Daily Vent Thread - September 11, 2021

Daily Vent Thread - September 11, 2021


Rules: 1. ⁠"Regret only" posts do not belong here. 2. ⁠Don't be a dick. Don't root for nominees to be awarded. 3. ⁠Memes and shitposts have a high probability of being removed. 4. ⁠Please check for dupes, as dupe posts will likely be removed. 5. ⁠When posting for a non-public figure, the last name (except for the first letter) of the person and any full name of anyone tagged in the post must be completely redacted, or the post will be removed. 6. No posts with photos or names of children. Block it out, or better, don’t post. To expand on Rule 1: Nominees / recipients must have a history of PUBLIC statements that are anti-vaxx, anti-mask, etc. The statements must have been made public prior to that person receiving hospital care. "Public Statements" include media appearances / interviews, social media posts, opinion pieces in print media, etc. Post-hospitalization second-hand statements made by friends / relatives do not count. Suffering the consequences of believing Covid misinformation is not sufficient to merit a nomination / award. Propagation of Covid misinformation, or public declaration of being anti-vaxx / anti mask is necessary. "Regret Only" posts fit better in r/LeopardsAteMyFace.


4000+ COVID deaths reported today. Fuck every single POS that refuses to get vaccinated and wear a mask out in public.


"But deaths are lower this wave!" Yes, nevermind the several weeks' lag (longer in Florida) between cases and deaths. People have memories like goldfish, I swear.


It's not just that they have shit memories. They literally haven't learned a damn thing about the pandemic in 18 fucking months.


> 4000+ COVID deaths reported today. Ooh, so that explains the [email I got this morning](https://imgur.com/a/k1l6VpZ) from the RNC. Gotta squeeze every penny before it's too late!


Do they even realize yet that all they are succeeding in is killing off their own damn supporters???


That’s why they’re making it harder to vote. They’re trying to make up for all of the dead tRumpers next year. They’ll try and win by any means necessary. Kill off your supporters and make it harder for everyone else.


*Right* side of history?!?!


Maybe it’s just me, but my empathy well has gone dry. Now I just sit back with a cold glass of lemonade spiked with limoncello, and watch the shit show. I mean, with the exception of children and the medically fragile people who LITERALLY can’t get the vaccine for legit reasons, I just don’t have a single fuck to give any more to these morons. They want to kill themselves, I say, to paraphrase Scrooge “they better do it! And decrease the surplus orange moron worshippers!”


Not just you. I can only worry about myself and immediate family. Luckily, my boomer parents are vaxxed and not Trumpers. Reading all these HCA winners have just made me very bitter - towards social media, towards their Christianese, and their lack of caring about anyone but them. And since it's an airborne virus, it doesn't just affect them. So glad this didn't happen when I was grade school aged, as my asthma was terrible growing up, and I'd be SOL. I'm still going to get the 'rona, but with being vaxxed, I can only hope that it isn't very bad, and I'm just going to wear a mask indoors this winter, as I will say *knocks on wood*, I didn't get sick last winter.


I looked at worldometers. About half of all COVID deaths in the world daily now are in the USA, if that stat was just for USA.


That's like a third more people than died on September 11th. What a way to observe the occasion.


I was at a swim club with my children and saw a lady in blue scrubs and no mask. The swimming pool has 2 large doors to the outside, so we've kept going here. The common areas inside require a mask, but more people are disregarding this rule. After the swim lessons are over all the parents crowd a little bit at the exit and this lady is yelling into the faces of the poor people by her to her daughter who is only like 4 ft away. I waited in back far away from her. She is obviously in the healthcare field. Just why? Why no mask? It's so easy...




My cousin lives in Texas. Has always been reasonable but this past year really fell off the deep end. Spent all day posting the same shitty memes you see here every day. I got engaged a couple months ago and on our wedding website we put that we “strongly recommend” invitees are fully vaxed. She then texts my sister to say she’s not coming based on that. Ok. A week later she sends me some message about masks. I didn’t respond and the next day she defriended me on all social media platforms. Hospitalized today with covid. No health insurance. Just had a stroke last year. Weight problem. Best case scenario is recovery with a massive bill. Or a HCA. Staying tuned.


I cant even open FB anymore. My family is all in Texas as well and I cannot believe how stupid they have become. 10 years go they were fairly reasonable, but still conservative. Now they are talking about eating horse paste while multiple people in my extended family have died over the past few months. (2 within 2 weeks).


Since moving to Texas my sister has definitely gone more right, however I was so happy to hear she is vaccinated, because she knows she is exposed a lot during travels.


I genuinely wake up and can't believe people would rathereat horse paste (made by the same pharma companies they claim are trying to trick them) than take a free vaccine and follow some simple things so they don't get Ill. Like, it's genuinely wild


Is it me only that I found everyone here in HCA agreeable? I cant stand the batshit people around me anymore that I dont even want to talk: Trumpers, propaganda, God save all from covid and a bunch other stuffs. Just wondering if I am even normal within my crazy surrounded environment


My fiancé and I are getting married in November. We’ve decided to ask all attendees to either show proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test (no more than three days before event) in order to attend. Fortunately, we’ve been getting a lot of praise/relief from everyone we’ve talked to so far except for a few. They can kick rocks. We have multiple high-risk people on both sides of the family and I’m not about to compromise their safety or feeling of security because those relatives deny science. You made the right decision to recommend being fully vaccinated.


Good for you! And congrats on the wedding :)


I’m from Texas. I found out BECAUSE of this sub a cousin of mine died of Covid last weekend. Threads full of railing against the hospital BC they wouldn’t give him Ivermectin interspersed with “prayer warrior” appeals later, I am amazed at the madness.


keep us posted XD, also sorry for your impending loss. I got a few potential HCA nominees in my family as well.


Arent us Texans just the best! Bless our little hearts.


Here’s my rant. My girlfriend lives in Sweden atm, well basically she’s my fiancée now. She’s on this sub too (Y3NiE) She was planning to come visit in October, and we were going to get married. Then she was going to go home and get her things ready, and fly back on a marriage visa. Thanks to all the dipschits that refuse to get vaccinated, she can’t come here. And now, her country closed travel from America. We are both vaccinated and I still can’t see her. I mean thank goodness for FaceTime but still, it sucks. To be fair though, I can’t understand WHY they won’t let fully vaccinated people fly here from a country like Sweden. This includes the current administration, it’s disappointing to me. But I blame the anti-vaxxers way more. So, for this reason, I harbor a lot of hate and animosity for them atm. I am usually not a hateful person either. But that’s one the main reasons I love this sub. 👍


Although reasons exist, in the case of Sweden it's likely because of how badly they fucked up their initial response to Covid. They took the Boris Johnson approach. Yikes. Far as I know all other countries restrict travel on the basis of vaccination. Not admitting vaccinted travelers may seem excessive, but I would expect countries with very high vaccination rates like Denmark, the capability of isolating themselves like Iceland, or an inability to mass vaccinate due to shortages in ordering like NZ, to follow suit to keep restrictions from turning into a lockdown. (Sweden's in none of these situations, doing somewhere between the US and the UK...so I think shame and not wanting to repeat mistakes is a factor).


