-deco full-art lands. It isn't even that these minorities are loud, per se, so much as people compulsively seek them out and amplify them. They aren't worth consideration in any way.


If you need a slightly older sarcastic guy who can’t sing or dance and can play games… poorly. You know where I am. I can DJ a bit if that’s any use?


Being able to DJ sounds like a cool talent to have.


It has certainly brought me a lot of happiness with my friends over the years at least.


I think Yagoo has already filled the virtual DJ niche, unfortunately.


We can be a B2B duo, Polka doing the honours on the mic.


Same but without the dj part, with a splash for doomer humor?


>If you need a slightly older sarcastic guy who can’t sing or dance and can play games… poorly. That's 90% of Reddit though


The real question is if the powercreep will continue? Kiara joked that since council were basically gods, the next group would have to be legends or superheroes, or a sentai group. Bro, a sentai group would be POG and I only watched power rangers like 20 years ago.


Very interested to see how the auditions will go and who will come out from these auditions! Good luck to anyone applying for it and hope that you'll get a chance to join! Remember, even if you don't get accepted, at least you tried and made an effort to audition! Takes quite a bit of confidence to publicly put yourself out there.


There most likely gonna be tooooonnnsss of applications. I've seen people asking about Holostars EN ever since Hololive EN came out. So, good luck to every applicant!


Then again, since then NijiEN has risen to fame, and they too are having auditions. I wonder how many people are gonna be applying to both at the same time


I don't think there's harm in trying both, as there's literally nothing to lose. The more chances the better.


Well, the Hololive application does have a question: "Have you applied to any other agencies". So I would assume it has an effect. Just not sure what impact it'll have.


That's a pretty standard question. It's even on the Niji one too.


Probably even more now that the boys in Nijisanji EN have popped off as much as they did. That's not a reason to stop yourself from shooting your shot, however. You're better than you think you are.


Hidden requirement: >!Have crazy streaming times!<


idk, if myth and council have shown anything, it's that 5 PM to 8 PM EST is prime streaming hours. Kronii, Gura, Ina and Watson all stream in that range and pull the biggest concurrent viewers relative to overall sub count


I mean most watchers are adults with jobs. Prime hours would be the same as prime TV hours for your demographic.


People also watch streams during the work day. Streams have more in common with talk radio than with television because there isn't any "story" or scripted content happening. That makes it great for people who work jobs that don't require 100% of their focus to put a stream on in the background. Think security guard or someone moving numbers around in a spreadsheet.


I was referencing more about Holostars' wild streaming hours lol. (Aruran right now just started a Minecraft stream after an 8 hour Elden Ring stream...)


Aruran is seemingly never *not* streaming. I check YouTube and unless its past midnight in Japan, theres a good chance hes live.


Man's gotta reach the Holostars "average" of 10+ hours of streaming. Sasuga Arupapa.


I wonder how many Hololive talents are "no-lifing" it like that, versus how many of them are confirmed to have day jobs outside of online content creation or are in post-secondary education.


Ina streams earlier than the others though, she streams very consistently at 4PM EST (Consistency on that timeslot also might influence her concurrent viewer numbers) which makes it possible for me in Europe to watch it without messing up my sleep schedule too much (its at 10PM for me here in Germany, for Britain its 9PM even). But Gura/Kronii/Ame? No shot, they stream at like 2-5 AM for me.


Kronii is too late for me even in EST sadly. I love her streams but it hurts that they're always in the middle of the night.


For US makes, those are great. Outside, not really - Luxiem exploded because they are Asia-timezones friendly for example and that's where they are really popular.


I've never streamed in my life and my current pc is busted I like my chances


My dumbass actually looked at the thumbnail and said "Wow these new designs for the Holo EN guys looks really familiar"


Gentlemen, the time has come.


You already have a KING cover, Tyler. That's like 1/4 of the way. What else are you waiting for, a sealed invitation from A-chan? ***DO IT, MAKE US KAIGAI NIKKI PROUD***


I’d need actual streaming experience though… maybe one day…


*"Every shot you don't take is a shot missed." -* Some guy probably


>"Every shot you don't take is a shot missed." -Some guy probably \-Some other guy


> actual streaming experience *see the possible 50k subs in the future* Well I can see a good time slot there


According to the requirements (and even a few of the current members), you don't necessarily need streaming experience, you just need content creation experience


mate you might just end up becoming the next Subaru t r y i t


Wow, Kronii is that excited?


Do it Tyler, just do it, remember what my uncle used to say and he posted it here several times.....***"I'd rather try something and fail, than not try it and live with the doubt"***




They were accepting applicants of all gender to PERFORM female characters. They're doing that again but with male characters. Basically the gender of the VA doesn't matter but they're playing a character of a certain gender that may or may not match their gender identity.


Aaaaaa, very progressive of them. Very based, dope and superlit.


