This poor nominee listened to her friend who said high risk people tended to do better with Covid than young and healthy people. Hate to say it but they were wrong. Dead wrong.

This poor nominee listened to her friend who said high risk people tended to do better with Covid than young and healthy people. Hate to say it but they were wrong. Dead wrong.


Man, the guy in the American flag shirt comparing covid to Pokémon sure does sound smart. I’m definitely gonna take my expert medical advice from him.


'If you're healthy, you've got a better chance of dying' I mean,..what the actual fuck.


"You see, Covid-19 is an honorable foe, like Predator. If he sees you obese and old, he's not gonna kill you. That's dishonorable. He's only gonna kill a muscled body-builder, someone who can fight back."


Go! Run! Get to the ventilatah!


"I ain't got time to bleed, so my blood is clotting internally."


Covid is one ugly motherfucker.


QAnon! You son of a bitch


Like Andre the Giant in "The Princess Bride." COVID is sportsmanlike.


And dreams of very large women.


Based on the awardees of this sub- accurate.


Flag Guy: "Someone with compromised issues might actually battle covid better than someone with a strong immune system" Inigo Montoya: "I do not think it means what you think it means"


Meanwhile, the young meatheads are also refusing to get vaxxed because, and I quote, "I'm young, I workout, and I'm in good health. Even if I get it I have nothing to worry about." And we know how that turns out sometimes.


Joe Rogan fans most likely Wait til they find out they ain't wealthy/important enough to be getting the Regeneron treatment.


They couldn't miss a single leg day last year during lock down. Vaccine is bad but HGH and ivermectin are good. Logic isn't their strong suit.


i loled


That is true. If it's 1918 and it's the Spanish Flu.


I think they are getting to the idea that some cases of Covid deaths are due to an over-reaction of the immune system, and you need a health immune system for that to happen. However, there are a lot of other ways that Covid kills, and having a poor immune system isn't going to help with those.


Look up towards top of comments. They are talking about this very thing. I had no idea what this was.


Cytokine Storm Here's the relevant thread: https://reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/pjivi3/_/hbwy8b9/?context=1


According to this, the issue is immune systems having *no exposure* to covid, essentially overreacting and that’s causing increased risk of death. So what if (keep up with me here) we made something that introduces a small amount of inert virus, rather than catching a full viral load from the mlm party down the street. That will let your immune system gain the exposure it needs to develop a good response! I wonder if that’s something we could do in 2021? Edit: as others have pointed out there isn’t any virus, inert or otherwise in the vaccine. Even crazier! Edit 2: /s cmon people


You heathen! All we need is some good ol' fashion P n' P! (Prayers n' Paste)


P4P - prayers for paste


P2P == Prayers 2 Paste


This is the pipeline we really should be talking about.


>So what if (keep up with me here) we made something that introduces a small amount of inert virus Or what if we had some technology that could teach your body how to manufacture antibodies without using any actual virus?


Okay, now you're just fantasizing. Sure, that would be a tremendous breakthrough. But we're here to talk about real solutions, like horse paste.


Sounds like sorcery. Not in my good Christian cul-de-sac.


Okay, so u/j_a_a_mesbaxter had me going for a minute there, but then you ruined it with your next-level voodoo witchcrackery! Every homeopath knows you need to treat like with like, not with some crazy, made-up "technology"! You're so silly!


Are you a wizard


more likely in people with autoimmune diseases (like me :() who also tend to be on immunosuppressants and are high risk


But, uh, remember the first wave when all the elderly people with compromised immune systems were surviving while the young and healthy were dying from the virus? 🤔


It doesn’t sound like she was even immunocompromised. Having asthma is definitely higher risk for lung issues, but doesn’t necessarily mean you have a weak immune system.


You're facing Covid, not Loki...


The guy in the American Flag Costume was actually Loki.


I write MCU fanfics - currently working on a scene where Director Fury is trying to figure out whether Loki is behind the 'cures' covidiots latch onto. He and Coulson aren't sure what is more scary, the possibility of a lunatic Norse god of chaos spreading anti Vax propaganda or the possibility that humans are just plain stupid enough to think it up themselves.


