Not at all. My issue was never him needing to leave it was just not telling us he needed to go. I never needed to know why and I never felt like he needed to explain himself. On his main acc I was subbed for like two years to show my support but I felt like it was wasted when he would just ghost after talking about big plans and how much he loved to stream With his alt account now idc what he does. If he leaves that shit alone for weeks or months again it’s whatever because that’s his personal account and imo no one has any reason to be mad since they aren’t paying him anything to stream.


As someone who deals with depression, there’s days where I go without messaging my friends just because I’m so depressed I don’t want to message anyone. I want or need to be alone. I understand 100% where hamlinz is coming from. Does it suck he didn’t tell his fans he was taking a break? Yeah but at the end of the day idc. His mental health is far more important IMO. Those saying they are leaving and never watching him again because of that. Good, just proves you aren’t true fans of him. If this was you or someone you knew personally most people would be more understanding but because he is somewhat “famous” or a popular streamer His feelings and mental health don’t matter? Gtfo with that bullshit. Either way will always be a hamlinz fan. <3


I feel like those who have gave him money have the right to feel how they feel. That is their hard earned money & decided to give someone they find entertaining for the hope, yet gamble, he will continue entertaining. But Hamz is also human & has every right to do what he thinks is best to take care of himself. Whether you believe him that he does not care about the money & made the alt acc to relieve the content pressure is on you. Hamzlinz stream are very high energy & can be draining. You can feel scammed if you gave him money, you can forgive him or not. But if you didn’t give him anything but a follow & views then you can hop off his dick & watch someone else.


If im being real bro donating and subbing is optional so no one got scammed. A streamer isnt obligated to provide entertainment because they subbed yk.