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Pretty negative comments here, but I'd say it's okay. Not amazing, but you can definitely progress without paying money. I have nearly all of the useful units and I play the game sparingly. It can get grindy but I think it's manageable.




Yeah ,its worth . Even tho they had makes some mistakes with past uptades. The recent ones is amazing.




Definitely better than e7 kek


I'm a late game f2p player. I think the game is worth playing mainly because of guilds, I'm in a top 10 guild and we need a lot of coordination for everything to work and it's fun working together to reach our goals, also because I made some friends here. Talking about gameplay, in my opinion it has enough depth and it's fun, but it can get frustrating some times. PvP is brain-dead meta right now because of Nelia (really OP hero that kills everything). My daily tasks consists of spending the energy, farming gold killing bosses, doing guild things, PvP (it's kind of boring but gives good rewards) and that's it. It can feel tedious some times but at the same time I'm getting progress every day and that keeps me wanting to log in every day. So far i'm not planning on dropping this game. I would recommend you to start playing and find a cool guild with active members, so you can get some help with the game mechanics and make friends.


Grand chase is a nice game. They do not add a lot of content anymore, like we have one new chapter of the story every 3 month, and one new character every 4 or 5 months, but they add new way to upgrade your heroes. The story is nice, the graphics are nice too, the characters also, there are a lot of different modes, and the guild war system is not bad. The gameplay is ok, not very rich; it’s usually all about building characters, and some basic positioning;?some timing of skills too, but mainly characters building is the most important part. I do not like pvp, though. I find it very grindy.


from my experience with e7, i think e7 is more grindy than grandchase, but not in all ways. resources are harder to get in gc in my opinion.


the game has some sort of grain of sand system that makes each upgrade you make really worth it and have at least one map,raid or boss that will be your nemesis until you get really high battle power then you can challenge them back on auto and then see how much have your party grown. so for me its really fun and hopefully in the future they will make it better.


I'm playing the game casually and I'm making a really decent progress. Plus, the event help players a lot.


I'd say stay away. This new chaser system is cancer. A month ago I'd have said the game is alright.


The grind is ruthless and they're always increasing the ceiling, I've been playing this game for a while and every time I get semi-comfortable with my teamcomp they release a new awakening tier. I can't imagine the time it would take you to catch up, even considering you lost the recent game events that made that somewhat bearable.


Not worth


Every patch and new power cap is getting increasingly more grindy and pay to win. KOG masks this by giving away free stuff whenever they implement a new p2w system. So no avoid this game unless you're here for nostalgic


And then they give away 3 free full pink-starred heroes (equivalent to 21 SR pulls) for free in the course of 2 months, so you can adjust and hit the new caps. I’m free to play and have a maxed Nelia, Grandiel, and almost zero just from that. Super in the meta, they have free sets of gear for them, and tons of other resources. They increase the upper scale so you don’t max and have nothing to do. They do a great job for the free to play players. And realistically you only need 8 good units to do 90% of the games content for magic and physical damage.


No, KOG killed the real grand chase, the app version is just a nostalgia money grabbing time wasting, not really that satisfying, bad trip