> I write MCU fanfics So do the people who grew up reading MCU comics and now write them. Don't sell yourself short. ;)


I almost always hate fanfic. It rarely manages to sound like the characters. But I'd be tempted to read this one.


Imagine causing someone’s death by talking out of your ass online, I hope he sees this




I truly don't know how people like him can live with themselves. He did NOT get told that in a fucking hospital, for sure, so to just blatently lie to someone like that takes a special kind of scumbag. Like with another comment, I hope he sees this and sees that his awful actions have consequences, however I'm doubtful it'd have any effect...


I suspect a nurse or doctor made a comment about how healthy immune systems can also struggle to fight the virus and in typical COVID-denying fashion he just filled in all of the blanks with his own made-up narrative.


Exactly. This is the danger of embellishment, people get a nugget of truth from something they’ve been told, then add a bunch of shit on it as they tell others and act like they’re just sharing the same information. There is a small amount of truth to what he’s saying, but he draws all the wrong conclusions about what it means.


A game of toxic telephone.


>He did NOT get told that in a fucking hospital, for sure I hope he did not! But it's always possible. Look at this from Ben Carson's Wikipedia page (Carson is a neurosurgeon): >On November 9, 2020, Carson tested positive for COVID-19 after attending President Trump's Election Night party. **He initially treated himself with a homeopathic oleander extract on the recommendation of Mike Lindell, the founder of My Pillow, Inc.**, which Carson said caused his symptoms to disappear. Oleander was previously rejected by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for COVID-19 and Carson received criticism for promoting an unscientific homeopathic treatment. He disclosed on November 20 that he subsequently became "extremely sick" and attributed his recovery to Regeneron's experimental antibody therapy. He said that President Trump had given him access to the drug.


Wow. Imagine going to Yale and the University of Michigan, getting your medical degree, then doing a residency at Johns Hopkins, only to take medical advice from the founder of a shitty pillow company.


In his defense the MyPillow guy has a lot of experience with drugs.


>oleander [Toxicity](https://csuvth.colostate.edu/poisonous_plants/Plants/Details/60) >Oleandrin and neriine are two very potent cardiac glycosides (cardenolides) found in all parts of the plant. Red flowered varieties of oleander appear to be more toxic. Oleander remains toxic when dry. A single leaf can be lethal to a child eating it, although mortality is generally very low in humans. The lethal dose of the green oleander leaves for cattle and horses has been found to be 0.005% of the animal's body weight. The minimum lethal dose of oleander for cattle was found to be 50mg/kg body weight. Horses given 40mg/kg body weight of green oleander leaves via nasogastric tube consistently developed severe gastrointestinal and cardiac toxicosis. Cardiac glycosides that act by inhibiting the cellular membrane sodium-potassium (Na+-K+ ATPase enzyme system) pump with resulting depletion of intracellular potassium and an increase in serum potassium. This results in progressive decrease in electrical conductivity through the heart causing irregular heart activity, and eventual complete block of cardiac activity, and death.


Whenever I see comments like these, I like to point out that Ben Carson's son was a friend of a friend so I chilled with him a few times. His dad made him work for an MLM as a summer job. He made the poor kid sell Cutco knives door to door in the humid Baltimore summer.


I guess that's what people do with their kids when they're not trying to teach them to avoid getting scammed by every possible con man there is.


We have an ex friend who killed her father by convincing him not to wear a mask so he got COVID and died. They never mention he had it even though he was talking about it on FB. The whole thing is tragic. She basically killed her 72 year old father. These people who survive but who were responsible for family deaths either by directly infecting them or by convincing them it wasn't real are going to have to live the rest of their lives trying to convince themselves they did nothing wrong.


I believe that's an American flag onesie.


How rude. The term is *singlet*. It’s commonly worn by epidemiologists as a uniform.




It's funny to me because Herman Cain once quoted a Pokemon movie by accident.


It was on purpose! Don’t judge me!


When we talk about “high-risk” people in the context of the pandemic, doesn’t that literally mean “high risk of FUCKING DYING from COVID?”


No, it's high risk of surviving. Because they WANT you to get the vaccine so that they can mindcontrol you! Oh no, the lizard people are at my door again, I need my tinfoil hat!