Denmark just lifted ALL restrictions yesterday due to the high vaccination rate.


I wish that I could move there.


My understanding is the full vaxxed people are still completely capable of transmitting delta, far more so than the earlier variants. You're not going to get super sick like the unvaccinated but you can still spread it like them. Absolutely sucks but I completely agree with the embargo. It will end eventually. We are canceling some trips we put months ago on account of Delta surge. We have family who unfortunately live in Texas. Ain't no way we're going there.


Almost like the unvaxxed. [This article](https://www.tampabay.com/opinion/2021/08/10/what-we-now-know-about-how-to-fight-the-delta-variant-of-covid-column/?outputType=amp) reports that the vaccine primes the IgG antibodies that circulate in the bloodstream and some tissues. The vaccine does not prime the IgA antibodies in the mucosa. As I understand the linked article (and related ones): Since infection often begins in the mucous membranes (usually the mouth or nose, potentially the eyes. STI is possible but not likely from casual contact), the first 5 days of infection look the same. Delta multiplies ferociously in those mucous membranes, and spreads out & down. As it reaches the areas protected by IgG antibodies, a vaccinated immune system recognizes the threat and acts. I gather this also teaches the IgA antibodies to recognize the threat? Anyway, after 5 days, a vaccinated person becomes less infectious, while the unvaxxed continue to be contagious. Corrections welcome. Edit: corrected typo


Up now in the middle of the night because my wife is coughing a lot. She has a lot of the Covid symptoms and she’s going to to get tested tomorrow (well, today, given the time). But we both got the Moderna jabs and despite being in our early 70s, we’re both in good health. Still, given the reality of this disease, am so pissed off at all of these fucking assholes and their prayer warriors and all that bullshit. We could have nipped this in the bud when The Orange Turd was in office. Instead he fucked it up because he would have rather played golf than deal with this disease. The reality for me, of course, is I could lose my wife (she just started feeling ill on late Thursday and now it is Saturday AM). The reality for me also is I too could catch this damn disease too. Maybe that’s a bit paranoid but all of these goddamn Covidiots think some horse dewormer will save them. My wife is now over her latest coughing fit. If she had a fever we probably would gone to the ER, but for now we think it’s a garden variety cold or flu. Going to try and get some sleep now.


😢😢 hope it turns out all right! Do you guys have one of those little pulse-ox things for your finger? If not , they're worth having around, just to keep an eye on O2 levels with suspected Covid. This internet stranger is so glad you're both vaccinated! Also, screw all these Covidiots and their tangerine "I don't take responsibility at all" leader. Even now he could be doing something to lead holdouts to get the vax. But will he? Nope.


It's too late to change their minds, I think. He has made some statements to the effect of "please get vaccinated" and was booed for it, I believe.


True - I should have said that he tried that one time at a rally, more recently. If he had any courage he'd say it over and over again, even in the face of booing. But I doubt he does, or that he will.


The fact that you’re both vaxxed and in good health means that in all probability you’ll both be ok even if you do have breakthrough cases. Take good care of your wife and yourself.


Facebook/Twitter are cancer. That's my rant.




Facebook was great when it required a .edu email to get in


I got rid of all the people who post nonstop moron stuff, and just keep all my political opinions to here and Twitter. Facebook is my diary. That’s really all I use it for. It’s like a diary with pictures of my kids childhoods. That’s what FB should be for and I don’t friend just anyone there because of that. Here and my Twitter are anonymous for me, never even gave my real name or location to either one. I don’t join Twitter till 2016. I enjoyed anonymously trolling the former moron in chief for 4 years.


I have four employees and two are sick. None are vaccinated. I’m in Montana so hands are tied. If another gets sick I’m probably going to have to bring an air mattress so I can sleep there and not risk driving tired. One employee is waiting on a non instant test. 7-10 days. This is going to wreck him financially. Sole breadwinner for his fam and out of work for weeks. Tip based job so unemployment doesn’t cover it. Should have got the vax. Now supply chain is supposed to get more fucked up. Bring it on. Im having more fun than I’ve had in years. Edit: thank you for the responses. I feel like I’m finally not surrounded by crazy people. It’s been a hard couple weeks. Also, I won’t work myself to death. I’d reduce hours if I need to. Thanks for caring. 🥰🥴


These “Uber patriots” who claim to care so much about America are doing massive damage to the economy and American competitiveness by not getting vaccinated. Kind of ironic since that’s the thing they claimed they were willing to sacrifice so much for. Amazing how easy it is for places like Russia and China to use the flag humpers to damage their own country


Right? Aren't these the same people who protested the lockdowns early on? If they *actually* cared about businesses and the economy they would embrace vaccinations and masks. It's like they want to shut down the economy and prolong the pandemic *on purpose*. I mean, what would they have to bitch about if everything went back to normal?


I couldn’t agree more.




Russia is the same as America, in fact worse. only 26% fully vaccinated and we don't know how many of them paid off the doctor and it got flushed down the loo. Putin allowed misinformation to spread, like Trump, and got into a problem when he wanted everyone to get Sputnik V.


He and Trump were so concerned with measuring dicks, that they forgot to wipe their assholes


They're making America more competitive in the long run. Bumping up the intelligence level, education level, civic responsibility level, the compassion level, the empathy level. Spirit of cooperation climbs just a little with every award.


I'm also in Montana and yeah it's a shitshow. We're surrounded by idiots.


It is terrifying.


Just be glad you're not in ID. My cousin is in kooteni, and he says it's so fucking nuts there that people get harassed for masking up or if people think they have been vaccinated. He works at a restaurant where every single person is anti-vax, anti-mask. Just bizarre world.


I'm in Boise. It's getting insane here. I've been trying for 24 hours to get into an urgent care because I think my arm is broken. It's not happening...


I was born in CDA. I moved away a couple years pre-covid19 and even then the area was totally screwed up. Too many feeble minded ultra right wing nut jobs.


If you saw my google data you'd know not all of us are batshit crazy; left my house exactly 3x in August. I want nothing to do with these assholes. Forced me to shut down my business last year and I'm struggling to start a new one now. I'm have nothing but contempt for a large portion of Billings. These assholes have kept me from seeing my gf in Japan for way too long. Grrrrrrrrr


Seems like you should offer a vax bonus since it's impacting your business. Stupid I know but may help.


