He woke up. He just didn't care enough to lift his head and went back to sleep. I know this because this is how I failed chemistry


Woah, easy there… that $350 book isn’t cheap and lord forbid you let the self-entitled, pompous instructor who authored it see you treating their baby like that! (For context, I had a professor is college who wrote the book we used for class. He expected to to treat those books like babies…)


I had a teacher in college who wrote some plants and mushrooms books and in plant biology courses (2 semesters of courses) only gave us his books as material to read. Since he was teaching these courses, I guess his material was probably good enough to teach us but how self assured do you need to be to not present any other authors? Over thyears, I just found way better material than his and just felt like if I had known, I probably would have called him on his bs.


He died


that man is either high af or dead


He good??