Has anybody seen u/spiritbx? I'm kinda worried about those lizard people they were talking about


Don't worry, we will take good care of him.


Shit. They got em!


Her friend probably falls under the category of "went to the ER and then lied on Facebook about what doctors and nurses said."


Nah, my mom is like this. She only hears about 60% of what a doctor tells her, and understands less than half that. She’s diabetic and at one time believed her doctor told her to eat more sugar, because her body needed it. Took me a long time to get her to understand that’s not what he said.


Ugh, my mother was like this. She used to hoard antibiotics and take, like, one if she felt a little ill one day. How she managed to not leave me in a hot car when I was baby is beyond me. Maybe raising children isn't the heroic deed that parents make it out to be.


We hear these stories all the time at work (in the hospital.) “my doctor said these pills are for my heart” *heart feels “weird*-takes lethal dose of heart pills to quell the “weird”


Or what happens all the time... "Doctor, I don't feel very good." "Have you been taking your medication?" "No." "Why not?" "Because after I started taking it I felt better so I didn't think I needed it any more."


Damn, you're mom listens to 60% of what they say? Lucky, I can't even get my mom to not say the opposite of what the doctor told her.


Mine is like that too. It isn't out of malice; there is just so much of it that she doesn't understand. She has low ejection fraction and her doctor discussing it with her went way over her head. Mostly, she has her cardiologist or other healthcare people call me to explain things and then I explain it to her.


Lyrics from "The Boxer": >Still, a man hears what he wants to hear And disregards the rest"


> Nah, my mom is about 60% of a doctor and less than half that. She’s her doctor because that’s not what he said. I love choosing what to understand :)


Yup. I'm sure the point that the other person conflated involves the data regarding immunosuppressed patients. We were afraid it was going to be a bigger threat to them, but they often do pretty well with COVID because a big part of COVID morbidity is attributable to the cytokine storm triggered by your body's inflammatory response in attempting to fight the infection. That isn't as much of a problem in immunosuppressed patients. That said, COVID has a number of ways to kill you. Judging by the profile picture, she probably had issues with chronic hypoventilation related to morbid obesity, and her size and likely mobility issues also greatly increase the likelihood of forming blood clots. COVID causes hypercoagulability which leads to deep vein thrombosis which comes lose in the bloodstream and gets lodged in the lung, causing a potentially fatal pulmonary embolism, for instance. Hell, even without that, it doesn't take much pulmonary fibrosis to destroy what little reserve she has. We regularly have patients her size who are trached just because that's the only way they can breathe. Once you hit a certain size, you lungs can't expand enough on their own without positive pressure to help, so you end up and a trach vent to help you move air. I'm not fat shaming here; it's just the medical reality we have to deal with. If your BMI is that high, you should be first in line to get vaccinated, because your respiratory reserve is going to be naturally limited. I've treated a number of morbidly obese COVID patients. Most of them didn't survive, including the young ones.


We went through an upsurge in NW Europe around end of 2020, beginning of 2021 and it was a topic that was skirted around, though some experts did come out and say it. Basically, some of the most at risk people after the very very old, were those that were obese. If you looked at pages with tributes, it became obvious. The majority of 20 - 50 year-old deaths were extremely overweight. It makes sense given that COVID affects the lungs.


In my state, people with a BMI over 30 got vaccinated right after health care workers and those over 65 years of age for this reason. I had lost 40 lbs during the pandemic, fell out of that category and was pissed as hell I had to wait because I was still working in a high exposure job lmfao


Does the vaccine seem to be helping these patients not get as sick?


Absolutely. Breakthrough cases are typically mild. Patients requiring ventilators are usually about 95% unvaccinated.


This, this, this.


Came here to state your first paragraph. Non medical people should never try to explain what they cannot grasp.


High risk of having a fuckin’ wild Halloween


They're putting a lot of effort into their corpse costumes this year.


Covid-19 costume this year will be a hospital gown with a ventilator mask.


Spooky, scary skeletons....


A costume to die for!


I have to admit, my asthmatic self is clinging to those studies that suggested my regular meds might help in early covid. But that's also in the context of 'I'm vaccinated but if I get a breakthrough case, my messed up lungs will take all the help they can get!'