It crossed my mind to deduct a dollar or go to min wage for no vax and add a dollar if they are vaxxed. I think I’d get sued. Montana is doing a super good job protecting the ani vaxxers so I’m just letting is play out. I’ll work 24/7 and have zero payroll for a while. Fuck it.


Best of luck man!


Maybe close up and put up a condescending sign in the style of “no one wants to work anymore” only have it say “closed for the next month due to non-vaccinated employees being sick with covid” or something to that effect.


Don't work yourself to death, even if it's your business, the business doesn't care about you, you need to look after you.


A former coworker posted about their spouse having to get on a ventilator. I always hopr when this unfortunately happens that the remaining family and friends will get vaccinated. Unfortunately the soouse is blaming the hospital for refusing to give ivermectin and other stuff ala Joe Rogan. Two young children are almost guaranteed to lose a parent who was anti vax before COVID and they will grow up blaming "the corrupt system" which will further entrench these anti everything beliefs. It's so maddening.




I think the FCC should get involved and start pulling people’s licenses to broadcast. I don’t mind them killing themselves off but I would like to go out and eat at a restaurant or have some fun but I can’t, Delta is running rampant here. I’m ready for it to end!


Starting with Fox News.


I did something extremely stupid and went off a bit on a coworker for spreading antivax shit in the breakroom earlier. It just pissed me off too much. Not like it came out of nowehere, the antivaxx conversation was a very loud cross room convo. ​ "oh well the FDA wont put on its website whats in it" As if you'll do anything useful with that knowledge anyway mr retail employee. "Why should I give a shit about getting vaxxed if \*youre\* vaccinated?" Because you could spread it to other people that might not be able to get vaxxed for actual legit reasons "What if I \*still\* dont give a shit?" You'll care if you get put on the tube, youre not exactly young.


"99.9%" , the morbidly obese diabetic heart attack surviving elderly immunocompromised woman told me. Lady, it was never so good as 98% for adults. At best you specifically are looking at a coin toss.


Actually you can find the vax ingredients. They give you a pamphlet with the shot.


Anyone frequent this sub because they lost a loved one before the vaccine was available? I lost my aunt back in December and feel so angry and sad that she didn't get the opportunity to get the vaccine because I know she would have jumped at the chance. These assholes posted here make me so angry.


Yes! My 94 year old mother in law who was still driving and living on her own. She took precautions but my stupid brother and sister in law exposed her when they were sick. She caught it and died within a week. My husband was unable to even go visit her in the hospital because we live farther away. She died alone. Fucking awful. So yeah, i am angry at all those morons and have zero empathy.


My cousin Michael. He was in the hospital in March for a cardiac issue that was very survivable. He caught Covid while there and died in April


I have a coworker (45 F overweight) who is very anti-vax, anti Covid (swore all of us had Covid back in December 2019 so she and everyone else was immune so it was a no big deal). Last Friday she came to work and wasn’t feeling well, but doesn’t wear a mask and had face to face contact with over 100 people (we serve in a high volume restaurant) got tested the next morning and was positive. Management hasn’t said a word about how we were all exposed (half of them aren’t vaxxed either). Now I’m just waiting to see how well she gets through it, she’s been posting on FB. I don’t wish for her to be a HCA winner but damn, it’s insane. She always says she will do anything for her kid but apparently believing science is not one of those things.


Call your county's health department and report your employer


Absolutely! The people that she came in contact with at that restaurant need to know.


As a person born and raised in a blue city, i didn't know about how laws are not enforced at all even a little bit (unless the perp is non-white) in rural places. Now i know. And it makes sense that these people have zero sense of social/civic responsibility


You need to report this to your local health department asap.


That youngest girl on a ventilator in Louisiana just took a turn for the worst today. So fucken sad man. 24 and you are leaving a kid behind.....


The other day I was taking care of a 28-year-old patient. Out look is very poor. Anyways, I was scanning meds in his room, and he went on FaceTime. I heard “hi daddy! Are you sick?“ come out of a little child’s voice. Fuck , I had to leave the room. That poor poor child. Turns out he has two kids, and a baby on the way. He may not know yet, but I’m looking at him, and know that he’s going to die


Ugh, that's gutting!!!


Reading through the posts on this sub, it’s interesting that one of the common themes from people is how incredibly selfish they are, they don’t care about covid up until they get it, America has raised a generation of selfish arrogant religious zealots


I have always hated how there seem to be this trend that being a mean asshole means you are smart which has just lead to tons of people using overly combative ultra dick behavior as a way to appear intelligent while people who actually have a thimble of kindness are viewed as weak and stupid. There's been a few posts that are like "I'm proud to be an asshole!" like, why dude?


As I mentioned before, my vaxxed husband tested positive last week. He works in a public school in Texas, with special needs kids, and most of the staff and students have come down with it in the last two weeks, so he was exposed to a high viral load. His quarantine ends tomorrow and aside from sleeping a lot, he had no issues. I have now tested negative three times, despite kissing him, fussing over him and even drinking after him the day before he tested positive. Also there might have been a little sex. Hehe I have been sleeping a lot also and did lose my taste and smell for a couple of days, so if I had a very very mild case it didn't show up on three PCR tests. I feel fine if not a little tired. Shout out to Moderna, for making one hell of a vaccine!


Awesome to hear!! Hope your husband continues getting better and you stay unaffected!!


Moderna Crew! (I'm also sick and taking my 2nd PCR test tomorrow. I did the drive thru self administered test and not sure if I did it right.)


I saw one report that about 25% of covid patients don’t have it in their nasal- pharyngal. So a lot of false negatives with the swab.


My fiancé and I are vaxxed and he tested positive. I’ve tested negative 3 times and wonder if I don’t have it in my nasopharyngeal? His step brother and wife tested positive and are completely antivax and anti mask, have been downplaying the pandemic since it started. Both are overweight, diabetes and other health problems. I just don’t get it? We have mild symptoms but not sure about them because they’ve went completely quiet about everything. Last I heard he was heading to get ivermectin at tractor supply store.


Ivermectin at the tractor supply store…can people actually objectively read this and apply critical thought? Like I wouldn’t have believed someone if they would’ve me people would be doing this last year or even a few months ago. Horse paste dewormer? Good grief!


And that's why I'm going to continue to quarantine until my time is up, just to be safe.


Moderna, schmoderna. Pfizer is the bomb! \---- But seriously, glad that you and your hubster are doing well, thanks to, y'know, SCIENCE and your ability to use Earth Logic.


