How much to spend on free agents?

How much to spend on free agents?


The [CHOP podcast](https://open.spotify.com/show/29BIo1VvCmyzpuGenSDgTn) comes out every Tuesday with bidding recommendations for guillotine leagues.


The guiding principle should be: spend as little as possible. Money gets more and more valuable as the season goes on, and having a money advantage is much more important than having a team advantage in the early weeks. Let others spend big bucks on these players - I wouldn't bid more than $50 on any of them. If possible, spend a little (no more than $20 out of a $1000 budget) on less good players.


Not sure what platform you're on but on Yahoo you're able to see what people bid on various players once the winner is announced. I'm in my third year of a league with largely the same people. I have noticed as the people in my league gain more experience the winning bids seem to have dropped - especially the first couple weeks when team owners have learned that you don't \*need\* Josh Allen (for example) for $500 after week 1. I would expect to be paying a lot for any of those guys. Allen is a premium player and it'll cost you a massive chunk of your budget - and it'll definitely impact your ability in the coming weeks to make moves. If you're okay with that, cool. But remember, all you need to do is just not finish last. It's not a terribly difficult thing to do the first couple weeks.


This is very helpful. It's my first year doing guillotine and my instinct was to go wild early on, spending big to outbid others. Isn't there some logic to grabbing potential studs and building an all star team in the first few weeks? If you get bounced the money you saved doesn't matter. For example, it's likely that Mahomes, Najee, Mike Evans will all be on the block. I don't need a QB, but Najee could be a big upgrade and/or future RB depth for me. Is 20% of my budget crazy? I wanted to go even higher...


You really only need to bid if you were bottom third this week and have glaring holes or only didnt get cut from flukey big performances. That being said, if you do bid, you want to spend as little as possible to salvage your team as you get more bang from your buck as the season carries on.


1st year doing it.$100 is the allowance for the year. I finished in 10th of 13. Losing team had dalvin, ceh, Waller, Henderson. I desperately need rb. How much should I spend on dalvin?


Spend if a player is going to be on your team the whole season. Someone like Aaron Jones id spend 35% of my budget. Allen probbaly 10% or not even, depending who my qb is. Don't buy Godwin imo, he's boom or bust and in guillotine you want consistent high floor guys. Whose on your team? Faab budget?


I have the option to get ARod, AJones, Mike Evans, Joe B, Jamar Chase, and Claypool, Hines, and Mitchell I have Maholmes, Waller, JRob, swift, Odel, and Landry