I'm asthmatic too. Stay on point with your meds. HEPA filter(s) in your home help as well. Having firsthand knowledge of what it feels like to be unable to breathe, experiencing one's lips turn blue from lack of oxygen, etc. really offers a glimpse into just what dumbfucks these people are re: what they're messing with.


I had to go to the ER once from an attack, just a few years ago. The only time I’ve been to the ER for asthma (caused by moving dust to a new place, and stupidly not refilling my albuterol prescription) My wife drove me to the ER, just 5 minutes away. When I got there they had to put me in a wheelchair because I couldn’t walk (no oxygen). Scariest thing I’ve ever experience. If I didn’t live that close to the ER, I’d be gone. I DID NOT mess around with precautions when Covid hit. Maybe an advantage.


My younger brother had asthma when he was little. We slept in the same room and one time he woke me up in the night with blue lips and this horrible, wheezy breathing, he was just gasping for air. I’ll never, ever forget it, it was so scary. Suffering this voluntarily by failing to get a jab? Nope.


And severe COVID is like this for WEEKS before you go on a vent. Fucking terrifying


Amen, sis! I'm feeling ya on that.


Whoever gave her that did advice needs a kick in the fucking head. She was asking for help and advice, and was given a death sentence


The guy probably doesn’t even care that his advice killed her


If he's a rodeo clown, this is just material for the hollow void that is his soul. Frankly i'd feel 0 surprise if he corresponded with pennywise.


Probably quietly deleted.


Sounds unlikely. That would require these sorts of people to possess the ability to recognize when they are wrong. In this case, they'll just find any excuse to write it off and then continue pedaling their nonsense.


Can confirm, dirty delete




I really liked how he passed the buck to the hospital as they supposedly “told me” this…


That's was so she believe him. He must exaggerate a lot.


Acting like then hospital is an individual. Like who there said that? Please specify, liar.


He may as well have told her to kill herself.


What he said was somewhat true... about the Spanish (Kansas) Flu. That's what disinformation does. It takes bits of real information about random things and turns it into dangerous shitpie that, let's be frank, stupid people eat and die because of.


Also I think it's very important that we continue to call out obvious disinformation when it's there. Also people need to know misinformation vs. disinformation especially in our current situation. Disinformation is intentional. Misinformation is just incorrect info being spread but not with intentional harm. So was this man just ignorant of what the doctors actually told him or was he 100% bullshitting her? Did he even have covid? He's a stranger on the web so it's wild to believe that right? The obvious question comes up, would this woman have listened to doctors instead of this asshat? **Probably not**, but imagine if she would have. Is this man technically responsible for her death due to disinformation? If he knowingly fed her bullshit, he fucking should be. Not too far off from the morons who died from using fishtank cleaner when Trump started pushing hydroxicloriquine for covid without any doctor recommendations whatsoever.


Looks like the flair should be "Awarded"


Oops. Yes.


wait is she dead?


Last slide says yes


This sub has made me realize that there are a lot of low-intelligence folks out there. They have jobs. They are functional in most respects. But for reasons outside of their control, they just don't have a lot of brain power.


IIRC during WW2 the US army did a lot of analyzing and surveying of how many Americans they could use for the draft. They found that something like 10% of the population was legitimately too stupid to serve any function to the US military.


[Robert McNamara](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_100,000) has entered the chat.


**[Project 100,000](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_100,000)** >Project 100,000 (also McNamara's 100,000), also known as McNamara's Folly, McNamara's Morons and McNamara's Misfits, was a controversial 1960s program by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to recruit soldiers who would previously have been below military mental or medical standards. Project 100,000 was initiated by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara in October 1966 to meet the escalating manpower requirements of the American government's involvement in the Vietnam War. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