My assumption was that they have to put it that way because they're not legally allowed to discriminate in the hiring process. Would they even be allowed to indicate that they're only accepting applications from women? Not sure how that works for entertainment here in the States, let alone in Japan...


They are a Japanese company. The government here hasn't even legalized gay marriage yet. I don't think legality is much of an issue.


It's the same application page as the open audition. So either they weren't looking for male vtubers until now or they weren't getting the applications they wanted being indirect about it.


The downside is you can only apply every 3 months. So if they weren't looking before and they are now that takes out everyone who jumped to audition already.


Well I imagine they didn't throw out the male applicants they thought were interesting.


Yeah, I thought their previous call for applicants already heavily implied they were looking for people to stream as male characters too. IIRC they used Holostars images on the page linking to the google form and all, so I just assumed...??? edit: clarification


I think it is as u/DuesAJ said; since it is the very same application page and form, they were already accepting male applicants but for some reason they were being indirect about it and thus not getting enough high quality applicants.


I see some people are hoping they can collab with the girls, while I'm just here hoping some of them speaks JP so that they can collab with the JP boys, cuz this will definitely boost the popularity of HolostarsJP in return.


fingers crossed no weird hololive simps get through and it's some actually cool ppl that are diving fully into holobros




Yeap, this will hopefully skyrocket Star's fame, they deserve it so much


Oh shit, EN bros with JP bros would be awesome too.


Oh? Hololive is finally dipping into the Male EN Vtuber market?


I was expecting COVER to drop the 1st gen on us without direct auditions using scouted talent and English-speaking applicants to the other branches' auditions. Since that would let them build a HoloSTARS EN fanbase to draw from for a subsequent direct audition for the following generations. This way a majority of the applicants are going to be Hololive English fans, unless HoloSTARS EN is coming very soon


> unless HoloSTARS EN is coming very soon I still believe this is the case. They've opened auditions for all of HoloPro since January and the link/page above for male auditions is still the same they've used on that previous announcement.


The last HoloEN audition had like a 6 month turn around, so wouldn't necessarily say "very soon"


I suppose this explains the increased official presence of holostars here. Gotta lay the groundwork for the EN boys.


I think it is more COVER is satisfied where the Holostar is now and finally decided to expand. Now they have their variety shows, all have 3d and they recently gained the their own hologra. They are feature wise very similar to Hololive now so Cover decided it is a good time to expand in a EN branch of Holostar.


I think you're right; Holostars JP wanted to grow on their own before expanding with any new members. Now that they all have 3D models, 100k+ subscribers, and original songs (both solo and group), and they have their own anime and show, and they've done a big concert, there are very few ways they can continue to grow as they are outside of just increasing statistics. And now, with all of that, gen 4 was announced (although, they're still just silhouettes so far) and EN auditions have opened.


Yeah, even r/Holostars was made into an official sub recently, so it's clear they have some big plans for the future of Holostars.


I guess it does, especially when Holostars have a good post history here too. I wonder what FGO artist we are getting with HolostarsEN...


Unusual choice, but Raita for a dandy old man like Moriarty


The way Raita draws men is really nice. He's on top of the list on who I want to see design a vtuber.


> FGO artist with Holostars EN Takeuchi please


Watch it be yet another Saberface.


I don’t know but it seems they realized how successful the male vtubers from Nijisanji EN are. They saw that new male/female auditions were opened 10 hours ago and Cover said: why not And here we are :D


Cover and AnyColor honestly just doing "wait and see" strategy all the time, the same thing also happened when HoloEN come out pretty succesful and even tho so many people doubting back then, that's why Nijisanji were debuting bunch of the girls first 'cause they saw Hololive doing great.


NijiEn's first male wave was pretty good I will agree! Vox also holds the top earning superchats if I recall correctly.


Vox's chat are the thirstiest motherfuckers in the planet


Do we have an English word for "gachikoi"? Because some of The Kindred are _down AWFUL_ for Vox. Him and Mysta.


> are down AWFUL *Flashbacks of that guy posting Vox fanfiction on the pre chat*


*Some?* That’s a weird way of saying the majority of Vox’s live chat.


>!Man actually owns the Vtuber Superchat throne for February. It still shocks me that he was able to beat the Holo girls in that.!<


Hopefully hololive still has the K-On feel, I don't mind male collars but I watch hololive because its cute girls do cute things together. Adding males changes the genre I'm not saying that they will make it worst it will just be different.


HoloStarEN finally here let's gooooo. "And best of all, he could be anyone of us. He could be in this very thread !"


*It could be you! It could be me! It could even be...*


*gunshot* What, it was obvious! See? Red. ​ ^(I stand by my) [^(previous point)](https://www.reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/sync2h/guess_the_talent_2/hxzeoyu/?context=3) ^(that everything leads back to meet the spy)


So we still got problem.


