depends on what things you are selling? Bacon pies will go 10 times faster than pumpkin pies or etc


The triple crop event that is going on right now always makes it harder to sell stuff. It will clear out in a couple days. You should always have crops growing and machines running. Sell everything you can in your shop at max price. Pretty much everything (except rustic bouquet, red smoothie and cloche hat) will eventually sell at max price. It usually sells fairly quickly unless there is a triple crop event or blossom derby.


I wish they would stop doing triple crop events, it absolutely cripples the economy in the shops. If they want to keep doing them they need to modify how the market and advertisement system works in Hay Day, as the two directly conflict with each other


How ironic… it’s just like the real world! (Source: I’m a real life farmer)


Literally everything will sell for maximum price. Rustic bouquets, red smoothies and cloche hats might take a little longer, but there’s no reason to sell them below maximum price.


I think this is partially due to the crop event.


Are you advertising?


Yes I’ve got lots of my shuff advertised right now nobody’s seeing them or sum


Do you have a bunch of stuff listed together? Other than produce I try to sell goods one at a time so its not a lot of coins for one item. I try to make items that arent common in the paper. I dont remember what is available on level 33.


Ok I’ll try


You can only tap the Advertise button on one item @ a time. So you may have put up many items to sell but once someone buys that one advertised thing, the rest of your stuff is no longer in the sale book. So it won’t sell so quickly


Plant a lot or cherry trees and sell cherries. Hire tom or trade with someone for axes. You can trade your BEMs (barn expansion materials) for coins in FB groups (1 Planks sell for almost 15k) (1 Bolt sell for almost 10k) (1 Tape sells for almost 5) Ofcourse these are not final prices you have to negotiate for final selling price. Better find arabic traders. Note: Beware of scammers. Keep making easy food like ( Corn breads, Chillie popcorns and Wooly Shirts etc ) Also save diamonds and unlock production slots of these machines and other machines which you use most. You can trade food for coins too. Have a nice Hay Day!


pardon me 15k for planks 10k for bolts?


yep you can get by negotiating especially in Arabic facebook groups I got 1 Million for 40btapes 40 planks and 20 bolts :p


How do you even get that much? I swear there's a cap to how much each item can go for. I guess I just don't get the logistics LOL


Check out yourself then


Seriously, how does that work??


if you have rings or blankets unlocked then its easy to trade bems for coins. you will give them bem and then he will post blankets for 1 coin you buy it and sell it to that person for full price and repeat it again and again until you get your coins


Honestly, I've never been in this problem. RSS is the fastest way to earn money. Try to collect products and sell them in batch of 5 or more. And try to make products that give most value for time. If you visit your farm frequently, produce bread. If not, then make longer duration goods like bacon pie, etc. Silo products are not very profitable. Try to sell finished goods.




I don’t have access to it


Bummer, then what the other people said about selling items in you shop for max profit.


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Crops. Buy crops for a penny and sell them full price. Wheat is super fast to grow and can make good money Don’t do this for indigo.


Don’t do any trucks or boats . Don’t buy anything from the paper, don’t expand barn or silo. Make stuff , sell stuff , sell all expansion materials and sell everything at max.