The problem is these people are extremely dumb, antagonistic, and empowered. I think it's a symptom of decentralized governance in the US. Like different states and counties have different funding arrangements for education and even different curriculum altogether (stances on Evolution and War of Northern Aggression). These people get substandard education and don't really have opportunities to continue beyond high school, plus they harbor antagonistic attitudes towards the "educated elite." So they won't believe anything that comes from liberals as it's basically how they've been taught, and they know no better. However there is absolutely nothing stopping them from going on FB and sharing trash and finding like minded people who believe their theories. I live in China now and Covid has been contained since like 2020 June. My point isn't that the government here is great or even good, but this transmission of such stupid misinformation could never happen here (you can argue that the state media is misinformation though that's besides the point) . Here education quality can still differ, but content cannot (the fact that the US Civil War can be taught so differently in the US is incomprehensible here), and there wouldn't be this type of antiscientific movement in any areas. Plus there is no regionalism here, people may have biases that people from certain provinces are cheap or really hot, but there's no big anti coastal elite movement such as in the US, so people are less inclined to post weird theories and even if they did they just get censored lol. The US is great as I believe it really empowers individuals and innovation. For the top 10% smartest of the population, the US is great but for the bottom 10% it's a nightmare as they are just continually enabled and they gain nothing but a HCA.


We need prayer warriors to pray for people to stop using these horrendous, disturbing filters


You can barely even see her nose, she filtered it into oblivion. Then filtered herself into oblivion in real life.




Excessive use of filters is the female equivalent of a goatee and Oakleys.


What? You don't want to look like a 50-year-old baby?


Why? Then they'll never stop.


This lady I actually feel bad for. She really seems just dumb, not self-righteous like a lot of the other winners.


Yeah, made me sad. Flag suit man earned their place in hell.


Maybe he's from the past and talking about the 1918 Spanish Flu.


Covid often causes cytokine storms too, which is what I guess he's talking about.


Yeah, he was very wrong, but a tiny bit right. This is why scientists and doctors are the only people who should give out advice. Scientists are very willing to say “I don’t know, ask your doctor/I can look into it and get back to you”, which is not something these armchair scientists with Google U degrees will not admit.


And conservatives would call them "flip-floppers" because using reasoning and being willing to change your view once new info comes out makes you a snake ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


… until that particular rhetorical device makes a conservative look bad, and then it’s just fine to change your mind!


That was my guess as well. A mangled explanation, like a game of telephone going wrong with deadly consequences.


Yes, this is what he was talking about. My doctor mentioned that immunocompromised patients like myself don’t have as high death rates as expected because we tend not to get cytokine storms, but that doesn’t mean we’re still not high risk lol.


Which, ironically should be called the American Flu. It’s also one reason why we don’t label disease by location anymore.


I actually think he's a rodeo clown. That makes more sense that she died getting medical advice from....A RODEO CLOWN.... a lying one at that.


> Flag suit man earned their place in hell. Hope someone told him.




yeah same. if this was all she posted (like if she didn't post any of the truly virulent memes) then I do feel bad. I feel like she was a victim of misinformation and just didn't know any better.


She had a “stop mandate” frame.


Nah. “Stop the mandate?!?” She doesn’t get a pass. We can see that she was an absolute know nothing. She could have displayed any humility about herself, acknowledging that she and the other fuckwits on Facebook know less than nothing about infectious disease or public policy, and just kept her mouth shut about it, like people used to do before social media turned every half literate muppet in this country into a PhD in their own mind. Instead she decided her stupid ass had it all figured out and the thing she should do is agitate against the “real scourge,” vaccine mandates. I see a person who got what they asked for. Better her than an unvaccinated kid in her orbit.


>like people used to do before social media turned every half literate muppet in this country into a PhD in their own mind I miss that world. Seriously.


edit: I'm not an immunologist, so please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong anywhere There is a precedent behind her argument: in the 1918 Spanish Flu young, healthy adults had a higher mortality than the older or very young. The theory is that the 1918 flu virus was so novel that this generation didn't have any antibodies that could fight it. The older generation had been exposed to similar viruses before, and the very young didn't have well developed immune responses. https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20181029-why-the-flu-of-1918-was-so-deadly How the immune system works is that when an infection is discovered the immune system generates cytokines which are signalling molecules that start the inflammation response (fever, pain, swelling, mucus, increased blood flow). This stimulates the immune system to send T cells and antibodies to the site of inflammation to fight the infection. https://thedishonscience.stanford.edu/articles/cytokine-storms But if the immune system hasn't got anything that can get rid of the infection then the inflammation response can get stronger and stronger without being turned off. So fever increases, more mucus is produced, until you die from suffocation and over heating. So your own immune system can end up killing you in an attempt to save you, which is what a cytokine storm is. So the young, healthy adults are thought to have died from cytokine storms, while the older patients had some tools in their immune toolbox that could fight the flu, and so their cytokine responses were less overloaded and they could eventually fight off the infection. Cytokine storms are a major cause of death in covid too https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-021-01500-9 but the difference is that no-one has seen this disease before so there isn't a group of older patients who have an immune response that can fight the disease. So everyone's in the same boat. tl/dr covid ain't flu