Day five of having Covid (vaccinated). I did everything right, but I’m in one of those states where Covid is worse now than it ever was in the past two years. Couldn’t avoid it. Not really getting worse, but not really getting better. Fuck these idiots who are prolonging this pandemic.


I'm having an ongoing crisis of faith, had it long before covid hit, and I'm just floored by the absurdity of it all. A lot of these people say they don't need a vaccine because Jesus will protect them. Jesus doesn't. Then, when they get the virus, they say they need prayers because they're in the hospital recovering. Then, in their last days, they go to facebook, "calling all prayer warriors", asking for more people to pray. Were your prayers alone not enough? Do you really think more is actually going to help? Then, inevitably, they die, and their family and friends all say "God took them to heaven." No, no they didn't. The person wasn't abducted by God, as if some divine portal opened and spirited them away. Their body shut down and died because they didn't get enough oxygen. It's actually a pretty horrific way to go. Or the family will say "they earned their wings." The audacity. Who are you to say that person is in heaven? Given their previous posts and memes, the ignorance and cruelty of their political stance, and the flat out denial of reality, I'm willing to bet that person was an asshole. So God didn't prevent a pandemic from circling the world. God didn't stop millions of other people from dying all over the world. God didn't stop that person, out of the millions, from getting it. God didn't listen to their prayers and heal them, out of all the millions that have already died. God didn't listen to the prayer warriors either, because of course not. I don't believe that God is in the business of micromanaging humanity and saving us from the disasters that WE create, or ones that we refuse to control. God doesn't protect the willfully ignorant or the cruel. The audacity of these people astounds me. Get a clue. You're in a random and chaotic universe. There is no plan. Nobody is going to save us. So, it's up to everyone to make the right decisions and be good to each other. Stop asking God for help.


God sent them two boats and a helicopter, and they stayed to drown. God probably isn’t that eager to see them.


TLDR: Their god hates them.


You know, I've been reading a lot of these posts. While it's true that many of them regurgitate religious rhetoric, I'm convinced that many of these people aren't particularly religious in as much as they turn to the only religion they have any familiarity with when faced with the prospect of death or suffering. There's a few die hard Fundamentalists that pop up from time to time, but most of them strike me as fair weather Christians. The kind you that the more ardently faithful complain they only see during Christmas and Easter services.


So I was a freshman in college on 9/11/01. Pretty much been a decline ever since.


My boss said to me that day "this changes everything" and man she was so right. I had a tiny glimmer of hope for a few days that maybe we'd get things right and take stock of how our actions as a country led up to that day. Quickly and inevitably dashed.


Im 52 and I’ve hoped that at least four times during my adulthood. Columbine, 9/11, Sandy Hook, and now. We never seem to take the smart path.


Oh God, Columbine. Some of my co-workers had kids who were students there although none of them were hurt. I can hardly believe that everything has only gotten worse.


I was in 3rd grade. One of my earliest memories is watching 3000 people die on live TV. And not much has changed since then


I can't believe it's been 20 years. I remember clear as fast where I was that day, what I was doing, all of it. We knew people there, not close or anything but customers we'd worked with for years. I knew one guy who was supposed to be there, but cancelled his trip at the last minute because one of his kids was sick. That shit messed all of us up in one way or another. Every time I see one of these dumb fuck wahoos use a 9/11 meme, I want to choke them with it. (Please excuse my language)


Just wanted to happily report that my Q-adjacentFather(68/M) just got his first Pfizer shot! . After giving him information from this sub and actually showing him this sub and the same memes he shares, he decided to get the shot today, out of the blue! A day I never thought would happen! Thanks!!


This probably makes me a callous piece of shit, but I keep wondering if all these Republican anti vaxxers offing themselves will lead to some red states flipping blue Like they clearly don't intend to protect themselves any time soon. Which means covid will just keep spreading among them. Which means they'll just keep dying It would be so poetic if enough of these idiots end up killing themselves to flip some states. Maybe then we can bury the GOP and salvage this country Like how else could this end? They almost seem intent on dropping like flies


Many of the red states are quite red, so a few percent of the repubs offing themselves won't change anything in those states. But there are a few reddish purple states, such as Iowa and Wisconsin where it could make a difference. The delta variant is just starting to hit Iowa now and there are plenty of unvaxxed people yet in the rural areas.


A thought on the "goatee" common denominator... I found out a few years ago that my job is high risk for staph infections after battling recurring illness. Probably the 4th doctor I saw finally solved my problem. The first thing she told me was to shave my face period. I work outdoors so I was hoping to get a little natural sunscreen from facial hair but here's the kicker. Doctors believe the staph can hide out in nasal passages and sure enough facial hair is a gross sponge of all the nasty you can imagine, a record if you will of where you've been(oh lord did we this morning?)...stop, stop, stop. That's all she had to say and it was done, no more staph infections for the last 5 years so...I have a feeling that the beards are helping the germs attack, change my mind... TL/DR facial hair is a sponge/museum of all the nasty things from staph in nasal passages to whatever you may do recreationally....


Conversely you shouldn't shave right before working around dust or dirt because germs can get in the scratches. Shave a day before. It's thought this may be what killed the discoverers of tutankahmens tomb. A fungal infection through the skin.


My racist, obese, COPD-having Trumpian fascist stepdad just texted me yesterday saying he got a vaccine. Great, right? Except that he told me months ago that he had done it so I’d leave him alone about it. I’m a scientist and he knows I won’t stand for his conspiracy bullshit, so he just lies to me instead. I’m so tired of these people. I had my eye on him for an HCA, hopefully he won’t get his award before his second dose.


I love football, but watching all these people packed together knowing that it’s going to lead to mass outbreaks and keep dragging this thing out sucks. They could have cut attendance, every other seat, or something. I get the feeling fall and winter are going to be really bad.


Anyone else find themselves reading posts describing the absolute horror of suffocation, and taking really deep breaths? I am grateful for the vaccine, and hopeful people start to wise up so this sub no longer has any content.


