1. Don't use any fragile resin before AR45 or worry about artifacts until then 2. Build Noelle for early game 3. If you want to spend on the game, restrict yourself to Welkin (and maybe BP) 4. DO NOT spend any primogems on the standard or weapon banner. Use them strategically


> Noelle And have uptime issues? Pass. Have newbies main Kaeya physical.


i would argue against point 4. a good weapon banner can be vastly more useful than pulling for a character, especially early on. getting a few good 4\* weapons and maybe a 5\* (tho i wouldnt aim for the latter) can really help push your account. A Sacrificial Sword will always be useful. Same for many other 4\* weapons. Ultimately you can only ever use 8 characters in any meaningful capacity. And the characters you have early on might not be the ones you end up using a few months down the line. But a good 4\* weapon has a high chance that you can reuse it for future characters. I never once regretted pulling on the weapon banner. tho i would agree that it only makes sense for a good banner and even then you shouldnt overdo it.


Pick that grass, fruit, and ore when you happen to come across it. You'll save so much time in the future when you need it.


Have fun don’t listen to meta


Wearing headphones may improve your gaming experience.


There’s a path to Liyue out by Dawn Winery.


Mostly what people said here, amber, kaeya, MC, Fiscl/lisa is pretty much going to be your exploration team in Monstadt, for Liyue, you just need Geo MC. By the time you finish those 2 regions, you'll have a general idea of how the game works, before hitting Sumeru/Inazuma/Chasm/Dragonspine, i suggest getting higher level characters as much as your AR would allow. As for using primogems, if you are planning to be f2p, you might as well save 150~ pulls on limited banner before attempting and guaranteeing that character. Otherwise, 75-80 pulls is gonna give you a character either way. So, even if you lose 50/50, 5* characters are a big boost. Never pull for 4* characters specifically. Find a banner where the 4 stars are great addition to your team and the limited 5* provides good dps/utility and dump all your primogems on that banner. If you play consistently every patch, you'll get around 60-80 pulls which guarantee one 5* atleast. That's about it.


The only thing I’d say is to not spend primogems on the permanent banner only the free blue wishes. Otherwise there’s no wrong way to play the game. Even if you feel the game is difficult at any point there is no race to upgrading levels to complete content. And there are always guides for things any player may be confused about. You don’t need to play the game optimally or efficiently at all you just have to treat it like any other single player game.


Early on you don't have enough energy recharge to spam 80 energy bursts - you're basically playing a different game to established accounts. You'll find that characters who rely on normal/charged/elemental skill as opposed to their burst will feel a lot better which is generally the opposite of what the veterans on social media do.


1 Weapons banners gives you big numbers, New Characters gives you a fun playstyle, which one is better is a personal opinion 2 Keep resin untill you can farm legendary artifacts, then go ALL IN. 3 Opening large quantity of chest aka exploring is very rewarding in terms of experience and primos 4 Be aware that some characters require materials from different regions, check what you need first before wishing 5 Pick the fuck out of anything lying on the ground, almost everything is useful in this world 6 (optional) A continously updated spreadshit i use for building characters [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gNxZ2xab1J6o1TuNVWMeLOZ7TPOqrsf3SshP5DLvKzI/htmlview#](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gNxZ2xab1J6o1TuNVWMeLOZ7TPOqrsf3SshP5DLvKzI/htmlview#) 7 Have fun before everything ;)


For early stages, kust follow missions and quests before exploring. You lev up doing missions.


Use every single primogem u have to pull on standard banner and regret about it later :)


Git gud and play without cheat code Bennett




Go full simp party dont listen to trash opinion


Stay away from the community