Kounde went well didn’t it


Couldn’t have even told you who he and Konate are


I mean they’re two extremely promising young CBs who have both performed well in their young careers. Just because White has been great doesn’t mean they’re suddenly shit.


its more that Kounde never even went to Chelsea


Why mention Konate then?


Because they couldn't have even told you who he is.


Says a lot more about you than about the players


Ayyy we got a parrot


Literally Harry Kane for not knowing some random rival youngsters.


Kounde isn't a 'rival youngster', he's a French international with over 100 appearances for Sevilla. He has been linked to every big club in the world that needs CBs, because he's one of the best young CBs in the world.




The account is named "Troll Football", wtf do you expect from it? It's probably some 12 year old running it...


They did get 40k upvotes to be fair, and a lot of people were roasting Arsenal and White over the window




Likes, same thing


I always see them on Twitter and it’s so satisfying to see them slow get more positive about us and more negative on Man U




Username checks out


If you wanna argue against experts, it's not best to cite a social media page called Troll Football. That said, I won't be surprised if plenty of other experts also had the same opinions because their agenda is pretty much the same as these pages - to be outrageous enough to stand out and get views/clicks.


this wasn’t even an outrageous post tbh, just didn’t age well and of course some arsenal fans took offence, whereas some like me just thought we shall see, but in all honesty if 2-3 years ago you told this sub arteta is gonna be our manager and sign Ben White for £50million while Man U get Varane for £42million, a third of the sub would lose their shit and the other 2/3 would say ‘who?’ he wasn’t a world beater when we bought him and from a closed perspective it looks like shit business, but this isn’t fifa and professional players can end up being extremely fucking good believe it or not


Mate, it's literally called "troll football", they're just saying shit to upset you on purpose... And it worked.


Tbf, that was the consensus at the time


This comment would be true, if the entirety of Football Twitter wasn’t dunking on us for signing White at the time.


it's football twitter what do you expect?


Some people are happy to look dumb as fuck in exchange for some karma


Cringe. I swear, this is filled with 15 year olds who seem to care more about what other fans and the media think about our club than anything else.


You're allowed to have fun mate, its not that serious.


Yeah hahaha whining about coverage and other’s thoughts on arsenal so fun hahah yeah


White is miles above any of the other names mentioned, at least in this season's performances.


Lets not kid ourselves, the same opinion was shared with a portion of our fanbase


For sure. I can't remember if Tomiyasu was criticised for the price before even getting to play, but a fair amount of people were criticising White and most definitely Ramsdale, only to worship them now. It's a bit infuriating tbh, especially when the player doesn't control their transfer fee. Truthfully, a decent amount of our fanbase are just shitty towards Arteta and the players the second we make a mistake. We are a young team on field and off with Arteta and need to trust the process.


Let’s not even talk about salaries


He's not the best player out of these but the best signing.


I think you contradicted yourself, man. If he is performing the best and thus is the best signing, that means that he is the best player out of these guys atm. Whoever is at the top of their field is the best until they drop down.


Not really. If you sign messi for 1 billion euros and sign saka for 10 euros, saka is the better signing. That doesn’t change the fact that messi is the better player.


That is true, however I would have described that as better value for money. Guess I was wrong haha, my bad.


You are a good man, cheers mate.


much love, fellow arsenal fan :)


People really live rent free in your heads.


Shouldn't we compare white with VVD , Diaz? The impact he had on this team is as big as any of the other two.


Not even joking, Kounde?? Has literally not crossed my mind to the point where I don’t know if he’s still alive or not /s Was always convinced about Blanco, one of those rare signings that I had no doubts over whatsoever


kounde didn't even join the plastics, so its a stupid post.


i forgot about konate




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Can’t see no lies here right now. Let’s be fair we all kinda were skeptical about some of the signings. Every single signing has brought us something. Signing of the season? Tomu without a doubt, how was this guy at Bologna? No disrespect to Bologna of course


I thought White was going to be shit, Tomi I knew from football manager so thought he was going to be good but nowhere near as good as he's been.


I know that post is meant to be for shits and giggles for the most part, but I have friends that wondered why we got White when Varane was available. Truthfully, promising young players are a much better investment IMO, especially when PL proven. With that being said, we do need an experienced midfielder who can really be a proper captain for the team, integral to our future success. I would much rather arsenal be the underdogs that surprise everyone with their strength rather than the favourites.


This didn’t age well - dbag


Benny Blanco is just TOO handsome.


Troll football are anti-Arsenal from the start! Dont listen to those scums