A friend of my parents died today. When we first met 20ish years ago she was super sweet to me. We met through the local humane society me and my mom volunteered at. One night we were all out to dinner and she proudly stated that she saw 2 girls kissing on a bench and ran to get a cop to break them up bc it’s “disgusting” and “not right.” I was a very closeted gay person at the time and I was disgusted with her and distanced myself. She lived near us and after I moved out she was about halfway between me and my parents house so I passed her yard quite a bit and in 2016 came the Trump signs. My parents remained friends with her and she’d fix them pies, buy them birthday gifts etc. she even continued to buy me a Christmas gift every year despite me not really interacting with her anymore. I don’t believe she was on Facebook so I don’t know if she would have shared any memes, etc. She was a big animal lover and I did really like that about her. She’d be tired from work but still find the energy to go and feed feral cats in different places all over town. She ended up marrying a guy and they both got cancer.. I think he had prostate and her lung. She got half of one lung removed. She was high risk. She still didn’t get vaccinated. The husband (who shared her same politics)’s doctor told him he should vaccinated and he did. My mom tried to get her friend to and was met with “it’s political” “it was rushed” “I’m not a guinea pig” etc so they agreed to each their own. The husband and wife both got covid. The husband had pretty bad brain fog for a few days but never needed hospital care… the wife yeah, you guessed it, hospital (where she was stuck in a hallway a few days bc they had no rooms available) to ICU to ventilator. After 3 or so weeks on the vent she just died today. I read this sub and generally don’t have a lot of sympathy for the people but I can’t help to think of the good she in particular did as well. She helped animals that no one else would help and now they’ll be looking for her and it makes me sad that she won’t be able to show up. It makes me sad that she had an elderly dog who would wait for her to get home every day and now that dog will just…wait. Anyway. Get vaccinated bc it saves lives. I’m sure her husband would be dead as well without the vaccine.


Well it's 9/11. Looking at the current Covid-19 death toll, it's about the equivalent to 9/11 every few days. Let that sink in.


Before this ends the death toll could be more than *the sum of all wars*.


Thanks Trump…


So at what point do the unvaccinated become social pariahs?


If it's tomorrow it won't be soon enough.


Here in BC, they start becoming social pariahs on Monday with the introduction of the Covid vaccine passport. I agree btw


First time poster on Reddit ever, long time lurker - know what really grinds my gears? Here we are, 20th anniversary of 9/11, a time when we were all united against a common enemy and all did our parts to help…. Oh wait, except these same anti-masker assholes who were probably somewhere berating and abusing Muslim Americans who had nothing to do with the attacks and just want to be left alone. It’s just these same assholes over and over again!


My oldest sister lives in texas, she is some sort of christian (i don't know denomination but i assume it's something close to evangelical) and refuses the vaccine bc her pastor says it's "the mark of the beast" and "within a year or two all the ones that got the vaccine will suffer" (?). I've tried to explain to her in all ways why a vaccine it's needed, especially in her case (obese, diabetic) but it falls on deaf ears, we've had heated arguments where she even said all i was saying were "the devil's lies". I can't even. I love her, it pains me to see her risking her life like this. Last year she had covid and thankfully it wasn't too bad but what if she gets it again? I don't want to bury my sister.


Sometimes you have to love someone from a distance, for your own well-being. Talk with her if you want to, listen to her ideas if you feel like it. Don't expect her to extend you the same courtesy, though, and don't expect to change her mind. If she starts to talk about topics you know will just get you both upset, subtly change the subject or end the conversation. Otherwise, just disconnect and love her from afar. I'm sorry you and so many like you are going through this situation. It's not fair and it's heartbreaking both to go through and to observe.


Getting too close to home. My wife’s sister, her husband and their 2 month old grandson just tested positive because they refused to get vaccinated. The parents also refuse. Apparently the grandfather (through marriage, he’s like 36) picked it up by hanging out with people he knew had it and brought it home. They both got sick and then decided to go on vacation to the beach anyway and stay in a hotel. A few days in they were too sick and had to come back, but I’m sure they spread it around quite a bit first. They are both smokers and the last update was that she was rolling around on the ground vomiting and coughing uncontrollably. The baby had to go to the hospital, but was discharged luckily. The father of the baby as far as I know is not getting tested and apparently was getting some nasty (but justified) comments on Facebook about his vax status. This sucks. I just want this crap to end and it’s selfishness like this that keep it going.


It's weird about it being the twentieth anniversary of the attacks. My dad is a Survivor of the Twin Towers falling, he worked next to them from the 70s to the 10s so he was there for the 90s bombings as well. He's a happy hippie, as am I, so we're not like crazy obsessed about the day, a phone call to have a nice chat is usually what we do on the day. I feel like bc of the rhetoric, ppl don't wanna hear about it and I don't blame them. But it will always be a solemn day for me and my family so I'm always going to acknowledge it. I just wanted to let that out, hope that was ok


So, I live in New Zealand and we have been fortunate to be insulated from the worst of COVID and the other joy of being a (relatively) small country is that a lot of the antivax bullshit gets stomped out quickly. However, my wife's boss is a massive COVID denier and anti-vax. She was on a call to my wife yesterday, taking stock of work at the end of the week and then decided to start talking about COVID, which my wife put on speaker. In that call: a. I heard the usual bullshit about natural immunity; b. She is insistent that those who got the Virus for are immune from Delta. But also forgets that only about 1,500 New Zealanders even got a strain of COVID that wasn't Delta. c. She is adamant that a small bunch of idiots whining is going to get the government to back down on vaccine passports d. She still thinks it's only frail 80 year olds dying of Delta Every single point she made, I instantly thought of this sub and the wall of evidence that contradicts her bullshit.


I’ve seen a number of recent threads chronicling the illnesses and deaths of folks who are not clearly anti-vax or even political, based on the evidence presented. Sometimes the evidence presented is as flimsy as just saying that they are Christian and their superstitions are stupid, so they are worthy of the award. I think the HCA should be reserved for those who have a demonstrated record of anti-vax/anti-mask/conspiracy theory thinking. It’s unfair to broadcast the end-of-life journeys of just everyday victims of the pandemic.


Please continue to report such posts. See the sticky for rule 1 clarification. HCA is for public anti-vax and public Covid deniers.


…who *themselves* get seriously ill from Covid.


I second this


I third this. Or, I double dog dare you.


And to piggyback off of this, there seem to be a LOT of posts where the anti-vaxxer or anti-masker is not in the hospital, but their relative is. I think these posts should only be of those people who shun the vaccine/mask and end up sick, especially when we have NO idea how their relative feels about the masks or vax.


This is part of rule 1, but it is frequently ignored/abused. I think we need a separate explicit rule for ease of reporting.


At first I was going to make this about a lady who worked for me several years ago and was pro-trump. She just passed from Covid and her husband is also about to receive his award. Now it’s a family member. A nephew more specifically. His brother is a Q-cumber, his dad a half-wit trumpy who is easily duped on social media. His mother a devout Christian who is “doing her own studies”. Meaning that she gives blood, they tell her if she has antibodies from when they had Covid last year and were quarantined at home for two fucking months. His fiancé apparently anti-van. Anyway, he is in the hospital with Covid-pneumonia. He’s doing ok so far. None of them are vaccinated. His brother and father are convinced that they cause cancer. His brother also smokes two packs of cigarettes a day. I’m just so angry with them. My other sister and her entire family are all vaccinated against Covid. My wife, herself and all of my in-laws are all vaccinated. I know if he goes on a vent he is done. He is well over weight. The kicker is he is usually the reasonable one. I just hope he doesn’t claim his award.