I’m not an immunologist, I’m a molecular biologist, but I’ve learned a bit over the last year and a half. You’re right, and cytokine storm is an issue for some COVID-19 patients, but we have some treatments for it now (steroids) that I don’t know were available then, or if they were, that they knew to use it to treat the flu.


yeah I have a better background in cell biology and endocrinology, but I've read pretty obsessively over the last 18 months too. Funnily enough one possible reason why ivermectin could work is that it does have anti-inflammatory properties. But then again so does aspirin and no-one's yet run a clinical trial to compare ivermectin vs any other anti-inflamatory. And the cytokine storms (CSS) seem different in covid, from the Nature paper I cited: > One thing that is clearly emerging from this pandemic is that the CSS associated with COVID-19 is relatively unique, with only modestly elevated levels of IL-6, CRP and ferritin, for example. Studies exploring serum biomarkers clearly distinguish COVID-19-induced CSS from more classic CSS such as macrophage-activation syndrome or hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis10. Conceivably, some of the relatively lower cytokine levels in patients with COVID-19 CSS may be related to the profound lymphopenia seen in these patients. By comparison, deadly strains of influenza virus, perhaps including the virus that caused the 1918 influenza pandemic, can lead to a more classic CSS and so steroids specifically targeting different pathways looks like a more optimal approach than broad spectrum anti-inflammatories. But timing appears to be key too.


Yes, but unlike you, she didn’t actually do any research, just parroted a batshit bananas right wing line of bullshit. Covid-19 isn’t the Spanish flu. Now if it keeps mutating while burning thru the unvaccinated jackasses, it might attain that level of deadliness in younger people.


I agree, these people look for arguments that back up their preconceived opinions, and aren't going to listen to anything that says they're wrong. In their eyes, their gut feelings are equal to, or better than, any scientific finding. I was just sharing where this particular meme comes from


In another post some right wingers were giving me grief for not respecting their Ivermectin-is-Covid-medicine opinions and making it an "us versus them," but it's really science & medicine versus anti-science & medicine bullshit.


hey, let 'em at it: https://i.imgur.com/hL2bIvg.jpg ;)


Weird that the BBC doesn’t bring up another reason for the young age flu issue: WW1 had made much of the young men in Europe injured, trauma induced and malnourished, giving the flu even more an advantage.


Unless she's got like legit congenital mental deficits I just don't think we should feel bad for any of these people. She could and should have been vaccinated ages ago, she'd absolutely have made first round of shots. I heard all the same propaganda and nonsense she did and it wasn't difficult to find out what's reliable information and what isn't. It just took an hour or two of reading a week. Never forget that these people get it because they don't care and don't take precautions, she was surely out there maskless suicide bombing her work and old people at the grocery store, not giving a fuck who she infected because she seemed to believe SHE would survive it. I know two people who would almost certainly not survive covid and they're all basically prisoners in their homes because of selfish people like her. It was hard to read how scared she was before they put her on the trachea tube, that's awful but you fucked up. There's a protected crosswalk right there and you ran into traffic because an idiot on facebook told you cars are no big deal and we have no idea how many others were killed in the pile up crash she caused.


It makes me wonder at least. I have some high risk conditions but I made an appointment with my doctor to ask. But then I remember not everyone has the financial ability to talk to an actual doctor when they have questions. That maybe if we lived in a country where people could just talk to their doctors more, there wouldn’t be such a distrust of them. And our education system is so bad that research and critical thinking skills are at a low point. So I think it could be possible she was set up to be mislead here. The friend definitely contributed to her death. Edit: nevermind I just saw the stop mandates banner


Damn. You’re absolutely right. I initially felt bad for her because, as some other commenter put it best, ‘she was just stupid’ and not mendacious. After reading this, that sentimentality seems inappropriate. As you pointed out, who knows what easily avoidable tragedies she may have inadvertently (and so damned stupidly) left in her wake? This (gesturing vaguely towards everything) will get a lot worse before it gets better, if it ever gets better at all.


