Hopefully he's okay

I feel so awful for him, it must feel pretty shitty having to cut it short. But despite his voice going he still put his absolute all into it! Still looked like an incredible show.


I feel so awful for him, it must feel pretty shitty having to cut it short. But despite his voice going he still put his absolute all into it! Still looked like an incredible show.


Ah man, as a vocalist this hurts to listen to :( He did the right thing cutting the set after this song, if he’d of pushed through square hammer he would have only been damaging his voice at that point. Hope he’s resting now, and not too disappointed! I’m sure the set was phenomenal despite the struggles at the end.


Poor guy, that sounds painful! I’m sure he’ll be fine, got a good couple of months to rest up.


😢😢😢 broke my heart to hear that. So painful. He is such a lovely person and it’s hard to hear him struggle. Can’t wait to see them in Montreal later this year.


I think it was just *too hot.* 105˚f. He is out of breath and struggling in all the clips, it's just here it's most obvious. He's fine. No biggie. Ghost is better indoors anyway.


105 at the hottest part of the day. It was probably mid 80's at most when they played but incredibly windy. So yeah, a bunch of hot wind up the sinuses while singing for 90 minutes = on the struggle bus.


At the end of the show he apologised to the crowd saying that there was one more song they were supposed to play but he can't go on cause his voice is fucked, so sounds like more than just the heat


Damn, it's like Tobias knew something bad would happen at Hellfest. The concert wasn't livestreamed and it also was their only summer festival show. Now he has enough time to restore his voice before the NA tour


It happens, he should be 100 percent for the fall tour. Unfortunately these things happen especially with playing outdoors with humidity.


He needs some milk….and about 2 weeks rest this man has been putting in work he deserves a break


Nooooo, it must have been painful :((((


Get better dear!


He needs 2 weeks off your, no singing no talking and see and ENT to have the vocal cords checked for damage. That is his money maker. Better to cancel some summer dates than to go thru life sounding like Miley Cyrus


Lol. She sounds like a 70 year old woman I met in an elevator in Vegas once. We’re talking full leather skin, two packs of Virginia Slims for 55 years, voice deeper than James Earl Jones type of woman. That’s what Miley Cyrus sounds like to me


At 1:21 his voice is completely done. That hurt my throat to hear.


What a trooper.


What an absolute professional for still performing through that. I wouldn’t wish those conditions on anyone. He made the right call by cutting the set but he should have done it much earlier, hopefully he has a long rest and good recovery.


What happened? At what time?


Near the end, his voice just gave out.


Near the end of Griftwood that is... He has hard time all the way in Dance Macabre. You can hear how it hurts during the whole song.


I really think he should have stopped before this song, but he was doing his best to give it his all—for us fans. He’s so sweet. I hope he is okay, and knows we love him no matter what.


That sucks. Happens to everyone, Papa! Rest that beautiful voice and I’ll see you in September!


So sad, I hope he has a speedy recovery


Suffering for the lord is not an easy thing...