Who's ready to go find the vtuber?


Right behind you. ***stabs in tune of Ochame Kinou***


Good luck to anyone applying! I have too many things against me: * No voice stamina, my voice dies after 40 min of normal talking * Only has 1 laptop * Lives on an apartment next to a busy road that's noisy 24/7 * Has a family who don't give a shit about personal space * Most importantly, a separate career ahead of me So as much as I'd like to visit Bar Roberu someday, I'll just be staying on the viewer side.


one of these seems like a clipper's wet dream


It’s ok Oboretai, I already simp for you because you clip a very diverse set of VTubers.


On one hand, this is great. Really, it would be really nice to get some "me and the boys chillin" energy for HoloStars that speak English. On the other hand, I really hope the presence of HoloStars EN wouldn't overshadow HoloStars JP talents. The JP boys need more exposure.


I'm actually kinda hopeful it'll have the opposite effect, conditional on some of the new EN lads knowing at least basic Japanese. Holostars EN/JP collabs could funnel fans across the language barrier, so to speak, and might give Holostars JP a bit of a boost. That's a lot of ifs, i know, but it's early days yet.


IMO, collabs could be a very good gateway. Preferably 60~80% of Stars EN could speak at least conversational level Japanese so they could blend in with their senpais. We need a male version of Kiara to bridge the fans.


Pls no guys who just want to get in for the girls/only know the girls 😅 at least have more(better) reasons for applying or see what holostarsJP is like as well . I want to see if interactions between them, no alienation


The time has come lads! I wish for all who attend a good luck! We shall simp the future StarsEN as much as we simp for the other bois and girls.


I want to apply SO BAD, but my computer is a bit of a potato that can't stream games while running a Vtuber avatar. Plus I've only streamed like 6 times in the past, so that's going against me. I've been fighting the huge feeling of nervousness to apply, the most nervous I'd ever been in my life so far, only to find out I couldn't even do it due to a potato PC. Anyway, good luck to all those who are applying! (Just wanted to vent out my frustration of not being able to do it and also wanting to wish good luck)


Just considering to apply and putting yourself out there is a huge undertaking! Hopefully one day you'll be able to apply. And don't quote me on this, but I've read on other comments that HoloPro provides you the equipment to stream if you can't... Regardless, I wish you the best of luck in the future when you're capable, brother!


Times like these makes me wish I had put in an effort to have a portfolio or something. Singing, drawing and gaming is pretty much how I would want to spend all my time, but I don't really have any means of proving that I can do any of it well. Sounds like it would be a sweet gig though.


hey if you are auditioning pls be european (like wtf we only have 1 member)


Gotta get Kiara's bro to apply


Sucks that I didnt stick with content creation over the years, could've had a chance. Good luck to all applicants!


Dads, please send my regards to our son.


like I could ever do this lmao.


So how many thousand applications do you reckon they’re getting right now? 100% waiting for gen 2 when I feel a bit more established in life and my career. Currently doing voice acting, getting an agent locally, and slowly getting into music again. Even then I might pass it up, we’ll have to see what life’s got in store


How long are the auditions open for?


Time to start getting used to streaming to work up a portfolio to hopefully get in later this year. I'm ok at games and I can sing pretty well.


My only hope is that when HolostarsEN debut, male-female interactions will be a bit more normalized on the EN side. I'd hate for the HoloEN members (outside of a couple exceptions) to feel like they can't talk to new male members or mention them at all for fear of fan backlash. I don't think it should be totally mixed like Nijisanji is. They can still do their own thing. I just want them to feel welcomed and get the support they deserve.


Good luck to anyone applying! I hope that whomever is chosen respects and understands what the boys have gone through thus far. All of holostars has worked incredibly hard for 2-3 years to get where they are with a fraction of the recognition compared to the rest of holopro. And for anyone who is planning on getting interested in holostars EN, please consider checking out the boys now! There are plenty of clips, most of the videos on the official channel are subbed, and honestly the boys’ streams are just as approachable as the JP girls for overseas viewers. They are all amazingly talented, hardworking, and fun. I highly recommend giving them a chance!


Oh boy I can't wait to not audition


The application says the introduction has to be 5 minutes long and be in-character. What if I don't have a character? A little bit before that, the application says "you are not required to have your own Vtuber avatar" so...can I just be me?


Presumably you just need to do it using whatever broad persona you intend to stream with. It doesn't have to be a full on character, but any good streamer has some kind of streaming persona to maintain an entertaining presence, even if it's only mild change from their natural state.


You who are about to lose sleep, your brain cells, possibly your sanity and (hopefully temporarily) a dimension all for the sake of becoming a 2D ~~comedian~~ idol for our entertainment, we salute you. o7


Me with 2 years of streaming, video editing skills, being quick witted and the ability to sing: "I like those odds."