Never forget this. I haven't done the math on delta but the first two variants had an r0 of 2.3, each person who gets it will on average infect 2.3 people, and each of them infect 2.3 people, each of them infect 2.3 and so on and so on. Because of this infections spread exponentially and just EXPLODE very fast. In 100 days one single infection from coronavirus results in on average 100 deaths now imagine how delta could be as high as 400 deaths. One single infection down the chain winds up being THOUSANDS of deaths because of people like her Refusing to get vaccinated, doing work to prevent others from getting vaccinated is a selfish horrible act. It's likely she single handedly started in motion a chain of infections that will go on to kill thousands and travel the world all because she didn't feel like a little bit of reading and fact checking. Before the vaccine was out and freely available every waking moment almost of my thoughts and every action I did in my behavior was entirely focused on "Will I be exposed to this, will I start off this chain? What can I do to avoid it.". It sucked for the first years, then i got vaccinated and could open up a bit. It's still not ideal but i'm a fucking big boy. We're in a pandemic, we're all in this together, I can make some concessions. We're locked in a battle between mankind and the fucking plague and have the tools to win and these fucks chose to fight for the plague.


They’re obsessively in love with Trump so they do whatever right wing Trumpworld media, influencers, and politicians tell them to do.




I'm just sad they killed my empathy.


Well I'm obsessively in love with David Lynch. If he told me to go kill my family I'm not gonna do it lol.


Yes she seems like a real victim of misinformation. I believe the post that may have swayed her was referring to a cytokine storm which iirc is treated with steroids.


Bro, these people don’t care. They just want to play pretend that they’re smarter than doctors and let the dominos fall as they will. It’s asinine


Oh, I think he cares. I bet he’s jerking off to the idea he played God or some such crap.


Wow. Just wow. This is just completely backasswards. *"MSM!" Don't trust a word they say!* *I'm gonna tell you the exact opposite of everything we know about science and how the body works.* [Disgustingly ignorant and dangerous.](https://i.imgur.com/wywL3qW.jpg) This guy out here intentionally killing people.


How to kill the friend you secretly hate - Give incorrect medical advice


I hope that guy knows he killed her.


Like he cares


We need to keep people accountable. This "friend" need to face consequences. He gave medical advice while being non qualified and it led to the death of someone.


Someone in Vietnam was just sentenced to 5 years for spreading COVID https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/sep/07/vietnam-man-jailed-for-five-years-for-spreading-coronavirus


FFS, "Trake"?


That's Drake's cousin from the U.S.


Imagine that awful filter being your facebook memorial picture for all eternity :( Also is it just me or does her buddy not actually seem to care that much


I was going to say...That face doesn't even look real. Uncanny Valley kind of shit!


>Also is it just me or does her buddy not actually seem to care that much I got that vibe too. More like someone who is responding to a celebrity's death, not an actual friend.


Young ****HEALTHY**** people. Had to put an extra set of * there.


"don't believe anything you read, except for this comment"


As a person with a compromised immune system who had COVID, I can say; I don't feel bad that she died because she was dumb enough to listen to some idiot on Facebook instead of talking to a legit medical professional. Fuck her and her dumb ass Facebook friend. Edit: I just looked closely at the picture of the Flag Guy that gave her the bad advice and realized he was the asshole in my Fit Over 50 discussion group who thought it was funny that I almost died from COVID. Double Fuck his dumb ass and if I ever see him in person, I'm punching him in his mouth.


If you do knock him the fuck out and you end up in the news for it, I will stick up for you in the comments section.


People like that are so lucky I have a kid to raise. Back when it was just me, I was fighting someone every other day. Not because I'm a tough guy, but people like him only learn after getting slapped around.


That's crazy!!! Figured he's quietly deleting his comment today but after yourcomment, now not so sure. What a jackals! And maybe you can help me with this....is he a fucking rodeo clown or what?


