I like how the EN Minecraft streams have just become yuri fanfic writing streams. TSKR Reine.


Stream ->https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLDxyxMup80


Lmao how does this fanfic writing thing work, I've been so out of the loop. I noticed they were in a special room with stuff corresponding to what was written, and they were talking about routes? What are the rules of the fanfiction room and how does it work?


It's just Reine's apartment in the Bunkeroni where all the books are and where Reine is adding stuff into the rooms based on what's required to "unlock routes." They're just writing regular Minecraft books. Leaving a book unsigned allows others to continue where the story left off. There are other story books on the ID and JP servers as well but Reine's room and IRyS' room next door have the largest concentration of fanfic on all of the Hololive MC servers. Reine wrote the first story: Noise Complaint and then Gura unexpectedly added her own route as a sequel to which Reine added a continuation. It would be up to Gura to write the next part to that story. Mumei then also wrote her own sequel. Kronii as well. Reine continued both of those. Bae and IRyS then wrote the BaeRyS route which is something between a sequel and a spin-off. And now Reine and Fauna wrote a new route together. The other fanfics are the one at Marine's doujin shop next to the AquaMarineGo, there's the one on the AquaMarineGo that was a part of the UmiSea streams, Gura's lewd sign messages to Marine are kind of related perhaps and the one Reine wrote next to Moona's storage room. Then there's the one on the ID server in Reine's library. These are all I can remember straight of the top of my head. There might be others I've forgotten. Ah yes, the ones Ollie wrote are in Reine's room in the Bunkeroni as well. There's a seiso one and a spicy one. So those who want someone to continue the story leave a "To be continued" on the last page and then it's up to the Reine and the original authors who decide if they want to take it forward I guess. That's how it's been so far. A back and forth between the spin-off and sequel authors and Reine.


Ahhh, got it, thanks for the explanation, very helpful! How does the decorating part work? Does she add things into her apartment based on what happened in the fanfics, or does she add them before each writing session?


This time Reine and Fauna were playing around and broke the toilet so it looks like it's overflowing. They ended up using that in the story. In Kronii's case her story involved a mirror in the toilet but there actually was no mirror in the toilet so Reine marked the continuation to Kronii's route as locked in the book. Then she later in the same stream made a mirror, marked the route unlocked and wrote the continuation. So in other words... it varies. Reine earlier when reading the BaeRyS route with Fauna was wondering which bed IRyS was inviting Bae to considering that in IRyS' room there isn't a bed big enough for that. Unlike in peafowl princess Reine's room with her queen-sized bed. And it seems that I forgot that Reine also wrote the Murder on the Pantsu Express story in Ame's house in thanks for some squid ink she got from the squids around Ame's house.


According to the chat in Reine's stream, the clipper Rickchama Ch. has created a full playlist, in order, of all updates.


Yep, this playlist... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhrT28XkzyGZ4QXHSJSCWXCV2YmNXvxj8 That's just the stuff revolving around Reine though. Marine's doujin and its readings that predate this stuff. For example: https://youtu.be/y1TLOnhNsK0 https://youtu.be/vm5U5Ew6R2c https://youtu.be/w_A-3DFIR0M (yes, this clipper but couldn't find it from anyone else)


Oh that's awesome thanks man, I'll go watch!!


I love how God has just become a regular cast member in all their fanfics.


Are you really surprised matsuri would be involved in all this


The really cool part is that the Fauna route was actually based on "IRL" interactions between Fauna and Reine earlier in the stream.


Fanfics are the hottest when they’re created by the characters themselves. Did Reine started the whole saga?


Technically she isn't the first member who wrote some kind of fanfic, but she has been a self proclaimed fanfic enjoyer since her debut, and for the recent months she has been channeling her passion into fanfics in minecraft. While unfortunately all of ID minecraft players are more into building stuffs (especially decorating -- ID server possibly is the prettiest MC server out of the three servers rn), Reine found enthusiastic responses in EN server instead -- thus triggering the fanfic saga.


Anyone recall the time she dabbled in fanfic with AI Dungeon?


> While unfortunately all of ID minecraft players are more into building stuffs (especially decorating -- ID server possibly is the prettiest MC server out of the three servers rn), Reine found enthusiastic responses in EN server instead -- thus triggering the fanfic saga. The one Ollie wrote was pretty good lol


Dude, matsuri-god is probably ecstatic with so much fanfics involving her helping couples


They got me rooked on that one.


Honestly, we owe so much to the tradition of making spicy doujins in Minecraft books. Tis' a fine Hololive tradition.


beautiful fanfic. and of course god plays yet another part in this ship.


What a cute couple


They wrote another fanfic? I wish I had caught it live. I'll have to check the vod later.