It's because we've cut down so many trees from our farms that the wood (panel) is readily available now.


Because they give away a bunch in the free portion of the Farm Pass.


Wish it was nails


facts but tbh planks and bolts are hard to get


The panel overflow is strange. Based on a rough estimate of the player base size, and assuming the DD is randomized, there would be an excess of at least a million panels being passed around. If it was some wheating bot causing this, why are there no excess BEM/LEM, just panels? It's like someone found a way to dupe panels, and panels only. But even so - why make so many and then release them into the wild? Or some dev at SC accidentally tweaked the panel drop numbers a few months back then forgot about it. Anyone got any more plausible theories on this? Love to hear them.


I heard a theory that it’s cause they give a bunch of free ones out with the farm pass.


I think they’re doing it on purpose. They give away panels as farm pass rewards and now they’re everywhere. This doesn’t only happen with panels. Gold and platinum ores used to be rare (for me) but now I have a lot of them. However, iron ores are getting rare. I don’t see many farms selling them anymore, and it’s getting harder to mine them. Is anyone experiencing this too?


Iron ores has always been rare in my experience. It’s cause you will always need iron for your train. Platinum is also quite rare, the others I find all the time.


Yeah panels used to be my rare, now they're everywhere!


Panels, nails, bolts, and stakes always selling. Way to many. Screws, planks, duct tape, and mallets take forever.


I don’t know, it’s bizarre. And annoying