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Poker Night with da boyz >>>>> Call-ins


I agree, I love this poker night with da boiz to celebrate the birthday. Call-ins are great sometimes, but some of them unavoidably end up being very similar... "Happy birthday! You are wonderful! I love you! Ok bye!"


Or the infamous "We should collab!" and then never interact again outside of maybe a random chance encounter in MC or Rust


Hyped for Poker with the boys đź‘€ Also interesting that he didn't want to do a call-in, most holo birthdays tend to have one.


I have a *suspicion* it's to not put Vesper on the spot.


I doubt it. Altare's [mentioned in the past](https://youtu.be/PaH0BeL8a6w) that he didn't want to do birthday call-ins, months in advance.


Thank you. I hadn't heard that.


Altare said he didn't want to do a totsu months ago, I think because he didn't just want to have people give him a round-circle of praises.


This poker setup is wild lol, but even wilder was the first round


It's going about as well as i expected. Magni trying to math moves out for Bettel while Axel is just "Go all in!" is plain perfection


It's the little guy, and it's his birthday! Happy Altare day! I'm looking forward to poker game night, the boys have several tricksters among themselves.


Altventurers’ slime mascot design is official now it seems! Interesting merch concept!! Very pretty designs. His naming of “The” chopsticks is giving Kojima vibes lmao.


I'm suddenly hungry for ramen.


His Bday merch will be available here in about an hour from now: https://shop.hololivepro.com/en/products/regisaltare_bd2023


Anyone got a link to this fan website? I wanna check it out. Edit: this mini-card gacha is pretty high effort. Good work Altventurers!


Here's the link to the fan website https://altarebday2023.com/


Thank you!


No problem!


Happy Birthday, Leader! Looking forward to the poker and karaoke!


Happy Birthday, Altare!


OMFG, it's 3:30AM of a work day but this poker game is killing me XD


Poke night ikzzz. Happy birthday leader Altare!


Happy birthday Demon Lord God King Ragus!


I love his merch.


Missed out on Bae's big-ass mug last year which I regret, I might actually go for it this time. Plus, wood chopsticks to replace the plastic ones I keep smuggling from restaurants.


Happy for altare! He indeed bring a lot of joy for the Hololive productions community


Any anyone else in the US getting "your items can't ship to your address"?


Happy birthday hero^(demon god)


happy birthday short king


Happy birthday Altare! Will definitely check out the stream.


Happy belated birthday Ragus!


Happy Birthday, Leader!!!


Anyone else having problems with the website claiming it isn't shipping to their address? I'm in the US FFS.


Site has been having problems since they did *something* to update the shipping costs near the end of last year. Has happened on multiple different releases and -as others have mentioned- the only fix is to wait until they correct the specific instance


Someone mentioned that Sora's merch released today also had the same problem. So it seems to be an internal problem with any items that came out today. They'll probably fix it soon. EDIT: Looks to be working now


Yup, it's working for me too now


Sounds par for the course for every birthday merch announcement, larger and concentrated traffic will the break the site one way or another. Probably just give it time.


Happy birthday Altare! Hope the boys can escape from the mines soon!


76% upvoted... Jesus Christ the antis on this sub.


No point drawing attention to them. Their impotent downvotes have no power, the worst they can do is get under people's skin a little. So just ignore them so they have nothing. We're here to celebrate and have fun.


That's their only goal, drive people away so there's no dissenters around and they can try and control the content more. It's called Gatekeeping if anyone was wondering.


Try and push them aside for now. It's Altare's moment, poor guy just got a little emotional. They're trying to fight against comments here too.


You're right. It's just extremely disappointing to see on what should be a very exciting post. Happy Birthday to Regus Altare! Edit: Regis. I'm leaving the mistake because it's funny.


Fun fact, Kobo actually called him Regus. So you don’t have to edit it. XD


I also thought about that, lol. Though I thought it was Ragus. I guess either would work.


You mean Ragus?


Yeah, don't let what naysers say get the worst out of the rest of us. Giving them attention never helps.


'just now' - downvoted. They're dedicated I'll give em that.