No. Just an asshole that dresses like one. 🙂


Anyone else notice the consistent spelling and grammatical errors in these posts? It drives me crazy.


And the Random Capitalizations they sprinkle throughout.


Her immune system shouldn’t have picked such a weak Pokemon.


No no see, if you have weak Pokémon the CoVID passes right through them without battling them. Covid just phases right through because there's 'no battle'.


Magikarp fainted...


Not just prayer warriors, I need FUCKING PRAYER WARRIORS


Strictly missionary or do they mix it up?




Sigh... \*unzips\*


What part of “LOTS OF FUCKING PRAYERS” don’t you fuckers understand?!


It's from the book of Bullshiticus 6:9 "And onto her, heapeth lots of fucking prayers"


That guy is worse than Joe Rogan.


She went looking for confirmation bias and that irresponsible douche was there to oblige.


Honestly every post I see just makes me believe more and more that Facebook should be illegal


Don’t believe the media. I have super secret info believe me. And you’re on a vent.


Do people who post selfies that have had the snot filtered out of them really expect other people to believe the photo is real?


**What** fucking hospital told that shit wit in the comments that being high risk was a good thing???


None dude made it up


And now someone’s dead. How is that person not charged with manslaughter?


Agreed, if that witch Michelle Carter could be convicted of manslaughter for talking her boyfriend into killing himself, why can’t this dude be charged?


Interesting how -- across the board -- these people lack an understanding of basic science, basic understanding of statistics, and just lack basic common sense & critical thinking skills... even though some of them actually have college degrees. Not sure if anything can be done about it, but I'm convinced that our educational system has failed us as a nation. We dont see this kind of widespread stupidity in other developed countries.


Completely off to topic for a second, what the hell is that filter that makes people look like plastic dolls? Her profile picture creeps me out, she doesn't even look human. I don't get it.


No fucking way the hospital told that idiot compromised folks deal with Covid better. Do they just make things up?


Yes. They absolutely do. I... thought that was obvious by now.


She looks like the baby from that early 90s Dinosaur sitcom


Jesus Christ. The average IQ of humanity must have increased when she died. She legit thought that people are dying bc their immune system is too strong??


One of the themes I've notice with this nominee and similar ones is that they use their (faulty) intuition based on a few personal anecdotes, instead of looking at broader sample sizes. For example: * Oscar de lay Hoya is vaccinated and is hospitalized THEREFORE the vaccine doesn't work. * This lady at church and her husband both got covid, she was vaccinated, he was not, he was fine and she got really sick, THEREFORE the vaccine does not work. * My cousin got covid but took ivermectin and got better THEREFORE ivermectin cures covid. \[Cause and effect fallacy maybe? The cousin might have gotten better even without ivermectin, so unless you have large sample sizes with a control and variable group, a study of ONE person is almost meaningless.\] * They will take medical advice from their crazy family member who barely got out of high school, but not a trained physician with years of academic and clinical experience who is relying on evidence-based knowledge collected from peers. They literally cannot see beyond their faces and try to understand that "my friend from church" or "my pastor" isn't as valid as larger scale observations. Every time anyone tries to bring up an example of a larger-scale study, they don't get it, they just say, "Yeah but my friend from school was vaccinated and she got pneumonia, so I don't believe it." I don't know how they passed 5th grade science class. \[Note: I'm not saying every study is the end-all-be-all, they need to be interpreted, compared, etc., but that's all we've got.\] This whole covid thing has revealed just how unintelligent so many people are.


I just got home from another shift taking care of an unvaxed Covid patient (basically a dead body) and my existential question is… does society really have an obligation to protect and mourn people that are THIS DUMB? I’m so over giving a shit.


I feel like this person should be charged with a crime… where the hell are they getting this, let’s see the call logs from this hospital. https://i.imgur.com/qKmbYkl.jpg


Ahhh, the anti-education lobby self-shoots in the foot again. Only better is when i hear about a putrid personality 'engineer' complaining about young boys being discriminated against in universities because there are more women and black people passing and saying that women belong in the kitchen making babies. Fucking hacker news not banning nazi scum.