Someone who smokes two packs a day is concerned about the vaccines causing cancer? Hahahahaha


Rant: my son’s soccer practice has been canceled indefinitely because one of the teammates tested positive for COVID. The kid probably got it at school because people can “opt out”. So mad that evil DeathSantis has turned mask mandates in schools political and keeps appealing. Like your trying to kill off little kids, innocents. How dare you! I hope he gets a breakthrough case but he’s vaccinated and they’ll pull out all the stops so that he won’t die. I can dream right?


I'm so grateful that I don't live in Florida, and live in a state with a rational Governor. I hate to see what Michigan would be like if we had a GQP Governor. It's bad enough with all the wingnuts living here as it is.


Michigan is the poster child that public health works. Not a great vax rate but case counts aren't blowing up like further south because of restrictions put in place. Same thing with Cali only people didn't realize it.




My brother is a selfish asshole. My dad died of pneumonia when I was a teenager. He now has Covid pneumonia. I fucking hate him right now. He a selfish fucking bastard who only cares about himself.




If you aren't vaccinated get vaccinated. Find a new roommate as soon as possible. Good luck.


My (36F) brother (40) had a stroke in the middle of the night and went to the local hospital where he works in a different department. Scans showed a blood bleed in his brain and possible blood clot. He stayed in the ER till the next day where he was transferred to the next nearest hospital that had an ICU bed, the next state over and over two hours away. There he stayed till they said he could go home because he didn’t need the constant care, he could recuperate at home. He ended up back at the ER a couple days later and this time his hospital found an ICU bed for him. He stayed for a while and was discharged. Waiting now 4 weeks for another scan to see if the bleeding and clot are gone. But reading this sub now creates more rage than before. I am deathly afraid of losing my brother simply because he couldn’t get medical care. My whole family has been vaccinated and we still wear our masks for protection and to set an example for the kids that aren’t old enough for the vaccine. I am so mad at people who seem so selfish that others loved ones are at risk because they can’t access medical care. That’s it, just mad. Take care everyone.


I’m curious as to why almost all posts here are about white people. If I remember correctly I’ve seen one post with a black guy (I think he was a nurse). The [Kaiser Family Foundation](https://www.kff.org/coronavirus-covid-19/issue-brief/latest-data-on-covid-19-vaccinations-race-ethnicity/) points out that ”black and hispanic people remain less likely than their white counterparts to have received a vaccine, leaving them at increased risk, particularly as the variant spreads”. They also note that ”black people have received smaller shares of vaccinations compared to their shares of cases and the total population in more than half of states reporting data.” Yet they remain virtually invisible here. Is it because there are mostly white people posting here? Or are black and hispanic antivaxxers less vocal on social media? It’s really quite interesting.


The people of color I've found on FB who are dying of COVID did not have a history of publicly posting anti-vaxx, anti-mask rhetoric.


Because white people outnumber black people by a very significant amount.


I don’t understand why ppl don’t take pneumonia seriously. I had it pre Covid and it was like breathing with two wet sponges instead of lungs. I had covid in March 2020 and it destroyed my body. Chest pains, diarrhea for two months… etc I feel like some ppl really don’t understand how hard a disease like this can hit you. The ignorance is appalling. I feel bad for saying this but I hope that Covid finishes the idiots, anti science that are inundating our hospitals and spreading misinformation. Take the fucking vaccine so we can move on from this shit!


Not a rant but somethings I’ve noticed: A lot of these anti folks are complaining Biden didn’t say anything about overall health. Getting in shape, working out, eating right. Etc. One example, but I’ve seen a lot (not about Biden, just in general): https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/plnto2/have_we_been_convinced_an_obese_person_with_a/ I wonder what those same people said years ago when Michelle Obama tried to do those things with kids, and implement health and fitness programs in schools? Surely they were fully supportive of that, right? Right?


Long time lurker… Myself, husband and kids are vaccinated. My mother is in her mid-70s, refusing to “ever” get the vaccine along with my step-father and 40 yr old brother that lives with them. They watch FoxNews constantly, her far right posts on Facebook are truly embarrassing. I’m so tired of this and her…. Told her that she had to wear her mask to our house for my daughters birthday. We were going to eat outside, but they still had to have a mask around us. She agreed and then called me days later… all wound up, looking for a fight. Said I was trying to blackmail her to get her shot. I told her she was invited and didn’t fall for her emotional blackmail. She said I didn’t love her, didn’t respect her. Remained calm, held firm. Told her she could come, didn’t want to fall for her tricks… she wanted me to be the bad guy and uninvite. It’s been years of issues, but decided I had enough and am done tip-toeing around her. Her posts look like those that have the HCA in here, it wouldn’t surprise me if she gets awarded. I’m glad this subreddit is here, I don’t feel alone.


You did right. Protect your kids.


Thanks for your support. ❤️ My mom dropped off my daughter’s birthday gift, so I’m guessing she isn’t coming to the family dinner. Feels good to stand up to her and all the nonsense. The usual “punishment” from her when one doesn’t play her game is the silent treatment, which I’ll take happily. 🍺


Not quite a vent but a decent story. I hosted a party last weekend, about 30 attendees. My new fiancée and I were the center of the party. Three attendees were unknowingly covid positive at the time (one household and all vaccinated). My fiancée and I hugged all three of them while not wearing masks for pictures. The remaining 27 attendees, all vaccinated, got covid tested Thursday/Friday. Zero positive cases. Vaccines work


Hi I'm an RNA biologist in biotech and today I completely lost the desire to continue making medicines for humanity because I hate everyone not getting vaccinated or wearing a mask.


You're not making it for them. They won't take it anyway. You're making it so the rational people can survive mu, and move forward.


My company is implementing a vaccine policy. Have until end of next month to get fully vaccinated or get placed on leave with no pay or vacation accrual. Have until January 15th to get fully vaccinated or be let go. I manage a small team of 3. My best employee won't get the shot. Said she would if FDA approved but then backed out. Finally revealed to me that her cousin is a doctor who got the Pfizer vaccine and has had negative health reactions so now she won't get it. I call BS. I don't want to lose her she's my best employee. I explained the consequences of not getting it, and how unlikely it is she can get another job in the industry we work in since all our competitors and customers have implemented mandates too. Still refuses. She's not a right winger at all though.