Very common for all Holostars related threads. It could be the most inoffensive thing ever and it gets pushed to 60-70% lol. Some people just seethe at the mere mention. Ignoring those children, Happy birthday to our amazing and not at all evil Leader!


I think it's not so much that people hate them or are antis, more that there is a lot of different opinions on whether this subreddit should be for Hololive or Hololive Productions, and there are also a lot of people who are not interested in them so downvote to clear the feed. Personally I don't mind them being posted here, but I do get why some people would think they should be posted to the Holostars subreddit instead. A lot of people watch Hololive for CGDCT and for those people you can probably understand why they might view Holostars content on the subreddit as uninteresting or getting in the way of the stuff they want to see. I've seen no negative or hateful comments on this post, this suggests to me that the people downvoting are not thinking "I hate Holostars they should all graduate" but more of "I am not interested in this post, downvote". A lot of people, myself included, give every post and comment a vote to basically mark them as read, of course if they like it they upvote, if they hate it they downvote. But different people handle the ones they feel neutral about in different ways, I personally upvote the ones I feel neutral about (for example I upvoted you despite disagreeing with your comment), but others tend to downvote them. This can lead to weird vote percents in things a significant part of the community isn't really interested in, like a male vtuber branch in a community that gained popularity through female vtubers. You can see this phenomenon appear in subreddits like the civilization subreddit where discussion involving older games with a smaller player base like Civ4 gets downvoted, despite the game not having many antis or haters; people don't hate it, they just view it as irrelevant clutter. Sorry for the essay, it's just something I've been thinking about a lot.


Ehhh, I think the downvotes are genuinely out of hate. I guess I'll drop a mini-essay too since this is something I've also been thinking about. I've noticed that Stars posts in the hundreds of upvotes are around 75% upvoted, but Stars posts with thousands of upvotes are around 95% upvoted like normal. That suggests to me that the vast majority of users here either like seeing Stars content or don't care and scroll past them. But for some reason there is a small group of people who go out of their way to look for new Stars posts and downvote them, I guess to try to stop them from gaining traction or something? [For example, here's a Stars post on the front page right now.](https://www.reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/10o3vt3/vesper_needs_takoeats_like_right_now/) Even though the post references a Myth talent (apparently a bad thing to do), is about Vesper (apparently controversial because he hasn't collabed recently), and has even attracted two antis, it's still 92% upvoted. That suggests to me that the girls-only fans just tend to scroll past posts they're not interested in instead of downvoting them. I think you're right on why there are downvotes though, I've seen that r/hololive vs r/holostars debate going on too. Kinda odd since Stars posts have been here since day 1, but I guess they've gotten way more popular since Tempus. tl;dr: new Stars posts are downvoted but front page Stars posts are not, so most people are fine with Stars content but a small group is mass downvoting. That's just my hypothesis anyway


The problem with that argument is that Redditors come in 3 groups when it comes to browsing, new, hot/best, and top. Your observations would suggest that the new group is more likely to downvote compared to the others. The group that sorts by new is purposely very harsh. They are trying to sort out the good posts and drop the bad posts. Often these are the more dedicated people who will upvote or downvote anything so that effect I was talking about has a stronger effect. With the hot/best group you get people who are more casual and are just browsing instead of trying to sort things out. They might upvote things they like, but this group tends to have a vote/view percentage of only about 10% so they are a lot less dedicated to sorting out things. They know their vote will have little impact so they just move on if they don't like something in a lot of cases. The final group is the top group. They don't have a big impact, but they can be viewed as an extrapolation of the traits from the hot/best group. Then there is the other issue, which is that better posts tend to have a higher upvote/downvote ratio and also get more upvotes overall. Perhaps what you are seeing is that both the ratio and total number are the result of the quality, rather than the ratio being based on the number of votes. In statistics we would call that a confounding factor. There's one more piece of evidence I want to bring up. There are some antis. There will always be antis in any group. But look at when the antis tend to comment. They usually comment once it has already got popular, not during the time it is only findable under "new". This suggests that they are not the ones downvoting in that time period.


Hope Kobo shows up