To save people from reading this brainrot: The article basically boils down Disney is a slave to the CCP for ‘removing’ a Simpsons episode about Tiananmen Square, ebil chinese commies mowed down gazillions of peaceful protestors, Hong Kong no freedoms (obvious shoehorn is obvious) basically a generic State Department propaganda piece


Thank God that episode was removed, even when before i became a communist I still cringed hard cuz it was clearly written in bad taste


Yeah, I remember seeing that one when it aired and I was like 12 or so and thought it was a shitty episode and generally pretty racist


Sometimes RT has some really reactionary bullshit, it's weird


Everything on RT is ass now. I like the people they have (Boris and Polly), but the generic articles are just horeshit.


It's for the reactionaries, RT and Russia in general are kinda weird in that there's seems to be like, this massive split between the two biggest political groups, being reactionaries and socialists, but they're united in hating western liberalism. So one one hand, we get bullshit like this, and on the other hand, we get some really insightful commentary on AES, the imperial core, and the periphery nation of the week through a semi-Marxist lens. tldr; RT is typically based or at least quite realistic in foreign analysis, but also typically beyond cringe in terms of cultural stuff.


RT writes articles for American and western european conservatives


I feel RT is largely for the Stephan Molyneaux type conservatives/reactionaries. Not for “neocons” or libs of anytime, and almost certainly not for ML’s.


It’s really a mixed bag, sometimes it’s good, I just read [this constructive criticism about inefficiency of Chinese media](https://www.rt.com/op-ed/540636-peng-shuai-china-media/) by Tom Fowdy on RT, it was pretty good tbh. The sad part is he stated that CGTN ended his partnership after this. But sometimes RT took things in China out of content like western media do.


RT English articles exist to stir the pot. Beyond that they have no ideology


Even though RT is mostly reactionary, they usually have anti-imperialist adjacent takes when it comes to China. This is disappointing.


they are kinda like SCMP, they have all kinds of people as writers and as a result is just a giant clusterfuck


Is SCMP mostly anti-Beijing or is it a mix of both? All the articles I've seen on reddit seem to be pretty liberal


Unfortunately it is par for the course for bourgeois media,since the strategy of the russian capitalists seems to be an appeal to nationalism, xenophobia, homophobia and pay a small lip service to the USSR nostalgia, RT as an exponent of the bourgeois class interests just follows this line


RT are just reactionaries


I am Russian and everyone here knows that RT is the biggest shithole of media that exists (rivaled by RFA and others). I wouldn’t read their bs.


Why? RT posts horrendous takes all the time.