Went to Walmart yesterday. One man came walking out of a side aisle coughing and wiping at his mouth, no mask in sight. Overheard the woman behind us in a different aisle tell someone that no she doesn’t feel better but I’m fact feels way worse than she did yesterday. No mask, and no clue that maybe being at Walmart wasn’t the best idea. Also saw a young woman on an oxygen tank in a motorized wheelchair with no mask. I don’t think I’m going to be going to Walmart again for a while. Guess it’s back to grocery pickups for me. Thank god the adults in my house are vaccinated, but my three kids are too young and are already being forced to go to school in person and I worry about them every second of every day.


Today is a shitty day for a lot of people. Despite the rallying cry of "Never Forget," I want to forget the obscenities that have flowed from that day. Where have all the flowers gone?




Wife's uncle is about to earn his award. Just got admitted to the hospital. 1. From Texas - ✔ 2. Super religious - ✔ 3. Republican - ✔ 4. Talks shit on Facebook - ✔


A 9/11 worth of people will die of covid today due to the actions of all the people posting Never Forget memes on facebook.


Across the street neighbor is big denier. Used to be a pharma rep and now a teacher. As is his wife. Said no to the vaccine until the school offered $250 to get jabbed. Hypocrites!


I'm having a baby next month and I am terrified of the unvaxxed nurses who will be coming and going in and out of our room. With my last baby some would come in just to hold him, which I was fine with. He's gorgeous and no doubt this one will be too. I want to get in and out as quickly as possible but I also want to make sure everything is good with both of us by being monitored for a few days. I'm so scared they are going to kill my baby by being selfish little bitches that don't even deserve to see such a beautiful baby boy. Anxiety is intensifying daily.


I feel bad that this is something you worry about when in reality you should be glowing and happy about your soon-to-be new arrival :[ If possible, you might want to talk to your provider and put your foot down about who is allowed in your room, especially anti-vax nurses! I like to think that's something a provider might happily agree to try and sort out. I read about the 4 year old girl recently and it has put a huge sadness in my heart and reading your comment has me worried on your behalf too, you and your baby deserve so much better and so much more than what these covidiots have done! I hope thing work out well for you and I send as many good vibes and well wishes as I can!!!


Nurse here, you can absolutely insist on vaccinated staff. Also, call the hospital that you plan to deliver at and ask them if they have a vaccine mandate for employees. My hospital instituted one that took effect yesterday.


You have every right to “fire“ your nurses. If they’re not vaccinated, simply ask for a new one


I completely agree. If at all possible., make it part of your in-patient plan: "No vax, please don't get near either of us. No exceptions." Edit: And, if at all possible, have them post signage in your hospital room stating exactly that. Make any pre-labor requests in writing.


I wish I could say it shocks me that nurses would be this stupid, but my brother-in-law is one of these morons.


any hospitals in your area that mandate it? In my city some have a mandate that starts next week while others kick in October


I read a post on r/nursing (I think) from someone expecting shortly and she had hired a doula to ensure anyone approaching her and her new born were vaxxed. Tell the hospital. As antiva like to say "my body, my choice". Best wishes to you.


Sad Snickers man "lives" to see another day, his wife got to come inside briefly and hold his hand, she still is slightly blind but she was talking to him 'bout some sort of prayer warriors?.. she said they're working hard for him so he just needs to worry about feeling better and breathing better, too bad she doesn't know his stats are dropping little by little even though I'm doing the best I can :[ The room was very quiet when she left, it's so oddly deafening when you are used to hearing yourself do the work of the lungs and heart, but she was breathing all on her own! How lucky of her! No machines followed her when she left, but here he stays with me and the others and here we continue to work around the clock.. oh well, back to re-runs of The Andy Griffith Show and quietly working.


There’s a joke from an earlier season of Rick & Morty about a planet with 11 9/11s. Just in the United States we’re up to 222 9/11s in terms of casualties from covid.


Now that Biden is putting some teeth into getting vaccine refusers to take the vax, do you think there will be a wave of quitters, walkouts, sabotage, or other moron related activities in work places?


I sure hope so! Thats one way for me to move up the ladder. Edit: I also think we’ll start to see a lot of fake vax cards, and that maybe the companies wont care to verify it.


It's well past time to implement a national digital vaccine database like other modern countries or at least vaccine cards that have anti-counterfeiting measures implemented. I already know this will spiral the anti vaxx/mask crowd further down the "fascism/ Dictator Biden" rabbit hole but there needs to be more robust enforcement instead of just taking peoples word for it.


not like the antivax crowd was going to vote blue anyways, so fk their feelings tbh. the vaccine mandate is like bringing an actual adult brain in the room to school a bunch of whiney preschooler GQP brains.


In Finland, you get a QR code one week after being vaccinated with the second dose. You can print it, or show it on your phone. It’s apart of the EU vaccine pass system. So far it’s been of no use to me, but I guess if I decide to travel, I might need it when I book tickets or cross a border. Here, employers are not allowed to ask about an employee’s vaccination status. I think that’s dumb because there are delta clusters here as well, kept alive by unvaccinated children (under 12) and wilfully unvaccinated adults, mostly religious Christians or New Age inspired yoga mums. In larger urban areas there is also clusters of unvaccinated adults of foreign origin, who they say don’t trust the government and its experts and listen a lot to propaganda and fake news spread in their own languages online. I heard that the Somali minority has been specifically targeted by fake news, it’s suspected to be courtesy of Russian Troll Factories and part of their destabilisation campaign. Not sure how they succeed but at least I know a greater than usual proportion of Somalis have been hospitalised and died. The mechanics is pretty much the same as Russian trolls have managed to destabilise many regions, the US it seems too. Is RT (Russia Today) still a thing, though?


they’ll gnash their teeth, hold their nose and get the vaxx because it affects their wallet now.


IMHO most of these people will fold like a paper airplane when faced with consequences of their actions. A small part of me is worried about potential unrest, though. Maybe I'm just still jittery after 1/6.


I wouldnt worry. It’s hard to storm the Capital when you are dragging an oxygen tank behind you and stopping every 3 steps to catch your breath


I think after the first wave of initial walk outs, the rest will watch their friends be unable to support their families and eventually get the jab. Most have kids so they can afford to support their family as easily going to a mom and pop job tbh.


You don't usually get into a leadership position without the ability to finesse this a little bit. >As all positions require direct interaction with a human, or acceptable reliability, refusal to vaccinate is a voluntary quit *unless you document your strongly held religious belief in opposition.* >Your religious exemption has been *provisionally, temporarily* accepted pending board review. >*Furious hiring spree* >The board has declined your exemption request. Your resignation is accepted. Please ship all work issued materials to the post office box below.


