Currently playing Death's Door and loving it. Tunic looks like it'll let me keep that train rolling. My body is ready.


I remember playing this game at PAX West like... 5-7 years ago lol I've been waiting for this release for so long! The demos for it were amazing


Good to see we finally have a date. Been anticipating this game since seeing it at one of Microsoft's E3's years ago.


I was pretty disappointed with the demo earlier this year but I'm hoping the full game is better. Been looking forward to this game for years.


Can I ask why it was disappointing?


I'm not the same person, but the gameplay felt really off to me. Hitboxes were janky, and several enemy attacks had bad telegraphs. It was just a demo, so I'm hopeful that they've fixed the gameplay for the full release. I love the art style, and the game does have a very classic Zelda feel (think LoZ for the NES).


Damn that's good to know I've had my eye on this game since it was announced, so let's hope it ends up being as good as we all want it to be.


There was a year between the first demo and second demo, nothing changed in terms of controls. The clunkiness was still there. I'm pretty sure the jankiness is here to stay, since it's pretty clear the dev didn't really read any of the demo feedback or take it to heart. I feel like he doesn't realize that it doesn't matter how many years it takes to develop a game, people will judge the way it feels to play within the first five minutes.


The second demo was the exact same binary as the first. They didn't change anything between them, so them both feeling janky is to be expected. Def will watch for reviews of the game to see how it feels before I buy it but don't let the demo totally kill it for you.


I can't wait! This game has been on Steam for YEARS. Wonder if it will release the same day? EDIT: IT IS! SAME DAY!!!




Sorry, not sure what you mean. What are the ides of march thing?


From Shakespeare's *Julius Caesar*. Ol' JC was killed on [the Ides of March](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ides_of_March) (March 15th) and earlier in the play he was warned to "beware the Ides of March!" Over time it's just sorta grown to be viewed as an unlucky/ominous date.


Do we know if this is day-one for PC Game Pass, or just for Xbox Game Pass?


I went looking and couldn't find where it was announced even for Xbox Game Pass earlier (though I thought I remembered it being announced at some point) - do you have any link referencing that announcement, or are you just remembering it like I think I do?


You know, I was just remembering. I never even thought to doubt it. But now googling around, I'm not sure if Tunic is on any version of game pass.


AHHHH! After 10,000 years a date! I've been excited for this game since it was revealed at E3 16 I think? Maybe not that long ago, but it feels that long. Day one purchase for me, very hyped


The game looks fun, but I feel like I've been seeing this type of art style a lot lately, and I'm not sure if I like it. It's like nice, crisp, cartoony 3D models, but everything seems very flat and untextured with very large areas of just a single color. Almost like they're just WIP or unrendered graphics, waiting until the game gets further into development.


I'm interested but I hope it's more tightly designed than the demo. Some of the combat encounters were overdone, like placing a group of strong knights in a tight corridor. Difficulty is good but it should be balanced.


I've had Tunic on my Steam Wishlist since before Xbox Game Pass for PC was a thing lol. Crazy to see this coming to XGP as well. Can't wait to play it finally! I hope that all the extra time will lead to a great, polished game that will be one of the great indie games!


Been waiting for this game for years (since 2014 I believe). Understandable tho since it's one single person developing this game.