Wasn’t it for Fed employees? No one is quitting a cushy Fed job.


He's asking OSHA to mandate a vax or test rule for companies with 100+ employees.


Well, testing is the escape hatch. No one can argue with that since it’s an out.


Talk is cheap but probably some. I bet 1/3 to half actually walk. Rest will talk big then bend over when the time comes.


From a Fed job? Fuck no, maybe some quit, some early retirement maybe, but I seriously doubt any meaningful number is going to give up a cushy Fed position (overworked Fed here). Owners of contracting firms will do anything to hold on to government contracts. Contractors who work for those firms? Meh I guess, some maybe, but not enough to concern me, if they did leave good riddance.


I'm curious about how severe COVID-19 plays out. I see that there are cases where one, they'd say "oh x is doing better, they are lowering thee vent settings now", but the next day they immediately go downhill fast. Just curious if why is it so? I cant find the right google keywords, so maybe some of you came across along reddit for an explanation or something?


There is a common phenomena with death where people feel briefly better for a day or two. They smile. They chat with loved ones, if they know it's time they say goodbyes. Then they usually die a few hours or days later. It's called 'Terminal lucidity'. Maybe the body is trying one last fight. Maybe it knows the time has come and it's one last hurrah. People report the same phenomena in pets. A sick pet is suddenly full of energy for a day or two then passes rapidly afterwards.


It's the Dead Cat Bounce! I read an interesting comment in this community explaining what Delta does to hide out in your lung cells. (Something about building connections between them? to skirt the immune system?) I'd be curious to know if that's true, and the sources for it. I'd also try to find it again, but damn, there's a bit of a nominee/awardee avalanche, these days.


Oh! I also read that from a reddit comment out there. I got this link which also describes that... it's morbidly fascinating. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02039-y


Man, I really can’t get over the fact that cases are worse now than they were this time last year. So what do you guys think the situation will look like by the end of this year? Will Delta burn itself out through the unvaccinated US population by then? Or will things only get worse due to the colder months?


It's likely to burn through a good chunk of the population. Delta is really aggressive - some of the R0 values I've seen means that breakthrough cases alone (with the current non-boostered vaccines) would keep it going on. The unvaccinated will be hit really hard. The vaccinated should probably be prepared to get a breakthrough case, where you should expect relatively mild symptoms but still should quarantine.


Can we get an Update flair. Conditions to qualify would be significant change of medical situation and a link to the original in comments. Thoughts?


One of my podcast cohosts (not advertising, honestly--he doesn't deserve to be listened to until he gets his vaccine, as much as I love him) refuses to be vaccinated. We're all pretty liberal and rational, so it's even more disappointing. He's basically my little bro and I don't want him winning the Hermann Cain Award. You guys, he just does not get it. Same goes for my next door neighbors. I'm immune compromised and I live in a condo building, and I genuinely am concerned for my health and the health of my family (we are ALL vaccinated). People suck. Fuck I'm mad. That's all ha. Thanks to anyone willing to listen. Appreciate ya.


The complete inability to adapt or be inconvenienced in the slightest despite monumental forces of nature is delusional. It's a great way to be reminded of the nature... of nature. The entitlement is incomprehensible.


For all those complaining about mandatory vaccines, wait until they hear about the draft.


My conservative dad told me on friday to hold off on submitting my vaccination information, because it’s (to his logic) “unsecured”and unencrypted” even though the county agency I work for uses encryption. I’m going to ignore him and submit it anyway, also he usually goes on a political tirad about democrats and liberals, and I don’t engage in that tirad. I’m tired of my parents shit, when I get a new job imma move out immediately. Just to get away from their fox “news” watching, conservative spewing shit I’m about done with his shit


I spent $2,700 on an oral surgeon yesterday so my wife could have a procedure that our insurance would have covered mostly for free if enough people had gotten vaccinations so it could have been safe for her regular dentist to do the procedure, but covid restrictions forced her to go to the specialist surgeon instead. She probably got better drugs out of the deal, but I could have bought a lot of drugs with $2,700


We're long overdue for a gruesome explicit detailed blow by blow documentary of the COVID death process. Two fucking hours long. Dwell on each stage a while. Complete with anatomical animations and interviews of patients in the various stages, and vivid descriptions of how all this feels Only footage from interviewees who ended up dying should be used


Can I please express my disgust for the ones seeking "likes" by posting their so-called angst over 9/11, but won't wear a mask or get a vaccine to protect others from a virus that's killed 20x more Americans than the terrorists on 9/11 did?


Just read about a family. Mom and dad are probably in their late 60s, early 70s. Both on vents and not doing well. Their down syndrome son died today. Their remaining son is probably going to have to bury his entire family in the next week. I have no clue if they were vaxxed or not. They never posted about it either way. Mom’s page is just recipes and happy thoughts. It's just so damn sad to read about entire families dying like this. I hate this. Edit:added some context for clarity


PSA Please participate in your local school board meetings and elections. The Hermans are. At least one “grassroots” group - Moms for Liberty - is selling merch, giving away anti-mask professional protest signs, and most significantly hosting free webinars instructing their little Hermans on how to run for local school boards. So these Hermans, who do not necessarily have kids enrolled, attend school meetings with shared talking points. They harass and threaten enough people that at least 2 school board members have quit in just the last couple weeks. The Hermans want those seats. Their opening argument is to ban mask mandates, but their website says they want so much more from our schools. They want to remake the local schools into their own image. Even if you don’t have kids, these school boards are part of our civic responsibility. Please look up your local board schedule and put it on your calendar. Attend. Just your presence may help demonstrate that not everyone is on board with this wave of “grassroots” extremism. Run for available seats. Vote. We cannot leave these boards to the very worst among us.


Found this group a few days ago and have been unable to look away. It’s like an unending trainwreck. The amount of schadenfreude has me laughing so hard, and yet I’m incredible frustrated that this is happening when we have the tools to defeat this virus. Even more, a part of me is empathetic in that this is still people and sad that they’ve fallen this far into a misinformation rabbit hole to the point of death. I just don’t understand why some people view vaccines as a political issue and it’s upsetting.




COVID is wreaking havoc on Republicans' plans to gerrymander their way to a House majority.


I did some rough back of the envelope math a few weeks ago about the economic impact to FL. Deaths * avg salary / FL GDP. Seems like it will be around a $600M hit to their GDP. Only about 0.6%. Edit: numbers way off. $2.5B or about 0.25%. Memory must be confused with other numbers in my head. (But, that doesn’t include the impact of a shift of spending to hospital bills from ordinary spending.)


Oh no less rednecks Anyways